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The ratings are the same as with the books. I hope never to go below 4 if I do I will probably quit in the middle an that is marked with a Q this also may happen if the story does not get my interest. The 5s are the ones I wished I had avoided, 5 below is the ones I do really regret wasting my time with and most 5+ to 6- are movies are often under-budgeted or had an intentional low budget or are simply cinematic errors, not properly acted or weird script often independent productions. The 6 indicates movies that are made for their targeted audience, and fulfill their aspiration, they are good enough for at least that, beyond 6+ is reserved for pleasant commercial fluff in most part, moves that overcome mediocrity, and merit to be the start of the ones that I'm glad I've seen. Since movies tend to be less distributed in quality than books (bad movies cost more to make than a bad book to be printed) and most aggregate on the average quality 5 and 6 I've added + and - to make a better distinction and be more fair.

The comments I make is based on my own taste in content and esthetics. I'm not an image or cinematography expert, even an enthusiast, simply an appreciator. If you wish to have a discussion regarding any of my observations or need to correct me somehow, use my user talk page, I would appreciate hearing from any divergent viewpoint.


Documentaries and other miscellaneous content:Edit

Adam Ruins Everything (6-Q, only saw season 2 episode 25, it is listed as a comedy but I think its more a satiric opinion show that is too reductive to have any value)
Outrageous Acts of Science (6-Q, only saw season 9 episode 1, interesting but the format does not work)
Dead of Winter (6Q, only saw the first episode, I really don't think this subject matter in this format can be fairly and properly televised for the masses in any positive way)
Vice FAMEish:The Greatest Trump Impersonator on Earth  (6)
Vice FAMEish:Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana  (6)
Vice FAMEish:The Self-Proclaimed Bimbo Doll  (6)
Hunting mad honey by Raphael Treza  (6+)
Deadly Rich (6, only saw episode 4 of the first season, a bit bias toward the victimization of the rich and the accolades of the law enforcement)
Alone Together (6-, only saw episode 1 of the second season)
Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (7+, not really a straight forward comedy show, yet again what is claimed to be a minority gets a huge representation, but at least this time very well done, sadly will probably go unnoticed amidst the cacophony.)
David Attenborough Meets President Obama (6)
Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals (6+)
Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (7-)
Follow Your Nose: Cracking Smell's Code (7)
America: Imagine the World Without Her (5+Q, political propaganda, couldn't stomach it, made an effort as it raised some valid points that indeed proves that there is a skew on the other side of the arguments but the extrapolations and the ideas that is pushes forward are just too radical and often personalized in their targets)
E! True Hollywood Story Rod Serling: Beyond The Twilight Zone ) (6+, the editing is very annoying)
Vice Japan: Africa's Moonshine Epidemic ) (6+)
Vice Japan: The Homeliest Homeless ) (6+)
Snoop Dogg Presents: The Bad Girls of Comedy (7+)
Joe Mande's Award-Winning Comedy Special (6-)
TMZ on TV (6-Q, only saw 2018/03/01 and 12 episodes, what a load of crap content, psychologically damaging, exploitative and abusive, the format is amazingly well done for the function and very addictive they should do something like this for legislative coverage, science, consumer and civil rights)
Conscious Capitalism (5+, low in content high in self promotion and propaganda, conscience - of actions and consideration for the future, especially long term - and capitalism are incompatible, unless forced by law but then we wouldn't have capitalism at all)
Fake Britain (6Q, only saw episode 11 or the 8 season)
Roman Empire: Reign of Blood (6+, 6 episodes, sadly it adds too much speculation over the historical record)
Judah Friedlander: America is the Greatest Country in the United States (6-)
Building the Sun: The 250 Million Degree Problem (7-)
A.I. and the Destiny of Mankind (6)
Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (7-)
The Spiral (7-)
Radioman (7)
The Undiscovered Secrets of Petra (7)
Mysterious Islands (6-Q, only saw episode 1, the hipped sensationalistic format is a cancer)
The 400 Million aka China in 1938 (6)
