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Final Fantasy VI contains a number of nations, castles, towns, and villages in which the story takes place.

The story of the game is divided between two "eras", called the World of Balance and the World of Ruin, featuring different locations and events.

World of Balance
The World of Balance
World of Ruin
The World of Ruin


Narshe (炭坑都市ナルシェ, Tankō Toshi Narushe, officially "Colliery Nalsh" or "Mines city Narche" in Japan) is a coal-mining town where the game begins. Its military have tamed mammoths to aid in the defense of the town.

Streets of Narshe
Streets of Narshe
World of Balance

While the town tries to remain neutral in the conflict between the Empire and other nations, it nevertheless serves as a secret base of operations for the Returners throughout much of the first half of the game. Mog is recruited in the mines of Narshe after being rescued from Lone Wolf. Despite its "neutrality," the town serves as the headquarters of the Returners, and the player's party, during much of the first half of the game until the party obtains the airship, Blackjack from Setzer.

World of Ruin

Narshe is all but completely abandoned, and is enemy-infested. Locke can open the locked buildings, where the Cursed Shield and the Magicite Ragnarok can be found (with the option to take the Ragnrok sword in its place). Mog has returned in the moogle cave inside the mines, but the cave is darkened and no other moogles remain. Mog must be in the party to recruit Umaro, who lives behind the huge ice field beyond the mines (where the Ice Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal the Esper Crusader - Jihad in the Japanese version - and the Esper Valigarmanda (Tritoch) can be found).

Figaro CastleEdit

Figaro Castle (機械城フィガロ, Kikaijō Figaro, lit. "Mechanical Castle Figaro") is the most technologically advanced structure in either the World of Balance or the World of Ruin, and capable of submerging and traveling beneath the sand (going under mountains if need be). It is also the home of Figaro's king, Edgar Roni Figaro.

World of Balance

Figaro Castle is fitted with massive engines that allow it to burrow under the desert sand and go beneath the mountains, rising up to the surface just southeast of Kohlingen. Locke Cole takes Terra Branford to Figaro Castle in order to meet King Edgar and join the Returners. When Kefka arrives, Edgar has to evade his questions regarding Terra's whereabouts. Kefka responds by setting the castle on fire. Edgar takes off with Locke and Terra on chocobos, while the castle submerges to safety.

The Returners later use Figaro Castle to get to Kohlingen in their search for Terra, who had transformed in the presence of the frozen Esper and flown away, toward the thieves' city, Zozo.

World of Ruin

Figaro Castle is cut off from South Figaro when the cave entrance collapses. While under the sand, tentacular creatures infest the engines and stop the castle in its path, releasing the small-time criminals locked in the dungeon. King Edgar dons the disguise of "Gerad" in order to join their gang and get back to the castle. Celes Chere (and optionally Sabin Rene Figaro) find Gerad at Nikeah, and hide on the Crimson Robbers' ship as it sails to South Figaro. They go into the basement and find the thieves, whom Gerad tells to loot the treasure vault while he fights the tentacles. He tells Celes (and Sabin) to help him, and they hide from the robbers when they leave.

Figaro Castle is required to carry out a side-quest to find the Ancient Castle and the powerful Esper Odin, which can be upgraded deeper in the castle into Raiden. The upgrade room contains the stone statue of the Ancient Castle's queen, as well as the Blue Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal the powerful Esper Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version). The Ancient Castle is also the place where the player can find the enemy Samurai's Soul and obtain the Master's Scroll (Offering) relic.

South FigaroEdit

South Figaro (サウスフィガロ, Sausu Figaro) is part of the kingdom ruled by Edgar Roni Figaro. South Figaro, which is actually beyond a mountain range and accessible by the Figaro Cave, is famous for selling armor and weapons originally manufactured in Figaro castle.

South Figaro
South Figaro
South Figaro Cafe
South Figaro Pub
World of Balance

Edgar is betrayed when the Empire invades South Figaro. At that time, Celes is being held there pending her execution for treason against the Empire; Locke discovers and rescues her during his own escape from the town. Later, the Empire will withdraw from South Figaro if the player shows good manners at an Imperial banquet.

