Final Fantasy VI > Spell List

Items that teach spells are in bold

Name MP Cost Effect Espers Who Teach It Note
Cure 5 Weak healing magic. Harms undead weakly. Kirin x2, Shiva x3, Sraphim x20, Starlet x20 None
Cure 2 25 Medium healing magic. Harms undead somewhat. Golem x5, Kirin x1, Sraphim x8, Starlet x16, Unicorn x4, Sraphim x5 None
Cure 3 40 Strong healing magic. Harms undead greatly. Phoenix x2, Starlet x1 It's actually stronger than Flare on a single target
Life 30 Revies a dead ally with about 12% of their max HP. May kill undead quickly. Bismark x2, Phoenix x10, Kills an undead instantly
Life 2 60 Revies a dead ally with 100% of their max HP. May kill undead quickly. Phoenix x2 Kills an undead instantly
Antdot 3 Heals poison. Kirin x4 Also removes Seizure
Remedy 15 Heals all bad status effects (Confusion, Stop, Poison, Bio, Sleep, Blind, Berserk, Stone, and Charm), but not Frozen, Imp, or Zombie. Alexandr x15, Sraphim x4, Starlet x20, Unicorn x3 None
Regen 10 Gradually heals HP. Kirin x3, Sraphim x10, Starlet x20 Wears away HP for undeads
Life 3 60 Revies a dead ally with 12% of their max HP immediately after they die. Phoenix x1 Can kill an undead inflicted with Life 3, if you attack with Doom
Fire 4 Weak fire attack. Bismark x20, Ifrit x10, Siren x6 None
Ice 5 Weak ice attack Bismark x20, Shiva x10 None
Bolt 6 Weak lightning attack. Bismark x20, Ramuh x10 None
Poison 3 Poisons enemy. Ramuh x5 Is actually stronger than Fire, Ice, or Bolt
Drain 15 Steals enemy's HP and gives it the caster. Ifrit x1 Works in reverse versus undead
Fire 2 20 Medium fire attack. Flame Shld x5, Ifrit x5, Maduin x3 None
Ice 2 21 Medium ice attack Ice Shld x5, Shiva x5, Maduin x3 None
Bolt 2 22 Medium lightning attack. Thunder Shld x5, Ramuh x2, Maduin x3 None
Bio 26 Poisons enemy and does greater damage than Poison. Shoat x8 Weaker than level 2s
Fire 3 51 Strong fire attack. Phoenix x3, Tritoch x1 None
Ice 3 52 Strong ice attack Tritoch x1 None
Bolt 3 53 Strong lightning attack. Tritoch x1 None
Break 25 Turns an enemy to stone. Shoat x5 Checks for ID protection unlike Dread
Doom 35 Dispatches an enemy. Shoat x2 Fully heals an undead
Pearl 40 Pearl-elemental attack. Alexandr x2 None
Flare 45 Barrier-piercing attack. Bahamut x2 None
Demi 33 Cuts an enemy's HP in half. Phantom x5 Checks for ID Protection
Quartr 48 Cuts an enemy's HP by 3/4. Terrato x1 Checks for ID Protection
X-Zone 53 Sends an enemy into the X-Zone. Cursed Ring x5, Fenrir x5 ID to all
Meteor 62 Damages multiple enemies. Crusader x10, Odin x1 None
Ultima 80 Damages multiple enemies. Paladin Shld x1, Ragnarok x1 Simply broken
Quake 50 Unfocused Earth-elemental attack. Terrato x3 Stronger than Meteor
W Wind 75 Unfocused near-fatal attack. Terrato x1 Safety Bit can block this
Merton 85 Unfocused piercing fire attack. Crusader x1 Also wind-elemental, stronger than Meteor
Scan 3 Displays an enemy's HP/weak point. Kirin x5 None
Slow 5 Slows battle speed of target. Palidor x20, Siren x7 None
Rasp 12 Damages MP. Shiva x4, ZoneSeek x20 None
Mute 8 Prevents target from using magic. Siren x8 Also prevents from using any attacks that cost MP
Safe 12 Raises target's defense. Alexandr x10, Carbunkl x2, Golem x5, Unicorn x1 None
Sleep 5 Puts target to sleep. Siren x10 None
Muddle 8 Confuses target. Stray x7 None
Haste 10 Raises battle speed of target. Carbunkl x3, Palidor x20 None
Stop 10 Stops target's battle gauge. Fenrir x3, Golem x5 None
Bserk 16 Casts Berserk on target. Phantom x3 Cause enemy to use phys. attack only, but raise their damage
Float 17 Makes target float. Palidor x5, Stray x2 Protects again earth-elemental attacks save Lifeshaver
Imp 10 Changes to/from "Imp." Imp's Armor x1, Stray x5, Tortoise Shld x1, Titanium x1 None
Rflect 22 Casts a magic barrier on target that reflects magic. Carbunkl x5 None
Shell 15 Raises target's magic defense Alexandr x10, Carbunkl x2, Force Shld x5, Unicorn x1, ZoneSeek x5 None
Vanish 18 Renders target invisible and immune to physical attacks. Phantom x3 All magical attack will hit an invisible target, unless status protection is present
Haste2 38 Speeds up entire party. Palidor x2 None
Slow 2 26 Slows multiple enemies. Palidor x2 None
Osmose 1 Absorbs MP from target. Shiva x4, ZoneSeek x15 Works in reverse versus undead
Warp 20 Escape from dungeons/battles. Carbunkl x2, Fenrir x10 None
Quick 99 Allows double commands. Raiden x1 Simply broken
Dispel 25 Maintains poor status. Alexandr x10, Unicorn x2 Removes beneficial statuses