Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island 1

Yoshi's Island 1
Level type Above ground
Entrance Yoshi's House
Exit Yellow Switch Palace
Secret Exit None
Time at start 300
Difficulty Very easy

Yoshi's Island 1 is the first level of Yoshi's Island.

Walkthrough Edit

Normal Strategy Edit

The Normal Strategy is when you go through the level rather slowly, doing everything on the way. This may exclude such things as getting coins or stomping on enemies not in the way and you never fly over the entire level or even just parts of it.

Start at the Beginning Edit

Jump on the Koopa, spin him with the cape, or throw a fireball at him.DC#1 Duck when the Banzai Bill comes, or try to jump over or on top of him. Spin-jump the Rex to kill him in one hit (or spin him with the cape. Hit the flying question mark from below and get the mushroom/flower unless you have a feather in reserve. If you were caped, switch back into caped form (with Select). Kill each Rex as they come, by spin-jumping them, throwing fireballs at them, or spinning them with the cape. If you are small or super, go on the slanted slopes instead of the flat land below.DC#2 When a mushroom comes out of the ground, get it unless you have something better in reserve.

If you are in fire form, throw a fireball at the piranha plant. If you are caped, spin jump straight up right next to the tube when the piranha plant is in it. Otherwise, run under the piranha plant. If you are not small and have nothing in reserve, spin-jump on the blocks to go in the tube. Otherwise, ignore the italicized text. After going through the tube, spin jump on the blocks to get the mushroom. Get the coins, too. If you want, spin-jump on the other blocks to get the dragon coin.DC#3 Go back through the tube. You shoot out over the piranha plant and through the midway gate. Skip ahead to the next paragraph. Walk over the green tubes and kill the Rex by spin-jumping him. Kill or get past the piranha plant in the same way as you did at the beginning of the paragraph. Go through the midway gate.

Start at the midway gate Edit

If you see an exclamation mark and have nothing in reserve (or are small), hit it and get the mushroom. Now, if you are super or normal, go on top of the hill DC#4 and slide (with the down button) on top of the Rex. Don't worry about killing him. Otherwise, kill the three Rexes below the easy way (throw fireballs, spin with cape). Either way, duck in the ditch, as a Banzai Bill comes. Once he passes, continue on and kill the Rex in the easiest way possible (spin-jump, throw fireballs at, or spin with cape). Grab the Koopa shell and throw it straight up at the block (the message tells you how). Run along, and this time, when the Banzai Bill comes, jump on top of him. Get the life and kill the Rex. Jump on the middle of the three identical blocks, and jump from there to hit the question mark. Get the mushroom or fire flower.

Kill the next two Rexes (by throwing fireballs at them, spinning them with the cape, or spin-jumping on top of them). Jump on the first ledge you come to and watch the Banzai Bill pass. From there, jump and shoot the piranha plant if you are in fire form. Otherwise, get past it or spin it with the cape. Kill the next Rex, too.DC#5 The last defender is a Chargin' Chuck. He is resistant to fireballs, but not to the cape. If you are not caped, jump on him three times to kill him, then cut the finish tape. You can also cut the tape before you kill the Chargin' Chuck if you want to. Either way, you beat the level!

Dragon Coin Strategy Edit

The Dragon Coin Strategy is when you get all the dragon coins (simple enough). You beat everything normally, but your primary goal is to get the dragon coins.

To do this, follow the above walkthrough and at each of the links, get the dragon coin.

Dragon Coin #1 Edit

Dragon Coin #1 is next to the ledge that the Koopa slides down. To get it, either jump up from below or get on the ledge and get it.

Dragon Coin #2 Edit

Dragon Coin #2 is in the same position as #1, except after the three slopes you can choose or not choose to go on.

Dragon Coin #3 Edit

Dragon Coin #3 is in the cave that you can get a mushroom in. To get it, you have to get in the cave by spin-jumping on the blocks over the tube. Go in, and spin jump on the blocks above the dragon coin. Get it and exit.

Dragon Coin #4 Edit

Dragon Coin #4 is at the top of the hill above the three Rexes.

Dragon Coin #5 Edit

Dragon Coin #5 is above the last Rex of the level. You don't have to do anything special to get it.

Quick Strategy Edit

The Quick Strategy focuses on speed. Coins, points, lives, or anything else are of no importance.

Lives Strategy Edit

The Lives Strategy focuses on getting lives, and at the same time, stays as safe as possible. A rule of thumb is: if you can get a life, even if it leaves you in greater danger than before, it is worth it; if you die, you don't lose any lives and if you survive, you gain a life. The lives strategy also goes for mushrooms, fire flowers, and cape feathers as well, because they save lives.

Secrets Edit

The 3-Up moon is hidden high in the sky.

The very rare 3-Up moon can be found in this level. To find it, enter the level as caped Mario (you will need to find the cape in another level). Use the area around the midway gate as your runway, then fly up and to the right. You will see the 3-Up moon on a small platform high in the sky.

Enemies Edit

This is a list of the enemies that appear on Yoshi's Island 1, in order that they first appear:

Items Edit

Items in Yoshi's Island 1, in order of appearance:

  • 2 Fire Flowers/Mushrooms (depending on form)
  • 3 Mushrooms
  • 3 Coins
  • 1 Red Koopa Shell
  • 1 1-Up Mushroom
  • 1 3-Up moon