World of Ruin

South Figaro is one of the few towns still thriving despite Kefka's attempts to destroy everything he sees. When Celes first arrives here from Nikeah in pursuit of "Gerad" (an incognito King Edgar) the Crimson Robbers are hanging about in the streets and in; they then disappear when Celes attempts to confront "Gerad" at the Inn.

Returners' HideoutEdit

World of Balance

The Returners' primary base is beyond Mt. Koltz, which is where Edgar and Locke plan to take Terra after Locke brings her to Figaro Castle. Banon, the leader of the Returners, asks Terra to help them fight the Empire. Whether or not she accepts, she must accompany Banon, Edgar, and Sabin down the Lethe River to Narshe and meet with the town's elder regarding the frozen Esper. During this trip, the party meets Ultros for the first time.

World of Ruin

The Returners' hideout is not to be found in the world of ruin. More than likely destroyed after the world changed.

Doma CastleEdit

World of Balance

The home of Cyan Garamonde, Doma was one of the few nations that held out against the Empire. While Sabin was trekking south toward Mobliz, he found an Imperial base, where the Empire staged its attacks on Doma, and where Kefka poisoned the castle's water supply, killing everyone except Cyan and one Doma soldier. The castle is then occupied by the Empire, but it is possible to free it by showing good manners at the Imperial Banquet.

World of Ruin

A party containing Cyan will enter Cyan's dreamscape if they rest in the castle. By defeating the 3 Dream Stooges and the evil Wrexsoul, Cyan will be freed of his despair and guilt for the death of the people he was protecting, mastering himself and learning his greatest Bushido, Oblivion. After the dreamscape event, the Magicite Alexander is sitting on the throne.

Phantom ForestEdit

World of Balance

Deep within the Phantom Forest (迷いの森, Mayoi no Mori, officially the "Mystic Forest" in Japan), the characters Sabin, Cyan, and (possibly) Shadow find and board the spectral Phantom Train, which takes the souls of the newly dead to the next world. Cyan is given the chance to say good-bye to his wife and son, who were both killed in Kefka's poisoning of Doma.

World of Ruin

The Phantom Train appears during Cyan's nightmare, although in a much altered form with new puzzles to solve and more powerful monsters, after the defeat of the Three Dream Stooges. The Phantom Forest itself seems to no longer exist, possibly laid to waste during the Cataclysm.


The Veldt (獣ヶ原, Jūgahara, lit. "Beast Plains") is a large plain. Monsters from all over the world migrate to the Veldt, and thus any monster previously encountered can be fought there, including some bosses. It is only here that Gau can learn new Rages.

World of Balance

Gau, the wild boy, lives on the Veldt and will appear occasionally after a fight. He will join Sabin and Cyan if they give him Dried Meat instead of attacking him. After Gau joins the party, the adventurers head south towards a cave, where Gau will find a device which will allow them to breathe underwater, thus allowing them to return to Narshe.

World of Ruin

The Veldt is mostly unchanged from the World of Balance. After gaining the Falcon, the player can explore the Veldt to find Gau. After a random battle, Gau will eventually appear and rejoin the party, but only if there's an open space in the current group (3 party members or less).

The Veldt also has a cave where Relm or Shadow can be found (depending on whether or not the player waited for Shadow on the Floating Continent), albeit guarded by the Behemoth King. Other items such as the Berserker Ring relic, the Ichigeki dagger, and the Tigerfang weapon for Sabin can be found.


World of Balance

Mobliz is a small town on the edge of the Veldt, and where a wounded Imperial soldier is barely holding on to life. He wishes to correspond with his girlfriend in Maranda, Lola, but cannot lift a pen; the party can help him, and after sending enough correspondence, he gives them a Tintinabar relic. The bed in the back of the Relic shop is free to use.

