Super Mario World/Enemies/Chargin' Chuck

Chargin' Chuck is an exclusive Super Mario World enemy who appears in many levels from Yoshi's Island 2 to Bowser's Castle. Whether it's lost underwater or defending Bowser, these enemies can be located in every corner of this game. Chuck is a Koopa dressed as a football player who can perform multiple attacks in its various incarnations. In standard form a Chargin' Chuck simply runs after Mario to tackle him. Sometimes he tries to sneak up on Mario by quietly jogging towards Mario, the game turns off his trademark charging sound.

All Chargin' Chucks require three hits from Mario or one cape swipe to be defeated. Multiple fireball hits also work at short range. The first hit usually makes them lose their special ability if they have one, or stuns them. A second hit will do the same before the third hit knocks them of the course. Chucks can also vault many medium and small sized obstacles in his pursuit of Mario, only being stopped by the highest obstacles. However Chargin' Chucks will run over cliffs in their pursuit. He can also run his way through yellow blocks in his never ending quest to smash Mario.

Incarnations of Chuck

  • Pitching Chuck: This Chuck can play football and baseball apparently, with his array of fastballs that he hurls toward Mario. The baseballs disappear with a simple cape swipe, but be ware that the strikes come in bunches. He can also jump in this form, sending pitches higher. Again stomping on Chuck makes him lose his pitching ability.
  • Pouncing Chuck: Chuck squats for a few moments before springing across the screen towards Mario. Chuck is very dangerous mid-air and should only be approached while preparing for his next launch. A simple stomp will ground this Chuck.
  • Punting Chuck: This Chuck kicks footballs at Mario that bounce off all obstacles and do harm to Mario. Football can be defeated with a cape swipe, and Chuck when stomped on usually loses the ability to punt any longer.
  • Replicating Chuck: A Chuck who looks like he's set to pounce really has five copies of himself to spring on Mario. Jumping on him before he replicates, will cut him short before he clones. He is the rarest Chuck.
  • Shoveling Chuck: Chuck found a shovel and he's digging up some solid granite soccer balls. The soccer balls also bounce and are harder to defeat than the footballs. Stomping on this Chuck may also make him lose his shoveling ability.
  • Snapping Chuck: Apparently in field goal block mode, this Chuck stays in one spot before spotting Mario and jumping up and down, clapping his hands. Spin-jumping should reduce him to his normal level.
  • Alerting Chuck: Instead of directly attacking Mario, Chuck whistles to a flock of flying Koopas to swoop in at Mario. Can be KO'd like a normal Chuck.

Resistance to attacks

  • Normal Jump: Will count as one of the three necessary hits
  • Spin Jump: Will count as one of the three necessary hits.
  • Jump with Yoshi: Will count as one of the three necessary hits.
  • Fireballs: Five fireballs and Chuck is defeated.
  • Cape Spin: One swing will knock Chuck out.
  • Yoshi's Tongue: Inedible.
  • Yoshi's Fireballs: Will knock Chuck out if at least two touch him.


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