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List of Espers, Their Summon Effects, Level Bonuses, Spells, and LocationsEdit

Name MP to Summon Summon Effect Level Bonus Spells Learned Location
Ramuh 25 Lightning attack on all enemies Stamina + 1 Thunder x10, Thundara 2 x2, Poison x5 Zozo
Kirin 18 Casts Regen on all allies None Cure x5, Cura x1, Regen x3, Poisona x4, Libra x5 Zozo
Siren 16 Casts Silence on all enemies Max HP + 10% current Max HP Sleep x10, Silence x8, Slow x7, Fire x6 Zozo
Cait Sith 28 Casts Confuse on all enemies Magic Power + 1 Confuse x7, Imp x5, Float x2 Zozo
Ifrit 26 Fire elemental attack on all enemies Strength + 1 Fire x10, Fira x5, Drain x1 Magitek Factory
Shiva 27 Ice elemental attack on all enemies None Blizzard x10, Blizzara x5, Rasp x4, Osmose x4, Cure x3 Magitek Factory
Unicorn 30 Casts Esuna on all allies None Cura x4, Esuna x3, Dispel x2, Protect x1, Shell x1 Magitek Factory
Maduin 44 Nonelemental attack on all enemies Magic Power + 1 Fira x3, Blizzara x3, Thundara x3 Magitek Factory
Catoblepas 45 Casts Stone on all enemies Max HP + 10% current Max HP Bio x8, Break x5, Death x2 Magitek Factory
Phantom 38 Casts Vanish on all allies Max MP + 10% current Max MP Berserk x3, Vanish x3, Gravity x5 Magitek Factory
Carbuncle 36 Casts Rfelect on all allies None Reflect x5, Haste x3, Shell x2, Protect x2, Teleport x2 Magitek Factory
Bismarck 50 Water elemental attack on all enemies Strength + 2 Fire x20, Blizzard x20, Thunder x20, Raise x2 Magitek Factory
Golem 33 Protects all allies from physical attacks Stamina + 2 Protect x5, Stop x5, Cura x5 Auction House, 10,000 gil
Zona Seeker 30 Casts Shell on all allies Magic Power + 2 Rasp x20, Osmose x15, Shell x5 Auction House, 10,000 gil
Seraph 40 Heals all allies some None Raise x5, Cura x8, Cure x 20, Regen x10, Esuna x4 Tzen, for 3,000 gil in WoB, 10 in WoR
Quetzalli 61 Causes all allies to Jump None Haste x20, Slow x20, Hastega x2, Slowga x2, Float x5 Cid's island
Fenrir 70 Makes multiple images of allies making it more difficult for enimies to attack them Max MP + 30% current Max MP Teleport x10, Banish x5, Stop x3 Mobliz, after "scaring" Humbaba away
Valigarmanda 68 Tri-elemental attack (fire, ice and lightning) on all enemies Magic Power + 2 Firaga x1, Blizzaga x1, Thundaga x1 Narshe, the place where he was moved
Midgardsomr 40 Earth elemental attack on all enemies Max HP + 30% current Max HP Quake x3, Graviga x1, Tornado x1 Yeti's cave
Lakshmi 76 Heals all allies Stamina +2 Cure x25, Cura x16, Curaga x1, Regen x20, Esuna x20 Owzer's mansion
Alexander 90 Holy elemental attack on all enemies None Holy x2, Shell x10, Protect x10, Dispel x10, Esuna x15 Doma Castle
Phoenix 110 Revives all allies None Raise x10, Arise x2, Reraise x1, Curaga x2, Firaga x3 Phoenix Cave
Bahamut 86 Non-elemental attack on all enemies Max HP + 50% current Max HP Flare x2 Defeat Deathgaze
Crusader 96 Holy elemental attack on all enemies and allies Max MP + 50% current Max MP Meltdown x1, Meteor x10 Defeat All 8 Dragons
Odin 70 Attempts to kill all enemies at once, but fails often Speed + 1 Meteor x1 Ancient Castle
Raiden¹ 80 Attempts to kill all enemies at once, but fails often Strength + 2 Quick x1 Ancient Castle
Ragnarok 6 Turns a random enemy into an item, but fails often None Ultima x1 Narshe Weapon shop
Leviathan 70 Deluges enemies within a giant wave. Stamina + 2 Flood x2 Sail from South Figaro or Nikeah in the World of Ruin (Game Boy Advance)
Cactuar 50 1000 Needles or 10,000? Needles Speed + 2 Teleport x20, Vanish x10, Hastega x5 Defeat ten Cactuars in the desert south of Maranda (Game Boy Advance)
Gilgamesh 99 Uses Excalipoor, Excalibur, Masamune, or Enkidu Strength + 2 Quick x1, Valor x5 Buy the Excalipoor at the auction house, then wager it (Game Boy Advance)
Diabolos 150 Reduces enemy HP to 1/16 and inflicts sap Max HP + 100% current Max HP Graviga x10, Gravija x5 Defeat the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon's Den (Game Boy Advance)