World of Ruin

Kefka literally cleaved the town in half with his Light of Judgement, killing everyone except a handful of children and two teenagers, Duane and Katarin. Terra finds her way here, and becomes "Mama" to the children. When the party first arrives in Mobliz, Terra will fight, and lose to, Humbaba (an ancient demon released after the end of the world; called Phunbaba in the original US translation) as she is at this point unable to resurrect her will to fight. The rest of the party must fight, but Humbaba escapes. Terra does not join the party, but they do receive the Magicite Fenrir.

Later, Duane and Katarin will have problems, Duane not being able to take the pressure of having a baby, and when found, Terra takes care of Katarin, who is pregnant. Humbaba chooses this time to return, and will use Humbaba Breath to knock two members of the party away. Terra joins the party in her Tranced form, and destroys Humbaba. The children are afraid because they do not recognize her Esper form, save one girl who recognizes her Mama. Terra realizes she has finally come to understand love (a key point for her character in the first half of the game) through these children, and tells them that she must leave for now to rescue them from Kefka's tyranny.


Possibly named after Nicaea (Νίκαια, both İznik, Turkey and Nice, France), pronounced /ˈnicɛa/ in Modern Greek.

World of Balance

Nikeah is a coastal town that offers a variety of strong (but expensive) equipment. Sabin, Cyan, and Gau first arrive here through the Serpent Trench while trying to make their way back to Narshe. When the party is finished shopping, they are able to find passage on a steamship which will take them to South Figaro. Since South Figaro is under Imperial occupation at the time, the party is forced to sneak out of the city in order to avoid detection by Imperial troops. While under Imperial occupation, no return ship sails from South Figaro to Nikeah. Thus, the player must travel through Mt Koltz, to the Returner's Hideout, and go through the Lete River to get back to Nikeah.

World of Ruin

Celes (and optionally Sabin) will find that the Crimson Robbers own the steamship, and that "Gerad," who is actually Edgar, leads them. After talking to Gerad (who denies being Edgar), Celes can stow aboard the ship and take it to South Figaro.


World of Balance

Kohlingen is on the western side of the mountains from Figaro Castle, and the party will go there on the search for Terra after her encounter with the Esper Tritoch, which triggers her shift into her esper form. Shadow can be hired in the Cafe for 3000 Gil (the game's currency), and the party will learn about Locke's motivations if he is in the party and they visit the houses in the northeast and northwest of the village. Kohlingen is Locke's hometown, but he has not been back since a terrible accident left his childhood love, Rachel (Kathleen in the Japanese FFVI) in a forced hibernation, since her body is apparently too damaged to carry on normal life functions. However, Locke has heard of a magical artifact (the Esper, Phoenix, in magicite form) that can bring a person back even from death, and holds onto this faint hope to save his loved one, since he cannot let go of her.

World of Ruin

Setzer is drowning his despair in the Pub (Cafe in the American version), but Celes will snap him out and he will take the party to find his friend's interred airship, the Falcon. After finding Locke, he brings the Magicite Phoenix, and the treasures of the star-shaped mountain cave, where the Red Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version), is located.


World of Balance

Jidoor is the westernmost town on the world map, as boasted by one of the townspeople. It is the home of the art collector Owzer, and the auction house where the Magicites Golem and Zona Seeker can be won for the right price. Jidoor is where Locke and Celes will first hear about Setzer, the Wandering Gambler, and his love of the opera.

World of Ruin

Jidoor is one of the few towns that appears to be unaffected by Kefka's light of judgement, at least physically. Owzer's house is dark, and an unseen force prevents the party from climbing the stairs to the gallery. By reading Owzer's diary, they learn his accounts of acquiring a strange painting of the "Lakshmi", in which an evil presence inhabited it, and Owzer eventually becoming possessed. By reading his hints and using the lights, the party can proceed, find the Emperor's Letter in his painting, and go into Owzer's basement and find Relm and the Magicite Starlet. If Shadow did not survive the Floating Continent, Relm must first be rescued from the Cave in the Veldt. In the Game Boy Advance version, the Excalipoor, which is sold at the Auction House for 500,000 gil, can be bought here and wagered at the Coliseum to fight Gilgamesh.


Zozo is unique in the game in that random battles can take place in the town. According to a townsperson in Jidoor, Zozo was built by criminals who could not afford to live in the affluent town of Jidoor.

