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South Figaro


Locke's Scenario takes you inside South Figaro which is being occupied by the Empire. The town is filled with soldiers more than willing to fight Locke if he runs into them. If you lose a battle you simply restart at the beginning of the town, but it's best to avoid the soldiers in magitek armor in particular if you want to avoid a fight you will have a hard time winning at this point (It's possible though). Inside the Item Shop there will be a merchant you can fight whose clothes you can steal in the battle. Stealing his clothes ends the battle and leaves you dressed as a merchant.

Inside a nearby house you will be able to pass by a kid guarding a passage which is for merchants only. Go outside, and climb the nearby stairs to reach the upper left corner of South Figaro where you can find a Green Soldier walking around. Challenge him to a fight and steal his clothes to find yourself dressed as an Imperial Officer. You will now be able to pass by normal soldiers without getting into fights with them. Enter the cafe and go down the stairs to the right to fight a merchant, steal his clothes and you'll also win a cider. Go back to the house with the kid only allowing merchants to pass and give the cider to the old man, he'll tell you about a secret passage but forget the password. Go talk to the kid again and give him the password "courage", you'll find a secret passage going to the rich man's house. Take an elixir from one of the clocks as usual. Inside the rich man's house you'll find a secret staircase behind a bookshelf. Travel down the passage, until you get the choice to change your clothes. Keep going straight down that passageway and you'll find a hidden stairway with more treasure chests. Behind one of the doors in the passage you'll meet Celes, a former imperial general who will join your party. Take a Clock Key from the guard as well, and us it to wind a clock in the top right corner of the next room to reveal another hidden passage.

The next area contains some random battles and two small areas with treasure chests, make sure you equip the optimum on Celes and Locke since they may be empty. Use Celes to cure you in between battles. The upper right area of the room has a secret passage to some chests, and down and to the left there is a hidden stairwell leading to more chests. Make sure to search the bottom right corner of the top cell after going down the hidden stairwell to find an immensely valuable ribbon which makes you immune to all status ailments. Take a staircase out of the area and enter the nearby cave to make your way back to Narshe. If you want, stop by Sabin's house to restore HP or use a tent first, but there is a recovery spring prior to fighting the boss. You'll have to fight a TunnelArmor when you reach the end of the cave.

Tunnel Armor
HP: 1300, MP: 900, Weaknesses: Lightning and Water, Nullifies: None, Absorbs: None
Have Celes use Runic every turn to absorb its magic attacks and have Locke attack. If you're hurt (by his physicals), have Locke heal with potion and such. You can also steal an Air Lancet from him.

After that is completed, you'll automatically leave the cave and complete the scenario.

You can do the Scenarios in any order, but I recommend saving Sabin's for last.

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