¹ Odin becomes Raiden

Specific LocationsEdit

Ramuh, Kirin, Siren, and Cait SithEdit

These Magicite are given to you by Ramuh in Zozo. These are impossible to miss, given that you have to talk to Ramuh to move the plot along.

Ifrit and ShivaEdit

They can both be found at bottom of a pit in the Magitek Factory. To advance the plot, you must fight and defeat them. Once beaten, they yield their Magicite to you. You only need to pick up Shiva to continue with the game.

Unicorn, Maduin, Catoblepas, Phantom, Carbuncle, and BismarckEdit

Shortly before leaving the Magitech Factory, all of these Espers give their Magicite to you. You can't really avoid taking them.

Golem and Zona SeekerEdit

These can both be found in the Auction house in Jidoor. You just need to buy them.


This Magicite can be bought from a traveling salesman in Tzen for 3000 gil in the World of Balance or 10 gil in the World of Ruin. You learn of this man in either the WoB, or the WoR from one of the old men near the dock area. The man is walking/hiding behind some trees in the upper-right corner of the town, all the way in the back.


After getting the airship in the World of Ruin, return to Cid's Island, and you will find this Magicite on the beach.


After defeating Humbaba in Mobliz for the first time, a kid will give this to you if you talk to him.


Go to Narche and go back to where you defended him before. If you manage to defeat him, the Magicite is yours.


This can be found in Umaro's Cave in Narshe, simply search the skull there, and it's yours.


Defeat Chadarnook in Owzer's house in Jidoor, and collect it from Owzer's bookshelf.


Go to Doma in the World of Ruin and do the entire Cyan quest. At the end of the quest, it will be sitting on the throne in the throne room.


Go to the star shaped mountain range north of Tzen and land in the middle. Complete the dungeon, and Locke will give you this Magicite.


Find Deathgaze while flying around in the airship. Defeat him, and Bahamut is yours.


Defeat all 8 dragons, and this Magicite will suddenly be given to you.

Odin and RaidenEdit

Go to Figaro Castle, in the World of Ruin, and try to move the castle somewhere else. It will get stuck under the sand, and you can enter a new cave via a hole in the prison level. Go through the cave and enter the Ancient Castle there. Walk straight ahead and talk to the statue of Odin. It will yield the Odin Magicite. To get the Raiden, stand on the right throne, walk five steps down and press the A button. A secret passageway will open. Go down it, and you will find a statue of the Queen. Talk to it, and the Odin Magicite will become the Raiden Magicite. Once you transform Odin, it is lost, so learn any spells you want from it before "upgrading" it. *Note Odin is the only esper in the game who can boost your speed stat.*


In the World of Ruin, go to the Narshe Weapon Shop with Locke, and he will unlock the door. Inside, a man will ask you if you would rather have the sword Ragnarok or the Magicite Ragnarok. Choose the Magicite, and it will be yours.


After the events at Figaro Castle, go to either the port at South Figaro or Nikeah. Say you want to board the ship, and Leviathan will attack you mid-way.


Buy the Excalipoor at the Auction House for 500,000 gil, then wager it at the Colosseum. This fight doesn't use restrictions in the Colosseum. There is a guy outside of the auction who will mention the sword, you must speak to him in order to bring the blade up for sale.


Defeat ten Cactuars in the desert south of Maranda and then Gigantuar will attack.


Unlock the Dragon's Den by completing the game and defeating the 8 dragons, then defeat the Kaiser Dragon at the end.