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HP: 1,600, MP: 1,000, Weaknesses: None, Nullifies: None, Absorbs:Thunder
TekMissile go!

Being the first boss of the game, it's quite easy. Just attack the head with ?????'s TekMissile attack and Vick's and Wedge's Fire Beam, and it should go down quickly. Also, follow Vicks' and Wedge's advice about not attacking the shell. If you attack it will counter with Mega Volt, which will do around 60 damage to one character. Don't queue up too many attacks, or you will hit the shell when the Whelk's head retreats into its shell.

You COULD try taking out the shell. It is easier said than done, as the shell can only use Mega Volt six times before it runs out of MP. Now, it's only the problem of taking out the shell's 50000(!!) HP before you die of boredom... Your reward is a Tincture instead of Potion, and the feeling you have just done one of the most pointless tasks you will ever encounter in your life...


HP: 420, MP: 150, Weaknesses: Poison, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None

Lobo x2: HP: 27, MP: 5, Weaknesses: Fire, Nullifies: None, Absorbs:None

Mog's Dance skill can be quite useful in this battle
This is a fairly straight forward battle. Just kill the Lobos first, then concentrate on the Marshal. Heal when necessary. If you've got Mog in the party, have him Dance Dusk Requiem. He'll fall quick enough.


HP: 11600, MP: 220, Weaknesses: Poison, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
This is actually a fairly trivial battle to win. When Edgar, Terra, and Locke face Vargas have them attack the bears first and then finally attack Vargas himself. Terra should use magic, Edgar should use the autocrossbow. After the fight has gone on for a while, he'll blow the party away and Sabin will show up to help them. All Sabin needs to do to win the fight is to perform the pummel blitz by selecting blitz, hitting left, right, left, then hitting A. Surprisingly, a lot of people gives up this game at this point as they don't know how to Blitz.

Ultros: First Battle

HP: 3000, MP: 640, Weaknesses: Lightning and Fire, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
Get used to fighting this guy, you'll be seeing a lot of him. Everyone's moves are pretty simple. Terra should continuously cast Fire for massive damage, Sabin should use Fire Dance (or Aura Bolt if you don't have Fire Dance, which is learnt at level 15), Edgar should use the autocrossbow, and Banon should cast Health every time. Switch characters by pressing X if you don't need to restore your health and want to save Banon's turn for later.

Tunnel Armor

Tunnel Armor
HP: 1300, MP: 900, Weaknesses: Lightning and Water, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
Have Celes use Runic every turn to absorb its magic attacks and have Locke attack. If you're hurt (by his physicals), have Locke heal with potion and such. You can also steal an Air Lancet from him.

Ghost Train

Ghost Train
HP: 1300, MP: 900, Weaknesses: , Lightning, Pearl, Cure, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
This can either be a challenging boss fight or a laughably easy one. Since the boss is undead cure magic and items will diminish its HP, and using a Fenix Down will kill it instantly. If you want to fight it the fair way, just use aurabolt, dispatch, and have Shadow throw Shyruiken. If you want a laugh, use Suplex.




Phunbaba is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. It is one of ten powerful monsters sealed away in ancient times, released when Kefka brought the end of the world (the others are Doom Gaze and the Eight Dragons.)



When the party finds Mobliz in the World of Ruin, Phunbaba attacks it, and Terra goes out to fight it. She is quickly defeated, forcing the party to take up the fight. It eventually escapes, leaving the Magicite Fenrir, but Terra is wounded, and unable (also unwilling) to rejoin the party.

Later, when the party returns, Phunbaba does as well, and blows two party members away with BabaBreath. Terra joins the fight in her Morph form, and together with the other characters, Phunbaba is finally destroyed, and Terra learns what love is.

Mythological Inspiration

Depiction of Humbaba

Phunbaba may be loosely based on the creature Humbaba from Babylonian mythology, an adversary of Gilgamesh.

Bugs and Glitches

Disappearing Locke/Celes


After you go to zozo and meet Ramuh, when it tells you to choose your party members and Celes and Locke are required, if you switch Locke out of the box it won't let you put him back in (not sure if the same happens with Celes), and when you go to Narshe to change your party, he no longer appears in the character choice screen, he has just disappeared from the game. The only way I've found to fix this is to reset and start from your last save point.



Be very careful when using Relm's sketch ability in the U.S. version of the game. It happens mostly when the enemy is invisible since Sketch is considered a physical attack. If it fails on some enemies an uninitialized pointer will cause a bug and mess with the game data, possibly even corrupting save files. If you're using an emulator it's easy enough to avoid this using savestates, or just save often. Since Relm is not required for any sequence in the game except briefly being in your party when exiting Esper mountain some players choose to not bother using her partially for this reason.

Returning to the World of Balance


Early versions of the cartridges for this game featured a bug by which it was possible to return to the world of balance from the world of ruin. In the walkway above the Opera House, where Ultros pushed off the 4 ton weight there are a number of rats running around the scaffolding. If the party lost to them in the world of ruin they would be returned to the Opera House in the world of balance just as if they had failed to prevent Ultros from dropping the weight. After performing this glitch however, the only way to return to the World of Ruin was to ride Figaro Castle underground, and there would be no airship in the World of Ruin.



Due to errors in programming, the Evade stat is totally useless. Magic Evade affects both Evade and Magic Evade. As a result, the Blind status effect has no effect on reducing the accuracy of a physical attack, and Beads have absolutely no use at all. In addition, while certain statuses (Haste, Slow, Life 3, Poison, Seizure, Near Fatal are a few examples) are meant to affect hit rates, they're not in use.



This is probably the most well-known and most useful out of any of the bugs in the game. The trick comes in realizing that any creature with the "vanish" status has very poor magic defense and it is affected by virtually all spells, including Doom and X-Zone which offer instant kills. Many powerful enemies including most of the bosses in the game can be instantly killed by casting vanish on them and then casting Doom or X-Zone. Doom only affects one enemy, whereas X-Zone affects all enemies. The Vanish and Doom spells can be learned in the world of balance after finishing the magitek factory. The X-Zone spell can be learned in the world of ruin after fighting Phunbaba for the first time.

The best known use for the trick is just using X-Zone to instantly defeat Wrexsoul in Cyan's Side Quest, since it will kill both SoulSavers (no Vanish necessary), and end the battle (The SoulSavers regenerate themselves immediately after they're slain). In general most bosses can be easily defeated by casting vanish on them then doom or x-zone, although this would rob most of the enjoyment of playing the game. Also, If you use Vanish and X-zone on Doom Gaze, it won't drop you the Bahamut Esper (However, if you use Doom after Vanish, you will still obtain your undeserved Esper).

Technical Details of how Vanish/Doom works: Certain enemies (such as most bosses) has a special bit that determines whether they can be hit by Instant-Death spells or not. Most Instant-death spells (as well as Dischord and gravity based spells such as Demi, Shimsham, Sonic Boom, Grav Bomb) automatically misses if this bit is set. However, when the game determines whether a spell hits or not, it checks for Vanish first. Therefore, when you Vanish an enemy then cast a spell, it will always hit no matter what. NOTE: Most enemies also have protection from certain statuses, meaning you can't inflict the status on the enemy (For example, Vargas is protected from Poison status, meaning you can't set Poison on him, ever). Therefore, if you use, say, Mute, after vanishing the enemy, the spell WILL hit, but will do nothing because the enemy can't be muted. This is evident if you use Vanish+Imp on an Imp-protected enemy, as the spell will hit and change the enemy's graphic to that of an imp, but the enemy will act as if it's not Imped because Imp isn't actually set on the enemy.

"Psycho" Cyan


A name to a glitch that allows Cyan to attack enemies over and over again. First, Cyan must use Retort. Next, he must be turned into an Imp, and killed with a physical blow (he can be weakened with Magic attacks, but the killing blow must be physical. If Cyan is attacked physically before he is killed, he must use Retort again). Now revive the dead, Imped Cyan, and have anyone use the Fight command. Cyan will begin to attack over and over again.

This glitch combines two other glitches. One if that is Cyan is killed by a physical blow while having the "Retort" status, when revived he will use Retort in response to any attack, even one that does not hit him. He'll use Retort even if he himself attacks.

The second glitch is that an Imped Cyan cannot use Retort, so he will use a normal attack instead. By combining these glitches, "Psycho" Cyan will attack, and respond to his own attack with another attack, over and over.

Permanently Morph Terra


First, have Terra Morph. Then have another character use Quick. While the character casts their second command, let Terra's Morph meter run out. After the Quick effect runs out, Terra will remain in Morph despite the fact her Morph meter is depleted. This occurs because other characters cannot perform actions while Quick is in effect. Thus, Terra will not be allowed to Revert back when her Morph meter depletes. She will remain in Morph for the entire battle, unless killed.

Lose Interceptor


Shadow (or Relm) may randomly have Interceptor block an attack on them. By using "Rippler", this status can be swapped to another character. But if Interceptor is Rippled to an enemy, and that enemy is killed, Interceptor will be lost forever.



Party members


Other characters





Items can be used by anyone. Some items can only be used in battle and some can only be used outside of battle. They affect things like status and health. A few items are purely offensive.



Dispels Poison status.

Dried Meat


Heals 150 HP. Used initially to bait Gau on the Veldt.

Echo Screen


Dispels Muted status.



Edges are weapons which can be thrown by Shadow to cast particular spells. In general, they're not worth the money.



Fully restores a living character's HP/MP.



Recovers 150 MP.



Dispels Blind status.

Phoenix Down


Revives a fallen character. Instantly slays undead characters/enemies (including some bosses). In the SNES version, it was originally "Fenix Down," but later returned to "Phoenix Down" in later releases.

Green Cherry


Reverses Imp status. Drives Umaro wild(er).



Summons a random esper into Battle.



Fully restores all living party members' HP/MP. Can be infinitely stolen from "stopped" EarthGuards on the Solitary Island, stolen from Kefka, and one is found in Kefka's Tower.



Dispels Poisoned, Imp, Blind, Petrified, Muted, Berserk and Zombified status.

Rename Card


Allows you to change a character's name. Traded for in the Colliseum. Why? I don't know.



Returns Zombified characters to living status (with very low HP). Instantly slays undead enemies (including some bosses).



Skeans are weapons which can be thrown by Shadow to cast particular spells. In general, they're not worth the money.

Sleeping Bag


Completely restores a character's HP/MP and status. May only be used on the world map and at save spots.

Smoke Bomb


Escape from almost any battle (including some boss battles).



Dispels Petrified status.

[Throwing] Star


Stars are weapons which can be thrown by Shadow. They are preferable to throwing normal weapons since they're cheaper and easier to replace.

Super Ball


Like Shadow's Stars, but can be thrown by any character (except Umaro) for boringly mediocre damage.



Fully restores HP/MP and status to entire party. May only be used on the world map or at save spots. Tent will look different depending upon your leading character.



Restores 50 MP to a character. Try to rely more upon "Osmose," as Tinctures are disproportionately expensive.



Recovers 50 HP to a character.

Warp Stone


Casts "Warp" in-or-out of battle. Allows you to leave a dungeon or escape from most battles.



Fully restores a character's MP.



Fully restores a character's HP.

Rare Items


These are items related to particular quests or events in the game. These items have no use outside of the storyline.



Weapons must be equipped in the weapon slot of the character. If the character is using a guantlet one weapon can be used with both hands for extra damage, and if the character is using a genji glove one weapon can be placed in each hand.

Using the Merit Award relic makes more weapons equippable for everyone.



Dirks in general are particular to Locke or Shadow, although some can be used by Relm/Gogo, and some can be used by anyone. Many Dirks cause various status effects, too. Score.



Swords are particular to Terra, Locke, Edgar, and Celes, with Locke being unable to equip some swords. The most powerful weapons in the game are swords so you may choose to rely on these characters more than usual.



Lances are particular to Edgar and Mog. Combine a Lance with Dragoon Boots and Dragon Horn for some serious brutality. Equip the Imp Halberd to any Imped character for beautiful results.



Knives are particular to Cyan, who must use them for Swordtechs. Not sure why they're called "knives," as they appear to be longer than most of the swords in the game.



Rods are particular to Strago, Relm, and Gogo. Many of them can cause particular spells and can also be used as an item for a spell casting.



Brushes are particular to Relm. As "Sketch" and "Control" are decidedly worthless, take my advice and don't bother equipping brushes. Use a Rod instead



Special weapons bear a "diamond" icon. Acting like Boomerangs or Morningstars, Specials are most often used by Locke. Damage is not affected by row for these weapons, so don't forget to place characters equipping them in the back row.



These weapons are particular to Setzer. Damage is not affected by row for these weapons. Dice weapons deal damage based on the numbers achieved on a throw.



Claws are particular to Sabin.





In general all characters except Umaro can equip a given shield, although there are a few exceptions (i.e. Gau may equip only certain shields). Equip the Tortoise Shield to any Imped character for beautiful results.



Helmets have a variety of status effects and are often particular to a certain set of characters.



Armors have a variety of status effects and elemental resistances and are often particular to a certain set of characters. Equip Imp Armor to any Imped character for beautiful results.



Tools are used by Edgar (and Gogo) using the "tools" command.

Air Anchor


The air anchor is found in a hidden room in the Fanatic's Tower. When it works it makes a single enemy self-destruct.



Edgar begins the game with the Autocrossbow, which does a physical attack on all enemies. Rendered obsolete as the game progresses, but deadly early on.

Bio Blaster


This can be bought in the first visit to Figaro or South Figaro, and inflicts poison on all enemies. Painful for Humanoid enemies, but heals the undead and many plants.

Chain Saw


The most powerful tool, it randomly dispatches an enemy or deals massive damage. It can be found in the clock room in Zozo. Enter "6:10:50."



This tool creates a random weak point on an enemy. It can be purchased in the world of ruin at Figaro Castle.



The second most powerful tool in terms of attack power, it does an attack on a single enemy, and is more reliable than Chain Saw against monsters immune to ID (Instant Death).



A more powerful attack than autocrossbow on all enemies, which also inflicts blind status. Unfortunately you'll never notice the blind status because the evasion stat does not affect gameplay. Essentially, we'll call this tool "eh, alright, I guess."



Attempts to cause confusion on all enemies, having the effect of turning them around if it works. Can provide for some amusing situations when monsters use offensive attacks on themselves and helpful skills on your party. Relatively useless in the WOR.



Relics can be equipped in one of the two relic slots for a character.



Protects against poison, dark, and zombie. It can be bought in the world of balance and ruin.

Atlas Armlet


Raises fight damage. It can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.

Back Guard


Prevents back attacks and pincer attacks. Can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.

Barrier Ring


Casts Shell when HP is low. Can be bought in the world of balance and ruin.



Raises the evade stat. Because of a bug, the evade stat affects nothing and this relic is useless. It can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.

Black Belt


A very useful relic, randomly counterattacks when attacked. Even more powerful if paired with the genji glove or offering. It can be bought in the world of balance or ruin.

Blizzard Orb


A relic which gives Umaro a special attack. It can be found in the world of ruin in the ancient castle.

Charm Bangle


Lowers the rate of random encounters. It can be found in the world of balance by performing well for the emperor, or traded for in the Colliseum.

Cherub Down


Grants permanent float status to the party member. Can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.

Coin Toss


A relic particular to Setzer, or Gogo for that matter. Allows either one to use GP rain as an attack instead of slots.

Crystal Orb


Raises the max MP of the character by 1/2. It can be traded for in the colloseum for a muscle belt.

Cure Ring


Casts regen on the party member. Can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.

Cursed Ring


Teaches the spell X-zone at a rate of x5 and inflicts condemned status. Can be traded for in the Colloseum for a Cursed Shield.

Czarina Ring


Casts safe and shell. Can be bought in the world of ruin.

Dragon Horn


When character jumps (through either DragoonBoots or Palidor's Sonic Dive), they attack randomly 2-4 times when they land. Can be found in the world of ruin or traded for in the Colliseum.

Dragon Boots


Changes fight into Jump, which performs similarly to Kain's jump in FFIV. Can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.



Can be bought in the world of balance and ruin. Raise magic damage, and can be stacked (with another Earring or a Hero Ring)



One of the best relics in the game, it reduces all casting costs to 1. Can be won in the world of ruin from Brachosaurs in the dinosaur forest (north of the veldt), stolen from Aquilas in the phoenix cave, or traded in the Colloseum for a gem box.

Exp Egg


Absolutely essential for levelling up, this doubles all experienced earned for a character. Equipping an additional Exp Egg has no effect. It can be obtained by completing a sidequest in Darril's Tomb, by betting an Elixir in the Colloseum and continuing to bet the next item until you get an Exp Egg (the last item bet in the sequence is a Tintinabar,) or by using the Ragnarok Esper on the Harpy monsters found on the Thamasa island in the World of Ruin (usually Ragnarok will display "Better off Tonic!" but occasionally it will show "Better off Exp. Egg!") The last works best if the Harpy is low on health.

Fairy Ring


Protects against poison and dark. Can be bought in the world of balance and ruin.

Fake Moustache


Changes Relm's sketch command into control, which lets you pick an attack for the monster to do. Can be found in the world of ruin inside the Zone eater.

Gale Hairpin


Raises pre-emptive attack rate. Can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.



One weapon can be held in both hands for extra damage. Can be found in the world of ruin, and obtained in the world of balance if you choose to have Terra join Banon right away. Not as useful as the genji glove.

Gem Box


Allows the wearer to cast two spells in one turn. Can only be found in the fanatic's tower. Can be traded for an economizer in the colloseum, which certainly doesn't mean that you should.

Genji Glove


Allows the character to equip a second weapon instead of a shield. Very useful for dealing extra damage and very powerful if paired with the offering. The first can be found very early on. Have Terra refuse to help Banon repeatedly until the game takes over.



Prevents dark status. Since dark status doesn't do anything thanks to the evade bug, this relic is worthless. Can be bought in the world of balance and ruin.

Gold Hairpin


Halves MP consumed. Can be found in the world of ruin, traded for in the Colleseum, and obtained if you choose to sacrifice Mog in the world of balance (Not wise... two of Mog's stronger dances are only available BEFORE the apocolypse).

Guard Ring


Casts safe. Can be bought in the world of ruin.

Hero Ring


Increase both magic damage and physical damage by 25%. Can be found in the world of balance and ruin, and is auctioned off in Jidoor for 50000 GP in the world of ruin. The physical damage boost does not stack.

Hyper Wrist


Raises vigor. Can be found in both worlds and bought in the world of ruin.

Jewel Ring


Protects against petrify. Can be bought in both worlds. Note that it doesn't protect against Dark even though the description says it does.

Marvel Shoes


Casts regen, haste, safe, and shell upon your party member. Is part of the Exp Egg trading sequence, after the rename card and before the tintinabar. Continuously trade an elixir to get this.

Memento Ring


Protects against zombie, stone, death, and many fatal attacks. Relm starts with this and a second one can be found in Strago's house, second floor, on the left wall. Only Shadow and Relm can equip this, and its hinted that its because of the dead love of Relm's mother/Shadow's wife.

Merit Award


Allows any character to equip virtually any equipment. Extremely useful for powering up certain characters, allowing Gogo to use more skills, and increasing certain stats beyond normal limits. Must be found in the Colloseum by trading the cat hood.

Mithril Glove


Casts safe when HP is low. Can be bought in both worlds.

Moogle Charm


Avoids all random enemy encounters, must be equipped on Mog. Extremely useful for getting through tough areas without fighting monsters, or clearing out chests early. Found in the moogle cave where Mog stands initially in the world of ruin, in his sidequest.

Muscle Belt


Raises hp by 1/2. Stolen from Borras at Mt Zozo or won from the Skull Dragon.



Quite possibly the best relic in the game. Allows you to attack four times and never miss. You can combine this with genji glove to attack eight times, or combine with Thief Glove to attempt to capture four times (although, keep in mind that you will lose whatever item after your first successful steal). No critical hits or spells cast by weapons are allowed and damage is half as strong as normal. Can only be found by fighting the Katana Soul in the ancient castle. Special exceptions: Fixed Dice, Dice's damage are not cut in half, Tempest's random Wind Slash still works and doesn't have its damage cut in half, Atma Weapon damage is not halved.

Peace Ring


Prevents Beserk and Muddle. Can be bought in both worlds.

Pod Bracelet


Casts safe and shell. Can be traded in the Colloseum for the Hero Ring, and found in the world of ruin.

Rage Ring


Gives Umaro a special attack. Found in the cave in the veldt in the world of ruin.

Relic Ring


Gives the character the properties of undead monsters. Found in Owzer's house in the world of ruin.



Prevents all status ailments except for Stop and Freeze. Very useful for uncursing the cursed shield. Can be found in both worlds and stolen from Brachosaurs most notably.

Running Shoes


Casts haste. Can be bought in both worlds.

Safety Bit


Prevents mortal magic attacks, as well as zombie, stone, and death. Can be found in the world of ruin, or morphed from certain monsters using Ragnarok, including Lvl 60 and 90 magic.

Sneak Ring


Doubles the success rate of steal. Can be found in the world of balance and bought in the world of ruin.

Sniper Sight


100% fight hit rate. Can be bought in both worlds and makes killing Cactrots easy work.

Sprint Shoes


Doubles walking speed in towns and dungeons. Can be bought everywhere.

Star Pendant


Prevents poison. Can be bought in both worlds.

Thief Glove


Changes steal into capture for Locke or Gogo. Performs steal and fight together. Attempts to steal four times when paired with the offering. Can be found in a chest in Zozo in either world.



Recovers HP with each step. Is part of the exp egg sequence at the Colloseum where you keep trading the result of trading elixirs, and can be obtained by performing well for the emperor at the banquet and sending all the letters for the soldier in Mobliz, both in the world of balance.

True Knight


Protects party members with low Hp. Can be bought in both worlds.

Wall Ring


Casts rflect on that party member, which reflects most magical attacks to the opposite party. Can be useful for beating monsters with rflect by casting spells on your own party, or stopping all but unblockable magic attacks. A must have relic for the fanatic's tower. Can be bought in both worlds.

White Cape


Protects against imp and mute, and adds some defence, magic defence, and a nifty 10% MBlock. Can be bought in both worlds.

Zephyr Cape


Increases Evade and Mblock stats. Evade does nothing, but Mblock effects both physical and magical attacks.


Final Fantasy VI > Espers

List of Espers, Their Summon Effects, Level Bonuses, Spells, and Locations

Name MP to Summon Summon Effect Level Bonus Spells Learned Location
Ramuh 25 Lightning attack on all enemies Stamina + 1 Thunder x10, Thundara 2 x2, Poison x5 Zozo
Kirin 18 Casts Regen on all allies None Cure x5, Cura x1, Regen x3, Poisona x4, Libra x5 Zozo
Siren 16 Casts Silence on all enemies Max HP + 10% current Max HP Sleep x10, Silence x8, Slow x7, Fire x6 Zozo
Cait Sith 28 Casts Confuse on all enemies Magic Power + 1 Confuse x7, Imp x5, Float x2 Zozo
Ifrit 26 Fire elemental attack on all enemies Strength + 1 Fire x10, Fira x5, Drain x1 Magitek Factory
Shiva 27 Ice elemental attack on all enemies None Blizzard x10, Blizzara x5, Rasp x4, Osmose x4, Cure x3 Magitek Factory
Unicorn 30 Casts Esuna on all allies None Cura x4, Esuna x3, Dispel x2, Protect x1, Shell x1 Magitek Factory
Maduin 44 Nonelemental attack on all enemies Magic Power + 1 Fira x3, Blizzara x3, Thundara x3 Magitek Factory
Catoblepas 45 Casts Stone on all enemies Max HP + 10% current Max HP Bio x8, Break x5, Death x2 Magitek Factory
Phantom 38 Casts Vanish on all allies Max MP + 10% current Max MP Berserk x3, Vanish x3, Gravity x5 Magitek Factory
Carbuncle 36 Casts Reflect on all allies None Reflect x5, Haste x3, Shell x2, Protect x2, Teleport x2 Magitek Factory
Bismarck 50 Water elemental attack on all enemies Strength + 2 Fire x20, Blizzard x20, Thunder x20, Raise x2 Magitek Factory
Golem 33 Protects all allies from physical attacks Stamina + 2 Protect x5, Stop x5, Cura x5 Auction House, 10,000 gil
Zona Seeker 30 Casts Shell on all allies Magic Power + 2 Rasp x20, Osmose x15, Shell x5 Auction House, 10,000 gil
Seraph 40 Heals all allies some None Raise x5, Cura x8, Cure x 20, Regen x10, Esuna x4 Tzen, for 3,000 gil in WoB, 10 in WoR
Quetzalli 61 Causes all allies to Jump None Haste x20, Slow x20, Hastega x2, Slowga x2, Float x5 Cid's island
Fenrir 70 Makes multiple images of allies making it more difficult for enimies to attack them Max MP + 30% current Max MP Teleport x10, Banish x5, Stop x3 Mobliz, after "scaring" Humbaba away
Valigarmanda 68 Tri-elemental attack (fire, ice and lightning) on all enemies Magic Power + 2 Firaga x1, Blizzaga x1, Thundaga x1 Narshe, the place where he was moved
Midgardsomr 40 Earth elemental attack on all enemies Max HP + 30% current Max HP Quake x3, Graviga x1, Tornado x1 Yeti's cave
Lakshmi 76 Heals all allies Stamina +2 Cure x25, Cura x16, Curaga x1, Regen x20, Esuna x20 Owzer's mansion
Alexander 90 Holy elemental attack on all enemies None Holy x2, Shell x10, Protect x10, Dispel x10, Esuna x15 Doma Castle
Phoenix 110 Revives all allies None Raise x10, Arise x2, Reraise x1, Curaga x2, Firaga x3 Phoenix Cave
Bahamut 86 Non-elemental attack on all enemies Max HP + 50% current Max HP Flare x2 Defeat Deathgaze
Crusader 96 Holy elemental attack on all enemies and allies Max MP + 50% current Max MP Meltdown x1, Meteor x10 Defeat All 8 Dragons
Odin 70 Attempts to kill all enemies at once, but fails often Speed + 1 Meteor x1 Ancient Castle
Raiden¹ 80 Attempts to kill all enemies at once, but fails often Strength + 2 Quick x1 Ancient Castle
Ragnarok 6 Turns a random enemy into an item, but fails often None Ultima x1 Narshe Weapon shop
Leviathan 70 Deluges enemies within a giant wave. Stamina + 2 Flood x2 Sail from South Figaro or Nikeah in the World of Ruin (Game Boy Advance)
Cactuar 50 1000 Needles or 10,000? Needles Speed + 2 Teleport x20, Vanish x10, Hastega x5 Defeat ten Cactuars in the desert south of Maranda (Game Boy Advance)
Gilgamesh 99 Uses Excalipoor, Excalibur, Masamune, or Enkidu Strength + 2 Quick x1, Valor x5 Buy the Excalipoor at the auction house, then wager it (Game Boy Advance)
Diabolos 150 Reduces enemy HP to 1/16 and inflicts sap Max HP + 100% current Max HP Graviga x10, Gravija x5 Defeat the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon's Den (Game Boy Advance)

¹ Odin becomes Raiden

Specific Locations


Ramuh, Kirin, Siren, and Cait Sith


These Magicite are given to you by Ramuh in Zozo. These are impossible to miss, given that you have to talk to Ramuh to move the plot along.