World of Balance

People in Jidoor will tell the player that they saw a glowing shape fly through the sky toward Zozo, and that is where Terra, who turned into a magical creature and flew off after touching minds with the frozen Esper in Narshe, can be found.

One person in Zozo complains that the town is dangerous, and he's right. On top of that, everybody constantly lies (excluding the previously mentioned man). For example, everyone claims the time is something it isn't, which is a clue to how to properly reset a clock in town and access a powerful tool for Edgar.

After climbing a huge skyscraper and gathering some decent items, the party encounters Dadaluma (Dadama in the Japanese version), who, like everyone else in Zozo, lies about being a pacifist before attacking. After defeating him, the party finds Terra, and meets Ramuh, an Esper, who tells the player the story of the espers, and provides the Magicite remains of himself and three companions who escaped the Magitek Research Facility in Vector, the capital of the Empire.

When the party returns from the Facility with liberated Magicite, one piece glows in Terra's presence, the remains of Maduin, who is actually Terra's father.

Zozo's monsters are powerful at this point in the game: the Hill Gigas has Magnitude 8, an Earth-based attack that deals 200+ damage to the party, and Slam Dancers can cast Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara.

World of Ruin

After Setzer, Celes, and Edgar (and optionally Sabin) get the Falcon out of mothballs, Celes sees a homing pigeon take a letter to Maranda. Lola, who has been receiving letters and hand-crafted silk flowers from her boyfriend in Mobliz, asks them to send a letter by pigeon. The pigeon takes the letter to Mount Zozo. In order to follow, they must purchase RustRid from the honest man, and fight their way up the mountain to find Cyan, who writes to Lola in her dead boyfriend's name. He sends a final letter, owning up to his charade, and joins the group to fight Kefka. He mentions that Gau has returned to the Veldt.

Mount Zozo is the location of the Storm Dragon, one of the eight dragons that seal the powerful Esper Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version). Zozo's monsters have not changed from the World of Balance, but Mount Zozo has, among other things, a much stronger version of the Hill Gigas: the Glasya Labolas.

Opera HouseEdit

World of Balance

The party has to go to the Opera House in order to get Setzer's airship and get to Vector. Locke convinces the Impresario to switch Maria, the opera singer, with Celes, who happens to be the spitting image of Maria; Setzer plans on kidnapping Maria at the climax of Act 1. Ultros, still angry from the last fight, tries to foil their plan with a four-ton weight that he intends to drop on "Maria" from the rafters, but is stopped by Locke and his allies. The altercation causes the party and Ultros to fall on stage, knocking out the Draco and Prince Ralse characters, and the Impresario ad-libs the incident into the opera. Ultros is then fought on stage and, after getting rid of him, Setzer comes to kidnap Celes. Celes convinces Setzer to help the party after swindling him by using a double-sided coin.

World of Ruin

The Earth Dragon (Dirt Dragon in the US SNES version), one of the eight dragons that seal the powerful Esper Crusader (Jihad in the Japanese version), is sitting on the stage, much to the Impresario's dismay. One of the switches in the rightmost room will drop the party onto the stage, where they can battle the Earth Dragon.

Other than the Earth Dragon, the Opera House has no role in the World of Ruin.

In the SNES version of the game, there is a glitch that can transport the party from the World of Ruin to the World of Balance. Rats prowl the rafters above the opera stage, and if the party battles, and loses to one of the rats while in the World of Ruin, they will be transported outside to find themselves in the World of Balance again.

Sealed GateEdit

World of Balance

The Empire has a heavily occupied base outside the cave to the Sealed Gate, but when the party takes Terra to talk to the espers, the base is abandoned. The cave has many treasures, including the Ultima Weapon (Atma Weapon in the original North American translation; not to be confused with the monster of the same name), which are guarded by strong undead creatures. The cave becomes unavailable to enter after completing the events in Thamasa.

World of Ruin

Since the Gate was located on what became the floating continent, it is assumed that the Gate, along with possibly the Esper world were destroyed after the continent was destroyed.

