Super Mario World/Enemies/Monty Mole

Monty Moles are small creatures that hide in the ground and in mountains, waiting for Mario or Luigi to approach them. Before they pop up out of the ground, they cause the dirt in the ground and on the mountain walls to crumble, giving away their location. They then pop out of the ground, and follow Mario and Luigi wherever they walk until they are outrun or they fall off the stage. Also, if Mario or Luigi outruns a Monty Mole, but then returns to the area where it popped out of, another Monty Mole will spawn from the same hole the first one jumped out of.

Resistance to attacks edit

  • Normal Jump: A normal jump defeats a Monty Mole in one hit.
  • Spin Jump: A spin jump defeats a Monty Mole in one hit.
  • Jump with Yoshi: With Yoshi, a normal jump defeats Monty Moles in one hit.
  • Fireballs: When hit with a fireball, Monty Moles turn into coins.
  • Cape Spin: Spinning with (B) or (R) will defeat a Monty Mole.
  • Yoshi's Tongue: Yoshi will swallow and eat Monty Moles.
  • Yoshi's Fireballs: Monty Moles turn into coins if you shoot fireballs at them (with Red Yoshi and/or a red shell).
      • You can swallow them with Yoshi when they aren't out of the ground, on a flat surface (where the earth crumbles)***

Locations edit

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