Ifrit and Shiva


They can both be found at bottom of a pit in the Magitek Factory. To advance the plot, you must fight and defeat them. Once beaten, they yield their Magicite to you. You only need to pick up Shiva to continue with the game.

Unicorn, Maduin, Catoblepas, Phantom, Carbuncle, and Bismarck


Shortly before leaving the Magitech Factory, all of these Espers give their Magicite to you. You can't really avoid taking them.

Golem and Zona Seeker


These can both be found in the Auction house in Jidoor. You just need to buy them.



This Magicite can be bought from a traveling salesman in Tzen for 3000 gil in the World of Balance or 10 gil in the World of Ruin. You learn of this man in either the WoB, or the WoR from one of the old men near the dock area. The man is walking/hiding behind some trees in the upper-right corner of the town, all the way in the back.



After getting the airship in the World of Ruin, return to Cid's Island, and you will find this Magicite on the beach.



After defeating Humbaba in Mobliz for the first time, a kid will give this to you if you talk to him.



Go to Narche and go back to where you defended him before. If you manage to defeat him, the Magicite is yours.



This can be found in Umaro's Cave in Narshe, simply search the skull there, and it's yours.



Defeat Chadarnook in Owzer's house in Jidoor, and collect it from Owzer's bookshelf.



Go to Doma in the World of Ruin and do the entire Cyan quest. At the end of the quest, it will be sitting on the throne in the throne room.



Go to the star shaped mountain range north of Tzen and land in the middle. Complete the dungeon, and Locke will give you this Magicite.



Find Deathgaze while flying around in the airship. Defeat him, and Bahamut is yours.



Defeat all 8 dragons, and this Magicite will suddenly be given to you.

Odin and Raiden


Go to Figaro Castle, in the World of Ruin, and try to move the castle somewhere else. It will get stuck under the sand, and you can enter a new cave via a hole in the prison level. Go through the cave and enter the Ancient Castle there. Walk straight ahead and talk to the statue of Odin. It will yield the Odin Magicite. To get the Raiden, stand on the right throne, walk five steps down and press the A button. A secret passageway will open. Go down it, and you will find a statue of the Queen. Talk to it, and the Odin Magicite will become the Raiden Magicite. Once you transform Odin, it is lost, so learn any spells you want from it before "upgrading" it. *Note Odin is the only esper in the game who can boost your speed stat.*



In the World of Ruin, go to the Narshe Weapon Shop with Locke, and he will unlock the door. Inside, a man will ask you if you would rather have the sword Ragnarok or the Magicite Ragnarok. Choose the Magicite, and it will be yours.



After the events at Figaro Castle, go to either the port at South Figaro or Nikeah. Say you want to board the ship, and Leviathan will attack you mid-way.



Buy the Excalipoor at the Auction House for 500,000 gil, then wager it at the Colosseum. This fight doesn't use restrictions in the Colosseum. There is a guy outside of the auction who will mention the sword, you must speak to him in order to bring the blade up for sale.



Defeat ten Cactuars in the desert south of Maranda and then Gigantuar will attack.



Unlock the Dragon's Den by completing the game and defeating the 8 dragons, then defeat the Kaiser Dragon at the end.



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Final Fantasy VI contains a number of nations, castles, towns, and villages in which the story takes place.

The story of the game is divided between two "eras", called the World of Balance and the World of Ruin, featuring different locations and events.

World of Balance
The World of Balance
World of Ruin
The World of Ruin



Narshe (炭坑都市ナルシェ, Tankō Toshi Narushe, officially "Colliery Nalsh" or "Mines city Narche" in Japan) is a coal-mining town where the game begins. Its military have tamed mammoths to aid in the defense of the town.

Streets of Narshe
Streets of Narshe
World of Balance

While the town tries to remain neutral in the conflict between the Empire and other nations, it nevertheless serves as a secret base of operations for the Returners throughout much of the first half of the game. Mog is recruited in the mines of Narshe after being rescued from Lone Wolf. Despite its "neutrality," the town serves as the headquarters of the Returners, and the player's party, during much of the first half of the game until the party obtains the airship, Blackjack from Setzer.

World of Ruin

Narshe is all but completely abandoned, and is enemy-infested. Locke can open the locked buildings, where the Cursed Shield and the Magicite Ragnarok can be found (with the option to take the Ragnrok sword in its place). Mog has returned in the moogle cave inside the mines, but the cave is darkened and no other moogles remain. Mog must be in the party to recruit Umaro, who lives behind the huge ice field beyond the mines (where the Ice Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal the Esper Crusader - Jihad in the Japanese version - and the Esper Valigarmanda (Tritoch) can be found).

Figaro Castle


Figaro Castle (機械城フィガロ, Kikaijō Figaro, lit. "Mechanical Castle Figaro") is the most technologically advanced structure in either the World of Balance or the World of Ruin, and capable of submerging and traveling beneath the sand (going under mountains if need be). It is also the home of Figaro's king, Edgar Roni Figaro.

World of Balance
Figaro Castle
Figaro Castle

Figaro Castle is fitted with massive engines that allow it to burrow under the desert sand and go beneath the mountains, rising up to the surface just southeast of Kohlingen. Locke Cole takes Terra Branford to Figaro Castle in order to meet King Edgar and join the Returners. When Kefka arrives, Edgar has to evade his questions regarding Terra's whereabouts. Kefka responds by setting the castle on fire. Edgar takes off with Locke and Terra on chocobos, while the castle submerges to safety.

The Returners later use Figaro Castle to get to Kohlingen in their search for Terra, who had transformed in the presence of the frozen Esper and flown away, toward the thieves' city, Zozo.

World of Ruin

Figaro Castle is cut off from South Figaro when the cave entrance collapses. While under the sand, tentacular creatures infest the engines and stop the castle in its path, releasing the small-time criminals locked in the dungeon. King Edgar dons the disguise of "Gerad" in order to join their gang and get back to the castle. Celes Chere (and optionally Sabin Rene Figaro) find Gerad at Nikeah, and hide on the Crimson Robbers' ship as it sails to South Figaro. They go into the basement and find the thieves, whom Gerad tells to loot the treasure vault while he fights the tentacles. He tells Celes (and Sabin) to help him, and they hide from the robbers when they leave.

Figaro Castle is required to carry out a side-quest to find the Ancient Castle and the powerful Esper Odin, which can be upgraded deeper in the castle into Raiden. The upgrade room contains the stone statue of the Ancient Castle's queen, as well as the Blue Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal the powerful Esper Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version). The Ancient Castle is also the place where the player can find the enemy Samurai's Soul and obtain the Master's Scroll (Offering) relic.

South Figaro


South Figaro (サウスフィガロ, Sausu Figaro) is part of the kingdom ruled by Edgar Roni Figaro. South Figaro, which is actually beyond a mountain range and accessible by the Figaro Cave, is famous for selling armor and weapons originally manufactured in Figaro castle.

South Figaro
South Figaro
South Figaro Cafe
South Figaro Pub
World of Balance

Edgar is betrayed when the Empire invades South Figaro. At that time, Celes is being held there pending her execution for treason against the Empire; Locke discovers and rescues her during his own escape from the town. Later, the Empire will withdraw from South Figaro if the player shows good manners at an Imperial banquet.

World of Ruin

South Figaro is one of the few towns still thriving despite Kefka's attempts to destroy everything he sees. When Celes first arrives here from Nikeah in pursuit of "Gerad" (an incognito King Edgar) the Crimson Robbers are hanging about in the streets and in; they then disappear when Celes attempts to confront "Gerad" at the Inn.

Returners' Hideout

Returners' Hideout
Returners' Hideout
World of Balance

The Returners' primary base is beyond Mt. Koltz, which is where Edgar and Locke plan to take Terra after Locke brings her to Figaro Castle. Banon, the leader of the Returners, asks Terra to help them fight the Empire. Whether or not she accepts, she must accompany Banon, Edgar, and Sabin down the Lethe River to Narshe and meet with the town's elder regarding the frozen Esper. During this trip, the party meets Ultros for the first time.

World of Ruin

The Returners' hideout is not to be found in the world of ruin. More than likely destroyed after the world changed.

Doma Castle

Doma Castle
Doma Castle
World of Balance

The home of Cyan Garamonde, Doma was one of the few nations that held out against the Empire. While Sabin was trekking south toward Mobliz, he found an Imperial base, where the Empire staged its attacks on Doma, and where Kefka poisoned the castle's water supply, killing everyone except Cyan and one Doma soldier. The castle is then occupied by the Empire, but it is possible to free it by showing good manners at the Imperial Banquet.

World of Ruin

A party containing Cyan will enter Cyan's dreamscape if they rest in the castle. By defeating the 3 Dream Stooges and the evil Wrexsoul, Cyan will be freed of his despair and guilt for the death of the people he was protecting, mastering himself and learning his greatest Bushido, Oblivion. After the dreamscape event, the Magicite Alexander is sitting on the throne.

Phantom Forest

Phantom Forest
Phantom Forest
Phantom Train
Phantom Train
World of Balance

Deep within the Phantom Forest (迷いの森, Mayoi no Mori, officially the "Mystic Forest" in Japan), the characters Sabin, Cyan, and (possibly) Shadow find and board the spectral Phantom Train, which takes the souls of the newly dead to the next world. Cyan is given the chance to say good-bye to his wife and son, who were both killed in Kefka's poisoning of Doma.

World of Ruin

The Phantom Train appears during Cyan's nightmare, although in a much altered form with new puzzles to solve and more powerful monsters, after the defeat of the Three Dream Stooges. The Phantom Forest itself seems to no longer exist, possibly laid to waste during the Cataclysm.



The Veldt (獣ヶ原, Jūgahara, lit. "Beast Plains") is a large plain. Monsters from all over the world migrate to the Veldt, and thus any monster previously encountered can be fought there, including some bosses. It is only here that Gau can learn new Rages.

World of Balance

Gau, the wild boy, lives on the Veldt and will appear occasionally after a fight. He will join Sabin and Cyan if they give him Dried Meat instead of attacking him. After Gau joins the party, the adventurers head south towards a cave, where Gau will find a device which will allow them to breathe underwater, thus allowing them to return to Narshe.

World of Ruin

The Veldt is mostly unchanged from the World of Balance. After gaining the Falcon, the player can explore the Veldt to find Gau. After a random battle, Gau will eventually appear and rejoin the party, but only if there's an open space in the current group (3 party members or less).

The Veldt also has a cave where Relm or Shadow can be found (depending on whether or not the player waited for Shadow on the Floating Continent), albeit guarded by the Behemoth King. Other items such as the Berserker Ring relic, the Ichigeki dagger, and the Tigerfang weapon for Sabin can be found.


Mobliz's Wounded Soldier
Mobliz's Wounded Soldier
World of Balance

Mobliz is a small town on the edge of the Veldt, and where a wounded Imperial soldier is barely holding on to life. He wishes to correspond with his girlfriend in Maranda, Lola, but cannot lift a pen; the party can help him, and after sending enough correspondence, he gives them a Tintinabar relic. The bed in the back of the Relic shop is free to use.

World of Ruin

Kefka literally cleaved the town in half with his Light of Judgement, killing everyone except a handful of children and two teenagers, Duane and Katarin. Terra finds her way here, and becomes "Mama" to the children. When the party first arrives in Mobliz, Terra will fight, and lose to, Humbaba (an ancient demon released after the end of the world; called Phunbaba in the original US translation) as she is at this point unable to resurrect her will to fight. The rest of the party must fight, but Humbaba escapes. Terra does not join the party, but they do receive the Magicite Fenrir.

Later, Duane and Katarin will have problems, Duane not being able to take the pressure of having a baby, and when found, Terra takes care of Katarin, who is pregnant. Humbaba chooses this time to return, and will use Humbaba Breath to knock two members of the party away. Terra joins the party in her Tranced form, and destroys Humbaba. The children are afraid because they do not recognize her Esper form, save one girl who recognizes her Mama. Terra realizes she has finally come to understand love (a key point for her character in the first half of the game) through these children, and tells them that she must leave for now to rescue them from Kefka's tyranny.



Possibly named after Nicaea (Νίκαια, both İznik, Turkey and Nice, France), pronounced /ˈnicɛa/ in Modern Greek.

World of Balance

Nikeah is a coastal town that offers a variety of strong (but expensive) equipment. Sabin, Cyan, and Gau first arrive here through the Serpent Trench while trying to make their way back to Narshe. When the party is finished shopping, they are able to find passage on a steamship which will take them to South Figaro. Since South Figaro is under Imperial occupation at the time, the party is forced to sneak out of the city in order to avoid detection by Imperial troops. While under Imperial occupation, no return ship sails from South Figaro to Nikeah. Thus, the player must travel through Mt Koltz, to the Returner's Hideout, and go through the Lete River to get back to Nikeah.

World of Ruin

Celes (and optionally Sabin) will find that the Crimson Robbers own the steamship, and that "Gerad," who is actually Edgar, leads them. After talking to Gerad (who denies being Edgar), Celes can stow aboard the ship and take it to South Figaro.


Rachel in Kohlingen
Rachel in Kohlingen
World of Balance

Kohlingen is on the western side of the mountains from Figaro Castle, and the party will go there on the search for Terra after her encounter with the Esper Tritoch, which triggers her shift into her esper form. Shadow can be hired in the Cafe for 3000 Gil (the game's currency), and the party will learn about Locke's motivations if he is in the party and they visit the houses in the northeast and northwest of the village. Kohlingen is Locke's hometown, but he has not been back since a terrible accident left his childhood love, Rachel (Kathleen in the Japanese FFVI) in a forced hibernation, since her body is apparently too damaged to carry on normal life functions. However, Locke has heard of a magical artifact (the Esper, Phoenix, in magicite form) that can bring a person back even from death, and holds onto this faint hope to save his loved one, since he cannot let go of her.

World of Ruin

Setzer is drowning his despair in the Pub (Cafe in the American version), but Celes will snap him out and he will take the party to find his friend's interred airship, the Falcon. After finding Locke, he brings the Magicite Phoenix, and the treasures of the star-shaped mountain cave, where the Red Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version), is located.


Jidoor's Auction House
Jidoor's Auction House
Jidoor's Owzer's house
Jidoor's Owzer's house
World of Balance

Jidoor is the westernmost town on the world map, as boasted by one of the townspeople. It is the home of the art collector Owzer, and the auction house where the Magicites Golem and Zona Seeker can be won for the right price. Jidoor is where Locke and Celes will first hear about Setzer, the Wandering Gambler, and his love of the opera.

World of Ruin

Jidoor is one of the few towns that appears to be unaffected by Kefka's light of judgement, at least physically. Owzer's house is dark, and an unseen force prevents the party from climbing the stairs to the gallery. By reading Owzer's diary, they learn his accounts of acquiring a strange painting of the "Lakshmi", in which an evil presence inhabited it, and Owzer eventually becoming possessed. By reading his hints and using the lights, the party can proceed, find the Emperor's Letter in his painting, and go into Owzer's basement and find Relm and the Magicite Starlet. If Shadow did not survive the Floating Continent, Relm must first be rescued from the Cave in the Veldt. In the Game Boy Advance version, the Excalipoor, which is sold at the Auction House for 500,000 gil, can be bought here and wagered at the Coliseum to fight Gilgamesh.



Zozo is unique in the game in that random battles can take place in the town. According to a townsperson in Jidoor, Zozo was built by criminals who could not afford to live in the affluent town of Jidoor.

World of Balance

People in Jidoor will tell the player that they saw a glowing shape fly through the sky toward Zozo, and that is where Terra, who turned into a magical creature and flew off after touching minds with the frozen Esper in Narshe, can be found.

One person in Zozo complains that the town is dangerous, and he's right. On top of that, everybody constantly lies (excluding the previously mentioned man). For example, everyone claims the time is something it isn't, which is a clue to how to properly reset a clock in town and access a powerful tool for Edgar.

After climbing a huge skyscraper and gathering some decent items, the party encounters Dadaluma (Dadama in the Japanese version), who, like everyone else in Zozo, lies about being a pacifist before attacking. After defeating him, the party finds Terra, and meets Ramuh, an Esper, who tells the player the story of the espers, and provides the Magicite remains of himself and three companions who escaped the Magitek Research Facility in Vector, the capital of the Empire.

When the party returns from the Facility with liberated Magicite, one piece glows in Terra's presence, the remains of Maduin, who is actually Terra's father.

Zozo's monsters are powerful at this point in the game: the Hill Gigas has Magnitude 8, an Earth-based attack that deals 200+ damage to the party, and Slam Dancers can cast Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara.

World of Ruin

After Setzer, Celes, and Edgar (and optionally Sabin) get the Falcon out of mothballs, Celes sees a homing pigeon take a letter to Maranda. Lola, who has been receiving letters and hand-crafted silk flowers from her boyfriend in Mobliz, asks them to send a letter by pigeon. The pigeon takes the letter to Mount Zozo. In order to follow, they must purchase RustRid from the honest man, and fight their way up the mountain to find Cyan, who writes to Lola in her dead boyfriend's name. He sends a final letter, owning up to his charade, and joins the group to fight Kefka. He mentions that Gau has returned to the Veldt.

Mount Zozo is the location of the Storm Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal the powerful Esper Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version). Zozo's monsters have not changed from the World of Balance, but Mount Zozo has, among other things, a much stronger version of the Hill Gigas: the Glasya Labolas.

Opera House

World of Balance
Opera House's Stage
Opera House's Stage

The party has to go to the Opera House in order to get Setzer's airship and get to Vector. Locke convinces the Impresario to switch Maria, the opera singer, with Celes, who happens to be the spitting image of Maria; Setzer plans on kidnapping Maria at the climax of Act 1. Ultros, still angry from the last fight, tries to foil their plan with a four-ton weight that he intends to drop on "Maria" from the rafters, but is stopped by Locke and his allies. The altercation causes the party and Ultros to fall on stage, knocking out the Draco and Prince Ralse characters, and the Impresario ad-libs the incident into the opera. Ultros is then fought on stage and, after getting rid of him, Setzer comes to kidnap Celes. Celes convinces Setzer to help the party after swindling him by using a double-sided coin.

World of Ruin

The Earth Dragon (Dirt Dragon in the US SNES version), one of the eight dragons that seal the powerful Esper Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version), is sitting on the stage, much to the Impresario's dismay. One of the switches in the rightmost room will drop the party onto the stage, where they can battle the Earth Dragon.

Other than the Earth Dragon, the Opera House has no role in the World of Ruin.

In the SNES version of the game, there is a glitch that can transport the party from the World of Ruin to the World of Balance. Rats prowl the rafters above the opera stage, and if the party battles, and loses to one of the rats while in the World of Ruin, they will be transported outside to find themselves in the World of Balance again.

Sealed Gate

Sealed Gate
Sealed Gate
World of Balance

The Empire has a heavily occupied base outside the cave to the Sealed Gate, but when the party takes Terra to talk to the espers, the base is abandoned. The cave has many treasures, including the Ultima Weapon (Atma Weapon in the original North American translation; not to be confused with the monster of the same name), which are guarded by strong undead creatures. The cave becomes unavailable to enter after completing the events in Thamasa.

World of Ruin

Since the Gate was located on what became the floating continent, it is assumed that the Gate, along with possibly the Esper world were destroyed after the continent was destroyed.

Esper World

Terra as a baby in the Esper World
Terra as a baby in the Esper World
World of Balance

The Esper World appears only in a controlled flashback, occurring after the party escapes the Magitek Research Facility because of Maduin's Magicite restoring Terra's memory. Maduin (one of the rescued pieces of Magicite) finds a human woman named Madeline (Madonna in the original North American translation) has stumbled into the Esper World, and takes care of her, eventually fathering a child with her, Terra. Emperor Gestahl (Gastra in the Japanese version) infiltrates the Esper World and his forces carry off a number of espers, including Maduin, and he takes Terra from her mother.

World of Ruin

Because the gate to the Esper world was on the doomed floating continent, some believe the Esper world was destroyed along with the continent. Others believe the Esper World resides in another dimension, sparing it from such a fate.


World of Balance

A xenophobic backwater town, Thamasa is actually the home of the Mage Warriors, the magic-wielding decendants of the warriors of the War of the Magi, who fled persecution 1,000 years ago to live in peace. It is the home of the Blue Mage Strago Magus and his adopted granddaughter, Relm Arrowny. In the World of Balance, the party must save Relm from a burning building, and later, the town is a scene of a battle between Kefka, the espers from the sealed gate, and General Leo.

World of Ruin

In the World of Ruin, Strago finds an old friend in Thamasa who encourages him to track down a monster whose presence had been haunting him. This is also where Shadow (or Relm, if Shadow dies on the Floating Continent) may be brought to recover from injuries sustained in the Cave on the Veldt, with some flashbacks detailing their past connection to Thamasa.

Floating Continent

Floating Continent
Floating Continent

When Gestahl and Kefka enter the Esper World, they cause the eastern island of the south continent to rise up from the ocean and into the sky (presumably to prevent anyone from tampering with the Statues of the Warring Triad). It is populated by powerful magic beasts, defended by the Imperial Air Force, and the home of the monstrous Ultima Weapon (Atma Weapon in the original US version). Shadow is left betrayed and wounded on the Continent, and will rejoin the party as soon as they arrive. He leaves after fighting the Ultima Weapon. Gestahl and Kefka will try to convince Celes (who will arrive if she's not in the party) to return to them and rule the world by their side. She fakes accepting the request, and stabs Kefka by surprise. Kefka, totally enraged, turns the Warring Triad's Statues on his master, causing worldwide catastrophe, and bringing the end of the world as we know it, leaving behind the World of Ruin. See: floating continent.



A man in Kohlingen mentions that his "touched" brother is trying to build a colosseum to the north, and by the time the world ends, he has constructed Dragon's Neck Colosseum, where the last Imperial soldier has advice, and Ultros works off a debt as a receptionist.

By betting certain items at the Coliseum, one party member can fight a monster in hopes of winning and getting a better item. However, the player has no control over the character's actions in the fight, so preparation and luck plays a big part in winning. Betting worthless items results in a fight with Chupon (Typhon in the Japanese version), who will most likely use Sneeze (Snort in the Japanese version) to instantly defeat the player.

If Shadow survived the Floating Continent and was rescued from the Cave in the Veldt, he can be found here. Betting the Ichigeki will pit a member of the party against him in an easy battle (Shadow is unequipped) to regain him.

In the GBA remake, betting the Excalipoor will result in a fight with Gilgamesh. Unlike the other Coliseum fights, the battle with Gilgamesh is a regular boss fight.

Kefka's Tower

Kefka's Tower
Kefka's Tower

After he destroys the world, Kefka absorbs the Statues' magical power, and uses it to create a gigantic tower from rubble and debris from around the world. Any time after finding the Falcon, the party can assault the tower, although completing the game with just Celes, Edgar, and Setzer is typically regarded as a challenge for experienced players. The tower stands in the center of the world's largest continents, with an eerie spiral radiating out in the landscape from its base.

Bosses from this area include Ultima Buster (Atma in the original US version, who is a stronger version of the Ultima Weapon), Inferno, Ketu, Rahu (palette-swap of Number 128), and the Guardian. Each party must defeat one statue: Fiend, Demon, or the Goddess. When all three are defeated and each party stands on the floor tiles, they face the showdown with Kefka himself. Before facing him, the party must fight three battles against a large, nameless 'tower' of sorts that is composed of many monsters, some with Kefka's likeness.

Kefka then confronts the party in an angel-like form, with one feathered wing, and one bat wing. After defeating Kefka, the final source of the world's magic, the Warring Triad, is destroyed, and Magicite starts evaporating while the world regains its vitality.

To give a sense that the tower is truly constructed from the debris of the world, the architecture of the tower changes many times, and some areas even feature rooms from earlier area of the game: For example, the Ultima Buster is found in a prison cell that was once in the Imperial capitol of Vector. The beast's specific cell was used to house Kefka at one point. For the most part, the tower seems to comprise parts of the Floating Continent and Vector, and sits approximately where Vector was in the World of Balance.


The Empire
The Empire

The large enemy nation is simply known as "the Empire" (The Empire of Gastra in Japan, The Gestahlian Empire in the GBA remake). Its ruler is Gestahl, a power-hungry man who seeks Magicite and, later, the mythical Statues in order to exploit and plunder magic. The three generals (or "Shoguns" in the Japanese version) who lead Gestahl's armies are Kefka, Celes and Leo Cristophe. Terra was used as a soldier of the Empire, but against her will and under the influence of a Slave Crown.

