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This bookshelf contains a number of wikibooks in various stages of completion. All books on this shelf deal with the topic of Engineering, broken down into a number of subdisciplines. For more information about the different disciplines in engineering, or about engineering in general, go here to find out more.

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General Engineering

Control Systems is an inter-disciplinary engineering text that analyzes the effects and interactions of mathematical systems. This book is for third and fourth year undergraduates in an engineering program.

Aeronautical Engineering

Astronautical Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

This section will contain books on the subjects of Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.

Electrical Engineering

This section contains books on the subjects Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

The Circuit Theory wikibook is an introductory text to the field of electric circuits from an engineering standpoint. Suitable for a first or second year engineering student with a background in Calculus.

Geospatial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Acoustics is the study of the generation and manipulation of sound waves, from an engineering perspective. Requires knowledge of Calculus and Differential Equations.

Micro and Nanotechnology

File:Molecular gears.jpg
Nanotechnology is the study of microscopic chemical compounds and machines. The nanotechnology wikibook serves as an excellent introduction to this fascinating subject.

Nuclear Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

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