Esper WorldEdit

World of Balance

The Esper World appears only in a controlled flashback, occurring after the party escapes the Magitek Research Facility because of Maduin's Magicite restoring Terra's memory. Maduin (one of the rescued pieces of Magicite) finds a human woman named Madeline (Madonna in the original North American translation) has stumbled into the Esper World, and takes care of her, eventually fathering a child with her, Terra. Emperor Gestahl (Gastra in the Japanese version) infiltrates the Esper World and his forces carry off a number of espers, including Maduin, and he takes Terra from her mother.

World of Ruin

Because the gate to the Esper world was on the doomed floating continent, some believe the Esper world was destroyed along with the continent. Others believe the Esper World resides in another dimension, sparing it from such a fate.


World of Balance

A xenophobic backwater town, Thamasa is actually the home of the Mage Warriors, the magic-wielding decendants of the warriors of the War of the Magi, who fled persecution 1,000 years ago to live in peace. It is the home of the Blue Mage Strago Magus and his adopted granddaughter, Relm Arrowny. In the World of Balance, the party must save Relm from a burning building, and later, the town is a scene of a battle between Kefka, the espers from the sealed gate, and General Leo.

World of Ruin

In the World of Ruin, Strago finds an old friend in Thamasa who encourages him to track down a monster whose presence had been haunting him. This is also where Shadow (or Relm, if Shadow dies on the Floating Continent) may be brought to recover from injuries sustained in the Cave on the Veldt, with some flashbacks detailing their past connection to Thamasa.

Floating ContinentEdit

When Gestahl and Kefka enter the Esper World, they cause the eastern island of the south continent to rise up from the ocean and into the sky (presumably to prevent anyone from tampering with the Statues of the Warring Triad). It is populated by powerful magic beasts, defended by the Imperial Air Force, and the home of the monstrous Ultima Weapon (Atma Weapon in the original US version). Shadow is left betrayed and wounded on the Continent, and will rejoin the party as soon as they arrive. He leaves after fighting the Ultima Weapon. Gestahl and Kefka will try to convince Celes (who will arrive if she's not in the party) to return to them and rule the world by their side. She fakes accepting the request, and stabs Kefka by surprise. Kefka, totally enraged, turns the Warring Triad's Statues on his master, causing worldwide catastrophe, and bringing the end of the world as we know it, leaving behind the World of Ruin. See: floating continent.


A man in Kohlingen mentions that his "touched" brother is trying to build a colosseum to the north, and by the time the world ends, he has constructed Dragon's Neck Colosseum, where the last Imperial soldier has advice, and Ultros works off a debt as a receptionist.

By betting certain items at the Coliseum, one party member can fight a monster in hopes of winning and getting a better item. However, the player has no control over the character's actions in the fight, so preparation and luck plays a big part in winning. Betting worthless items results in a fight with Chupon (Typhon in the Japanese version), who will most likely use Sneeze (Snort in the Japanese version) to instantly defeat the player.

If Shadow survived the Floating Continent and was rescued from the Cave in the Veldt, he can be found here. Betting the Ichigeki will pit a member of the party against him in an easy battle (Shadow is unequipped) to regain him.

In the GBA remake, betting the Excalipoor will result in a fight with Gilgamesh. Unlike the other Coliseum fights, the battle with Gilgamesh is a regular boss fight.

Kefka's TowerEdit

After he destroys the world, Kefka absorbs the Statues' magical power, and uses it to create a gigantic tower from rubble and debris from around the world. Any time after finding the Falcon, the party can assault the tower, although completing the game with just Celes, Edgar, and Setzer is typically regarded as a challenge for experienced players. The tower stands in the center of the world's largest continents, with an eerie spiral radiating out in the landscape from its base.

Bosses from this area include Ultima Buster (Atma in the original US version, who is a stronger version of the Ultima Weapon), Inferno, Ketu, Rahu (palette-swap of Number 128), and the Guardian. Each party must defeat one statue: Fiend, Demon, or the Goddess. When all three are defeated and each party stands on the floor tiles, they face the showdown with Kefka himself. Before facing him, the party must fight three battles against a large, nameless 'tower' of sorts that is composed of many monsters, some with Kefka's likeness.