World of Balance

The Empire takes up the entire southern continent and includes the cities Albrook, Tzen, Maranda, and the capital city of Vector. The Empire's superior Magitek weaponry helps it to conquer other nations, including Doma and South Figaro. However, berserk espers end up destroying Vector during the course of the game, and with Emperor Gestahl's death, the Empire no longer exists once Kefka changes the face of the world.

World of Ruin

The Empire's reign is finished, having been completely destroyed. At Kefka's Tower, however, it is possible to see the twisted and scattered remains of the imperial palace and factories of Vector; for example, in what was once Vector Palace's jail, the player can fight Ultima Buster (Atma). It is speculated that the tower stands where Vector would have. This is proven by the relative locations of Tzen (to the north) and Albrook on the same island; the island containing Kefka's Tower is the center of the Southern Island found in the World of Balance. What happened to the Imperial soldiers after the cataclysm remains a mystery, but it is possible that some continued soldiering in service of Kefka (most likely against their will, since many of the soldiers despised Kefka), as variations of Imperial units appear as enemies in Kefka's Tower. One Imperial soldier also appears in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum claiming to probably be the last of the Imperial soldiers.



Sometimes also translated as Alburg.

World of Balance

Albrook is a port town under Imperial rule. Later, the port ferries the players to Thamasa.

World of Ruin

Albrook is the closest town to Kefka's tower and the first place Celes arrives. Many people in town offer advice on what has happened, including Kefka's Tower, the 8 Dragons, and Deathgaze.


World of Balance

Vector is the Imperial capital, a gloomy place with grim background music. Imperial troopers patrol the area above the town, around a cafe where the party can learn more about the Magitek research. The Imperial Palace is protected by an impervious machine called the Guardian.

The party has to infiltrate the Magitek Research Facility and release the captive espers, but the mission does not proceed as planned, and Celes is lost.

The party returns to Vector once more, after the espers behind the Sealed Gate escape and raze the city. Emperor Gestahl asks the Returners to help him convince the espers that he really wants peace; how the party reacts to Gestahl's conversations during the banquet will determine how the Emperor will reward them afterward. Gestahl's gestures for peace were a ruse; he freed Kefka and they proceeded to revive the Floating Continent.

At this point in the game, Vector is aflame and is a ghost town.

The inn is free to stay in, but money will get stolen from the party during the night. However, there is a woman in a small house who will fully heal the party with no penalty.

World of Ruin

The town no longer exists, chunks of the town are assembled in Kefka's Tower.


Lola in Maranda
Lola in Maranda
World of Balance

Maranda was once the most beautiful town on the Southern Continent, until it was devastated by Imperial forces led by General Celes Chere. The name Maranda may or may not have been inspired by the not so famous heroine, Maranda Jean, fabled as the most beautiful woman ever. At the beginning, it's a gloomy place under Imperial control. The only form of entertainment is watching dog fights. This is where Lola, the girlfriend of the wounded soldier in Mobliz, lives.

World of Ruin

The end of the world has left Maranda even gloomier than before. Lola still lives here and receives letters and flowers via homing pigeons from her "boyfriend in Mobliz" (later discovered to be actually sent by Cyan). Cactuars can be fought in the desert south of Maranda, and the Gigantuar can be found in the desert once 10 Cactuars have been defeated (GBA version only).


World of Balance

Tzen is under Imperial rule; in fact, the Empire slaughtered its royal family and instated their own government. After escaping the Magitek Research Facility, the party can purchase the Magicite Seraph for 3,000 gil.

World of Ruin

Tzen is razed by Kefka's Light of Judgement; the character Sabin can be regained at this time, if Celes (and anyone with her) saves a child from a house that he is holding up to prevent from collapsing. If the party did not purchase Seraph in the World of Balance, it can be bought for only 10 gil.

Ancient Castle


The Ancient Castle is only accessible after rescuing Figaro Castle in the World of Ruin. Located deep underground, most of the castle is dilapidated ruins. The name of the castle is never revealed, but the castle itself was the location of a vital battle during the War of the Magi and houses the stone remains of the Esper Odin and an unnamed queen. It is heavily implied that the two were in love, but upon the defeat of Odin by an enemy Esper, the entire castle and its inhabitants were turned to stone, and the castle was spitefully buried underground. Odin can be obtained here, as well be transformed into a more powerful incarnation called Raiden.

While the Ancient Castle holds no vital significance to the main plot, its illustration of the War of the Magi provides one of the few references to the war in the game, as well as a further example of relations between humans and espers during the time period.

It has been speculated that the Ancient Castle is in fact, Baron Castle from Final Fantasy IV, but it is unlikely. The king of Baron Castle, Odin, was struck down by Cagnazzo, a Water Elemental. The Final Fantasy VI Odin was defeated by an unknown sorcerer. The connection between the two Odins is most likely only coincidence.

Cultists' Tower

The Tower of Fanatics
The Tower of Fanatics

The Cultists' Tower (sometimes referred to as The Cult-of-Kefka Tower), which is only accessible in the World of Ruin, is the location where those who feared Kefka went to worship him. They became soulless beings and dedicated their life to Kefka. It is said that, at the top of the tower, lies Kefka's greatest treasure (called the Soul of Thamasa), and the cult would protect it by surrounding and sending the Magic Master at anyone who attempted to steal the treasure. A member of the cult can be woken up if a loved one calls out his or her name. Strago Magus was a notable member of the cult.

Inside the tower, physical attacks are restricted, and only standard magic may be used (Lore/Blue Magic is inexplicitly restricted, despite it being magic. Gogo may also only use Mimic in the tower - regardless of if the character has Magic as one of his/her/its skills). Many of the monsters who live there have adapted to this lifestyle, and thus come prepared to face magic. The Holy Dragon also resides there. One way around the magical restriction is to take Umaro up the tower (as he has no magical attacks, and thus must use physical attacks), or to cast Berserk on party members, thus allowing them to use physical attacks. Even with these tactics, though, the high physical evasion of the enemies makes direct attacks useless (though the Sniper's Eye relic can negate their advantage). There are no save points on the tower, so game over means having to climb it again.

Also, Edgar's Air Anchor can be found by walking to a hidden panel in one of the lower treasure rooms - a thief in Maranda will hint to this.

Phoenix Cave


For only the third time in the game, the Phoenix Cave, accessible only in the World of Ruin, allows for multi-party combat (the first being the battle protecting Terra with Locke, Mog, and the Ten Moogles, and the second being the battle with Kefka in the cliffs of Narshe in the World of Balance). The party must split into two groups of up to four members each, and aide each other in navigating through the cave's depths. The Red Dragon and Locke, who's in possession of the magicite Phoenix (with restorative powers he hopes will revive his coma-stricken love, Rachel (Kathleen in the Japanese version)), await the party.

A hint of the cave's location is found in Gestahl's Letter in Jidoor in the World of Ruin.

Serpent Trench

World of Balance

The Serpent Trench is an underwater chasm whose fast currents flow from a cave located at the southern end of the Veldt, runs around the southern edge of the Veldt, cross the ocean, and ends at the port of Nikeah. Sabin, Gau, and Cyan take this route after discovering that Gau's "shiny treasure" turns out to be an underwater breathing appratus and failing to find any way back to Narshe through Mobliz. Mog can learn one of his dances, the Water Rondo, after battling in random enemy encounters in the Serpent Trench, one of only two places where the Water Rondo can be learnt; the other place is the Lethe River (In the GBA remake the Water Rondo dance can be obtained in the fight with Leviathan).

World of Ruin

Kefka's displacement of the Triad Statues rearranged the face of the planet, bringing the Serpent Trench out of the ocean. It is now a serpent-shaped island continent that runs from what little remains of Mobliz, passes through where the Cultists' Tower was built, and ends at Nikeah. The Veldt, which bordered the trench in the World of Balance, was split off from it and now lies north across an ocean on a separate continent. Celes arrives at the island continent after finding and joining forces with Sabin in Tzen; together they find Terra at Mobliz, who originally refuses to join the party due to Humbaba's terrorizing of the orphans at Mobliz until she realize she wants the children to have better futures, and Edgar at Nikeah, who has been leading a band of thieves under the alias Gerad.

Ebot's Rock

World of Ruin

In the southeast corner of the World of Ruin directly north of Thamasa lies Ebot's Rock (written Eboshi Rock on the map). Upon visiting Thamasa, Strago finds his long time friend, Gungho, injured from a battle with the monster, Hidon, a long time rival of the two currently taking refuge in Ebot's Rock. To avenge Gungho, Strago visits the Rock for a final confrontation with Hidon. After defeating the monster, Strago returns to Thamasa gloating to Gungho, who had previously ridiculed Strago's failed attempts over the years to secure the monster's defeat.

Ebot's Rock is inaccessible in the World of Balance (being underwater), although a chance encounter with Gungho hints at the possibility of visiting the elusive cave later in the game.

For many of the characters, the World of Ruin is a place of redemption, where loose ends can finally be done away with. For Strago, his site of redemption is Ebot's Rock. As are most towns and dungeons in the World of Ruin, Ebot's Rock is not a compulsory site to visit. To access Hidon, one must obtain many pieces of coral (only obtained in the dungeon) and give them to a treasure chest. When Hidon is defeated, Strago will have redeemed himself, having conquered an enemy after years of despair. However, Hidon can be fought at anytime afterwards by continually talking to Gungho until he makes a comment on Hidon (having Strago in the party is not required for Gungho to announce Hidon's return).

Dragon's Den

World of Ruin

The Dragon's Den is a new dungeon exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remake of the game. Unlike added dungeons from previous remakes of other Final Fantasy games, it only requires the player to defeat the Eight Dragons, all found in various locations. Once the Dragons are defeated, the dungeon opens up on a small island just north of the Coliseum, marked by a single tree.

Here, the party is split into three separate groups. Each party then tackles various challenges, including harder versions of the Eight Dragons. The Dragon's Den houses two of the most powerful bosses in the game: the Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon, the latter only appearing after the Kaiser Dragon's defeat, replacing it. Defeating the Kaiser Dragon yields the Diabolos magicite and also unlocks the Soul Shrine, another dungeon exclusive to the GBA version.

Soul Shrine

World of Ruin

The Soul Shrine is a new dungeon exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remake of the game. The Soul Shrine is unlocked upon beating the game and defeating the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon's Den. It is found in the large island just west of Mobliz. The shrine is actually an endurance match against a vast variety of monsters and bosses in the game, including those found in the Dragon's Den, with the exception of Omega Weapon, who can be fought again. There are 128 matches to be endured in total. Leaving the dungeon in the middle of a break will force the player to start all over again, regardless of how many matches the player had previously finished. Some tiers of monsters may vary. Going through the Soul Shrine nets the player some very good items, and after completing it, gives the player an unusable item to commemorate the player's abilities.


Enemy Name Sketch Abilities Control Abilities Special Rage Attacks
1st Class Fight, Ore Wrench Battle, Ore Wrench Stone
Abolisher Duster, Poison Battle, Duster, Poison Poison
Actaneon Clamp, Aqua Rake Battle, Clamp Clamp
Adamanchyt Claw, Acid Rain Battle, Claw, Blaster Acid Rain (Safe)
Allosaurus Doom, Poison Claw Battle,Doom, Poison Claw Doom
Allo Ver Fight, Dead End Battle, Dead End Quake
Anemone Imp, Giga Volt Battle, Bolt 3, Giga Volt Giga Volt
Anguiform Garrote, Aqua Rake Battle, Garrote, Aqua Rake Aqua Rake
Apokryphos Silencer, L3 Muddle Battle, Silencer, L3 Muddle, L4 Flare L3 Muddle
Apparite Slip Touch Battle, Slip Touch, Imp Imp
Aquila Flap, Cyclonic Battle, Flap, Cyclonic, Shimsham Cyclonic
Arneid Fight, Numb Battle, Numb Numb
Aspik Numb Spine, Giga Volt Battle, Giga Volt, Paralyze Giga Volt
Balloon Flare Up, Exploder Battle, Flare Up, Exploder Exploder (float)
Barb-e Slap, Love Token Battle, Slap, Muddle, Dispel LoveToken
Baskervor Claw, Absolute Zero Battle, Claw, Blizzard Cyclonic
Beakor Fight, Duster Battle, Duster Duster
Behemoth Take Down, Meteor Battle, Take Down, Fire 3, Meteor Meteor
Black Drgn Sand Storm, Fallen One Battle, Sand Storm, Doom, Bolt 3 Storm
Bleary Fight, Slumber Battle, Slumber, Dread Doom
Bloompire Energy Sap, Bio Battle, Enery Sap, Bio, Doom Bio
Bogy Fight, OogyBoog Battle, OogyBoog OogyBoog
Bomb Exploder, Blaze Battle, Exploder, Blaze Blaze
Borras Uppercut Battle, Uppercut Revenge
Bounty Man Fight, bite Battle, Bite Bite
Boxed Set Mirror Orb, Meteor Battle, Mirror Orb, Meteor, Lode Stone Meteor (Float, Reflect)
Brachosaur Step Mind, Swing Battle, Swing Disaster
Brainpan Smirk, Blow Fish Battle, Smirk, Blow Fish Blow Fish (Float)
Brawler Fight, Punch None(??) Stone
Brontaur Wall, Fire 3 Battle, Wall, Fire 3, Meteor Fire 3
Buffalax Fight, Riot Battle, Riot, Storm Slow 2 (Poison)
Bug Fight, Stone Spine Battle, Stone Spine Stop
Cactrot Mind Sting, Blow Fish Battle, Mind Sting, Blow Fish Blow Fish
Cephaler Fight, Husk Battle, Husk, Stop Husk
Ceritops Imp, Giga Volt Battle, Bolt 3, Giga Volt Giga Volt
Chaos Drgn fight, Disaster Cinderiser, Disaster, Meteor Disaster
Chaser Program 17, Plasma Battle, Program 17, Plasma, Dischord Plasma (float)
Chicken Lip Lash, Quake Battle, Lash, Quake Quake
Chimera Frisky, Aqua Rake Battle, Frisky, Blizzard, Aqua Rake Aqua Rake
Cirpius Fight, Beak Battle, Beak, Break Haste (Float)
Cluck Lash, Quake Battle, Lash, Quake Quake
Coelecite Hypno Sting, Magnitude 8 Battle, Hypno Sting, Magnitude 8 Magnitude 8
Commander Fight, Fire Battle, Fire Break
Commando Fight, Program 65 Battle, Program 65, Shell Reflect
Covert Disappear, Wind Slash Battle, Disappear, Wind Slash, Rage Wind Slash
Crasshoppr Fight, Flap Battle, Flap Berserk
Crawler Feeler, Step Mine Battle, Feeler, Step Mine Step Mine
Crawly Fight, Heartburn Battle, Heartburn, Magnitude 8 Heartburn
Critic Condemned, Slip Seed Battle, Condemned, Slip Seed Condemned
Cruller Brain Sugar, Slimer Battle, Brain Storm Slimer
Crusher Blow, Lifeshaver Battle, Crush, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver
Dahling Mute, Cure 2 Battle, Mute, Cure 2 Cure 2
Dante Quartz Pike, L3 Muddle Battle, Quartz Pike, L3 Muddle, Ice 3 L3 Muddle
Dark Force Clean Sweep, L5 Doom Battle, L5 Doom, Clean Sweep, Pearl Wind Clean Sweep
Dark Side Slip Touch, Fire 3 Battle, Slip Touch, Fire 3 Ice 2
Dark Wind Fight, Dice Battle, Dive Break (float)
Deep Eye Dreamland, Dread Battle, Dreamland, Dread Dread
Delta Bug Rush, Mega Volt Battle, Rush, Mega Volt Mega Volt
Didalos Quake, Poison Tusk Battle, Flare, Flare Star, Blaster Merton
Displayer Rib, Doom Battle, Rib, Doom, X-zone Doom
Doberman Fight, Bite Battle, Bite Bite
Doom Drgn Fallen One, N. Cross Battle, Fallen One, N. Cross, S. Cross N. Cross
Dragon Tail, Revenge Battle, Tail, Revenge, Blizzard Revenge
Drop Mad Signal, Muddle Battle, Mad Signal, Muddle Muddle
Dueller Giga Volt, Megahit Battle, Megahit, Mega Volt, Giga Volt Mega Volt
EarthGuard Poison Tail, Big Guard Battle, Poison Tail, Big Guard Big Guard (safe)
Eland Stench, Bio Battle, Stench, Bio, Fire 3 Bio
Enuo Slime, Clean Sweep Battle, Slime, Clean Sweep, Aqua Rake Clean Sweep (reflect)
Evil Oscar Poison, Sour Mouth Battle, Poison, Sour Mouth, Sneeze Bio
Exocite Fight, Scissors Battle, Scissors Scissors
Exoray Doom Pollen, Virite Battle, Doom Pollen, Virite Virite (Shell)
Fidor Fight, Pounce Battle, Pounce Pounce
Figaliz Dischord, Gunk Battle, Dischord, Gunk, Raid Dischord (reflect)
Flan Slip Gunk, Slimer Battle, Slip Gunk, Slimer Slimer
Fortis Double Arm, Shrapnel Battle, Double Arm, Shrapnel, Snowball Fireball
FossilFang Bone, Sand Storm Battle, Bone, Sand Storm, X-zone Sand Storm
Gabbledegak Gold Wrench, Vanish Battle, Gold Wrench, Vanish Vanish
Garm Program 95, Frost 3 Battle, Program 95, Fire 2 Demi
Geckorex Petriglare, Break Battle, Petriglare, Break, Dread Break
General Bio Attack, Cure 2 Battle, Bio Attack Cure 2 Cure 2
Ghost Fire, X-Zone Battle, Fire Bolt 2
Gigan Toad Croak, slimer Battle, Croak, Slimer Slimer
Gigantos Fight, Throat Jab Battle, Throat Jab, Revenge Magnitude 8
Gilomantis Sickle, Lods Stone Battle, Sickle, Shrapnel Shrapnel
GloomShell Rock, Net Battle, Rock, Net Net
Gobbler Silence, Shimsham Battle, Silence, Shimsham Shimsham (Float)
Goblin Fire 3, Bolt 3 Battle, Fire 3, Bolt 3, Ice 3 Bolt 3 (reflect)
Gold Bear Fight, Gouge Battle, Gouge Gouge
GreaseMonk Fight, Lode Wrench Battle, Lode Wrench, Step Mine Shell (haste)
Grenade Mesmerize, Blaze Mesmerize, Fire, Blaze Blaze
Gt Behemoth Hay Maker, Meteor Battle, Hay Maker, Meteor, Fire 3 Fire 3
Guard Fight Battle Critical
HadesGigas Head Butt, Magnitude 8 Battle, Head Butt, Magnitude 8 Magnitude 8
Harpiai Aero, Nail Battle, Aero, Nail Aero
Harpy Grip, Cyclonic Battle, Grip, Cyclonic, Aero Cyclonic
Harvester Sickle, Firewall Battle, Sickle, Drain Haste (Haste)
Hazer Fight, Drain Battle, Drain, Fire Bolt 2
Heavy Armor Tek Laser, MetalHand Battle, Tek Laser, MetalHand Tek Laser (Safe)
Hemophyte Shock Wave, Hit Battle, Shock Wave, Curser Gaze, Pearl Shock Wave
HermitCrab Rock, Net Battle, Rock, Net Net (Safe)
Hipocampus Acid Rain, Flash Rain Battle, Acid Rain, Flash Rain Flash Rain
Hoover Crush, Sand Storm Battle, Crush, Sand Storm, Quake Sand Storm
Hornet Fight, Iron Needle Battle, Iron Needle Iron Needle (Float)
Humpty Hug, Poison Battle, Hug, Poison Poison
Ing Glare, Lifeshaver Battle, Glare, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver (Float)
Innoc Fight, L? Pearl Battle, L? Pearl Virite
Insecare Fight, Flap Battle, Flap Flap
Intangir Step Mine Cannot Control Pep Up
Io Plasma, Crush Battle, Plasma, Crush, Blaster Flare Star
Iron Fist Fight, Stone Battle, Stone, Knee Kick Stone
IronHitman Dischord, Destroy Battle, Dischord, Destroy, Tek Laser Dischord
Joker Parasol, Bolt 2 Battle, Parasol, Bolt 2, Acid Rain Bolt 2 (Float)
Junk Parralout, Bolt 3 Battle, Paralout, Pep Up, Exploder Pep Up
Karkass Break, Bolt 3 Battle, Break, Bolt 3, Flare Bolt 3
Kiwok Imp, Cyclonic Battle, Remedy Imp
Land Worm Compress, Magnitude 8 Battle, Compress, Magnitude 8, Lode Stone Magnitude 8
Latimeria Magnitude 8, Wind-Up Battle, Magnitude 8, Wind-Up Magnitude 8
Leafer Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor Incisor
Lethal Wpn Metal Arm, Megazerk Hit, Megazerk Gravity Bomb
Lich Fire, Fire 2 Battle, Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3 Fire 2
Lizard Imp, Remedy Battle, Break, Dischord Break
Lobo Fight, Tusk Battle, Tusk Tusk
Lunaris Fight, Face Bite Battle, Face Bite Face Bite
Luridan Horn, Land Slide Battle, Horn, Land Slide, Cave In Land Slide
Madam Flare, Pearl Battle, Flare, Pearl, Ice 3 Pearl
Mad Oscar Drool, Sour Mouth Battle, Drool, Sour Mouth sour Mouth
Magic Urn Remedy, Cure Battle, Remedy, Cure 3, W Wind Cure 3
Mag Roader (purple) Fight, Wheel, Rush Battle, Wheel, Rush ???
Mag Roader (red) Fight, Wheel, Rush Battle, Wheel, Rush ???
Mag Roader (yellow) Fight, Wheel, Rush Battle, Wheel, Rush ???
Mag Roader (brown) Fight, Wheel Battle, Wheel ???
Maliga Fight, Scissors Battle, Scissors, Remedy Remedy
Mandrake Stone Touch, Raid Battle, Stone Touch, Raid Raid
Mantodea Mind Reaper, Wind Slash Battle, Mind Reaper, Wind Slash Wind Slash
Marshal Fight, Charge Battle, Charge, Bolt 3 Wind Slash
Mesosaur T. Lash, Step Mine Battle, T. Lash, Step Mine Step Mine
Mind Candy Fight, Sleep Sting Battle, Sleep Sting, Sleep Sleep Sting
Misfit Glare, Lifeshaver Battle, Glare, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver
Mover Fight, Disaster Battle, Big Guard Merton
M-Tekarmor Fight, Teklaser Battle, Teklaser Teklaser (safe)
Muus Pep-Up, Gunk Battle, Pep-Up, Slimer Pep-Up (shell)
Nastidon Fight, Hug Battle, Hug Blizzard (safe)
Nautiloid Fight, Ink Battle, Ink Ink (safe)
NeckHunter Mad Sickle, Imp Battle, Mad Sickle, Imp Imp (haste)
Necromancer X-Zone, Doom X-Zone, Doom, Flare Doom
Nightshade Poison Rod, Charm Battle, Poison Rod, Charm Charm
Ninja Fire Skean, Water Edge Battle, Fire Skean, Water Edge, Bolt Edge Water Edge
Nohrabbit Cure, Cure 2 Battle, Cure, Cure 2, Remedy Cure 2
Ogor Fight, Meteor Battle, Cold Dust, Pearl Wind Storm
Opinicus Riot, Slide Battle, Slide, Wind Slash, Surge slide
Orog Bio, Pearl Battle, Bio, Pearl Pearl
Osprey Beak, Shimsham Battle, Beak, Shimsham Shimsham (float)
Osteosaur Fight Battle, Fossil X-Zone
Outsider Fight, Ruin Battle, Metal Arm, Teklaser Pearl
Over Grunk Bane Touch, Poison Battle, Bane Touch, Muddle Bane Touch
Over Mind Fight, Dread Battle, Dread Elf Fire
Pan Dora Hypno Gas, Revenge Battle, Hypno Gas, Revenge Revenge
Parasite Mind Stop, Giga Volt Battle, Mind Stop, Giga Volt Giga Volt
Parasoul Spin Slice, Flash Rain Battle, Spin Slice, Flash Rain, El Nino Flash Rain
Peepers Tail, Pearl Wind Battle, Tail, Pearl Wind Pearl Wind
Phase Blow Fish, Smirk Battle, Blow Fish, Smirk Blow Fish (Float)
Pipsqueak Imp, Roulette Battle, Demi, Quartr Imp
PlutoArmor Crush, Tek Laser Battle, Crush, Tek Laser, Schiller Tek Laser
Pm Stalker Poison, Drain Battle, Poison, Drain, Bio Drain (Float)
Poplium Fight, Slow Battle, Slow Cling
Poppers Imp, Stone Battle, Break, Stone Stone (Safe)
PowerDemon Flare, Daze Dance Battle, Flare, Daze Dance Flare
Primordite Fight, NumBlade Battle, NumBlade Numblade
ProtoArmor Program 35, Tek Laser Battle, Program 35, Tek Laser, Schiller None
Prussian Fight, Bear Hug Battle, Bear Hug, Stone Land Slide
Psychot Lifeshaver, Mind Shock Battle, Lifeshaver, Mind Shock Lifeshaver, Float
Pterodon Wing, Fire Ball Battle, Wing, Fire Ball Fire Ball
Pug Cleaver, Break Battle, Cleaver, Break Break
Punisher Fight Battle Bolt 3
Rain Man Umbrawler, Bolt 3 Battle, Umbrawler, Bolt 3, Flash Rain Bolt 3
Ralph Fight, Tackle Battle, Tackle Tackle
Reach Frog Tongue, Slimer Battle, Tongue, Slimer Slimer
Red Fang Fight, Rabies Battle, Rabies Drain
Red Wolf Rush, Revenge Battle, Rush Rush
Repo Man Wrench, Flare Battle, Wrench Exploder
Retainer Wind Slash, TradeOff Battle, Wind Slash, TradeOff, Condemned Shock
Rhinotaur Mega Volt, Giga Volt Battle, Mega Volt Mega Volt
Rhinox Bane Strike, Life 3 Battle, Bane Strike, Life 3 Life 3
Rhobite Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor Life
Rhodox Snare, Near Fatal Battle Snare
Rhyos El Nino, Surge Battle, Flare Star, Surge, El Nino Surge
Rider Silver Pike, Virite Battle, Silver Pike, Virite Virite
Rinn Fight, Slow Battle, Slow Fire (Float)
Samurai Flare, Doom Battle, Flare, Doom, Haste2 Lullaby
Sand Horse Sand Storm, Clamp Battle, Sand Storm, Clamp Sand Storm
Sand Ray Fight, Tail Battle, Tail Tail
Scorpion Fight, Doom Sting Battle, Doom Sting Poison
Scrapper Knife, Elf Fire Battle, Knife, Elf Fire Elf Fire
Scullion Gamma Rays, Exploder Battle, Gamma Rays Dischord
Sea Flower Fight, Feeler Battle, Feeler Sleep
Sewer Rat Fight, Incisor Battle, Incisor Incisor
Sky Armor Backlash, Tek Laser Battle, Backlash, Tek Laser Tek Laser
Sky Base Doom, Giga Volt Battle, Doom Doom
Sky Cap Atomic Ray, Slip Anchor Battle, Slip Anchor, Tek Laser Megazerk
Slam Dancer Ice 2, Fire 2 Battle, Ice 2 , Fire 2, Bolt 2 Ice 2
Slatter Choke, Shimsham Battle, Choke Cave In
Slurm Fight, Heartburn Battle, Heartburn, Magnitude 8, Quake Slimer
Soldier Fight, Scan Battle, Scan Fire
Soul Dancer Fight, Osmose Battle, Osmose, Drain, Fire 2 Osmose
Spectre Fight, Fire Battle, Fire Fire
Spek Tor Scratch, Blaster Battle, Blaster, Acid Rain Blaster
Sp Forces Fight, Blow Battle, Blow, Safe Safe (Safe)
Spit Fire Propeller, Tek Laser Battle, Propeller, Tek Laser, Schiller Tek Laser
Sprinter Drain Beak, Aero Battle, Drain Beak, Cyclonic Aero
Steroidite Rush, Slide Battle, Rush, Blizzard, Blaster Blizzard
Still Life Bane Kiss, Lullaby Battle, Bane Kiss, Lullaby, Condemned Lullaby
Stray Cat Blaster, Catscratch Battle, Catscrath Catscratch
Suriander Yawn, Aqua Rake Battle, Yawn, Aqua Rake Aqua Rake
Tap Dancer Waste Shake, Slow2 Battle, Waste Shake, Slow 2, Haste Slow2
Telstar Launcher, Tek Laser None Sonic Boom (Float)
Templar Fight, Axe Battle, Axe Fire 2 (Safe)
Test Rider Gold Lance, Flash Rain Battle, Lance, Flash Rain Flash Rain
Toe Cutter Doom Sickle, Shrapnel Battle, Doom Sickle, Shrapnel Shrapnel
Tomb Thumb Dash, Step Mine Battle, Dash, Step Mine Step Mine
Trapper L3 Muddle, L5 Doom Battle, L3 Muddle, L4 Flare, L5 Doom L3 Muddle (Float)
Trilium Fight, Bane Touch Battle, Bane Touch Bio
Trilobiter Fight, Poison Barb Battle, Poison Barb, Poison Poison Barb (Safe)
Trixter Fire, Fire 2 Battle, Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3 Fire 2 (Float)
Trooper Fight, Swing Battle, Swing Swing
TumbleWeed Blinder, Lifeshaver Battle, Blinder, Lifeshaver Lifeshaver
Tusker Gore, Blizzard Battle, Gore Blizzard
Tyranosaur Bite, Aero Battle, Bite, Slow, Haste Meteor
Uroburos Bio, Quake Battle, Bio, Quake Quake
Ursus Scratch, Fire 2 Battle, Scratch Net
Vaporite Fight, Slow Battle, Slow Blaze (Float)
Vectagoyle Giga Volt, Aqua Rake Battle, Gig Volt, Aqua Rake, Blaze Aqua Rake
Vectaur Tusk, Pearl Wind Battle, Claw, Pearl Wind Pearl Wind
Vector Pup Fight, Bite Battle, Bite Bite
Vermin Bacteria, Bio Battle, Bacteria, Bio Scan
Veteran Fight, Roulette Battle, Doom, X-Zone, Roulette Condemned
Vindr Beak, Acid Rain Battle, Beak, Acid Rain Acid rain
Vomammoth Bear Claw, Blizzard Battle, Bear Claw, Blizzard Blizzard
Vulture Blinder, Shimsham Battle, Blinder, Shimsham Shimsham (Float)
Warlock Magic Drain, Pearl Battle, Magic Drain, Pearl Pearl
Wart Puck Fight, Yawn Battle, Yawn, Exploder Rasp
WeedFeeder Fight, Flap Battle, Flap, Berserk Berserk
Were-Rat Fight, Bite Battle, Bite Poison
Whisper Quartr, Demi Battle, Fire, Demi Demi (Float)
Wild Cat Pounce, Blaster Battle, Pounce, Blaster Blaster
Wild Rat Fight, Scratch Battle, Scratch Fight
Wirey Drgn Wing, Cyclonic Battle, Wing, Cyclonic Cyclonic
Wizard Rasp, Demi Battle, Rasp, Demi, Stop Demi
Woolly Frenzy, W. Wind Battle, Frenzy Frost 3
Wyvern Slip Wing, Cyclonic Battle, Slip Wing, Cyclonic Cyclonic
Zombone Bone, Bolt 3 Battle, Bone, Poison, Bio Condemned
ZoneEater Fight None None