Warning: This Drug May Kill You (7-)
After Hitler (6+, 2 parts, a bit too sanitized in parts, too rushed and lacks factual data/statistics, generalizes too much and fails to explain the Soviets)
Stonehenge: The Final Mystery (6+)
The Farthest (7+)
The Secret of the Phaistos Code (7)
Panorama:Trump's Fortress America (6+)
Panorama:Millionaire Bankrupts Exposed (6, too superficial)
Jay Mohr: Funny for a Girl (6)
Jim Norton: Monster Rain (6, the in your face bi stuff creeps me a bit at times)
The Secret Life of Materials (6, the jumpy presentation is very annoying, but probably required due to the monotony of how they go about it, the content presented does not justify the time it takes to show it)
Silicon Cowboys (7-)
Decoding the Past: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (6-)
Brain Overload (6-, while the subject matter is pertinent and the presentation is not bad the content is shaped as propaganda, seeming to support anti-connection legislation/policies, that I myself do not disagree are useful but without exacerbating the problem out of proportion like they did here, this is probably why the documentary was made free)
Motherboard 2017 (6+, only saw episode 1 The Hunt for the New Physics, the presentation is appealing but the short format makes it not very useful)
Al Jazeera World: Libya's Shifting Sands - Derma & Sirte (6+, 2 episodes, the editing is not very good and the content at times is redundant failing also to clearly express and substantiate its core point regarding the links amongst the fighters and external influences)
Exploring Quantum History with Brian Greene (6, 3 episodes)
Ancient Earth (6-, 3 episodes, content, that would fill many more hours, is crushed into 3 hours, the CGI, editing and production is not good, similar content exists in better form elsewhere)
The Diesel Mystery (6, the voice over quality, script and editing is not the best, the reenactment is far superior, it is strong in speculations but weak on facts)
The Toy Box (6-Q, only saw episode 1)
Impossible Engineering (6, only saw season 3 episode 5 and 9, it is barely sufferable it goes in tangents and only covers the subject superficially, regarding the Tesla Factory episode with a highly nationalistic skew, again as with most pop US TV shows its sensationalistic format makes one cringe)
Expedition Unknown (6-, only saw episode 16, regarding the old Indian Vedic City of Duarka, the show is very low on real content on the subject matter and replicates the lose sensationalist format of other Travel Channel productions, but for this type of content it further reduces the quality)
After Porn Ends 2 (6)
Crumb (7+, extremely interesting in levels of self analysis and the raw exposure of the persons and art)
Planet Earth (7+, 11 episodes, BBC quality but seemingly at a cost, as we now know that nature in BBC productions tends to go by a multitude of filters and all the richness is a deception for the eye not factual "nature" but a conceptualized and optimized representation)
I Am Santa Claus (6-, a bit too depressing and goes too much into other stuff)
Kevin Hart: What Now? (6)
The Mad World of Donald Trump (6, balance is hard in the midst of crazy, while it shows Trump from all angles, it sadly explores superficially mostly the negatives. Note the tactic on the snip from w:Larry King's old interview shows that Trump has some education into subliminal persuasion, the dialog and the hand movements)
For the Love of Spock (6+)
Panorama 2016 - Why We Voted to Leave (5, single sided and demagogic, since there is a clear editorial control on what is shown, and not, there is also a lack of proper analysis of the opinions expressed beyond a nodding head, there are many problems with the EU and the greatest one was the UK itself)
The True Cost (7-, a bit overemotional and missed some chances to be more clear becoming a bit overextended toward the end)
For No Good Reason (6+)
Top Gear (2002+) (7-, 22 series 175 episodes with specials, I think I have watched most of them, I probably missed some at the start, the image, sound and lighting quality are at the best of what the BBC does the editing is also good and the original cast had a working chemistry that made it all work nicely, I'm not into cars at all I just enjoyed the quality and the crazy Britishness. (These qualities are something that the US version lacks and I couldn't stomach more than 5 minutes of it)
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (6-, very empty of real content beyond a superficial review of some personal stories)
