Turkish/Interrogative - Present Continuous Tense

Question Forms of Present Continuous TenseEdit

The question tag mi (or mı, mu, mü) and the personal suffix follow the tense form (3rd person singular). Note the buffer consonant y and the 3rd pers. pl. (they-form).

anlıyor muyum (do I understand?)
anlıyor musun (do you understand?)
anlıyor mu (does he, she, it understand?)
anlıyor muyuz (do we understand?)
anlıyor musunuz (do you understand?)
anlıyorlar mı (do they understand?)

gidiyor muyum (do I go?, am I going?)
gidiyor musun (do you go?, are you going?)
gidiyor mu (does he, she, it go?, is he, she, it going?)
gidiyor muyuz (do we go?, are we going?)
gidiyor musunuz (do you go, are you going?)
gidiyorlar mı (do they go, are they going?)

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