Turkish/Ways of enhancing your Turkish/Turkish Satellite Television

There's a lot of Turkish TV out there, and with that comes the golden opportunity of enhancing your Turkish, exposing yourself to Turkish culture and learning more colloquial language.

To further your Turkish, you will want to watch:

  • TRT - the state owned broadcaster of Turkey
  • Star TV - the first private channel of Turkey
  • Show TV - very entertaining, you'll find lots of dizis (soap operas), dubbed films, and shows here
  • CNN Türk - you can probably guess what that is!
  • NTV Türkiye - Turkey's news channel
  • Kanal D - another major Turkish channel
  • MTV Türkiye - You can guess what this is, too!
  • ATV Türkiye - another major Turkish channel
  • Fox Türkiye - and you can guess this one, aswell!
  • Kral TV - one of Turkey's many music channels, but plays exclusively Turkish music

For satellite frequencies, click here! You could also opt to subscribe to Digitürk, but I think in your case it would be a waste of money.

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