Kefka then confronts the party in an angel-like form, with one feathered wing, and one bat wing. After defeating Kefka, the final source of the world's magic, the Warring Triad, is destroyed, and Magicite starts evaporating while the world regains its vitality.

To give a sense that the tower is truly constructed from the debris of the world, the architecture of the tower changes many times, and some areas even feature rooms from earlier area of the game: For example, the Ultima Buster is found in a prison cell that was once in the Imperial capitol of Vector. The beast's specific cell was used to house Kefka at one point. For the most part, the tower seems to comprise parts of the Floating Continent and Vector, and sits approximately where Vector was in the World of Balance.


The large enemy nation is simply known as "the Empire" (The Empire of Gastra in Japan, The Gestahlian Empire in the GBA remake). Its ruler is Gestahl, a power-hungry man who seeks Magicite and, later, the mythical Statues in order to exploit and plunder magic. The three generals (or "Shoguns" in the Japanese version) who lead Gestahl's armies are Kefka, Celes and Leo Cristophe. Terra was used as a soldier of the Empire, but against her will and under the influence of a Slave Crown.

World of Balance

The Empire takes up the entire southern continent and includes the cities Albrook, Tzen, Maranda, and the capital city of Vector. The Empire's superior Magitek weaponry helps it to conquer other nations, including Doma and South Figaro. However, berserk espers end up destroying Vector during the course of the game, and with Emperor Gestahl's death, the Empire no longer exists once Kefka changes the face of the world.

World of Ruin

The Empire's reign is finished, having been completely destroyed. At Kefka's Tower, however, it is possible to see the twisted and scattered remains of the imperial palace and factories of Vector; for example, in what was once Vector Palace's jail, the player can fight Ultima Buster (Atma). It is speculated that the tower stands where Vector would have. This is proven by the relative locations of Tzen (to the north) and Albrook on the same island; the island containing Kefka's Tower is the center of the Southern Island found in the World of Balance. What happened to the Imperial soldiers after the cataclysm remains a mystery, but it is possible that some continued soldiering in service of Kefka (most likely against their will, since many of the soldiers despised Kefka), as variations of Imperial units appear as enemies in Kefka's Tower. One Imperial soldier also appears in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum claiming to probably be the last of the Imperial soldiers.


Sometimes also translated as Alburg.

World of Balance

Albrook is a port town under Imperial rule. Later, the port ferries the players to Thamasa.

World of Ruin

Albrook is the closest town to Kefka's tower and the first place Celes arrives. Many people in town offer advice on what has happened, including Kefka's Tower, the 8 Dragons, and Deathgaze.


World of Balance

Vector is the Imperial capital, a gloomy place with grim background music. Imperial troopers patrol the area above the town, around a cafe where the party can learn more about the Magitek research. The Imperial Palace is protected by an impervious machine called the Guardian.

The party has to infiltrate the Magitek Research Facility and release the captive espers, but the mission does not proceed as planned, and Celes is lost.

The party returns to Vector once more, after the espers behind the Sealed Gate escape and raze the city. Emperor Gestahl asks the Returners to help him convince the espers that he really wants peace; how the party reacts to Gestahl's conversations during the banquet will determine how the Emperor will reward them afterward. Gestahl's gestures for peace were a ruse; he freed Kefka and they proceeded to revive the Floating Continent.

At this point in the game, Vector is aflame and is a ghost town.

The inn is free to stay in, but money will get stolen from the party during the night. However, there is a woman in a small house who will fully heal the party with no penalty.

World of Ruin

The town no longer exists, chunks of the town are assembled in Kefka's Tower.


World of Balance

Maranda was once the most beautiful town on the Southern Continent, until it was devastated by Imperial forces led by General Celes Chere. The name Maranda may or may not have been inspired by the not so famous heroine, Maranda Jean, fabled as the most beautiful woman ever. At the beginning, it's a gloomy place under Imperial control. The only form of entertainment is watching dog fights. This is where Lola, the girlfriend of the wounded soldier in Mobliz, lives.

