This Wikibook covers Final Fantasy VI, known as Final Fantasy III for the North American Super Nintendo release.

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Title screen for Final Fantasy III, the Super Nintendo release of Final Fantasy VI

Chapters are mostly arbitrarily named and numbered.

Chapters edit

  1. Chapter 1: From Narshe to Figaro Castle
  2. Chapter 2: From Figaro Castle to The Returners' Hideout
  3. Chapter 3: Locke's Scenario
  4. Chapter 4: Terra's Scenario
  5. Chapter 5: Sabin's Scenario
  6. Chapter 6: From Narshe to Zozo
  7. Chapter 7: The Opera House to Vector
  8. Chapter 8: From Vector to the Sealed Gate
  9. Chapter 9: From the Sealed Gate to Thamasa
  10. Chapter 10: The Floating Island to the World of Ruin
  11. Chapter 11: From Cid's Island to Darill's Tomb
  12. Chapter 12: Kefka's Tower

Sidequests edit

Before tackling Kefka's tower, there are number of sidequests to be done in the World of Ruin, arranged roughly in order of difficulty/recommended completion:

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