Super Mario World/Enemies/Banzai Bill

Banzai Bill is a colossal bullet and a large variant of its smaller, shark-faced cousin, Bullet Bill. It moves slower than an ordinary Bullet Bill. It is not known whether they are shot out of their own Bill Blasters, as this is never shown on-screen.

Banzai Bill appears on a few stages and simply approaches Mario or Luigi at any given time, taking up a large part of the screen. Oftentimes, Banzai Bills cannot be jumped over unless it's from an elevated platform or slope. There is often a small space for Mario or Luigi to duck so that the Banzai Bill passes over them.

Resistance to attacks

  • Normal Jump: A normal jump defeats a Banzai Bill in one hit.
  • Spin Jump: A spin jump defeats a Banzai Bill in one hit.
  • Jump with Yoshi: With Yoshi, a normal jump defeats Banzai Bills in one hit.
  • Fireballs: No effect.
  • Cape Spin: No effect.
  • Yoshi's Tongue: No effect.
  • Yoshi's Fireballs: No effect.


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