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To me a Wikibook is like a sand castle. Imagine a kid constructing a sand castle on a communal sand box, participation is welcomed, but not required and as all people contribute some sand, there is plenty of sand for all, there is no need to fight over it or how the castle should be built, and when the castle is built it is only sand, it will be used again, what is important is that the sand continues to be added and kids come to build new and improved castles.

Programming, C/C++, All things SiFi (including literature), Japanese cinema portraying medieval times (Samurai cinema, Zatoichi, etc.), very few TV Shows (Game of Thrones), Dogs, Meerkat (Suricata suricatta), Dolphins...

War, organized religion, organized and professional sports, Reality TV, Microsoft (and most big or multinational corporations), Software patents, .Net (and VM languages in general), Pepsi (I avoid non-natural drinks in general but I really dislike it), Kiwi (as food), Cephalopods (as food, except fried or heavy grilled), Cats (as companion animal)...

Life Philosophy

I consider myself a Pantheist, and believe in Buddhism interpretation of Karma in the sense that every action creates a reaction as in chaos theory.

Social order

My favorite social order is Anarcho Communism.

At this moment I'm mostly interested in C++, P2P, the ending of IP, fighting DRM and ...

The Salticidid Portia “Perilous Portia”, “...when we look into Portia's dark, bulging eyes, the lights are on, somebody's at home, and a lot more than an eight-legged automaton is staring back.”(can't find a decent link)

Epigenetics and Human Genetics, regarding non-negative mutations [ Liam Hoekstra, Michael Phelps, Brooke Greenberg ]

Non-obvious Physics [ Zero-point energy, Sonoluminescence, Emdrive, thought and emotions effect on environment ("water memory", plants etc.) ]

Lost Technologies/Historic Conundrums [ Terra preta, Antikythera mechanism, Baghdad Battery, Starlite ]

Sustainable Technologies [ Permaculture ]

Wikimedia projects

I'm registered on the main projects (except Wikipedia), but I rarely log onto other projects and don't particularly fallow what is happening in relation to Wikimedia software and other project's policies...

Other Cool Wikibooks projects by order of subject relevance to me
More C++ Idioms - Algorithm Implementation - Reverse Engineering - x86 Disassembly - Data Compression - Cryptography - Linux Applications Debugging Techniques - Data Structures - Colonizing Outer Space - Self Interest and Social Behavior - Space Transport and Engineering Methods - Python Programming - Getting Started as an Entrepreneur - Fundamentals of Transportation - Climate Change - Science Fiction Literature - Mythology - C Programming - Computer programming - Operations Research - Nanotechnology - Movie Making Manual - Rhetoric and Composition - Elements of Political Communication‎‎ - Communication Theory - Basic Writing - Control Systems - Compiler Construction - The Voynich Manuscript - X86 Assembly - Practical Electronics - Signals and Systems- Java Programming - Windows Programming - The Cold War - Editing Wikitext - Learning the vi Editor - Lucid Dreaming

Me, Myself and I...

My WEB (Urls/Booksmarks) at BibSonomy

I have also customized Google Co-op to use my del.icio.us pages and other personal preferences to provide a more useful search results you can see it here Panic's KB @ Google Co-op

What I know about...

Programming & Languages
ASM (PIC, z80, MC68000-060 and others)
BASIC (many tastes GWBasic - VB6)
PASCAL (too many incarnations + DELPHI)
Java (J2EE) ,Javascript, ASP and PHP
Operating Systems

Amiga OS, BE OS, UNIX & Linux and all flavors of Windows minus Windows CE and Vista.

Books I'm an author at Wikibooks

  1. C++ Programming
  2. Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
  3. Hypnosis
  4. On spies and stratagems
  5. Understanding Global Trade Policy
  6. Remembering the Templars
  7. Video Game Design

Other books I will attempt to provide content at Wikibooks
FLTK, When It Hits the Fan, House Construction, History of Computers, Science Fiction Literature, Dogs and any of the other ones on my favorite list...

I will keep this lists here since they may have some useful to others than myself, and I would like to know other Wikibookians that have similar resources especially if they exclude any commercial interests around the lists.
SF & Fantasy Books I've read
Podcasts and Audiobooks I've listen to
Technical or Cultural Videos I've seen and liked
TV shows, movies and documentaries

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