World of Ruin

The end of the world has left Maranda even gloomier than before. Lola still lives here and receives letters and flowers via homing pigeons from her "boyfriend in Mobliz" (later discovered to be actually sent by Cyan). Cactuars can be fought in the desert south of Maranda, and the Gigantuar can be found in the desert once 10 Cactuars have been defeated (GBA version only).


World of Balance

Tzen is under Imperial rule; in fact, the Empire slaughtered its royal family and instated their own government. After escaping the Magitek Research Facility, the party can purchase the Magicite Seraph for 3,000 gil.

World of Ruin

Tzen is razed by Kefka's Light of Judgement; the character Sabin can be regained at this time, if Celes (and anyone with her) saves a child from a house that he is holding up to prevent from collapsing. If the party did not purchase Seraph in the World of Balance, it can be bought for only 10 gil.

Ancient CastleEdit

The Ancient Castle is only accessible after rescuing Figaro Castle in the World of Ruin. Located deep underground, most of the castle is dilapidated ruins. The name of the castle is never revealed, but the castle itself was the location of a vital battle during the War of the Magi and houses the stone remains of the Esper Odin and an unnamed queen. It is heavily implied that the two were in love, but upon the defeat of Odin by an enemy Esper, the entire castle and its inhabitants were turned to stone, and the castle was spitefully buried underground. Odin can be obtained here, as well be transformed into a more powerful incarnation called Raiden.

While the Ancient Castle holds no vital significance to the main plot, its illustration of the War of the Magi provides one of the few references to the war in the game, as well as a further example of relations between humans and espers during the time period.

It has been speculated that the Ancient Castle is in fact, Baron Castle from Final Fantasy IV, but it is unlikely. The king of Baron Castle, Odin, was struck down by Cagnazzo, a Water Elemental. The Final Fantasy VI Odin was defeated by an unknown sorcerer. The connection between the two Odins is most likely only coincidence.

Cultists' TowerEdit

The Cultists' Tower (sometimes referred to as The Cult-of-Kefka Tower), which is only accessible in the World of Ruin, is the location where those who feared Kefka went to worship him. They became soulless beings and dedicated their life to Kefka. It is said that, at the top of the tower, lies Kefka's greatest treasure (called the Soul of Thamasa), and the cult would protect it by surrounding and sending the Magic Master at anyone who attempted to steal the treasure. A member of the cult can be woken up if a loved one calls out his or her name. Strago Magus was a notable member of the cult.

Inside the tower, physical attacks are restricted, and only standard magic may be used (Lore/Blue Magic is inexplicitly restricted, despite it being magic. Gogo may also only use Mimic in the tower - regardless of if the character has Magic as one of his/her/its skills). Many of the monsters who live there have adapted to this lifestyle, and thus come prepared to face magic. The Holy Dragon also resides there. One way around the magical restriction is to take Umaro up the tower (as he has no magical attacks, and thus must use physical attacks), or to cast Berserk on party members, thus allowing them to use physical attacks. Even with these tactics, though, the high physical evasion of the enemies makes direct attacks useless (though the Sniper's Eye relic can negate their advantage). There are no save points on the tower, so game over means having to climb it again.

Also, Edgar's Air Anchor can be found by walking to a hidden panel in one of the lower treasure rooms - a thief in Maranda will hint to this.

Phoenix CaveEdit

For only the third time in the game, the Phoenix Cave, accessible only in the World of Ruin, allows for multi-party combat (the first being the battle protecting Terra with Locke, Mog, and the Ten Moogles, and the second being the battle with Kefka in the cliffs of Narshe in the World of Balance). The party must split into two groups of up to four members each, and aide each other in navigating through the cave's depths. The Red Dragon and Locke, who's in possession of the magicite Phoenix (with restorative powers he hopes will revive his coma-stricken love, Rachel (Kathleen in the Japanese version)), await the party.

A hint of the cave's location is found in Gestahl's Letter in Jidoor in the World of Ruin.