She learns magic as she levels up and can use Morph.


  • Level 1 - Cure
  • Level 3 - Fire
  • Level 6 - Antdot
  • Level 12 - Drain
  • Level 18 - Life
  • Level 22 - Fire 2
  • Level 26 - Warp
  • Level 33 - Cure 2
  • Level 43 - Fire 3
  • Level 49 - Life 2
  • Level 57 - Pearl
  • Level 37 - Dispel
  • Level 68 - Break
  • Level 75 - Quartr
  • Level 86 - Merton
  • Level 99 - Ultima



Morph doubles her strength and halves damage to her temporarily. The amount to time she can be morphed for is directly proportional to the number of magic points (not MP, but gained after battle like EXP) she's accumulated since she last used this skill.



Locke the "treasure hunter" can steal items from enemies and in certain parts of the game can change clothes and unlock doors.



Locke tries to take an item from an enemy. If he's successful, you gain that item immediately. This is the only way to get some items in the game.



With the Thief Glove relic equipped, this skill becomes Capture, which is simply attacking and stealing at the same time.

  • Capture appears in later Final Fantasy titles under the name "Mug."



Edgar can use various tools to inflict damage on enemies.


Tool Effect Location
AutoCrossbow Damages all enemies Edgar joins with it
NoiseBlaster Inflicts Confuse on all enemies Figaro Castle: 500 GP
Bio Blaster Inflicts Poison and damages all enemies Figaro Castle: 750 GP
Chainsaw Damages one enemy. May instantly kill. Found in Clock Room in Zozo
Flash Inflicts Darkness on all enemies Figaro Castle: 1,000 GP
Debilitator Gives target a random elemental weakness Figaro Castle: 5,000 GP
Drill Damages one enemy. Figaro Castle: 3,000 GP
Air Anchor May instantly kill target Found in Fanatics' Tower



Sabin can do a variety of "martial arts" moves by inputting various button combos.


Name Level Effect Combo Alternate Combo
Pummel 1 Damages one enemy Left, Right, Left NA
AuraBolt 6 Does Holy damage to one enemy Down, Down-left, Left Down, Down, Left
Suplex 10 Damages one enemy X, Y, Down, Up NA
Fire Dance 15 Fire damage to all enemies Left, Down-left, Down, Down-right, Right Left, Left, Down, Down, Right
Mantra 23 Heals allies excluding Sabin R, L, R, L, X, Y NA
Air Blade 30 Wind damage to all enemies Up, Up-right, Right, Down-Right, Down, Down-left, Left Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left
Spiraler 42 Restores 100% of allies HP but kills Sabin R, L, X, Y, Right, Left NA
Bum Rush 70 Damages one enemy Left, Up-left, Up, Up-right, Right, Down-right, Down, Down-left, Left Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left

Note: The Bum Rush will be gained after meeting with Sabin's master Duncan in the World of Ruin.



Celes, like Terra, learns magic through leveling and has the somewhat useful Runic skill.


  • Level 1- Ice
  • Level 4- Cure
  • Level 8- Antdot
  • Level 13 - Imp
  • Level 18 - Scan
  • Level 22 - Safe
  • Level 26 - Ice 2
  • Level 32 - Haste
  • Level 32 - Muddle
  • Level 40 - Bserk
  • Level 42 - Ice 3
  • Level 48 - Vanish
  • Level 52 - Haste2
  • Level 72 - Pearl
  • Level 81 - Flare
  • Level 98 - Meteor



Runic absorbs magic spells cast by anyone on the field while in effect. Absorbed spells restore Celes' MP.



Cyan can use SwdTechs to inflict more damage than he usually would do. Higher numbered techniques will require Cyan to wait a longer period of time. Cyan will eventually learn all of the techniques through leveling up, but participating in a certain event after getting Cyan back in the World of Ruin will result in all SwdTechs being learned instantly.


  1. Dispatch - Attacks one enemy
  2. Retort - Counterattacks when hit
  3. Slash - Drains HP from enemy
  4. Quadra Slam - Attacks four times, hitting random targets.
  5. Empowerer - Drains HP and MP
  6. Stunner - Damages all enemies and may inflict Stop on them.
  7. Quadra Slice - Stronger version of Quadra Slam
  8. Cleave - Instantly kill all enemies. Will miss often.

Gau can use the techniques of any monster he's Leaped into on the Veldt. To gain new rages, simply go there and have him use the Leap command to learn the Rages of both the enemies you currently face and the enemies that you will kill when Gau decides to rejoin the party on the Veldt.



See Final Fantasy VI/Rages

Mog can learn dances when he fights in different areas. Each dance has four separate possible effects, chosen randomly.


Name Location Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4
Dusk Requiem Any cave Snare Cave In Elf Fire Poison Frog
Earth Blues Any mountain Land Slide Sun Bath Sonic Boom Whump
Wind Song World map, plains Sun Bath Plasma Cockatrice Wind Slash
Forest Suite World map, forest Elf Fire Rage Wombat Wild Bear
Desert Aria World map, desert Sand Storm Antlion Wind Slash Kitty
Love Sonata Fighting in town Elf Fire Snare Specter Tapir
Water Rondo Lete River or Serpent Trench (WoB only) Plasma El Niño Specter Wild Bear
Snowman Jazz Snow fields above Narshe (WoR only) Snowball Snare Surge Ice Rabbit



Setzer's Slot attack is exactly what it sounds like. Stop the slots on the right combination, and you'll get many varying effects.


Combo Name Effect
3 Diamonds 7-Flush Attacks all enemies.
3 Chocobos Chocobop Attacks all enemies.
3 Airships H Bomb Attacks all enemies.
3 Bars Random Esper Summons a random Esper.
3 Dragons Mega Flare Same as Bahamut's Sun Flare.
2 Sevens and a Bar Joker Doom (bad version) Kills your entire party. Game over.
3 Sevens Joker Doom (good version) Kills all enemies instantly.
Anything Else Lagomorph Restores a small amount of HP to allies.

GP Rain


With the Coin Toss relic, Slot becomes GP Rain. Setzer throws GP at the enemy for some damage.



Shadow only has one skill: throw.



He can throw certain weapons and skeans. See Final Fantasy VI/Equipment.



Strago can use some enemy skills once they have been used on him in battle. This skill has been known as Blue Magic in many Final Fantasy games.


Name MP Cost Effect
Condemned 20 Inflicts Condemned status to an enemy.
Roulette 10 Kills a random member of the battle.
CleanSweep 30 Water damage to all enemies.
Aqua Rake 22 Water and Wind damage to all enemies.
Areo 41 Wind damage to all enemies.
Blow Fish 50 Exactly 1000 to an enemy.
Big Guard 80 Casts Safe and Shell on all allies.
Revenge 31 Deals (casters max HP - current HP) points of damage.
Pearl Wind 45 Restores casters current HP points to all allies.
L.5 Doom 22 Casts Doom on all enemies whose level is a multiple of 5.
L.4 Flare 42 Casts Flare on all enemies whose level is a multiple of 4.
L.3 Muddle 28 Casts Confuse on all enemies whose level is a multiple of 3.
Reflect??? 0 Inflicts Dark, Mute, and Slow effects on enemies with Reflect cast on them.
L.? Pearl 50 Casts Pearl on all enemies whose level is a multiple of the last digit of your current GP.
Step Mine Minutes games played / 30 (Deals number of steps / 32) damage to one enemy.
ForceField 24 Nullifies a random elemental damage.
Dischord 68 Cuts the targeted enemy's level by 1/2.
Sour Mouth 32 Inflicts Dark, Poison, Imp, Mute, Muddled, and Sleep on one enemy.
Pep Up 1 Fully restores HP and MP to an ally, but the caster is removed from battle.
Rippler 66 Switches status effects with a enemy.
Stone 22 Deals damage to one or all enemies. Could inflict Confusion. If the HP of the caster and the castie is the same, the damage increases.
Quasar 50 Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
GrandTrain 64 Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Expoder 1 Does caster's HP worth of damage to an enemy. Kills caster.



Relm has one skill whose usefulness is mainly based on what she's fighting.



This skill causes Relm to use an ability of the targeted enemy on an enemy.

This skill is also the one that can cause the (in)famous Final Fantasy VI/Bugs and Glitches.



When the Fake Mustache relic is equipped, Sketch becomes Manipulate and gives Relm control of the chosen monster, if successful.



While he has no innate skills, and cannot be controlled in battle, he can gain two through equipping relics.

Blizzard Orb


When equipped with this relic, Umaro will randomly use a blizzard attack that hits all enemies on the field.

Rage Ring


This relic makes Umaro randomly pick up a party member and throw them at an enemy. This attack adds Umaro's Battle Power to the Battle Power of the thrown character to decide the total damage dealt.



Gogo can use almost any named skill (Rage, Throw, Tool, Blitz, Magic, Item, etc.) in addition to his own skill Mimic. (He can also accordingly augment these skills with relics, so as to use Capture instead of Steal, Control instead of Sketch, etc.) To give Gogo these skills, go to his status menu, and press the cursor right. You can then fill the three blank slots below the Mimic skill. Note that Gogo cannot be equipped with any of the following skills: Morph, Leap, Shock, Possess, Magitek, Health, or any of Umaro's moves.



Gogo will simply perform the last action done by a party member in battle. If it is magic, No MP will be spent. If no action has been taken, he will attack as if he had used the Fight command.


Final Fantasy VI > Spell List

Items that teach spells are in bold

Name MP Cost Effect Espers Who Teach It Note
Cure 5 Weak healing magic. Harms undead weakly. Kirin x2, Shiva x3, Sraphim x20, Starlet x20 None
Cure 2 25 Medium healing magic. Harms undead somewhat. Golem x5, Kirin x1, Sraphim x8, Starlet x16, Unicorn x4, Sraphim x5 None
Cure 3 40 Strong healing magic. Harms undead greatly. Phoenix x2, Starlet x1 It's actually stronger than Flare on a single target
Life 30 Revies a dead ally with about 12% of their max HP. May kill undead quickly. Bismark x2, Phoenix x10, Kills an undead instantly
Life 2 60 Revies a dead ally with 100% of their max HP. May kill undead quickly. Phoenix x2 Kills an undead instantly
Antdot 3 Heals poison. Kirin x4 Also removes Seizure
Remedy 15 Heals all bad status effects (Confusion, Stop, Poison, Bio, Sleep, Blind, Berserk, Stone, and Charm), but not Frozen, Imp, or Zombie. Alexandr x15, Sraphim x4, Starlet x20, Unicorn x3 None
Regen 10 Gradually heals HP. Kirin x3, Sraphim x10, Starlet x20 Wears away HP for undeads
Life 3 60 Revies a dead ally with 12% of their max HP immediately after they die. Phoenix x1 Can kill an undead inflicted with Life 3, if you attack with Doom
Fire 4 Weak fire attack. Bismark x20, Ifrit x10, Siren x6 None
Ice 5 Weak ice attack Bismark x20, Shiva x10 None
Bolt 6 Weak lightning attack. Bismark x20, Ramuh x10 None
Poison 3 Poisons enemy. Ramuh x5 Is actually stronger than Fire, Ice, or Bolt
Drain 15 Steals enemy's HP and gives it the caster. Ifrit x1 Works in reverse versus undead
Fire 2 20 Medium fire attack. Flame Shld x5, Ifrit x5, Maduin x3 None
Ice 2 21 Medium ice attack Ice Shld x5, Shiva x5, Maduin x3 None
Bolt 2 22 Medium lightning attack. Thunder Shld x5, Ramuh x2, Maduin x3 None
Bio 26 Poisons enemy and does greater damage than Poison. Shoat x8 Weaker than level 2s
Fire 3 51 Strong fire attack. Phoenix x3, Tritoch x1 None
Ice 3 52 Strong ice attack Tritoch x1 None
Bolt 3 53 Strong lightning attack. Tritoch x1 None
Break 25 Turns an enemy to stone. Shoat x5 Checks for ID protection unlike Dread
Doom 35 Dispatches an enemy. Shoat x2 Fully heals an undead
Pearl 40 Pearl-elemental attack. Alexandr x2 None
Flare 45 Barrier-piercing attack. Bahamut x2 None
Demi 33 Cuts an enemy's HP in half. Phantom x5 Checks for ID Protection
Quartr 48 Cuts an enemy's HP by 3/4. Terrato x1 Checks for ID Protection
X-Zone 53 Sends an enemy into the X-Zone. Cursed Ring x5, Fenrir x5 ID to all
Meteor 62 Damages multiple enemies. Crusader x10, Odin x1 None
Ultima 80 Damages multiple enemies. Paladin Shld x1, Ragnarok x1 Simply broken
Quake 50 Unfocused Earth-elemental attack. Terrato x3 Stronger than Meteor
W Wind 75 Unfocused near-fatal attack. Terrato x1 Safety Bit can block this
Merton 85 Unfocused piercing fire attack. Crusader x1 Also wind-elemental, stronger than Meteor
Scan 3 Displays an enemy's HP/weak point. Kirin x5 None
Slow 5 Slows battle speed of target. Palidor x20, Siren x7 None
Rasp 12 Damages MP. Shiva x4, ZoneSeek x20 None
Mute 8 Prevents target from using magic. Siren x8 Also prevents from using any attacks that cost MP
Safe 12 Raises target's defense. Alexandr x10, Carbunkl x2, Golem x5, Unicorn x1 None
Sleep 5 Puts target to sleep. Siren x10 None
Muddle 8 Confuses target. Stray x7 None
Haste 10 Raises battle speed of target. Carbunkl x3, Palidor x20 None
Stop 10 Stops target's battle gauge. Fenrir x3, Golem x5 None
Bserk 16 Casts Berserk on target. Phantom x3 Cause enemy to use phys. attack only, but raise their damage
Float 17 Makes target float. Palidor x5, Stray x2 Protects again earth-elemental attacks save Lifeshaver
Imp 10 Changes to/from "Imp." Imp's Armor x1, Stray x5, Tortoise Shld x1, Titanium x1 None
Rflect 22 Casts a magic barrier on target that reflects magic. Carbunkl x5 None
Shell 15 Raises target's magic defense Alexandr x10, Carbunkl x2, Force Shld x5, Unicorn x1, ZoneSeek x5 None
Vanish 18 Renders target invisible and immune to physical attacks. Phantom x3 All magical attack will hit an invisible target, unless status protection is present
Haste2 38 Speeds up entire party. Palidor x2 None
Slow 2 26 Slows multiple enemies. Palidor x2 None
Osmose 1 Absorbs MP from target. Shiva x4, ZoneSeek x15 Works in reverse versus undead
Warp 20 Escape from dungeons/battles. Carbunkl x2, Fenrir x10 None
Quick 99 Allows double commands. Raiden x1 Simply broken
Dispel 25 Maintains poor status. Alexandr x10, Unicorn x2 Removes beneficial statuses


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

1000 Years Ago

  • The Warring Triad (Fiend, Demon, and Goddess) wage a magical war on each other. Chaos ensues. Any unlucky humans caught in the midst of the huge magical energy are transformed into Espers, magical beasts. Eventually realizing the horror of their actions, the Triad seal themselves up in stone statues, taking with them all the magical power they used, and facing each other so each of their powers would be nullified by each other. The statues are placed inside Crescent Island.
  • Eventually it is discovered that the Espers have their own magical power which could be drained from them. Fearing persecution and annihilation at the hands of humans, the Espers create their own dimension and seal the gate.

30 Years Ago to Present

  • Madeline Branford, a human girl, loses her way and falls into the Espers' world, where she is taken in by an Esper named Maduin. They fall in love and eventually a baby is born, whom they name Terra.
  • Gestahl, leader of the Empire, discovers the location of the Espers' gate and breaks through, capturing all the Espers he finds. The elder of the Espers manages to re-seal the gate and banish the humans, but Madeline and Terra also fall through. Madeline begs not for her child to be taken; Gestahl takes the baby and kills Madeline.
  • Experiments on the Espers by Cid, the resident Empire scientist, leads to the creation of Magitek, a combination of magic and high technology. One experiment involving Magitek is tested on Kefka, one of Gestahl's generals. The experiment is successful and Kefka is given magical powers, but his brain is warped by the energy and he becomes a madman. Further experimentation yields a more stable magical infusion (though not as powerful) which is used to create Magitek Knights, humans infused with Esper magic. One of these generals is Celes Chere, who was more or less raised by Cid.
  • Terra, whose powers eclipse even Kefka's, is brainwashed and used to carry out military conquests.
  • The king of Figaro dies and is succeeded by his son Edgar. Edgar's twin brother Sabin, convinced that the king was poisoned by the Empire, expresses his desire to leave and study martial arts under the teachings of Duncan, a master of fighting. Edgar agrees to a coin toss, which if Sabin wins he would get his wish. Unbeknownst to Sabin, though, Edgar uses a two-headed coin, however, to be assured of Sabin's winning the toss. Sabin trains under Duncan along with Vargas, Duncan's son. Duncan later disappears and is believed to have died.
  • Two highway bandits named Baram and Clyde are captured after a huge train heist. Baram is left heavily injured (despite his pleading to Clyde to kill him), but Clyde finds his way to Thamasa, where he falls in love with a local woman. Overcome with remorse, Clyde eventually loses all emotion and becomes a wandering mercenary, calling himself Shadow. His wife later gives birth to a daughter she calls Relm.
  • A thief/treasure hunter named Locke falls in love with Rachel, a girl from Kohlingen. However, while taking her to see a nearby treasure cave, a cave-in is started and Rachel saves Locke only to put herself in danger. An old man nearby, knowing the secrets of certain herbs, keeps Rachel in suspended animation. Locke vows to search the world to find a way to bring Rachel back.
  • A debutante gambler named Setzer has an airship race with his close friend, Darill. However, Darill's airship, the Falcon, malfunctions and crashes. Setzer restores the Falcon, then buries it and Daryl both in a grave near Kohlingen.
  • A man whose wife gives birth to a deformed baby throws it out into the wild Veldt. He later loses his mind and believes that it was all a dream, however.
  • A band of dissidents known as the Returners begin operating near Mt. Kolts, led by a man named Banon. Their goal is to overthrow the Empire by any means possible.


