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Lombard The reference orthography for this page of Lombard course is New Lombard orthography
  • In Lombard there is no present participle (however it was introduced as Italianism in some dialects) but just its periphrases.
    • paying = che 'l paga. (“that pays” that it the periphrasis that plays the role of the present participle that would be instead “pagant”)
  • The past participle, on the other hand, exists and is widely used (especially to form compound tenses, but also as an adjective).

Formation of the regular past participle edit

As for spelling, the formation of the past participle in New Lombard Orthography has already been described in the module about the orthography. However, the pronunciation of the ending differs from one dialect to another.
To know the pronunciation IPA in the various dialects please refer to the appendices of the wiktionary in Lombardy:

Western lombard edit

First conjugation
Second conjugation
Third conjugation
Forth conjugation

Eastern Lombrd edit

First conjugation
Third conjugation
Forth conjugation

Alpine Lombard edit

Irregular past participles edit

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