Serpent TrenchEdit

World of Balance

The Serpent Trench is an underwater chasm whose fast currents flow from a cave located at the southern end of the Veldt, runs around the southern edge of the Veldt, cross the ocean, and ends at the port of Nikeah. Sabin, Gau, and Cyan take this route after discovering that Gau's "shiny treasure" turns out to be an underwater breathing appratus and failing to find any way back to Narshe through Mobliz. Mog can learn one of his dances, the Water Rondo, after battling in random enemy encounters in the Serpent Trench, one of only two places where the Water Rondo can be learnt; the other place is the Lethe River (In the GBA remake the Water Rondo dance can be obtained in the fight with Leviathan).

World of Ruin

Kefka's displacement of the Triad Statues rearranged the face of the planet, bringing the Serpent Trench out of the ocean. It is now a serpent-shaped island continent that runs from what little remains of Mobliz, passes through where the Cultists' Tower was built, and ends at Nikeah. The Veldt, which bordered the trench in the World of Balance, was split off from it and now lies north across an ocean on a separate continent. Celes arrives at the island continent after finding and joining forces with Sabin in Tzen; together they find Terra at Mobliz, who originally refuses to join the party due to Humbaba's terrorizing of the orphans at Mobliz until she realize she wants the children to have better futures, and Edgar at Nikeah, who has been leading a band of thieves under the alias Gerad.

Ebot's RockEdit

World of Ruin

In the southeast corner of the World of Ruin directly north of Thamasa lies Ebot's Rock (written Eboshi Rock on the map). Upon visiting Thamasa, Strago finds his long time friend, Gungho, injured from a battle with the monster, Hidon, a long time rival of the two currently taking refuge in Ebot's Rock. To avenge Gungho, Strago visits the Rock for a final confrontation with Hidon. After defeating the monster, Strago returns to Thamasa gloating to Gungho, who had previously ridiculed Strago's failed attempts over the years to secure the monster's defeat.

Ebot's Rock is inaccessible in the World of Balance (being underwater), although a chance encounter with Gungho hints at the possibility of visiting the elusive cave later in the game.

For many of the characters, the World of Ruin is a place of redemption, where loose ends can finally be done away with. For Strago, his site of redemption is Ebot's Rock. As are most towns and dungeons in the World of Ruin, Ebot's Rock is not a compulsory site to visit. To access Hidon, one must obtain many pieces of coral (only obtained in the dungeon) and give them to a treasure chest. When Hidon is defeated, Strago will have redeemed himself, having conquered an enemy after years of despair. However, Hidon can be fought at anytime afterwards by continually talking to Gungho until he makes a comment on Hidon (having Strago in the party is not required for Gungho to announce Hidon's return).

Dragon's DenEdit

World of Ruin

The Dragon's Den is a new dungeon exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remake of the game. Unlike added dungeons from previous remakes of other Final Fantasy games, it only requires the player to defeat the Eight Dragons, all found in various locations. Once the Dragons are defeated, the dungeon opens up on a small island just north of the Coliseum, marked by a single tree.

Here, the party is split into three separate groups. Each party then tackles various challenges, including harder versions of the Eight Dragons. The Dragon's Den houses two of the most powerful bosses in the game: the Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon, the latter only appearing after the Kaiser Dragon's defeat, replacing it. Defeating the Kaiser Dragon yields the Diabolos magicite and also unlocks the Soul Shrine, another dungeon exclusive to the GBA version.

Soul ShrineEdit

World of Ruin

The Soul Shrine is a new dungeon exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remake of the game. The Soul Shrine is unlocked upon beating the game and defeating the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon's Den. It is found in the large island just west of Mobliz. The shrine is actually an endurance match against a vast variety of monsters and bosses in the game, including those found in the Dragon's Den, with the exception of Omega Weapon, who can be fought again. There are 128 matches to be endured in total. Leaving the dungeon in the middle of a break will force the player to start all over again, regardless of how many matches the player had previously finished. Some tiers of monsters may vary. Going through the Soul Shrine nets the player some very good items, and after completing it, gives the player an unusable item to commemerate the player's abilities.