  • The brainwashed Terra and two Imperial Soldiers, Biggs and Wedge, are sent to Narshe after rumors that an Esper was found in the Narshe mines. They decimate the guards and reach the Esper, who has a reaction to Terra. Biggs and Wedge are sent to another dimension by the Esper's power. Terra is later found unconscious by Arvis, a Returner living in Narshe, who helps her escape. She is later helped as well by Locke, a treasure hunter/thief also working for the Returners, and a gang of Moogles living in the Narshe caves.
  • Locke and Terra make their way to Figaro Castle, where she is introduced to King Edgar. Edgar and Locke decide to take her to Banon in the Returner HQ. Before they can leave, though, they are visited by Kefka, sent by Gestahl to retrieve Terra. Kefka first tries diplomacy, then attacks the castle. However, through advanced technology the entire castle sinks under the sands, and Edgar, Locke, and Terra escape by riding Chocobos. They are attacked by Magitek Armor, but Terra wards them off using magic. Having never seen magic before, Edgar and Locke are more convinced than ever that Terra can help them.
  • They pass through the Figaro Cave to South Figaro, where they catch a glimpse of Shadow. A nearby cabin seems to have many things that remind Edgar of Sabin. They enter Mount Kolts, but are accosted by Vargas, Duncan's son. Sabin shows up to defend his brother. Vargas attacks Sabin, accusing him of stealing his father's favor, which Sabin denies. Vargas is defeated, and Sabin is convinced to continue with Edgar, Locke, and Terra to the Returner HQ.
  • An already rich man in Figaro, tempted by even more money, betrays South Figaro to the Empire, who seize it.
  • Banon convinces Terra to join the Returners, but before any concrete plans can be made, news arrives that South Figaro has been taken by the Empire. Locke is sent to South Figaro to gather intelligence, and Edgar, Sabin, Terra, and Banon take a raft on the Lethe River towards Narshe.
  • They are attacked by a strange octopus named Ultros; Sabin, enraged, jumps into the water after him, but is sucked away by the current, leaving the other three on the raft.
  • Terra, Edgar, and Banon make their way through the Narshe caves to Arvis's house.
  • Locke steals the uniform of a soldier and finds his way into a secret passage in Figaro. He finds General Celes there, in chains, being tortured (cut in the GBA release); she has apparently rebelled against Gestahl. Locke rescues her and they travel to Narshe through Figaro Cave.
  • Sabin lands near a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where he meets Shadow, who joins him for the time being (apparently having nothing else to do). They come across an Imperial Base where they overhear the plans being dealt out by General Leo, an honorable Empire soldier, and Kefka, regarding the seige of Doma Castle. General Leo is called back to Vector (capital of the Empire), leaving Kefka in charge. Kefka poisons the water of Doma, killing everyone in it, even his own men.
  • Cyan, faithful retainer to the king of Doma, after repelling Leo's forces, is incensed by the deaths of his king, his wife, and his son. He madly attacks the Imperial Base, and is helped by Sabin and Cyan. They steal sets of Magitek Armor and make their escape. They end up in the Phantom Forest, which leads to the Phantom Train.
  • Sabin jumps onto the train despite the warnings of Cyan, who claims that the train takes the deceased to "the other side". They try to find their way off the train, coming across a swordsman claiming to be Siegfried, but actually being a complete wuss. They manage to damage the engine of the train enough for it to leave them off near Baren Falls, but not before Cyan sees his wife and child board the train destined for "the other side".
  • Shadow leaves Sabin at Baren Falls. Sabin and Cyan make it down the falls, and land in the Veldt, a wild area filled with beasts of all kinds. They catch a glimpse of a wild boy as they awaken. In a nearby town called Mobliz, they buy meat and entice the boy, named Gau, to help them to Narshe. Gau tells them of a shiny treasure in Crescent Mountain, which ends up being a diving helmet. They use it to swim through the Serpent Trench, an underwater passage which leads to Nikeah. From there it's a short boat ride to Narshe.
  • The elder of Narshe finally agrees to help Banon, but only after hearing that Kefka has amassed forces aiming towards recapturing the Esper, which has been moved into the snowy mountain behind Narshe. Finding General Celes and Terra is an added bonus. However, Kefka's troops are defeated by the Returners and Kefka manages to escape.
  • Terra meets the Esper for a second time, this time fully in her senses, and the encounter transforms her into a flying pink creature; she soars away as everyone else watches.
  • The Returners decide to search for Terra. First they head for Figaro Castle, which submerges and takes them under the sand to the city of Kohlingen. They continue south to the bandit city of Zozo. At the top of Zozo's tallest building they meet an Esper named Ramuh, who watches over Terra's Esper form. He tells them that she will be fine in time, and that there is nothing they can do - except to save others of his kind, held in the Magitek Research Facility in Vector. Ramuh shows them three shards of Magicite, the form Espers turn into when they are deceased, and tells them that the true power of Espers is only available through this form. He then turns himself into Magicite to help them.
  • They resolve to go there, but lack transportation. They hear of Setzer's love for Maria, an opera diva, in Jidoor, and resolve to make their way onto his airship and convince him to help them. Discovering that Celes is a dead ringer for Maria, they substitute Celes for Maria in a performance of the opera. The opera is sabotaged by Ultros, but Locke manages to stage a terrific battle and end up with a winning performance: a happy audience, a defeated Ultros, and Maria (aka Celes) abducted by Setzer.
  • Celes lets the other Returners on board after the performance. Setzer agrees to a coin toss; heads Celes becomes his wife, tails he helps them reach Vector. Edgar uses a two-headed coin to assure of Setzer's joining them.
  • Setzer takes them to the continent of Vector. They find a Returner sympathizer in Vector who stages a violent sickness to allow them to reach the Magitek Research Facility. There, they discover Kefka draining two Espers (Ifrit and Shiva) of their magic powers. Ifrit and Shiva first fight back, but when they see Ramuh's Magicite they also agree to help the Returners and turn themselves into Magicite.
  • Celes and the Returners discover six Espers (including Terra's father, Maduin) being worked on in the lab. They, too, turn themselves into Magicite. Cid enters and discovers this fact, but before he can decide what to do with it he is confronted by Kefka. Kefka claims Celes was working for him all along; Celes denies it, but Locke doesn't know what to believe. Celes causes both herself and Kefka to disappear from the room.
  • Cid helps the Returners to escape via a mine cart, after pledging his decision to make the Emperor stop his silly war. They are saved by Setzer's Blackjack airship, but attacked once more by Kefka's mechanical cranes. They shake them off and head back to Zozo.
  • Terra awakes at the sight of her father, and tells the Returners of her origins. Back in Narshe, Banon and the elder of Narshe decide to send Terra to the sealed gate to the Esper world to ask the Espers for help in defeating the Empire. They do so, but the move is anticipated by Gestahl. Gestahl empties the nearby Imperial Base of soldiers to allow them easy passage.
  • While in Narshe, the Returners encounter a Moogle named Mog held by a thief named Lone Wolf. They save him, and he joins them.
  • When they reach the gate, Terra turns into an Esper and opens the passage, but is surprised by Kefka. A gang of Espers escapes and go on a rampage, trashing both the Blackjack airship and the city of Vector. They then regroup in a mountain cave near the city of Thamasa.
  • The Returners go back to Vector to find it in flames. Emperor Gestahl has apparently had a change of heart and invites the Returners in. He pleads with them to travel to Thamasa, find the Espers, and ask for their apologies. He also tells them that Kefka has been placed in jail for crimes against humanity, due to his conduct with the Doma case.
  • General Leo takes Locke and Terra to Albrook, a port town, where they are met by Celes and Shadow, who have been employed by the Empire to help them. Celes refuses to speak to Locke, though.
  • They split up; Leo and Celes go alone, and Terra, Locke, and Shadow arrive in Thamasa, a village of descendants from the Magi of old. The village tries to cover up their use of magic for fear of persecution. They ask a sage named Strago for any information about the Espers, but he has conveniently forgotten everything about them. His daughter, Relm, shows a liking for Shadow's rabid dog, Interceptor.
  • A house Relm visits is set on fire, compounded by the Fire Rods kept within. Locke, Terra, and Shadow rescue her, and Strago finally agrees to help them. They travel to the Espers' gathering place near Thamasa, where they see three statues dedicated to the three Magi and with an inscription saying what took place. They are surprised by Ultros, who attacks them. Relm arrives (despite Strago's commands) and saves them by painting a portrait of Ultros, which comes alive and attacks him.
  • They find the Espers, who appear hostile. Terra introduces herself to their leader, Yura, and they agree to speak to Leo. They are themselves overcome with remorse over their actions. Everything appears to be going fine until Kefka shows up with Magitek Armor soldiers. He captures all the Espers and changes them into Magicite, then torches the village. Leo tries to stop him, but is tricked when Kefka puts on an illusion of Emperor Gestahl, and Kefka slays him.
  • Kefka and Gestahl break the seal on Crescent Mountain, where they find the stone statues of the Warring Triad. The power of seal causes the entire island to rise into the air.
  • The Returners take the Blackjack to the Floating Continent, but are attacked by the Imperial Air Force, as well as Ultros and his friend Typhon, first. After beating them off, they land on the Continent, where they find Shadow. They then come across a huge magical beast named Ultima Weapon, guarding the statues; then they discover Kefka, Gestahl, and the Warring Triad.
  • Celes also shows up, having followed behind. Kefka tells her all will be forgiven if she kills her friends; she refuses, stabbing Kefka. Kefka recovers, though, and demands that the Triad lend him their power. Gestahl tries to stop him by using magical spells, but the spells are muted by the statues' field. The statues shoot bolts down, one of which strikes Gestahl dead; Kefka throws the body off the island. He then changes the arrangement of the statues, throwing the entire world into chaos. The Returners barely manage to escape with their lives. The airship breaks up as it takes them away, and the entire world changes shape...
  • Debris from all over the world gathers near the center and forms a giant tower. Kefka makes his domain at the top of it, shooting Light of Judgment bolts down from it wherever and whenever he likes, destroying whatever he wishes.
  • Figaro Castle is attacked by a tentacled beast and forced under the sands with no way of returning to the surface.
  • Terra lands near Mobliz; the adults in Mobliz have all perished protecting the children. She becomes a surrogate mother for the children, and realize she has lost her will to fight. Mobliz is periodically attacked by a demon named Humbaba, whom Terra just barely manages to stave off whenever he arrives.
  • Edgar, trying to make his way back to Figaro Castle, changes his name to Gerad and enlists a gang of bandits, convincing them he wants to steal the treasure inside.
  • Sabin lands near the city of Tzen, near Albrook. Setzer ends up in Kohlingen, drowning his woes in drink. Gau returns to the Veldt. Mog returns to the caves of Narshe, where he finds that all the other Moogles have perished.
  • Locke continues searching the world for a cure for Rachel, and hears of the Phoenix, a magical creature locked in the Phoenix Caves. He travels there to search for it.
  • Cyan takes up his domicile in Mount Zozo. Intercepting a carrier pigeon with a letter, he reads it to discover that the soldier (whom he knows has died in Mobliz) is receiving letters from his love, Lola, in Maranda. Cyan pretends to be the soldier and sends flowers and letters to Lola in his stead.
  • Shadow continues his travels, but is trapped by a Behemoth King in a cave near the Veldt and lies unconscious.
  • Relm becomes a famous painter, and is employed by Owzer, a rich man in Jidoor. However, her painting of Lakshmi is possessed by a demon, and Owzer's entire art gallery of a house is taken over by monsters.
  • Strago is hypnotized by the newly formed Cult of Kefka, who have their base in the Cultists' Tower. He prays to him day after day after day.
  • Celes lands on a small, practically deserted island, where she is discovered by Cid. An entire year passes before she awakes. She cares for Cid, feeding him fish. When he finally recovers he shows her a raft he made, telling her to reach the mainland with it. She agrees.
  • If Cid does not recover, she throws herself off a nearby cliff in a fit of depression. She survives, however, and finds a seagull nearby with Locke's bandana tied on it. This gives her the strength to continue, and she finds a letter from Cid telling her where the raft is hidden.
  • She lands in Albrook, and heads towards Tzen. A bolt from Kefka's Light of Judgment suddenly strikes the town, and a large house in the middle of town almost collapses with a child inside it. She discovers Sabin holding up the house, rushes inside, saves the child, and makes it out before Sabin collapses.
  • Sabin and Celes head to Mobliz, where they find Terra caring for the children. Humbaba chooses that moment to attack, but ends up knocking out everyone. Terra tells them she can't help them.
  • They travel to Nikeah, where they meet Edgar/Gerad, who professes that he has no idea who they are, trying to keep his cover. They follow him through Figaro Cave (where they come across the fake Siegfried again); a side path leads to the basement of Figaro Castle. Edgar, Celes, and Sabin defeat the monster holding the castle hostage, and Figaro castle rises up again and takes them to Kohlingen.
  • They find Setzer in Kohlingen and convince him to help them again. He takes them to Darill's Tomb, where they find Darill's airship, the Falcon. As soon as they are airborne, they discover one of Cyan's pigeons traveling to Maranda. They trace it to Mount Zozo.
  • They find Cyan in Mount Zozo and convince him to join them. He tells them that he has sighted Gau in the Veldt. They collect Gau as well, and enter a nearby cave to find Shadow unconscious; they also find a powerful blade called the Ichigeki. They take him to Thamasa, but before they can ask him to help them he has already left.
  • Shadow continues his mercenary travels, this time searching for the enigmatic Ichigeki blade, and hanging around the newly built Coliseum in case anyone came in with it.
  • They travel to Jidoor to rescue Owzer and Relm from the hands of the demon possessing Relm's painting. Relm goes with them to the Fanatics' Tower to rescue Strago.
  • They return to Mobliz, where the party is finally strong enough to defeat Humbaba. Seeing their valor, Terra regains her will to fight and goes with them.
  • They travel to the Coliseum up north, where they discover the real Siegfried, and Ultros one more time, who now has a job as a receptionist. They bet the Striker in battle and Shadow shows up to claim it, deciding to join them when he loses.
  • They enter the Phoenix Caves, where they find Locke and a piece of Magicite. He takes the Magicite to Rachel in Kohlingen; it succeeds in reviving her for a few precious minutes, but that is all. Phoenix allows Locke to use its power.
  • After training, the party is finally strong enough to enter Kefka's Tower from the air and challenge him. They defeat the Warring Triad and Kefka himself. The Tower then collapses; Shadow, deploring his life, chooses to stay with it. Magic disappears from the world after the deaths of the Warring Triad, and Terra becomes a normal human being at last.

Side Quests

  • Sabin finds Duncan still alive, training near Narshe. Duncan teaches him his most powerful technique, the Phantom Rush.
  • The Esper in Narshe, Valigarmanda, lends them his power after they defeat him; the way is then opened to a new cave below Narshe. They find a huge Yeti named Umaro there, guarding the Midgardsomr Magicite. Mog forces Umaro to join them.
  • A triangular island is home to a huge monster called the Zone Eater, who swallows the party. Traveling inside it, they come across a mimic named Gogo, who joins them as well.
  • They discover Gau's father, a crazy old man, near the Veldt. They dress Gau up, teach him manners, and take him to his father, who nevertheless refuses to recognize him. Gau is still happy that his father is alive.
  • Cyan takes a rest in Doma Castle, and is attacked by three dream demons, who possess him. The party rescues him from Wrexsoul, a monster who steals people's souls by feeding on their sorrow. They purge the demon and release Cyan's pent-up energy.
  • A flying monster named Deathgaze holds the Bahamut Magicite.
  • Eight dragons hold the seal to the Crusader Magicite. One of them, the Earth Dragon, is holding up the performances at the Opera House.
  • An old man in Narshe has discovered the Ragnarok Magicite, which he offers to make into a sword or leave as a stone.
  • An ancient castle lies beneath the Figaro Desert, and is reached when the castle bumps into it in its trips below the sand. They find the remains of Odin, an Esper turned to stone by a powerful magus. Taking it into a secret passage downstairs, tears from the statue of Odin's lover, the queen transforms the Magicite into Raiden.
  • Strago and Relm find Gungho, an old friend, recovering from injuries in Thamasa. He tells Strago that Hidon, a monster they both fought as a youth, has been sighted in Ebot's Rock nearby. Strago and the party travel there and defeat Hidon.
  • The party boards a boat and fights Leviathan. (Game Boy Advance)
  • The party buys Excalipoor at the auction house, then wagers it. They then fight Gilgamesh. (Game Boy Advance)
  • The defeat of the eight dragons leaves a tablet saying "I shall await you at the Dragon's Horn...". (Game Boy Advance)
  • The party travels through the Dragon's Den and defeats the stronger versions of the eight dragons (with special battle conditions) and the King of Dragons, the Kaiser Dragon. Kaiser is then replaced by Omega Weapon. (Game Boy Advance)



Chapter 1

Final Fantasy VI > Chapter 1: From Narshe to Figaro Castle

After sitting through the brief cinematic scene explaining the history of the world and the credits done in mode 7 style, you end up in control of ?????, Wedge and Vicks.



Just walk straight, and you'll fight a total of eight Guards, three Lobos, and two Vomammoths. All of them are really weak and you should have no trouble dispatching them quickly using the Fire Beam MagiTek skill (????? should use BioBlaster, as it's MT (Multiple Target). If any of your characters should be running low on HP, simply use the Heal Force. After all that fighting, you'll be at the mouth of a cave. Enter and follow the path, defeating random encounters as you go, and you'll come to a save point. Save if you want and continue straight. You'll come to a small gate. Talk to it, and Vicks will smash it. You will then face the boss Whelk.

HP: 1,600, MP: 1,000, Weaknesses: None, Nullifies: None, Absorbs:Thunder
TekMissile go!

Being the first boss of the game, it's quite easy. Just attack the head with ?????'s TekMissile attack and Vick's and Wedge's Fire Beam, and it should go down quickly. Also, follow Vicks' and Wedge's advice about not attacking the shell. If you attack it will counter with Mega Volt, which will do around 60 damage to one character. Don't queue up too many attacks, or you will hit the shell when the Whelk's head retreats into its shell.

You COULD try taking out the shell. It is easier said than done, as the shell can only use Mega Volt six times before it runs out of MP. Now, it's only the problem of taking out the shell's 50000(!!) HP before you die of boredom... Your reward is a Tincture instead of Potion, and the feeling you have just done one of the most pointless tasks you will ever encounter in your life...

After defeating the Whelk, continue forward, and you meet with the frozen Esper. After the conversation with it, ????? will wake up in strange bed. After a long conversation with Old Man about the state of ?????'s health, you get to name her. The default name is Terra.

After naming her, the Narshe guards knock on Old Man's door, and he ushers Terra out his back door and on to a bridge. Crossing the bridge, you'll come to a cave. Just walk through it and pick up the chests as you go. Eventually, the guards will catch up to Terra and force her onto a rather flimsy piece of cave.

A short pain induced flashback later, you'll be able to name your second character of the game: Locke. Locke will then come to Terra's aid, with the help of the Moogles! After breaking into three groups of four (switch between them using the Y button), you'll face off five groups of enemies. They'll slowly crawl up the pathways, and they get close enough, you'll enter battle with them. After these five relatively easy battles, take the group that's in the best health (likely the one with Mog in it) and walk to the bottom of the screen. You may want to remove Mog's equipment, because that shield is the best one you'll find for quite a while. After healing your group, talk to the stationary guard, and you'll enter a battle with the Marshal.

HP: 420, MP: 150, Weaknesses: Poison, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None

Lobo x2: HP: 27, MP: 5, Weaknesses: Fire, Nullifies: None, Absorbs:None

Mog's Dance skill can be quite useful in this battle
This is a fairly straight forward battle. Just kill the Lobos first, then concentrate on the Marshal. Heal when necessary. If you've got Mog in the party, have him Dance Dusk Requiem. He'll fall quick enough.
Figaro Castle

After the fighting's done, you'll be at the entrance of Narshe. You can go to the classroom for beginners, or you can just leave. Once on the world map, travel south to the desert. In the middle of the desert, you'll find a castle: Figaro Castle.

Continue to Chapter 2: From Figaro Castle to The Returners' Hideout

Chapter 2

Final Fantasy VI > Chapter 2: From Figaro Castle to the Returners' Hideout

Figaro Castle


Keep going straight through all the doors and head to the back of the castle to run into King Edgar, who will hit on Terra while she acts bemused. You'll be left controlling Terra just by herself. Go back one room and go up the stairs to find a treasure chest, and there are three more that can be found in the previous room behind the doors where the two shops are. Congratulations, this is your first chance to actually spend some money. Fenix Down's are probably the most useful at this stage of the game, and you can buy some of Edgar's tools although he starts with the autocrossbow. Later on you'll be able to get anything here at half price with Edgar's help. Go back to the entrace of the castle and take the left of the two doors that are now unblocked. You can rest, pick up some gossip on the king, or go down the stairwell to explore another part of the castle. Talk to the Matron in the other room to learn about Edgar's long lost brother, Sabin. Head back to the main hall of the castle and go to the throne room to talk to Edgar again. Kefka will show up and try to crash the party but Edgar plays it cool. Follow Locke up to your room in the right turret and Kefka will show up and try to burn the place down. Edgar will inform his soldier of what to do and your party will race off on Chocobos as Figaro submerges. Using Terra's magic in the battle brings up an interesting interruption, otherwise do whatever you want.

Mt. Kolts


Go to the south of the map until you see a small opening which looks like a cave, and press b to get off your chocobo and go in it. When you come to a fork take the left passage for a treasure chest and then go down the right passage, finding another treasure chest on the right side. Walk past the main stairs to reach another chest, then go up those stairs and keeping following the path to find your way out.

Up and to the right of where you come out of the cave you can find Sabin's old house, and below that is South Figaro. Take a look at both, and make sure you start buying some decent relics, armor, tools, and weapons, as well as running into Shadow. And simply as a general rule always try to check barrels, crates, pots, and clocks for items.

After you finish in town head to the northeast to enter Mt. Klots. You will see a shadowy figure at several points. Use Edgar's tools and heal yourself with Tonics or Terra as necessary. When you pass by a cave entrance on the way to another entrance take it to find a treasure chest. Other than that the path is fairly straightforward, save when you can, and follow a long winding path to face Vargas.

HP: 11600, MP: 220, Weaknesses: Poison, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
This is actually a fairly trivial battle to win. When Edgar, Terra, and Locke face Vargas have them attack the bears first and then finally attack Vargas himself. Terra should use magic, Edgar should use the autocrossbow. After the fight has gone on for a while, he'll blow the party away and Sabin will show up to help them. All Sabin needs to do to win the fight is to perform the pummel blitz by selecting blitz, hitting left, right, left, then hitting A. Surprisingly, a lot of people gives up this game at this point as they don't know how to Blitz.

After you defeat Vargas, follow the path outside and go north to the returner's cave. Greet Banon in the book and he will tell Terra they need her help. You'll talk over as Terra, talk to everyone and clear the place out for items, then go back to the front and talk to Banon. He ask if you are willing to help him. An important note here is that if you say "yes" right away he will give you a gauntlet, which allows you to hold a weapon with two hands for greater attack power. If you say "no" you can talk to a soldier in the back to get a genji glove, which lets you strike with a weapon in each hand. I highly recommend getting the genji glove. You can refuse Banon two more times to skip a meeting and jump ahead a few events or say yes to have a meeting discussing your strategy. After the meeting, go south to take a raft and ride the Lete river. Make sure you put Banon in the back row, because if he dies your party loses.

Lete River


Always have Banon use his health ability when it's his turn. All paths on the first fork lead to the same place, but the straight path takes the longest and the right path is the shortest. You'll hit a save point and continue on. Going up at the next fork sends you through a loop, which is handy if you want to do a trick for unlimited leveling up, but otherwise go left. You'll hit a save point, and your next encounter will be taking on Ultros for the first time.

HP: 3000, MP: 640, Weaknesses: Lightning and Fire, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
Get used to fighting this guy, you'll be seeing a lot of him. Everyone's moves are pretty simple. Terra should continuously cast Fire for massive damage, Sabin should use Fire Dance (or Aura Bolt if you don't have Fire Dance, which is learnt at level 15), Edgar should use the autocrossbow, and Banon should cast Health every time. Switch characters by pressing X if you don't need to restore your health and want to save Banon's turn for later.

After beating Ultros, Sabin will wash away and you'll be left with a choice between three scenarios. The Terra scenario is probably the easiest, and Sabin's scenario the hardest, so I would recommend saving Sabin's for last.

In any case, proceed to either:

Chapter 3, Locke's Scenario Chapter 4, Terra's Scenario Chapter 5, Sabin's Scenario

Chapter 3

Final Fantasy VI > Chapter 3: Locke's Scenario

South Figaro


Locke's Scenario takes you inside South Figaro which is being occupied by the Empire. The town is filled with soldiers more than willing to fight Locke if he runs into them. If you lose a battle you simply restart at the beginning of the town, but it's best to avoid the soldiers in magitek armor in particular if you want to avoid a fight you will have a hard time winning at this point (It's possible though). Inside the Item Shop there will be a merchant you can fight whose clothes you can steal in the battle. Stealing his clothes ends the battle and leaves you dressed as a merchant.

Inside a nearby house you will be able to pass by a kid guarding a passage which is for merchants only. Go outside, and climb the nearby stairs to reach the upper left corner of South Figaro where you can find a Green Soldier walking around. Challenge him to a fight and steal his clothes to find yourself dressed as an Imperial Officer. You will now be able to pass by normal soldiers without getting into fights with them. Enter the cafe and go down the stairs to the right to fight a merchant, steal his clothes and you'll also win a cider. Go back to the house with the kid only allowing merchants to pass and give the cider to the old man, he'll tell you about a secret passage but forget the password. Go talk to the kid again and give him the password "courage", you'll find a secret passage going to the rich man's house. Take an elixir from one of the clocks as usual. Inside the rich man's house you'll find a secret staircase behind a bookshelf. Travel down the passage, until you get the choice to change your clothes. Keep going straight down that passageway and you'll find a hidden stairway with more treasure chests. Behind one of the doors in the passage you'll meet Celes, a former imperial general who will join your party. Take a Clock Key from the guard as well, and us it to wind a clock in the top right corner of the next room to reveal another hidden passage.

The next area contains some random battles and two small areas with treasure chests, make sure you equip the optimum on Celes and Locke since they may be empty. Use Celes to cure you in between battles. The upper right area of the room has a secret passage to some chests, and down and to the left there is a hidden stairwell leading to more chests. Make sure to search the bottom right corner of the top cell after going down the hidden stairwell to find an immensely valuable ribbon which makes you immune to all status ailments. Take a staircase out of the area and enter the nearby cave to make your way back to Narshe. If you want, stop by Sabin's house to restore HP or use a tent first, but there is a recovery spring prior to fighting the boss. You'll have to fight a TunnelArmor when you reach the end of the cave.

Tunnel Armor
HP: 1300, MP: 900, Weaknesses: Lightning and Water, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
Have Celes use Runic every turn to absorb its magic attacks and have Locke attack. If you're hurt (by his physicals), have Locke heal with potion and such. You can also steal an Air Lancet from him.

After that is completed, you'll automatically leave the cave and complete the scenario.

You can do the Scenarios in any order, but I recommend saving Sabin's for last.

Continue to: Chapter 4, Terra's Scenario Chapter 5, Sabin's Scenario

Chapter 4

Final Fantasy VI -> Terra's Scenario

This is by far the easiest of the three scenarios. You have three party members and no bosses to fight. You begin exactly where you left off with Terra, Edgar, and Banon on the Lete river. Use the standard strategy of always having Banon heal. After fighting a few monsters you will be dropped off just east of Narshe.



You can get kicked out of the main entrance, restore your health at the training center, but eventually just hug the left wall of town until you find the wall with the secret entrance. Continue making your way through the cave until you reach a security checkpoint. This part is tricky, just trace the route with your finger and you'll get it eventually. If you mess up and step off the path you'll see whether your path will be blocked and if it is you'll have to fight two monsters which need to be killed with fire magic. This is actually a decent way to build levels since all the other monsters are very weak. After you get through the room and walk some more you'll pass a cave opening. It will take you to the room where you moogles helped you at the start of game, then to the moogles home. Talk to some moogles, grab the chest, and get going. Steamroll your way through the remaining enemies and retrace your steps to the same house where you began the game.

