Super Mario World/Enemies/Ninji

While they do not appear at the credits screen, there are actually Ninjis in this game. Ninjies are star-shaped, creatures that just jump around, trying to bump into Mario or Luigi to hurt them. They are often found alongside Mechakoopas. Ninjis originally appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Unlike Super Mario Bros. 2, the Ninji of Super Mario World appears black even in the dark, thus making them nearly invisible unless a searchlight is switched on. Simply jumping on Ninji will defeat them (unlike in Super Mario Bros. 2, where the main way to defeat an enemy is by throwing another enemy or object at them).

Specifications edit

  • Length: about 0.5 meters (1.6 ft)
  • Maximum age: Unknown, but they can become older than 20 years
  • Speed: Ninjies aren't that fast, so you can easily avoid them
  • Special powers: None
  • Ninjies are black, but when they get into dark areas, they suddenly become blue.
  • Ninjies always wear a something like a red tie
  • Ninjies appeared for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 2 western version

Resistance to attacks edit

  • Normal jump: A normal jump will defeat them right away
  • Spin jump: Does the same as a normal jump
  • Jump with Yoshi: N/A, Yoshi can't enter castles
  • Fireballs: Effective, one hit and they're defeated
  • Yoshi's fireballs: N/A, Yoshi can't enter castles
  • Slow cape landing: Effective, it has the same effect as a fireball
  • Sliding down a hill: Impossible, there aren't any hills in Bowser's Castle

Locations edit

  • Back door of Bowser's Castle
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