For those of who will visit Turkey for a short duration or for those who have just started with Turkish, here are some standard phrases that you can learn quickly and put to use straight away.

Many sentences required for common tasks are provided which will be very helpful in day to day life.

Hotel check-in:

Boş odanız var mı? Do you have a room?

Tek kişilik odanız var mı? Do you have a single room?

İki kişilik odanız var mı? Do you have a double room?

Geceliği ne kadar? How much is it for a night?

Kahvaltı dahil mi? Is breakfast included?

Kredi kartı ile ödeyebilir miyim? Can I pay with credit card?

Odada klima var mı? Is there air conditioner in the room?

Bu yakınlarda iyi bir restoran var mı? Is there a good restaurant nearby?

Bir problemim var (Bir sorunum var). Bakabilir misiniz? I've a problem. Could you please help me?

Teşekkür ederim. Thank you.

Rica ederim. You're welcome

Ben teşekkür ederim. You're welcome. (Literally "I thank you.)

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