Once you are done you can complete either of the other scenarios, although once again I'd recommend saving Sabin's scenario for last.

Continue to: Chapter 3, Locke's Scenario Chapter 5, Sabin's Scenario

Chapter 5

Final Fantasy VI -> Chapter 5: Sabin's Scenario

It's recommended that you save this scenario for last since you'll have the greatest opportunities to purchase items and have the most gold by this point, plus doing this one last should allow you to keep Shadow in your party for longer.

You'll start out on the coast, head right to reach a nearby house. Talk to Shadow and he'll join your party for a ways until you reach Narshe. One thing to be warned is that if you get into too many battles with him he will eventually leave on his own. You won't normally have this happen unless you deliberately try to level everyone up, and he won't be able to leave once you reach the ghost train in any case. Talk to the nearby merchant to get some equipment, (sprint shoes are always nice), 99 Shurikens (which will cost you a staggering 2970. Wow...) and get going. Head south and eventually to the west to reach the Imperial Camp.

Imperial Camp


After trying to enter, you'll switch to a scene with Cyan fighting off the imperial army. Just engage the commander directly and finish him off. As Sabin and Shadow, go to the right and hit the box to find a Star Pendant. Go down and you'll fight Kefka briefly after witnessing a scene with him. Don't fight him after he runs away, but go into the tent at the top left of the area and open the two chests for an MithrilGlove and a difficult monster in a box fight to win a green beret.

After you run into Kefka and he sends his henchmen after you he'll poison Doma, and Cyan will learn of the deaths of his king and loved ones. You will need to have your party help Cyan as he fights, and you'll all end up in suits of Magitek armor. Fight your way through the soldiers, using the heal beam as neccessary, and you'll end up back on the main map. Head southeast into the forest, finding a recovery spring along your way. When the path forks take the top path to reach the phantom train. If Shadow is still in your party at this point (you can keep him in your party by killing him), he won't leave on the train, so rejoice.

Ghost Train


Head to the right to reach the last car on the track, and you'll find a ghost willing to help your party. Don't let him join though, he's only going to leech your exp as he's pathetically weak. You can enter the door to save your game and learn more about the train. Proceed through the car in the train. Some of the ghosts will try to fight you, sell you things, or want to join your party. If you're running low on tonics talk to the second ghost in the first car. Sabin's blitz, Aurabolt is exceptionally effective against undead creatures, keep in mind. After traveling through a couple cars the entrance will be blocked by a ghost. Talk to it, it'll warn you of no escape and a sequence will begin where you run away from the ghosts and detach the rear train cars. Flip the switch again to open the passageway, and the next car will allow you to replenish your health. Step into the back of the car to get some earrings. Go through the first door inside the next train car to witness Ziegfried starring in the least impressive boss battle of all time. Seriously, he died to Interceptor's counter attack before he even finished attacking. Ouch.

The second room in the next car offers four chests with assorted items. As you cross over to the next car your ghost friend will leave you. The next car has a save point, and the final car has three switches. Flip the outer two switches and walk to the front of the train to begin a boss fight.

Ghost Train
HP: 1300, MP: 900, Weaknesses: , Lightning, Pearl, Cure, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
This can either be a challenging boss fight or a laughably easy one. Since the boss is undead cure magic and items will diminish its HP, and using a Fenix Down will kill it instantly. If you want to fight it the fair way, just use aurabolt, dispatch, and have Shadow throw Shyruiken. If you want a laugh, use Suplex.

You can head back into the forest for a quick recovery spring visit, or you can head straight to the cave leading to Baran Falls. This will also be your last chance to level up for a bit since the Veldt offers no experience. Make sure you remove all equipment and relics from Shadow before you go to the cliffs, because this is the point at which he leaves your party for sure. Make sure you're healed up, and jump over the edge. As you're falling you'll fight increasing waves of Pirahna until you finally reach a Rizopas. It shouldn't be too hard to take out, just keep doing your basic blitzes and swordtechs.

The Veldt


Just as a side note, don't even try levelling up in the place, you gain no experience from it. If you run into Gau before you purchase the dried meat, just attack him and he'll go away. Head to the southeast into town and purchase the dried meat. Don't bother staying in the inn since you can sleep in the back of the relic shop, and make sure to stock up on armor and weapons for everyone in your party, you'll need it for the upcoming battle at Narshe. There's also a sidequest in this town involving a wounded soldier getting letters from Maranda. You can send letters on his behalf if you go to this house next door to his, and if you do it enough you get some major rewards. You may have to sleep a few times or leave and enter the place to get them all though, or even come back later in the game but it's reasonable if you plan on learning rages on the Veldt anyway. Give the dried meat to Gau the next time you encounter him on the Veldt and he'll join your party and inform you of his shiny treasure. You should learn the following rages (from order of apparence): Marshal (Wind Slash), Dark Wind (Break), Areneid (Monster special, cast Stop), Rhodox (Snare, Instant Death), Trillium (Bio), Dark Side (easy to miss, Ice 2), Primordite (Monster special, cast Stop), Templar (Fire 2, Inherent Safe), Hazer (Bolt 2, Instant death protection), Over Mind (Elf Fire), Stray Cat (Monster Special, 4x damage). Marshal is hard to meet on the Veldt, so don't feel pressured to learn his rage (which won't be useful in quite a bit).

Go to the cave in the bottom left corner of the Veldt, and Gau will eventually find his treasure, a diving helmet. You'll begin winding through the serpant trench in glorious mode 7 effects. This incidentally is also the only place Mog can learn the Water Rondo, so keep it in mind, you'll eventually need to repeat the entire path traveled for Sabin's quest. Go right at the first fork to get an x-potion. Right at the second fork gets you to a cave which can give you a green beret.

Next thing you know, you're in Nikeah. Shop around town, pick up plenty of extra tonics, potions, and fenix downs for the battle in Narshe, and make sure everyone will be able to have their best equipment. Then take the ferry over to Narshe and you're done with Sabin's scenario.

Assuming you did as I asked and completed this scenario last, the next thing on your list should be: Chapter 6, From Narshe to the Opera House

Chapter 6

Final Fantasy VI > Chapter 6: From Narshe to Zozo

When fighting the battle at Narshe you should have 7 characters at your disposal. Your task will be to split them up into three teams. A boss will have to be have to be confronted by one of those teams and there is a semi-optional mini-boss as well.

The characters you have at your disposal are: Edgar, Sabin, Cyan, Celes, Terra, Gau, and Locke.

Your three groups have the task of stopping the imperial soldiers from reaching Banon at the top of the Narshe cliff. It is recommended to split your characters into three groups of roughly equal strength with one group powerful enough to fight a boss.

Sabin, Edgar, and Cyan are the strongest physical attackers. They have special skills which do extra damage, and Edgar should have a few tools which do damage to all enemies at once. Put them in three separate groups.

Celes, Terra, and Gau are the only characters which can use magic so far. Magic can be used to cure, and do damaging attacks on one or all enemies. Assuming you learned the right rages for Gau, he should be able to cast Bolt2 by doing the Hazer rage, putting him on an equal level with Celes or Terra for magic users. Put the three of them in three separate groups as well.

So far you have three groups with a strong physical attacker and a strong magic user. Locke is your wildcard since he possesses no special abilities that will be useful so far. If you gained the Genji Glove in chapter 2, give it to Locke and he will be able to attack twice, making him an excellent complement for whatever group you choose to take on the boss.

Position your three groups so that between the three of them they are blocking all possible paths to Banon. Make sure you have a large supply of tonics and possibly ethers so you can restore HP at every possible chance in between battles. Switch between groups when you have the time and if possible, advance in your position to tackle the enemies sooner rather than later. Some of the groups contain four or more soldiers so multiple enemy attacks will be essential. Just constantly use tonics in between battles whenever you have the chance and use your strongest attacks, casting magic on all enemies when possible.

An alternative strategy is to split your party members into two groups of three and put your weakest member in a group by himself. If you advance your two parties far enough you can block the enemy soldiers at two choke points and consolidate your forces more. You'll have less time to heal though and will need to move fast.

After defeating all the soldiers which walk around trying to fight you, send your most powerful groups down to the bottom of the screen, pick one of them to take out the henchman guarding Kefka, and have your most powerful group engage in the fight with Kefka himself. Assign your magic user to healing duty, and have your other characters constantly attack.

After you defeat Kefka, Terra will take off after making contact with the Esper. You'll need to pick a party of four to send out. A few things to keep in mind would be that Locke and Celes are required for most of the later scenarios, you may choose not to spend the time levelling them up consequently or to spend more time levelling them up because you won't need the others. Edgar, Sabin, and Cyan are obviously your best physical fighters at this point, so having them along would be an asset. Also, if you pick three characters Shadow can join you temporarily for a fee, but it probably isn't worth the expense. Edgar may also be worth bringing simply for the fact that he can get discounts at Figaro Castle and you'll be able to use the chainsaw on this next sequence of events.

Regardless of which party members you pick, you should purchase and do everything you can in Narshe, and then go to Figaro Castle and use it to travel underground. Put Edgar at the front of your party to get discounts on items and make sure to buy all the tools you don't have. If you sleep at Figaro with Edgar and Sabin in your party you get an extra scene. Talk to the engineer down the stairs at the front of the castle to travel to Koholigen. To the north west is a man trying to start a Colliseum, his house also contains a hero ring. Go to Koholigen and you'll run into Shadow, who will offer to join you temporarily if you have less than 4 people in your party. Go into Rachel's house with Locke at the northwest and you'll see another extra scene. Go into the house at the northeast for another scene, and enter it from the back for a Green Beret. You'll learn that the Esper you believe to be Terra flew off to Jidoor, so leave the town and head South. Shop around and explore Jidoor, and you'll learn about the Opera House and the city of Zozo to the North. Head north east around the mountains then south to reach Zozo.

The trick to the main puzzle in Zozo is that everyone lies, and you need to figure out what time the clock in the inn at the back of town should be set to. A few people give you hints about the hour, there's a clock in town which someone tells you the minute hand is definitely wrong, and a few people give you hints about the second hand. By process of elimination you can figure out the correct time... or just take the cheap way out, go to the inn at the back of town and set the clock to 6:10:50.

Some of the buildings contain various items so you may want to work through them, but the relic shop is the one which will take you to Terra. Simply climb your way to the top and jump across buildings as necessary and you'll reach a boss fight, and finally run into Ramuh and pick up three Espers. You'll choose a new party which must include Celes and Locke, then head out from Zozo. Go to the skills menu and make sure to assign everyone an Esper, then get going.

Continue to: Chapter 7, The Opera House to Vector

Chapter 7

Final Fantasy VI -> The Opera House to Vector

Where we last left our party in Zozo, head back around south to reach Jidoor. Go to the house in the North of town and talk to the Impressario, he'll drop a note and tell you Celes looks like Maria. Pick up the note and head south out of town to the Opera House. This will be the last you'll spend in this area for a while so make sure you're satisfied with your party and don't need anything else here. Talk to the Impressario to get Celes to take Maria's place and prepare for the opera house sequence. Make sure someone other than Celes is wearing Sprint Shoes, because one of the next sequences will be timed.

Opera House


First, have Locke head towards the dressing room to the south east of the seats. Go to the right room and talk to Celes, and have Celes review the script. Then head onto the stage, your first line is "Oh my hero." Your second line you have to select is "I'm the darkness." Your last line is just "Must I." Your next task is to talk to the prince three times and follow him as he dances, then pick up the flowers and throw them from the top of the balcony. Do this in time and you'll complete Celes' part of the scene.

Take over as Locke, and you'll find a letter. Talk to the Impressario back in the seats and you'll be on a five minute countdown to stop Ultros. Head to the top right and flip the far right switch to open a door, then go through the top left door to find yourself on the balcony above the stage. Avoid the rats if possible and just make your way over to Ultros, keep in mind the clock ticks even on the inventory screens. Always kill the Gold Rats first since they can summon replacements. After you reach Ultros, he'll drop the weight and you'll have to fight him. Use the chainsaw if you have Edgar and your most powerful attacks, including any fire magic. He'll fall eventually.

In the next scene you'll flip a coin to see whether or not Setzer will assist your party. If Edgar is in the party Celes will pick up the coin from him, and if Sabin is in the party another interesting scene will ensue. The coin is revealed to be double-sided (heads).Sabin will recall that this is the same coin they flipped to decide who received the kingship.



Once you land, you'll be able to buy items and heal in the airship at any time, as well as unequip those members not in your party. The town near you is Albrook, explore it and buy equipment as necessary. At the southwest of the continent is Maranda, which is also where all the letters from the soldier on the Veldt are being sent. You can check on the status of his girl and get some more equipment and armor. At the north of the continent is Tzen, which offers some interesting relics, including the black belt relic which lets you counterattack when hit. Chocobo stables can be found in the forests near most of these towns, and in general. When you're ready, head for the center of the continent to find Vector. I wouldn't recommend sleeping in the inn since your host may steal your money. Loot the place for items and talk to people, then talk to an old man at the east of town to sneak in. Jump on the crate and sneak your way inside. Enter the bottom right tube and the tube at the top of the path for some treasure, then take the other bottom tube to move on.

In the next area, travel to the right and through a tube in the wall for a room with more treasure chests. Travel up the stairs to the left for a treasure chest in the previous room, and you can take a path and some stairs to reach some more treasure chests accessible through doors in the bottom wall. At the top of the area you can step on a conveyor belt dropping off armor to go to another scene and watch Kefka throw away some Espers. Follow them. Go to the door on the left to save and talk to the leftmost Esper to fight it. Attack ifrit with ice or your most powerful attacks and hit shiva with fire. Eventually they'll recognize Ramuh's power, talk to both of them in turn and you'll gain two more Espers. Go through the right door and climb the stairs. Search the bottom left corner of the room with the tubes to find a break blade. You'll fight the number 24 boss.

Empty Celes of her equipment, and flip the switch at the top of the room to get 6 pieces of magicite. Celes will leave your party, and Cid will offer you a ride out. Follow him and save your game. Equip some of the new espers on your party since they will likely teach you spells faster than your old ones. Talk to Cid to take a ride out on the train, at the end of which you'll fight a boss. Head out of the city and Setzer will join your party and you'll fight another boss together. You'll wind up back in Zozo with Terra, and begin a special scene where you control Maduin in the Esper World. Talk to as many people as you'd like, and eventually choose to return with the girl at the north of town. Talk to the girl in her bed to advance the plot. Next, go to the gate at the north of town to talk to the girl again, Maduin and her will have a child named Terra. In the next scene, talk to the elder and go to the gate again to complete the scenario.

You'll end up with control of the airship and Setzer in your party.

Continue to:

Chapter 8, Vector to the Sealed Gate

Chapter 8

Final Fantasy VI -> Chapter 8, Vector to the Sealed Gate.



For the first time in the game you have control of the airship and can travel anywhere you'd like. Your ultimate goal is to go to Narshe, talk to the Elder, then take Terra to the sealed gate, but since you won't have control of the airship for a while after this, this is a good time to complete some sidequests and take care of business.

If you go directly south to Jidoor, the auction house will eventually have two Espers available for auction, Zoneseek and Golem, and they will sometimes sell cure rings and cherub down as well. Make sure to have 10 to 20 thousand GP on hand if you want to be able to win an auction. Zoneseek costs 10 thousand GP, Golem costs 20 thousand. Head to Mobiliz, which is on the right side of the map, the one town near the Veldt. Continue paying to send letters from the soldier there. You may need to fight some battles or visit Maranda a few times to allow the new letters to show up, but do all that's available now. One unfailing way to get the letters to show up is to go around the building and talk to the guy who asks "Do you know about the serpent trench" and tell him "no" after it plays the little animation, a new letter will appear on the table. it's repetitive and boring, but it works!

When you're ready, head to Narshe to begin another sequence. When it's finished, go to the room with the treasure chests at the bottom right area above the cliff to run into lone wolf. Follow him all the way up to the cliff near where you organized your three parties earlier. After Mog tackles Lone Wolf, you'll have the choice of either saving Lone Wolf from falling and getting a Gold Hairpin which cuts magic use in half, or of saving Mog and getting him to join your party. Even if you don't save Mog you'll still be able to get him in the world of ruin, however, the only way to get all of Mog's dances is by saving him now, and you'll be able to get economizers later in the game which make the Gold Hairpin worthless. So go ahead and save Mog.

The secret to using Mog is that he has a dance available for each terrain type. Each dance technique allows Mog to continuously execute special attacks particular to that technique until the battle ends. When he attempts to perform a dance, if the terrain matches the dance he is attempting it will be executed for free. If the terrain does not match he will attempt to change the terrain which has a probability of success or failure. Whenever Mog fights in a terrain for the first time, he learns the dance particular to that terrain.

The next thing to try is collecting Mog's Dances. You should already have the Dusk Requeim if you used him to fight at the start of the game. Fight in a grassy area to learn the wind song. Fight in the forest to learn the Forest Suite. Fight in a mountain area like Mt. Kolts to learn the Earth Blues. Head over to the desert like the one near Figaro to learn the Desert Aria. Head to Zozo to learn a town/indoors exclusive dance known as the Love Sonata. One other dance, the Snowman Jazz, can only be obtained in snowy areas, so I believe you can only get it fighting in the hills behind Narshe in the World of Ruin. The last dance is the Water Rondo, which is a tricky one to get but well worth the effort.

The only place you can earn the Water Rondo is in the Serpent trench, the path you took Sabin and company along during his scenario. You will need to drop yourself off using the airship, go down the trench and retrace his entire path to both get the dance and end up back with your airship. Drop yourself off at the cave to the south of the Veldt and remember where you parked. You'll need to jump down the Serpent Trench again and fight your way through WITH MOG so he can learn the water specific dance. You'll wind up in Nikeah. Head to the northeast and wind around the cliff. The path is now unblocked, and you'll reach the house where Sabin began his scenario. Take the same path you did before until you reach the mystery forest. This time the path which led you to the phantom train will just take you out. Head to Baran falls again and jump off, and you'll end up on the Veldt. From here just return to your airship, and you'll probably have fought enough to learn most of Mog's dances.

Sealed Gate


When you're ready, choose your party, including Terra, and give them espers. Head to the east part of the imperial continent and enter the imperial city. Head to the mountain and grab the chests as you go, watching the timing on the room with the switching platforms. Flip the switch above the platform in one of the next rooms to create a bridge to a chest with a genji glove. Flick the right switch in the next area to fight a Ninja, flick the other switch to reach a save point. In the next room step on the first pressure plate but not the second, it will cut off a path. Flick the switch inside the chest. Make sure to hit the pressure plate at the lower left and open the room under the stairs to get some chests including the Atma Weapon, which will end up being the best weapon in the game, its damage matches your HP level.

Head through to the final room and Terra will try to open the sealed gate. You'll fight Kefka very briefly then the Espers will pour through and the gate will close. Leave, and there will be a shortcut out of the cave. You'll end up crash-landing on the imperial continent, pick whatever party you'd like and head back to Vector.

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Chapter 9, From the Sealed Gate to Thamasa

Chapter 9

You'll start off to the SouthEast of Maranda. You'll have to do a little fighting in this section but not much, so choose your party accordingly. You can enter the middle of the nearby forest to rent a Chocobo or just walk the whole way.

Vector Revisited


When you arrive at Vector you'll find the whole place burning. Head North to enter the imperial capital, and you'll be asked to speak with the emporer. Make sure you have your sprint shoes equipped since he'll ask you to talk to as many soldiers as possible. Don't pick up any of the treasure chests yet and don't go talk to Kefka in his cell, he doesn't count and he just wastes your time. In the rooms with soldiers moving around keep track of how many there are to make sure you talk to each of them. If you talk to all of them your count should be at 24. In the next section you'll dine with the emporer and be graded on how well you respond.

For each question you'll generally want to offer the most gracious response. Offer up the toast "to our hometowns" and for Kefka say "leave him in jail." For Doma, say "that was inexcusable." For Celes, say "Celes is one of us!" You'll then be offered a chance to ask some questions. Ask each one only once and exactly once, and remember which one you asked first, it's easiest just to start with the top one. For the Espers, say "Yes, the Espers went too far." Choose to take a break, then fight his sentries in two minutes to gain more kudos. Tell him that all you want to hear him say is that "the war is truly over." Agree to help him, and you're finished with your little exam.

You'll be left with Locke and Terra in your party. My advice would be to give Locke the Genji Glove and Black Belt to increase his effectiveness. Head south, and if you did everything correctly imperial troops will be pulled out of South Figaro, Doma, you'll gain the rights to all the treasures in the imperial base, and you'll receive a Tintinabar which increases your HP with every step as well as a Charm Bangle which lowers the rate of enemy encounters. From here you can go to the west of the island to see a scene with Cid and Setzer on the airship, or you can head to the east to clear out the treasures in the imperial city, making sure to get the treasure in the pots, fireplace, and hidden chest in the bottom right corner. You can also go north to Tzen and by the Saraphim Esper for 3000 GP which teaches a lot of useful healing and life spells. Eventually though, you'll just want to go to Albrook and leave via the port there. Talk to Leo on the ship, and you'll meet Shadow and Celes again. Rest in the inn then go to the ship again to take off. You'll be dropped off at the southern coast of Thamasa.



You'll have Locke, Terra, and Shadow in your party again. I normally use Genji Gloves and black belts on Locke and Shadow, you should have two genji gloves so far if you followed this guide and you could have bought black belts in Narshe. When you reach Thamasa at the top right portion of the Island stock up on the best equipment you'll have seen yet, and search the barrels and talk to the people as usual. You'll meet and name Strago and Relm in one of the houses. When you're ready to move on, empty shadow of his equipment and espers, you won't have him for the next scenario.

When you wake up you'll learn that Relm is trapped in a burning house, and Strago will join your party. Every time you touch a flame you'll be forced into a battle so be careful. Have Strago use Aqua Rake to clear out the large groups. When you have a choice, go through the right door. In the next room the right door leads to a chest and the left door goes forward. The same is true of the next room. In the next room you'll fight a boss, hope you're strong on ice magic. Strago can use Aqua Rake to deal with the groups of monsters, and if you can cast rasp enough times to drain its MP the monster will simply die like that, this stratgegy works best with a morphed Terra. Shadow will show up and rescue you, and Strago will offer to accompany you to find the Espers.

Go to the cave to the north of the island. Keep in mind that some of the monsters will need to be damaged by magic. Take the right cave to move forward where the path branches. Keeping following the path and you'll find three statues of the goddesses of magic. You'll then run into Ultros for a boss fight. Use Fire2 if you have it and have Terra morph as usual. When Relm shows up immediately have her sketch Uncle Ulty. Relm will join your party, equip her as usual, then get going. In the next room step on the bottom left tile to move on, the other ones will lead you to treasure chests. After you meet the Espers a long chain of events will begin, ending with you fighting Kefka as General Leo. You'll regain control at Thamasa with the airship nearby. You can go into town for a little scene with Strago's rival Gungho, then ride the airship to witness another scene. From there you have control of the airship again, and it's time to move on to the next chapter.

Continue to: Chapter 10, The Floating Island to the World of Ruin

Chapter 10

Final Fantasy VI -> Chapter 10, The Floating Island to the World of Ruin



There are a few things that should be on your ToDo List before you end your stay in the world of balance:

  • Complete the letter sequence between the wounded soldier in the Veldt and the girl in Maranda
  • Get Mog in your party and learn all the dances you can with him, particularly the Water Rondo
  • Buy the two espers from the auction in Jidoor and buy the single esper in Tzen, although these can be done in the world of ruin as well
  • Clear out the treasures in the imperial city and any other areas you have not yet completed, including possibly Doma
  • Hang out on the forest in triangle island and fight some Intangirs if you really want a challenge. They have 32000 HP and more Mana than you could ever hope to drain though, so you may need to do a vanish/doom type trick.

The Floating Island


You may want to run through the floating island a few times just to give more of your party members a chance to level up and learn some magic. In general don't bring Celes along if you plan to go all the way through, since she will automatically join your party when you lose Shadow, which would let you keep 4 characters the whole way through. The first part of your battle will be just fighting your way onto the floating island itself.

Pick three characters to go onto the floating island. Strong fire magic comes in handy for the battle with Ultros, but just pick your strongest party in general. You'll fight a bunch of mosnters from the Imperial Air Force, Ultros and Chupon, then fall onto the floating island while fighting another boss. Save, and talk to Shadow to have him join your party. I'd recommend giving Shadow the Genji Glove and black belt combo again, but do not let him use the assassin, its instant kill will regenerate undead monsters here. In general the best way to survive the floating island is to make sure someone used Zoneseek to learn Osmose and cast that to regenerate MP, and heal the party in between battles. I generally take three groups of three through the floating island to learn some magic and build up, then go to engage the bosses after that. You'll fight the Atma weapon, confront Kefka and have Celes join then go through a sequence to escape in a few minutes time. If you want the blue item you see along your way don't try to pick it up directly, go around and approach it from the right. Fight the boss at the end then wait at the end until about 5 seconds are left, and Shadow should finally rejoin you.

Continue to: Chapter 11, From Cid's Island to Darril's Tomb

Chapter 11

Final Fantasy VI -> Chapter 11: Cid's House to Darril's Tomb

Cid's House


You'll begin with control of Celes in the world of ruin. Your goal is to catch enough fish to either kill or revive Cid. The really fast moving fish are the ones you want, those are the yummy fish. In a pinch the normal moving fish will do, those are the regular fish. The really slow ones will make Cid even sicker. If you're not sure which fish is which, check your inventory, and save before completing the sequence. If you want to just get it over with and kill Cid, bring him the really slow moving fish, otherwise only go after the really fast ones. Eventually you'll be done and have a raft to leave the island somehow. You can travel to the west to reach Albrook, talk to the people there and see what's up, and you'll need to head North to find Sabin in Tzen.



