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Pokeys are evil cacti, and they're one of Bowser's minions. They just wander around, and if they see Mario or Luigi, they'll start to follow them, trying to catch them. But because they're unbelievably slow, you don't have to worry about being caught. But the problem is, since they're quite large, you can hardly jump over them, making them a real pain. And, they have nasty spikes all over their body, so if you touch them, you'll get hurt. Fortunately, if you're riding Yoshi, you can eat them piece by piece (they are built out of five pieces, so you'll have to let Yoshi eat ALL of the pieces, because they can revive themselves).

Specifications edit

  • Length: about 4.5 meters (15 ft)
  • Maximum age: Pokeys can become extremely old, about 1000 years. After they die, they sometimes turn into a Poison Pokey
  • Speed: Pokeys are very slow in Super Mario World, but in other games, such as Paper Mario or Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, they're remarkably fast.
  • Special powers: Pokeys can revive themselves, they can throw parts of their own body (only in Paper Mario), they can turn into Poison Pokeys after they die (in Paper Mario).
  • Pokeys appeared for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Pokeys appear in almost every Mario game made, but Pokeys also appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. If you shoot a Mystery Seed at them, they'll become even larger (in the Legend of Zelda series).

Resistance to attacks edit

  • Normal jump: Ineffective, it won't hurt Pokeys, only yourself
  • Spin jump: Inefective, it won't hurt Pokeys, but you won't get hurt either
  • Jump with Yoshi: Ineffective, it doesn't hurt Pokeys, but neither you
  • Fireballs: Ineffective
  • Yoshi's fireballs: Ineffective
  • Slow cape landing: Ineffective, doesn't hurt them either
  • Yoshi's tongue: Effective, but you must eat all of the pieces, or else they'll revive. Pokeys seem to be a tasty treat (at least for Yoshi)
  • Sliding down a hill: Ineffective, it only hurts yourself

Locations edit

  • Yoshi's Island
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