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One of the places you will find here is the city of İzmir. İzmir is the third biggest city in Turkey, and, like İstanbul, is by the sea. Because there isn't as much industrialisation or "hustle 'n bustle" as there is in İstanbul, İzmir is actually a very nice place indeed. Sexual minorities are also quite tolerated here compared to other, more conservative parts of Turkey. It's also known with its clear seas. Taking a stroll along the pier and taking in the fresh sea air is something you should most definitely put on your to-do list if you ever intend on visiting İzmir. Many festivals and events take place there a lot, too.

There are many other nice places in the Ege bölge, aswell. Holiday resorts such as Bodrum, Çeşme, Dalyan, Fethiye, Kuşadası, and Ölüdeniz are extremely popular amongst tourists, Turkish and foreigners.

Many historical sites can also be found here. Efes (what is referred to in English as "Ephesus") is one of Turkey's biggest tourist hotspots for it's historical sites. Selçuk, although not as major as Efes, also hosts some very important historical sites, too. I can't remember exactly where it was, but Mary, Mother of Jesus' grave can be found very close to Efes, and is incredibly popular.

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