Where to Invade Next (6+, oversimplification is a problem with most of w:Michael Moore's work, probably due to the intended audience but then it risks losing the argument due to be inaccurate or unrealistic, in any case the last bit of it attempts to put some fairness into the content, and as always with Moore's work it provides good reflection material)
Killing Them Safely (7-, a bit unbalanced and fails properly explore the central issue that is how the Police mishandles the device, exacerbating its lethal potential)
The Seven Five (7-, a bit single sided and shallow look into the events, fun to watch due to the reported events and the characters involved but not informative enough beyond the culture of a particular social area in space and time)
All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records (7)
Margaret Cho: PsyCHO (6-, also a bit to much me, me and more about me for my taste)
John Bishop Supersonic Live (6+)
Cartel Land (6, disliked the approach that attempts to pass as an simple observation of events at first but in close examination shows some partiality on what it decided to cover or how to present events, in any case the punch line is correct vigilantism is not only dangerous but a corruption of better systems that should provide better accountability and transparency, vigilantism is impractical beyond a tribal like setting were most parties are known to all)
The Nightmare (6, while it presents the subject for a personal experience view point it lacks the proper background about the "experiencers" for the dramatization to have any meaning and does not try to move the subject beyond those few unverifiable data-points, even if they are congruent with the general reports)
7 Deadly Sins (7, 7 episodes)
Ancient Aliens (5Q, I've seen the first 4 series after that, being in its 7 season now I only have watched some episodes that touched subjects that I'm interested, while I accept some of the premises as valid, few, and consider ET presence a certainty, the show has a very low quality and lack of consistency even with its own argumentation at times it is just funny crazy, a black spot on the history channel)
The Island (5+, 6 episodes, bad concept and "casting", not that I like the other Bear Grylls's shows. Not because of the content but the way it is structured and presented, I think they target the lowest common denominator.)
BBC Horizon Series 47: 2010–2011 - Asteroids – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (7-)
BBC Horizon Series 51: 2014–2015 - Allergies: Modern Life and Me (6, disliked the chosen format the bit that pushes the fear of salmonella in the wrong section, that pre and pro biotics received only a brief mention or the confusion in how it openly refutes the w:Hygiene hypothesis on epidemiological grounds but adheres to it by large without stating it)
BBC Horizon Series 51: 2014–2015 - Ebola: The Search for a Cure (8, I only disliked the convoluted rationalization presented for offering all of the only 3 trial medications to westerners, especially the last specimen, as defended on the documentary I find it morally objectionable.)
BBC Horizon Series 51: 2014–2015 - The Hunt for Gravitational Waves (6+)
BBC Horizon Series 53: 2017-2018 - 10 Things You Need To Know About The Future (6)
The Jinx (7, 9 episodes, well crafted presentation of the issues regarding the strange life and deaths of w:Robert Durst, it could have been better it gets a little overextended in what it presents, but the ending is priceless)


The Looming Tower (6, 10 episodes, the acting is not consistent, w:Tahar Rahim does a great job, the main problem is the production value and the script that is very simplistic even infantile in areas to a point that it seems more an historic whitewash)
The Walking Dead (7-, 9 seasons totalling 131 episodes)
The Terror (7, 10 episodes, great cast and acting, fair production and fantastic script)
Grimm (6, 6 seasons totalling 123 episodes, the acting at times is problematic as is the writing but the cast manages to pull it along, it has some cool concepts and plot lines sadly it doesn't try to be more than it is)
Beyond the Walls aka Au-delà des Murs (6, 3 episodes)
Outlander (7, 4 seasons totalling 55 episodes - not concluded, sadly there is a decay in quality of writing especially on the last 2 seasons)
The Day aka De Dag (7-, 12 episodes)
Parade's End (7, 5 episodes)
Revolution (7-, 2 seasons totalling 42 episodes - cancelled, not concluded)
Russian Doll (6+, 8 episodes)
Spartacus (7-, 3 seasons totalling 39 episodes, extremely innovative cinematography and great action sequences, the plot could be better and there was a problem with recasting and rebooting the serial but overall a very refreshing take on an old subject)
