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Turkish music is very diverse, and as of today, both Turkish popular and folk music is of critical acclaim. In this page you will learn about the most popular Turkish artists of each genre.

As modern Turkish music, like American/English/Australian/etc. music, is constantly changing (i.e. what is considered "in" obviously changes over time), I would recommend that you not only look at this page, but also watch some Turkish music channels regularly (see Turkish Satellite Television), because I, unfortunately, lack the patience to constantly update this page regularly.

By the way, it might sound weird because it's in another language, but just try to adjust. Turkify yourself. Go wild!

Pop edit

These days, it seems very easy to get a record deal in Turkey. There are many artists whose songs are all similar and have mediocre talent.

The list of artists below are a few of those who are the best in the Turkish music industry because they stand out from the others and, of course, make good music:

  • Tarkan (arguably the most popular male pop artist)
    • Listen to:
      • Şımarık (his defining song)
      • Dudu - (Wife)
      • Bounce (an English song)
      • Kuzu Kuzu (one of his most popular songs)
  • Grup Hepsi (on the Turkish Pepsi Ads)
    • Listen to:
      • Olmaz Oğlan
      • Yalan - (Lie)
      • Kalpsizsin - (You're Heartless)
      • Tempo
  • Kenan Doğulu
    • Listen to:
      • Çakkıdı
  • Gülşen (or international Gülshen)
    • Listen to:
      • Ya Tutarsa
  • Sertab Erener (winner of Eurovision 2003)
    • Listen to:
      • Kumsalda - (On the Sand)
      • Every Way That I Can (Eurovision winner. Yes it's English, but it's a good song!)
      • Here I Am
      • Leave
      • Koparılan Çiçekler
  • Nil Karaibrahimgil (or just Nil)
    • Listen to:
      • Bütün Kızlar Toplandık - (All the Girls Have Gotten Together)
      • Pırlanta - (Diamond)
      • Hakkında Her Şeyi Duymak İstiyorum - (I want to hear everything about you)
      • Ben Buraya Çıplak Geldim - (I came here naked.)

  • Hande Yener (known for her very eccentric videos and style)
    • Listen to:
      • Sen Yoluna...Ben Yoluma
      • Kim Bilebilir Aşkı - (Who Knows Love?)
      • Aşkın Ateşi - (The Fire of Love)
      • Teşekkürler
  • Sezen Aksu
    • Listen to:
      • Vay
      • Şinanay
  • Ajda Pekkan

Rock edit

A lot of Turkish rock music tends to be really dark, but I suppose those artists tend to be the successful ones. The only exceptions I can actually think of are:

  • Barış Manço, one of Turkey's most famous people, and had a large following in Japan.
  • Athena, a very popular ska-punk band

Everyone else makes at least relatively dark music.

  • maNga (Turkey's most popular nu metal band, they represented Turkey at Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 )
    • Listen to:
      • Bir Kadın Çizeceksin
      • Bitti Rüya - (The Dream Has Ended)
      • Dursun Zaman - (Time Should Stop) (with Göksel)
  • Duman (Turkish Rock Band)
    • Listen to:
      • Aman Aman
      • Dibine Kadar (Until the end)
      • Sor Bana Pişman Mıyım (Ask me do I regret)
      • Bebek (Baby)
      • Köprüaltı (Under the bridge)
      • Senden Daha Güzel (More beautiful than you)
  • Şebnem Ferah
    • Listen to:
      • Sil Baştan
      • Ben Şarkımı Söylerken - (While I'm Singing My Song)
      • Can Kırıkları - (Broken [pieces] of Life/Soul)
      • Bırak Kadının Olayım - (Let Me Be Your Woman)
      • Babam Oğlum - (My Father & My Son)
      • Dünya - (World)
      • Okyanus - (Ocean)
  • Teoman
    • Listen to:
      • Kar Tanesi
  • Kurban
    • Listen to:
      • Yalan - (Lie)
  • Mor ve Ötesi
    • Listen to:
      • Bir Derdim Var - (I have a Problem/Bane)
      • Deli - (Mad)
  • Pentagram
  • Çilekeş
  • Hayko Cepkin
    • Listen to:
      • Tanışma Bitti (album)

Rap / Hip-Hop edit

Hip-hop and rap in Turkey is quickly flourishing, and in the list below you will find Turkey's most popular hip-hop / rap artists.

Arabesque edit

Arabesque music is very popular in Turkey. Here is a list of the most popular Arabesque singers.

Turkish folk music edit

Turkish classical music edit

Turkish classical music isn't like the classical music in the west. It is very popular and if you're not a fan of Western classical music you might like Turkish classical music. Here are some examples of popular Turkish classical musicians:

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