Definitely save before you attempt this sequence. If you haven't done so already, purchase the esper from the guy hiding in the woods in the top right. Kefka will fry one of the houses in town with the light of judgement, and Sabin will hold things up while you go in and take care of business. Make sure you have the sprint shoes equipped, and for your other relics you can pick either a black belt to make the battles go faster, a quartz charm to try to have fewer battles, or a relic to make you immune to stone attacks which would immobilize you and effectively annihilate you. The only treasures really worth having are a magicite in the top right of the bottom floor and a drainer in the bottom left of the same area. However if you work really fast with a quartz charm or black belt you can nab all the chests and still escape. Sabin will join your party.

Head south then east to travel to a part of the world map where the path makes a giant U shape, head down the right side to reach Mobliz. Use Sabin's blitzes which attack multiple enemies to fend off the random encounters in the meantime. You can rest in the relic shop in the back of town, and walk down the stairs in another building to find Terra. She'll say she's lost her will to fight, and as you live she'll try to fight Phunbaba in a battle she's doomed to lose. Your party will take over, Phunbaba absorbs most magic and is weak against poison, so just keep hitting it with regular attacks and healing. You'll get an esper for your troubles and can go on your way.

Head back around the U island and north to Nikea. Talk to the guards in the cafe and you'll run into Gerad outside who looks suspiciously like Edgar. Follow him on the ship to South Figaro and stock up on equipment while you're at it. Head to the cave near Figaro and go to the entrace to find a hidden path reachable by jumping on the turtle. You'll wind up in figaro castle, go down the stairs into the engine room.

Figaro Castle


Head down the stairs to where the path forks. Clear out the chests at the bottom and go in the left door for some more treasure. Walk down the center path and you'll finally be able to join Edgar in fighting a boss. Go into the north room and get a soul sabre from the statue. Work your way up and Figaro Castle will arise from the sand. Put Edgar at the front of the party and buy the new tool available as well as any items you may need. Have the man in the engine room take you to Kohligen. Go to the town and find Setzer in the bar, he'll rejoin your party.

If you want you can go North to the Colliseum for some fun. If you completed the sidequest with the soldier in Mobliz and performed well with the Emperor, you should have two Tintinabars which can be bet to win Experience Eggs which double your earned exp for a character. Equip a break blade and the battle should be easy, but save just in case. Most of the other fights will probably be too difficult at this point.

Darril's Tomb


Head down the stairs and through the bottom left door. Get the treasure chest, go down the stairs and walk through the right wall in the next area to find an experience egg, make sure to equip it, it makes levelling up a lot easier. Get the chest at the bottom right door in the main room, and go up through the top right room to flip a switch raising the water level. Then go through the middle door in the main room. Jump on the turtle and read the tombstones in the lower room if you want, it just tells you the location of the exp egg if you solve the puzzle. Raise the water level and ride the other turtle into the next room. At the top left of the room is a monster in a box fight similar to the first whelk, don't attack the shell. Save and enter the main room for a boss fight against Dullahanan. Head north out of the room and you'll regain your airship.



From here you can go to fight Kefka's tower at any time although it's advisable to complete the sidequests first. The first thing that happens is a bird flying around which Celes asks you to follow, which will end up leading you to Cyan. You can either move on or tackle some of the sidequests now. Before you do anything else I'd recommend taking the airship to the beach where you hunted fish for Cid, you'll get the Palidor esper for free, it's best to do it now so you don't forget it.

Just as a general rule, you'll want as many experience eggs as possible. You can get them easily by betting Tintinabars or work your way up to Tintinabars by betting Elixirs and keep betting the next item you win until you get an experience egg. Also, the best monsters to fight to level up are Tyrannosaurs and Brachosaurs on an unusual forest on the island between Narshe and the Veldt. Brachosaurs also drop economizers.

Also, save often and beware of flying, particular at low health, since you may run into a random aerial battle with DoomGaze.

One last thing to keep in mind about the sidequests is that the level of a character when he/she joins your party is set equal to the average level of the party, with the condition that it can't be lower than it was before. For most characters you'll need to level them up just to allow them to learn all the spells, but since Umaro and Gogo can't be taught any magic it might be worth waiting to have them join your party until you've levelled up sufficiently, unless you think you'd need their help sooner.

Continue to:

Chapter 12, Kefka's Tower

or Cyan's Sidequest Sabin's Sidequest Gau's Sidequest Final Fantasy VI, see sidequests list

Chapter 12

Final Fantasy VI > Chapter 12: Kefka's Tower

It goes without saying that you should complete all sidequests and collect all espers first, unless you're trying to complete some challenge without doing everything in the game. Two dragons will have to be fought inside Kefka's tower to get the Crusader Esper, so you may wish to go here earlier and leave again.

Choosing your party


You will be able to use at most 12 characters in the final battle with Kefka, and against all the dungeons and bosses preceding that point. All your groups will engage in their own boss fights and exploration so you will need three strong parties.

It should be noted that if one of your parties possess the Molulu's Charm and equips it on Mog that party can explore Kekfa's Tower without worrying about anything but boss fights. This may be able to be used to protect a weak party early on in picking up equipment, but in general you will still need three strong parties to complete some areas where the path divides.

It should also be noted that due to 2 extra characters being placed in the game, Umaro and Gogo, you will have two characters which will not be able to be used in the final battle. In short, you should decide well in advance to fighting in Kefka's Tower which two characters you should choose to ignore and not level up at all. The following is some of my consideration for doing so:

(When I say a character is "required" for a particular task it means that it's unavoidable for using them in a particular scenario which normally involves boss fights and levelling up)

  • Terra - A strong all-around character with extremely high magical power, plus she can flip out and double her already considerable strength with her Morph ability. And she's sort of the central character, so it'd be a shame to leave her out.
  • Celes - Required for many of the early quests up until you get the airship. She has strong magical ability and her magic-absorption can be very useful in certain circumstances.
  • Edgar - Required for early quests in the world of ruin as well, he's a strong fighter and he has one of the best special abilities in the game.
  • Sabin - Also required for early quests, his blitzes and the Phantom Rush make him invaluable.
  • Locke - Required for looting Narshe, and a good deal of the missions in the world of balance. He's only average as a fighter, but his "treasure hunting" abilities make him very handy to have around, so he should get a lot of use.
  • Cyan - Strong physical attacks, weak magic. The swordtechs are very useful when you have the time to charge up, but waiting around is not my idea of a good time. Still, he can pull his weight.
  • Gogo - The most flexible character in the game. (S)he can copy any characters' attacks, spells, and techniques. Almost absurdly useful.
  • Shadow - Not exactly required for any quests, but he's often around, and his Throw skill gives him a variety of powerful attacks.
  • Relm - Not required for any quests, and Sketch may be a little dangerous to use because of the bug, which is fixed in later releases, but she's got the highest base magical power in the game. Nurture her spell-casting ability—you won't regret it.
  • Strago - Required to complete the Hidon sidequest. Decent magical ability and useful lores.
  • Mog - Required in order to complete the sidequest to recruit Umaro. His Dance skill can be useful but it's unpredictable.
  • Umaro - Not required for any quests. He has strong physical attacks and is a force to be reckoned with when he has the rage ring or blizzard orb, but you can't control him.
  • Setzer - Required for the quest in Darill's tomb. Slots are highly unreliable, but Gil Toss can be valuable. He really hasn't got any showstopping skills, though, nor very strong basic stats. I recommend ditching him.
  • Gau - Not required for any quests. His rages are unpredictable and a hassle to upgrade. I recommend ditching him unless you've really got a soft spot for the kid.

Anyway, you will need to split your party up into three teams. To make a well-rounded team, take one character from each column:

Your strongest normal physical attackers are: Edgar, Sabin, and Cyan. Edgar and Sabin both have physical attacks which can easily do 9999 damage and Cyan has powerful multi-enemy physical attacks when given time to charge up. Make sure each party has one.

Then you have your primary magic users. Those should be: Terra, Relm, and Celes. Make sure to teach them all the most powerful attack and healing spells.

Strago, Mog, and Gogo all make good secondary magic users, and they all have useful special abilities. Of course, Gogo can play any of these roles.

Finally, bring in one or two of the secondary fighters: Shadow, Locke, and Umaro. Load up Shadow with throwable items and he can beef up the physical attack power of a weak party. If you've saved up a lot of old swords for him, he can be pretty unstoppable in the final battles. Locke can be a strong attacker with relics like the Genji Glove. Same goes for Umaro and the Berserker Ring or Blizzard Orb.

Beating Kefka's Tower


If you're just in Kefka's tower to kill the two dragons you need to get the crusader esper, look at Part I for the second and third party, and assign your strongest members to those groups. Otherwise, split up your parties however you'd like, and hopefully you've got a good collection of spells, party members, and abilities at your disposal.

You can return to the airship by going back to your starting positions and pressing A to grab onto the floating hook when it nears your party.

First Party: Part I


You may want to do this section last out of the first parts since the other two parties will need to open paths for you, or just expect to do a lot of switching back and forth. In addition, this path doesn't have either of the dragons to fight to win the crusader esper.

In any case, equip your party with your best equipment and head down and around to reach an entrance, making sure to pick up the chest along your way. In the next room head down the left conveyor belt to go forward, and you can use the right one to come back. Head through the passage to enter a room with a chest containing the fixed dice, and walk around and pass into another area. You'll be outside again, head down to go in another door and you'll find yourself in a room which needs to have a platform triggered by your second party. If you completed the other party's sections first you can move on, if not switch away and come back here later.

Once you can move on, head down and go into the room where a bunch of espers used to be. Pick up the hidden chest in the bottom left corner of the first alcove at the bottom of the screen if you didn't already pick up the chest that was here. Exit to the top right and you'll pass through another room empty of chests or interesting features. You'll find yourself at a bridge retracted and needs to be activated by your third party using a glowing switch on top of a chest. Once you've done so, you can move on. There's a chest down a path to the left, and an entrance into the next room which will lead you to a door which needs to be opened by both of your other parties standing on a switch.

Second Party: Part I


Don't forget to equip your party, and head to the bottom left to pass through a passage into another room. Go to the top left corner of that room for a Minerva armor. Head into the next room, and you can head up to pick up a tack star or down to find a few prison cells, the very left of which contains an optional boss fight with the Atma Weapon. Use your best physical attacks in general and ultima is always a safe bet.

After you beat it, it turns into a save point and you can head down to drop through a hole into a new area. Exit to the next area, and you'll see two pipes, one which drops you down a hole earlier on so you can head back, and one which leads you on to another area. Pick up the chest and head down. Cross over the right conveyer belt and go to the left corner to find another chest. You can cross back on the other conveyer belt, or go in the left entrance to pick up a ribbon and flip a switch which allows the first party to advance. Head outside and into the right entrance to get ready for a fight with the Gold Dragon. The fight is strictly optional but recommended if you intend to get the Crusader Esper. The dragon is weak against water, use your best physical or unblockable magic attacks to take it down. When you're done, send your party through the door on the left and have them stand on the switch to get ready to open the door for the first party.

Third Party: Part I


Equip your party, and head down the left conveyer belt to go forward. Open the chest and go into the first door you find and follow the path to pick up two more chests. Go back outside and to the bottom of the path to reach another area, back inside the magitek factory. Follow the bottom wall very carefully in this area to find a hidden path which will give you another Aegis shield, one of the best shields in the game. You'll need to go down through the bottom wall, to the left when it branches, then down, to the right, and up. If you're using an emulator you can usually remove the background layers to see the hidden paths. After you get the chest and head back out, cross up the conveyer belt to reach a new area. You can return to the previous area by entering the pipe, or move to the left for a boss fight. The main boss entity will reflect your magic attacks and do some nice delta hits with its other components, physical attacks and unblockable spells are your best bets as always.

After you beat the boss, head down through the next area and clear it out of treasure chests. Make sure you use the chest in the lower left corner with the glowing red dot to open up a path for your first party. Follow the conveyer belts around the area to pick up a rainbow crush as well. After that, head through the door to enter the hall where the Skull Dragon can be found. This one is weak against fire and Holy magic, so use those or the best spells and attacks at your disposal. If this is your final dragon you should also receive the Crusader Esper to teach you Meteor and Meltdown. In the Game Boy Advance release, a small tablet will appear at your feet telling you to head for the "Dragon's Horn".

When you're finished head through the door and step on the switch to open up the door with your first party.

First Party: Part 2


One of your three parties will need to end up going through into the left passage, one will need to go in the right, and one will need to stay in the center. In order to keep things consistent, we will consider the party that goes down the left passage to be your first party, the one to go down the right to be your second, and the one which goes down the center to be your third.

Take your first party in the room with three switches and move them into the left passage. The room will seal behind you. Walk south and you'll be able to drop a weight on the switch used to open the central door, you may need to move the party standing on that switch. Walk all the way forward after that and wait on the switch.

Second Party: Part 2


If you just dropped the weight on the left switch, you should also have opened a ramp leading up to the central platform. Walk up that ramp and walk into the center passage. Go into the right section and the door will seal behind you. Walk all the way down and push the weight onto the switch as before, you may need to move the party standing on it again. Once you're done, walk back up and stand on the switch at the north of the room.

Third Party: Part 3


Keep in mind that this party will fight two bosses instead of one. By now both passages on the ramp should be open and your other two parties should be stepping on their respective switches. Simply send your third party up the ramp on the right side and into the center door. Go all the way north and step on the switch to open a passage for your same party. Walk back through the door to hit a switch which will open up two doors allowing your other parties to progress. You can switch to your other parties now or proceed onward in part 4 for the third party.

First Party: Part 4


Assuming you opened the door with your party in the center part of the room and you choose this party to end up on the left side, you can head down south and through a door on the left to reach another hallway. In the middle you'll find another boss fight with one of the three godessess of magic, this one being named Doom. It will occasionally use a force field to shield itself and block certain elemental attacks. After you've beaten it, head through the pipe and switch parties when you reach the small green switch.

Second Party: Part 4


Assuming you opened the door in the center and used this party to go down the right side, send this party back around to the outside and go into the new door that's been opened. Head through the room and into a room with some statues to enter a boss fight with a goddess of magic appropriately named Goddess. She'll occasionally charm your party members and do various nasty attacks, and the battle will be in a side attack. Use your best combinations of magic and physical attacks as usual and you should get through. Go forward as usual to find the switch.

Third Party: Part 4


Go through the open door in the center passage, and in the next room you'll get into a boss fight with a Guardian. It's weak against bolt magic and water, and this time you can actually kill it. It will run the battle programs of past bosses you've faced, use your strongest magic, Master's Scroll/Genji Glove combo, and whatever else you have at your disposal. It will turn into a save point and you'll be able to move forward. The next area has a conveyer belt running in the opposite direction you won't be able to use, head to the bottom left exit to move on. The next area has a hidden treasure chest in one square to the left of the bottom right corner, it contains a ribbon relic. Walk up north and you'll fight the first of the Warring Triad who are the source of all magic, Demon. Instant death protection helps here, as well as a good complement of life and healing spells. After you beat him, you can head north to a save point, and jump down a pit to reach a room with a switch you can step on. You can either wait on the switch or head south to go back to a previous area.

After you beat the last goddess you'll learn that magic still hasn't vanished, because Kefka drained the magic of the three statues. You'll need to send all your parties north and onto the three green switches to beam them all up into a final boss fight with Kefka and a slew of nasty bosses. Keep in mind that this IS the point of no return, make sure you save your game before you step onto the switches. You can use the warp spell or a warp stone to return to the airship at this point

The Battle with Kefka


After you witness Kefka's speech and a few lines from every character you choose to bring with you, you'll get to choose the order in which you would like to place your entire party. You'll number them one to twelve, and when one of them dies in battle they'll be replaced. You can use Reraise spells to guarantee the survival of any characters which are particularly important to you. You'll have to fight your way through a chain of bosses and an angelic Kefka.

There will be four bosses to fight, most of which have multiple parts. Use Ultima repeatedly to do maximum damage, Edgar's Chainsaw, Sabin's Phantom Rush, the Genji Glove/Master's Scroll/Ultima Weapon combo. No boss has any weaknesses and cannot be harmed by most elemental magic. Heal often, and try to rely on physical attacks for the most efficient damage output.

In the Game Boy Advance release, you can steal a Ragnarok and another Ultima Weapon from the Rest and Lady.

When you finally reach Kefka, keep in mind he casts the Heartless Angel spell to reduce everyone's HP to 1, like a lot of well known Square bosses. Have someone cast a Curaga spell right after this happens, and use the most powerful spells and attacks you have, healing constantly. Eventually, he'll go down and you'll be treated to a twenty minute ending covering every character you rescued in your party. Celes's scene has a variation if Locke never joins you, Edgar's scene has a different version if Sabin never joins you, and Relm's scene is different without Strago.


For obvious reasons Celes and Setzer don't have a sidequest, the intro prior to the game and getting the airship are their "sidequests" almost. Edgar has a related quest in the ancient castle because it's connected through Figaro Castle so I classify that under him.

This sidequest requires Sabin in your party, has one part, and needs no leveling up.

Simply go to the continent at the upper middle of the world map, it's the same one which has the cave leading to Narshe. Go to the upper right portion of that continent, where the path of five trees forming a cross is with one in the middle. Walk into the middle tree to find a house, and if Sabin is with you, he'll meet Master Duncan and learn the ultimate Blitz, the bum rush, good for 9999 damage when you're sufficiently leveled up.


This sidequest requires no leveling up.

Part I, Getting Gau in your Party


Simply enter the Veldt with three or fewer members. After fighting Gau will show up and join your party, just as if he had previously "leaped" and was re-joining your group. Just for reference the Veldt is now near the upper right portion of the map, and to the southwest of the weird triangle island where the zone-eaters live. You'll recognize it from the music, the fact that you don't earn any experience there, and that you encounter monsters from all stages of the game.

Part II, Gau's Father


This quest requires Sabin and Gau. I would recommend waiting to complete this one until you have all the members of your party as some of them say amusing things during the extra scenes. You get no reward for completing it, just a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. On the island between Narshe and the Veldt, which also features the unusual forest with Tyrannosaurs and Brachosaurs, the best monsters to fight in the game, there's a lone house on the left side of the island. Enter it with Sabin and Gau and you'll go through a sequence of getting Gau ready to meet his father.


Part I: Getting Cyan


This sidequest requires no party members beyond the default, but does require a bit of levelling up since you will need to fight through Zozo and Mount Zozo. You will also have the chance to fight the storm dragon, but it may be too hard for you to fight right now if you're just beginning the world of ruin. You may wish to choose to get Cyan and come back later, or to complete some other quests and level up first if you can stand being without Cyan for that long. Getting Sabin's Bum rush helps for fighting the thunder dragon in this quest, so you may want to compete Sabin's Sidequest first.

At the end of the sequence getting the airship, you'll be directed to Maranda by a pigeon. Buy some equipment and you can talk to an old lady there who can show you the new location of familiar areas in the world of balance. You'll meet a girl there who's convinced she's still getting letters from Mobliz. Follow the pidgeon she sends out to wind up in Zozo.

Walk to the north of town and talk to the merchant to buy some rust-rid, and walk through the cafe building, going out the right door and then trying the left door to use the rust-rid and enter Mount Zozo.

Do the usual routine of clearing out the chests, and you'll get some truly awesome equipment including the Aegis shield which is very effective at blocking magical attacks. Exit through the left cave for a gold hairpin then through the right one to move on. In the next room stepping on the switch unleashes the deadly thunder dragon from a chest, so save if you're sure you want to fight it. Exit through the bottom right to find Cyan. When you're done with him, return to the cliff to pick up a key to open the chest.

If you're determined to fight the dragon, equip two people with the thunder and aegis shields and step on the switch, and wait by the save point to fight it as it flies around. Use your most powerful bolt spells, heal often, and have Edgar and Sabin use the chain saw and bum rush respectively. It has 42000 HP but if you can survive its attacks it will go down eventually. Cyan will also give you a clue about Gau's whereabouts so you can do his sidequest next or whatever you'd like.

Part II: Cyan's Nightmares


This part requires having Cyan in your party, and I would recommend three other highly levelled up characters since they'll be doing all the fighting in Cyan's nightmares, you can empty Cyan's equipment for this reason as well. If you just completed Cyan's first quest I would recommend waiting to beat this one until you finished a few more sidequests and added more characters to your party.

To begin the quest, head to Doma Castle. For reference, Doma Castle is in the northeast area of the map, the castle on the small island between the giant U shaped continent and the islands with the dinosaur forest and the Veldt. Head through the left door then the right door inside Doma Castle to rest in the beds there. The three dream stooges will try to dine on Cyan's soul, and you'll follow after them. You'll begin with control of whatever character occupied the fourth slot in your party. I'd recommend giving this spot to a stronger character who can hold his/her own weight until you find your other party members. Sabin is a good choice for his multi-enemy blitzes.

Save your game immediately. Some of the enemies have status effecting spells so you may want to equip a ribbon to protect yourself. When you reach the branch with three doors, head through the second one to regain your second party member. After going through the door in the area with your second party member, pick the top door to move on. Pick the right door out of the next set to find your third party member. In the next area heading through the right door sends you back to the start at the save point, and heading through the left door takes you to the exit where you'll fight the three dream stooges.

Curley is capable of reviving the other two members of the team so try to kill him first. They will do some annoying delta attacks which can turn party members to stone or do large damage so be prepared. Try some large multi-target spells to start with and do your most powerful physical attacks if you picked a character like Sabin.

You'll next find yourself on a nightmere version of the phantom train. In the second car flip the switch to be able to reach the first treasure chest which has a Genji Glove, and pick up the lump of metal at the end of the room to get the chest to hold still so you can get a flame shield. Flip the switch and remember the positions of the open and closed chests, which should just be the right one on the top row closed and the left and middle ones on the bottom row closed. The next puzzle is a little tricky to explain. You need to open up a path which will let you go through the bottom area by raising the two boxes at the bottom of the screen and rotating a platform. The first switch moves a platform which gives you access to another switch, you'll basically have to go back and forth until you work out a combination which lets you pass underneath the switches. Then enter the pattern we discussed earlier by closing the top right box and the bottom left and middle boxes and flip the switch to move on. You can save in one of the next cars, and go in the final one to find yourself transported to a new area.

You'll all find yourself in suits of magitek armor, running around the caves of Narshe. The bolt beam seems to do the most damage, use the heal beam if you need it and heal between battles. After going through the first area you can either go through the next area then turn around or turn around right away then go through the passage to move on. The doors in this area aren't "logical", you have to go backwards to reach a new area, otherwise you'll just end up running in circles. Follow Cyan over the bridge in the new area and you'll fall and find yourself in Doma castle.

Cyan's wife and son will inform you that you're inside Cyan's soul, where he's being tortured by a beast known as Wrexsoul. Save your game. You can go outside the castle and to the left and right to witness two scenes with Cyan and his son, and go in the top right room of the castle to witness a scene with his wife. When you're ready, head into the throne room and prepare to fight Wrexsoul.

The easy way to beat Wrexsoul is to just cast X-Zone from the start, which can be learned from the cursed ring or the Fenir esper. Just have one party member cast it and he'll be defeated instantly. Otherwise he'll "possess" one of your party members and only appear when that member dies. What you'll basically have to do is kill off a party member and see if his/her death triggers the arrival of Wrexsoul, and if not try another one. When Wrexsoul appears use your strongest attacks on it directly, and when it disappears again revive your praty member and repeat the process for the other two. Eventually you'll defeat it, and Cyan will gain all of his swordtech techniques. Head back into the throne room for an Alexander esper, and make sure to get all the items in Doma Castle.


You will find Terra in Mobliz, which is at the very tail end of the Serpent Trench. The Serpent Trench was underwater in the World of Balance, but now it is a very conspicuous serpent shaped continent in the World of Ruin. Terra will refuse to join the team twice, and each time results in the village being attacked by Phunbaba. Before meeting her, use a tent or sleep in the relic shop in the back of town to rest up. The path to fighting Phunbaba the first time should be straightforward. Terra will be annihilated in a one-on-one battle, and your party will come to her rescue. After you beat him, leave town and come back (again with full HP and MP, as the second fight will be more difficult).

Enter the building with the kids to learn about Katarin, then enter the far left building and follow the dog that entered the room to find a hidden stairway which leads to Terra and Katarin. By talking to them, you will trigger Phunbaba's second attack on the village.

Phunbaba is weak against poison/bio type spells, and has about 26000 HP. Fight him with your regular party for a while, then he will sneeze away two of your party members. Terra will join you in permanent Esper form until you beat him. Afterwards Terra will join your party and the sidequest is done.


Part I, Finding Shadow/Relm


If you waited for Shadow on the floating island and managed to take him away with you, you'll find Shadow in a cave on the Veldt. If you didn't you'll find Relm there, but for the purposes of this part I'll assume you're looking for Shadow.

Head to the cave on the Veldt. For reference the Veldt is on the northeast area of the map, southwest of the little triangular island where the zoneeaters live. You'll meet Interceptor on your way in. The path is fairly straightforward, make sure to grab the rage ring for Umaro as you pass by the peasants around the fire, and find a hidden passage to the left after going through the door to have a monster in a box fight. The monster is weak against fire, and gives you a weapon for Sabin. Flip a switch in the next room, and make sure you go to the bottom of the room to get the striker, it's Shadow's best weapon and you'll need it to have him join your party. Go through the passage you opened and up and around into a room with a save point, and head into the next room for a boss fight with Sr. Behemoth.

Sr. Behemoth is weak against fire. Use the strongest fire magic you have available and heal when necessary and you should be fine. After you beat him the first time his ghost will appear and attack you from behind, use a revivify on him to kill him in one shot, or you can use cure or life spells to finish him off or just nail him with some more fire magic. When you finish you'll take Shadow over to Thamasa to recover. You'll see the last of his dreams chronologically, and witness him leaving Thamasa with interceptor, leaving a girl behind saying he wants to make it a safe world for them to grow up in.

Part II, Getting Shadow in your party


This is pretty simple. Just go to the Coliseum at the north west of the world map and bet the Striker. Just use a high-level character to fight Shadow, it should be pretty easy. You'll win the Striker back and Shadow will join your party.

Part III, Shadow's Dreams


Stay in an inn with Shadow in your party and he'll randomly have dreams explaining some of his history.

  • In the first dream, he'll see a man named Baram calling to him, Clyde, for help, saying he's done for
  • The second dream will reveal Baram and Clyde as great train robbers who just got away with stealing a million GP. They'll name their group the Shadow.
  • In the third dream, Baram will be badly wounded and Clyde is trying to carry him to town. Baram says for Clyde to leave him behind, Clyde refuses but finally gives in. Baram asks Clyde to kill him so he won't be interrogated, but Clyde is unwilling to, so he runs away.
  • In the fourth dream, you see Clyde waking up in Thamasa, badly injured, with a woman taking care of him and a dog running up to greet him.
  • The fifth and final dream takes place when you rescue Shadow from the cave on the Veldt. It shows him leaving Thamasa with Interceptor and leaving a girl behind.

You can conclude from the dreams that Shadow was Clyde Arronwy, Relm's father, and that Relm's mother died in childbirth. Keep in mind you can receive four of the dreams in the World of Balance as well.

Also, the facts that Interceptor acts as if Relm is no stranger, and you can equip the 'Safty Ring' (Or 'Memento Ring' as some may know it) to either Relm or Shadow (As the description reads, "Mother's love protects from fatal magic attacks') should lead one to believe such. If you leave Shadow behind on the Floating Continent, Relm will have a dream.


To get Gogo into your party, you'll want to head to the top right portion of the map where the little triangle island is, which is also where you could fight the Intangir in the world of balance. Gogo's level will be equal to the average level of your party when he joins, so keep that in mind for when you decide to get him. He also does not have to be taught any magic and can use any skill in the game. Anyway, heading to the triangle island, stick around until you find a zone eater and just stay put until it engulfs your entire party.

You'll find yourself inside a cave with stairs going up and down. The stairs up lead out of the zone eater and into the world map, so take the stairs down. There will be some stairs to your bottom right that lead to a lower area, and a bunch of walkways to the left. You'll almost certainly want the sprint shoes for this part. If you're next to any of the green men as they walk back and forth they'll push you off and you'll land in a lower area. Let them do this once and you'll get an ether and a red jacket, and hit the switch to climb back up the stairway you saw in the previous room.

Make your way across the walkways with the green men. For the first two chests at the bottom make sure you approach them from both sides to get the Genji Armor and the magical brush. Whenever you find yourself on a "safe" ledge just wait until the green guys move into a far enough away position for you to pass. Make sure you get the chest in the bottom left area for a fake moustache relic which lets Relm control instead of sketch monsters.

Make sure you save in the next room because you'll be in a very tough area where it's easy to get killed instantly. The ceiling will periodically fall and crush you if you're under it. Make sure you have the sprint shoes and start walking and stand right below the first chest you see before the ceiling falls. As soon as the ceiling begins to rise start walking and stop right below the next chest that you see. The next spot you have to reach is hard, it's the third square down in a middle section of the ground, look for where the hole in the ceiling appears to be and walk three steps from the top of that column and you should be ok. The next hole in the ceiling is in the top right corner of the part of the platform with the chest, make sure you don't try to stand in front of the chest so you don't get crushed. If you're in the top right portion you should be safe. After that, just make a mad dash for the exit and make sure to grab the last chest too.

You'll pass through a room and find yourself in a room with a bunch of platforms you can jump between and chests you can bounce on. Walk around the path and jump onto the platform with the switch to open up some more paths. Head back to the start and jump over to the bottom left and up to reach a chest with a thunder shield. Then head back around to where you jumped onto the platform with the switch and you can reach a platform which has a door. The door will take you to the master of mimicry, Gogo himself. You can select status on him from the menu screen to equip him with the abilities of any character, and if you equip him with the merit award which you can win in the Colliseum you can give him any weapons or armor and make him truly a force to be reckoned with. He never needs to be taught any magic and will automatically know the spells of everyone in the party if you give him the magic command. Use the warp spell or a warp stone to exit if you like or just make your way out of the zone eater in reverse.


Part I: Mog


Head to Narshe. Just for reference, Narshe is on the top middle area of the map, the little cave that should look familiar. Go around to the west to go in the secret entrance and retrace the path you took earlier in the game. Go in the cave opening leading to moogle sanctuary to find Mog sitting there by himself. He'll rejoin your party and tell you of a sasquatch hiding up in the mountains. After he leaves or joins your group move forward and search the ground he was standing on to get a moogle charm, a relic which allows you to eliminate all random encounters.

What you do next depends upon your overall strategy. Since Umaro only requires levelling up and can't be taught any spells, you may prefer to have him join your group later, since his level begins at the average level of the party. If you have three people in your party when you meet Mog he'll join your group, otherwise it's fairly simple to just leave Narshe and trade out your party. If you want Umaro now, put Mog in your party, otherwise come back with him later. Keep traveling along the path to reach the back of the house in Narshe where you began the game and exit to go into the main village of Narshe. It's worth mentioning that you can come back here later in the game with Locke to clean the place out, but that is listed under Locke's Sidequests.

Part II: Ice Dragon/Tritoch


Go north through the mountains of Narshe and keep following the path until you get to the snowy field where you fought Kefka. This is the only place Mog can learn the Snowmann Jazz dance so make sure he does when you take him here to get Umaro in your party. There will be an ice dragon wandering through the paths and a save point in the usual position. Save, then prepare to take on the ice dragon.

Equip ice shields or anything resistant to ice magic if you want and use your strongest fire spells, healing in turn. Some of your characters can randomly be frozen by the N. Cross attack, but you can cast fire on them to thaw them out for low damage. Eventually it should give.

Be prepared for Tritoch to attack you when you talk to him at his usual spot on the north of the cliff. Use your strongest fire magic against it (Fire2 might actually be stronger than Flare) once again with your strongest spellcasters. It will eventually melt and you'll have the most powerful ice/bolt/fire magic ready to be learned.

Part III: Umaro


After you beat Tritoch an opening behind the cliff will open up. Avoid the dark patches while going towards the left path to get a tough monster in a box fight against some pugs. The right path leads to a pit pretty fast, so try the middle path to get an x-ether in a chest. When you want to move on fall in a pit or just go down the stairs. Go to the bottom right corner in the next area for a gauntlet, and climb the stairs to the bottom right and walk over the walkway to another set of stairs. Don't flip the first switch in the next area unless you want to fall down. Flip the second switch to fall into Umaro's cave. Pull a piece of magicite out of the skull to challenge the big yeti himself.

Like all the bosses in this area Umaro is weak against fire. Use your strongest fire magic and don't let up. If Mog is in your party, talk to Umaro afterwards and he'll join you. Go North and you'll be dropped out of the cave entrance you might have seen Umaro peeking his head out of earlier. Head right and keep following the path to leave the caves and go south to exit Narshe.


It is recommended that you do Shadow's sidequest before this one. If Shadow was on your airship at the End of the World, it won't be necessary, but if you just got on the airship as soon as you could and let Shadow die in the process, you will have to rescue Relm in a cave before doing this quest.

Head to Jidoor. For reference, Jidoor is on the left middle continent, north of Maranda and south of Zozo. Head to Owzer's house in the back of town. Flip the light switch at the end of the room and read the diary. Talk to the portrait of Emperor Gestahl twice to get a clue about the phoenix cave and the emperor's treasure. Then talk to the portrait of the lovely lady in the bottom left corner. Go through the door, and when you see two doors pick the left one for a moogle suit. Go into the next room with the constantly changing doors and walk behind it for a relic ring, and go through the very left door when it opens. Continue until you reach the room with the floating chests. Stand underneath them to trigger a fight. Talk to the middle painting when you're done in that room for another fight, which creates a door.

Head through the right door in the next room and you'll find yourself in a room with a painting with Owzer and Relm. You'll have to attack the painting itself which transitions between two forms (each with their own store of HP). They are both weak against Fire. When you defeat the Chardanook boss you'll win the Starlet esper and Relm will join your team.


Part I: Rescue Strago


To complete this sidequest you must first have completed Relm's sidequest and possibly the first part of Shadow's sidequest as well if you didn't save Shadow in the world of balance. Take Relm with you in your party to the Fanatics tower. For reference, the Fanatics tower is on the left side of the large U-shaped continent near the middle of the world map, and is in the middle of a mountain range in the middle of the left side of that giant U. Simply have your party talk to Strago and he'll join you. If you want to know how to defeat the fanatics tower see Fanatic's Tower

Part II: Defeat Hidon


To make the entrance to Hidon's cave in Ebot's rock available, you'll need to witness a sequence in Thamasa involving Strago and Relm. Head into Thamasa with both of them to witness a scene with Gungho. For reference, Thamasa is on the bottom right corner of the world map. Ebot's rock will appear after you complete the scene, on a little islet directly to the north of town. Pick Strago and any other three characters you would like. Traveling through Ebot's rock is mostly random, you'll step onto a teleporter and be zapped around from room to room. Pick up pieces of coral from treasure chests whenever you can and feed them to the talking treasure chest when you have enough. It will get dragged into the room behind it with Hidon and walk to the end of the room to see the big green monster himself.

Hidon will eventually cast GrandTrain, which is Strago's most powerful Lore, so it may be worth waiting to defeat him all the way until you receive that. Hidon is weak against fire and pearl and accompanied by a slew of Hidonites. Use your best multi-enemy attacks at first then your strongest fire spells or pearl, it should fall eventually.

If you miss learning the GrandTrain Lore or you wish to go back and steal some powerful equipment from Hidon or just earn some experience points, you can repeat the quest by just going to Thamasa and talking to Gungho until he says Hidon has appeared at Ebot's rock. Just go back and re-enter Ebot's rock and work your way up to Hidon again. There should also be a monster in Kefka's tower that uses all of Strago's lores, including Grand Train if you wait long enough in one of your random battles with it, so it really isn't necessary to worry too much about your battle with Hidon or fight him multiple times.


The Phoenix Cave


The Phoenix Cave be found north of Tzen, and in the middle of the star shaped mountain at the north end of the bottom middle continent. If you talk to the portrait of the Emporer Gesthal twice in Jidoor he also gives you a clue about this location.

Choosing your party


Once again you will be required to split your party up into 2 groups of 4 characters each. It is probably wise to do this quest later on after you have at least 8 party members you intend to level up until the end of the game. See Chapter 12 for advice on which party members to use and which two to discard.

Edgar, Sabin, Cyan, Shadow, Terra, Celes, Gogo, Strago are some of the characters I normally choose to keep.

Edgar and Sabin, Cyan and Gogo can be split into the two teams in groups of two however you like, they all have innate special abilities which deal large amounts of damage at no cost.

Terra and Celes should be placed in separate teams again because of their strong magical ability, although you can use other characters for this role if you trained them in more espers.

Strago and Shadow are easier to place and easier to substitute for other characters. Give Shadow strong equipment like the Genji Glove and Offering if you plan on using him for physical attacks.

One of your groups will have to fight a Red Dragon so be prepared to have water and ice attacks, or strong physical attackers.

The Phoenix cave


In any case, choose your two groups, and send the first group into the cave to flip the switch so the other party may advance. Send that group through and walk around to step on the switch so the other party may advance. Send the first party through the passage that opens and step on a switch to lower the spikes. Send the second party over the lowered spikes and past the stairway to hit another switch to lower the spikes for the first party. Send that party over, open an empty chest if you like, and head down the stairs to another area. Head up and to the left to step on a switch to allow your second party to advance. Send the second party down the nearby stairs, and go down to head up another set of stairs and flip a switch to reach the chest with the wing edge. Go back down and cross over the path created by your first party. Head up the stairs and step on the switch to move a path for your first party. Back with your first party, follow your path around the lava and past the staircase to reach another staircase taking you to a new area. If you flipped the switch with your second party you should be able to pass by the raised cliff and go around to flip another switch to move the cliff so your other party can pass by. If the cliff doesn't let your party pass by move them off of the switch and have your other party flip the switch again. You should be able to send your second party past the cliff and climb the stairs to hit a switch lowering the spikes for your first party. Send that party over the spikes and through a lava filled room until you reach another set of stairs and flip a switch getting rid of the lava and water in two areas. Have your second party move over and step on the switch to flip the path so your first party can pass through. Your first party should walk through the path and end up on a cliff which is the last place your two groups need to reach. Leave the first party on the uppermost switch on that cliff to create a path. Switch back to the second party and step off the switch to pass through the set of blocks to reach another staircase going into the emptied lava room. Make sure to pick up the chest in the center of the room for a Ribbon, a relic which makes you immune to all status ailments. Go through the exit in the top left and then through the secret passage to reach a cliff near the one you want to reach. If your first party is holding down the switch to create the path, you'll both end up on the same cliff and your task will be nearly complete.

The Red Dragon


You can use whichever party you like to fight the Red Dragon (this might not be obvious when you first see him, so it is recommended that you avoid fighting him until you have united your two groups, and then make a decision as to which group you want to use). Go down the stairs from the cliff where you complete your quest and go down and to the right to find it wandering around near a treasure chest. Save your game ahead of time if you like, then prepare to fight it. Use your strongest physical attacks and your best water and ice spells.

When you're ready to complete the scenario, put both of your parties on the two switches at the base of the cliff and send either party through. You'll run into Locke, who's found the Phoenix esper. He'll take it back to Rachel, who will restore the esper at the cost of her own life, and Locke will rejoin your party, and give you all the treasures from the phoenix cave, which were all the "empty" chests you found.



For the quests in Narshe related to Mog, Umaro, Tritoch, and the Ice Dragon see Mog's section. This part is concerned with Locke's task in breaking into the houses of Narshe.

After you've completed the phoenix cave bring Locke to Narshe, and you can use him to break into all the locked doors. Just for reference Narshe is in the top middle continent, and is the familiar looking cave near the center. Once Locke picks the lock on a door once it's open for good incidentally. Locke can enter each building, but this list gives their contents:


  • The inn contains nothing, don't bother breaking in
  • The treasure room on the cliff at the bottom right of town contains nothing new from the World of Balance
  • The old man's house at the top right of town where you began the game is unlocked, no items
  • The item shop is similarly empty
  • The armor shop is empty
  • The elder's house at the northwest of town is unlocked and empty
  • The relic shop is empty

The prizes:

  • The house directly above the relic shop has a man sleeping in bed below the stairway. Talk to him and received the cursed shield. The shield casts all status ailments on the member who equips it, including countdown. However if you fight with it and live for 256 battles, not using Gogo or Umaro, it will be uncursed and become the Paladin shield, the best shield in the game which also teaches Ultima at 1%. It may be worth the trouble to uncurse, particularly if you want to learn Ultima without getting the Ragnarok esper. If you want to uncurse it make sure whoever equips it gets a ribbon to block all the negative effects except countdown. To avoid countdown you can either win your battles quickly or use a safety bit/memento ring.
  • Go into the weapon shop and step behind the counter for another room with a bed you can sleep in. Talk to the man there to receive the Ragnarok as either a sword or an esper. The esper teaches Ultima, which can also be learned from the Paladin Shield, however, it is the best spell in the game and the sword I haven't found to be that useful particularly compared to the Atma Weapon. Plus summoning ragnarok morphs monsters into items which can also be useful for completing your collection. However the ragnarok sword can be bet in the colliseum to win the illumina, another intensely powerful sword. Do whatever you like but the esper will generally be more useful.


You don't technically need Edgar for this sidequest since anyone can use Figaro castle now but since it occurs in relation to his home turf I decided to classify it like this. You'll probably want a high-level party for the tough enemies and the two semi-bosses you'll have to fight. First, head to Figaro castle. Just for reference Figaro castle is in the desert of the continent to the northwest by Kohlingen, or else in the continent just to the southeast of that if you moved it. Move the castle from Kohlingen to Figaro and you'll get an offer to stop along the way to investigate a stratum. Head right and go through one of the prisoner's cells to find yourself in a cave.

Do your usual routine of clearing the place out of chests. Be warned that the chest in the top right of the second room will have a tough monster-in-a-box fight against a Master Pug for a graedus. Work your away around the second room to the top left to move into another area. When you reach the room with the stairs make sure to walk through the walls for two more chests, and go down the stairs to find yourself outside the Ancient Castle. Walk forward a bit to witness a cutscene about the war of the Magi.

Head through the little door on the right to get a punisher weapon, and head through the two alcoves on the left to get a tough monster-in-a-box fight against the Katanasoul. It reflects magic attacks so use your best physical fighters to get through about 32000 HP. When you win, you'll get the Offering, the best relic in the game. It allows you to attack four times. When paired with the Genji Glove this enables you to attack eight times in one round.

Head through the castle doors and in through the next room to see Odin standing in the center of the hall. Talk to him and you'll receive the esper Odin. The esper teaches you meteor at a rate of x1 and is the only esper to give you a Speed bonus on levelling. Odin's magicite is the only one in the game that you aren't intended to keep forever; however it is not critical to train anyone to use Meteor now, as a different esper will later teach you Meteor at a rate of x10. You may choose to keep Odin for an extended period if you want to level up a character with a very high Speed attribute.

The left passageway takes you to the room above the fight with the Katanasoul which is empty of items. From the main hall, the left alcove on the right side of the throne takes you to a secret room with a blizzard orb, which gives Umaro a special attack, and a gold hairpin, which cuts MP use in half.

Head into the right passage from the main hall to enter the Queen's bedroom. Pick up the glowing dot to read the Queen's diary, which tells of her love for Odin. If Terra is in your party she'll comment briefly on it. The scholars in the Figaro library talk about an ancient text they found which mentions the thousand year old city, with a line stating that "the queen stands and takes five steps..." Go back to the throne room and take five steps below the queen's throne on the right, then press A. You should hear a staircase get triggered, and you'll see it if you walk back to the Queen's bedroom. Walk down the stairs to reach a large room with a Blue Dragon walking around and a statue resembling Celes at the end. You can talk to the statue to permanently transform the Odin esper into Raiden—in doing this you trade away your only chance to pick up the speed bonus in exchange for your only chance to learn the spell Quick (and pick up a Vigor+2 bonus on levelling which is already offered by other espers).

When you're ready, fight the blue dragon. It's weak against lightning, use your strongest magic and equip the offering/genji glove combo on your best fighter for some serious destructive potential. After that, you're finished with the sidequest, go back to Figaro castle, tell the man in charge to continue, then you'll probably want to tell him to head back so you can pick up your airship.

Sidequest/Fanatic's Tower

For reference, the fanatic's tower is located on the Serpent Trench, closer to Nikeah (the head of the serpent) than to Mobliz (the tail). This is also where you pick up Strago in his sidequest. I would highly recommend that you teach at least one character Ultima before you attempt the tower, it will make things much easier going. Ultima can be learned either from the ragnarok esper or the paladin shield, which is the uncursed "cursed shield." Both can be found in Locke's sidequest. I would also recommend purchasing wall rings from Thamasa, at the bottom right of the world map, and equipping them on all your characters. You will be unable to use anything but magic while in the fanatic's tower and you will earn no experience points, so keep that in mind when choosing your party, strong magic users are generally wise to pick, such as Terra, Celes, and Strago. Also make sure someone in your party knows Life 3 for the boss battle.

If one of your characters knows Ultima you can give them the Gold Hairpin or an economizer if you managed to steal one from an Aquila or win one from a brachiosaur. It will do an unblockable magic attack to devastate the opposition. If you don't know Ultima or can't stomach the MP cost, simply cast a high level magic spell on all of your own party or an unblockable one on the opposite party. To restore MP during battles cast Osmose, or stock up on ethers.

The first door leads you to a Safety Bit, which prevents instant death spells. Step to the right of the chest and hit A to activate a secret door on the floor below, which gives you Edgar's final tool, the Air Anchor. Each level contains progressively harder monsters. The next level has a door leading to a Genji Shield, a very powerful shield. The next level contains a Stunner weapon for Shadow and the White Dragon. The dragon has no weaknesses and casts holy/pearl magic. If you followed my strategy of equipping all wall rings most of the spells will just reflect and heal the dragon. The next level will give you the force armor, one of the best armors in the game which raises the all important mblock stat. Go up to the last level and enter the room at the top to get a Gem Box, which allows someone to cast two spells in turn. You will enter a boss battle upon leaving this room, and it is strongly recommend that you equip the Gem Box on somebody right away, preferably your strongest magic user. When you walk out, a bunch of Kefka's minions will surround you and you'll have to fight the Mage Master.

It is critical that you have at least one, and preferably all the members of your party protected by Life 3 at the end of this battle. Upon dying, the boss will cast Ultima which penetrates the defense of the Wall Ring and is likely to kill every party member. Hit the mage master with your most powerful spells, quick and the gem box will give you extra turns, and scan him or use unblockable spells to get around his wall changes. If you have Ultima in your repertoire this battle shouldn't be too bad. After you're done, you can warp out or simply trudge all the way back down and take off in your airship. You can bet the gem box for an economizer at the Collisium, which is a relic which reduces all spells to a casting cost of one, but I'd recommend holding onto the gem box since it is irreplaceable and you can win or steal Economizers in certain random battles.

  • You can also cast Bersk on the final boss early on the battle, and then he will only perform weak physical attacks, no more wall changes, but he will still do the Ultima one when you kill him. This way you can beat him pretty quickly. It is also worth noting that, like nearly every monster in the game, he can be killed in one round by a high level fighter equipped with Atma Weapon, ValiantKnife, Genji Glove, and Offering. The caveat is that in this fight you must cast Bersk on your own character in order to trigger X Fight.

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  • Extra Note: For those of you who do not have Life3, or are unable to attain X Fight; here is a method that worked for me. Do not listen to the other skeptics that claim the battle would be otherwise un-winable, there is a way to win without all that fancy junk it just takes some thinking. Equip all 4 of your characters with Wall Rings and make sure one character has the Palidor esper equiped before the battle. Let the MagiMaster beat himself senseless with his own spells against you for a while, periodically using Scan to check his health. When he is at roughly 7 or 8k HP, hit him with Bserk. This will stop his aimless casting and his health is now able to be micromanaged by you. Hit him with a few strong spells until his health is around 1k, then hit him with weaker spells until his health is around 100-150. This may take some testing and fine tuning; but since he can't attack you powerfully, or finish himself off, you have all the time to test the damage of each characters spell while you take him down from 8k. Once his HP is within the range of 100-150, use the Palidor esper to initiate the jump attack. The first one or two to fall (sometimes the third) will usually kill him. He'll then cast Ultima. Since 1 or some of your other characters are skill in the sky, they will be uneffected by the spell and you'll survive the battle and win. It worked for me. It just goes to show, there's always a way if you take the time to think it out.

Sidequest/Doom Gaze and the Eight Dragons



The trick to being able to fight Deathgaze is to realize that it isn't a random battle in the usual sense of the word. Every time you take off in the airship Doom Gaze has a fixed location on the world map he is hiding in. To get into a fight with doom gaze all you need to do is find that location and get close enough to it to trigger a battle. Hence, if you're ready to fight, flying around in circles is pointless and wandering around aimlessly may not work too well either. From when you take off, tilt your ship to the right at a very slight angle, then hold L+R to go full steam ahead. You'll move across the map at a slight angle and cover every location until you run into Deathgaze.

For actually fighting Deathgaze, he absorbs most elemental spells, so I would recommend using your strongest physical attacks like chainsaw or non-elemental attacks like Phantom Rush. He's weak against fire and pearl however, so you can try your strongest fire spell or Holy if you have it. And unblockable magic spells like Ultima are always a plus of course. Doom Gaze has 55555 HP total and although he usually escapes before a battle is finished he's unable to regenerate his HP. Meaning, that all you have to do to wear him down is keep fighting him over and over and do some damage each time. And since you know how to find doom gaze with the above method, this should be a cinch.

Deathgaze is vulnerable to the Vanish-Doom (Death)/X-Zone (Banish) combo, but if you use Vanish then Banish, you will not receive the Bahamut esper. There is also a chance you won't receive it when using Vanish then Death. Save your game if you want to be on the safe side.

The Eight Dragons


For all the Dragons you can do the unworthy way of defeating them by the vanish - doom technique. may not always work on skull dragon but try the vanish - life techinque

Earth Dragon


This is the one dragon you won't encounter on any of the normal sidequests. To find it, go to the Opera House, which is in the thin middle section of the left middle continent. Go up to the balcony like you did for the original opera house scene, and flip the second switch from the right to drop down onto the stage. To actually fight the dragon, make sure you have casted Float upon every party member. You can also equip your party members with Gaia Gear which absorbs earth attacks as a better alternative. It's weak to wind and water magic, just use your strongest attacks and take your time and you should be fine.

Storm Dragon


Located in Mount Zozo in Cyan's sidequest. Weak against fire, absorbs Thunder magic. 42000 HP total.

Red Dragon


Located in the Phoenix cave in Locke's sidequest. Weak against water and ice, absorbs fire magic.

White Dragon


Located in a top side room in the fanatic's tower. Equip wall rings on your entire party as usual in the tower. It absorbs pearl magic and has no weaknesses, use unblockable spells like Ultima or your strongest other magic.

Blue Dragon


Located in the secret room in the ancient castle in Edgar's sidequest/Ancient Castle. It is weak against lightning, use your best physical or magical attacks as usual, and you should have the offering to help you out a lot.

Ice Dragon


Located on the snowy hills of Narshe where you fought Kefka, in Mog/Umaro's sidequest. Use your strongest fire magic and it absorbs ice naturally.

Gold Dragon


Fought by your second party in Kefka's Tower. Attacks with lightning, weak against water, by this point you should have enough powerful magic and attacks to finish it.

Skull Dragon


Fought by your third party in Kefka's Tower. An undead dragon with annoying status altering spells. Ribbons help naturally, and use your strongest fire spells or Holy.



After defeating the eight dragons, you will receive the Crusader (Jihad) magicite. In the Game Boy Advance version, a small tablet will appear in your inventory telling you to go to the "Dragon's Horn". The "Dragon's Horn" is located above the Dragon's Neck Coliseum.

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