Strange Angel (6+, 10 episodes - not concluded, good production and cast but the plot at times seems lose focus on what to explore)
Tin Star (7, 2 seasons totalling 19 episodes - not concluded, great cast with a fantastic w:Tim Roth, cool plot and characters a bit production strapped but it makes it and great soundtrack here S1 - here S2)
Insecure (6+, only saw episode 1, only for the proper audience and that ain't me)
Outcast (TV series) (7+, 2 seasons totalling 20 episodes - not concluded, great acting, casting and lighting, production is a bit cheap but manages to work about the limitations)
The Umbrella Academy (7, 10 episodes - not concluded)
Miracle Workers (5Q, only saw the first 2 episodes, good premise, strange casting and badly executed, too forced)
Limitless (6+, 22 episodes) - not concluded)
Condor (7-, 10 episodes - not concluded)
Castle Rock (6+, 10 episodes, the main problem is the pace and how the story is presented)
Counterpart (7, 2 series of 10 episodes each)
Nightflyers (7-, 10 episodes - not concluded, cool concept even if derivative, the direction seems lacking as there is lots of over acting. Productions overuses "budget vr" too much to cut costs, and the pace is problematic, it is very slow at times, especially the emotional scenes and faster when things gets interesting action and concepts)
Preacher (6+, 3 season totalling 33 episodes - not concluded, the quality is not constant but it contains many cleaver ideas, didn't read the comix)
Taboo (7+, 8 episodes - not concluded)
The Mentalist (6+, 7 seasons totalling 151 episodes)
Lodge 49 (7-, 10 episodes - not concluded)
Impulse (6+, 10 episodes)
Origin (7, 10 episodes - not concluded, it could have easily been better, the main issues are the scripts, that became repetitive, indulge on wasting too much screen time (maybe a production issue) and also there is a lack of directing especially of w:Tom Felton that has a lot of potential but when not on the reminiscences acts very out of a believable character)
Future Man (6+, 2 seasons totalling 26 episodes - not concluded, while the scripts are mostly a bit absurd, but consistent to the created universe, the cast commitment to the roles and the limited production capability to realize the scripted concepts pushes it all above the expected)
Titans (7-, 11 episodes - not concluded, so far the best Marvel/DC serial in quality of production and in script writing)
The Sinner (7, 2 self contained seasons totalling (8x2) 16 episodes)
The First (6+, 8 episodes, great production and cast but it is a slow going drama on a Si-Fi setting, so be aware of that so to not feel frustrated)
Wayne (6+, 10 episodes - not concluded, great premise and acting even if the scripts fall short at times and the production value seems limited)
The Mist (TV series) (6+, 10 episodes - not concluded, while the twist on the original plot lines is not great it has good production value and the acting is not bad, even if there is a problem with the pace of the action)
Fortitude (6+, 3 seasons totalling 26 episodes - not concluded, the quality of the seasons is a decline, not in the acting or production but on the writing, the main ideas are great and full of promise but the writers and production sadly fails to deliver)
The 100 (6, 5 seasons totalling 71 episodes - not concluded, the main problem with the series is the writing, at times it sabotages itself making characters act out, or failing to provide satisfying resolutions to problems, as the seasons go there are improvements especially in production quality, acting and better castings)
Zapped (6+, 2 seasons totalling 9 episodes, low budget and a bit limited in some of the acting but the scripts are like something out of w:Terry Pratchett and ultimately it does what it proposes to do)
Bodyguard (8, 6 episodes)
The Good Cop (6-, only saw episode 1)
American Horror Story: Apocalypse (6-Q, only saw the first 2 episodes of this season, it is the third season of the serial w:American Horror Story, I believe I saw the first episode of the first season and like these last 2 the quality of production is there but the scripts and acting in general terms are just bad, there is some visual quality and esthetical care but all is for not as the rest of the content makes it unbearable)
Ozark (7+, 2 seasons 20 episodes total, great cast, direction and scripts, w:Julia Garner is fantastic in her role)
Succession (6-, only saw episode 1)
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (6+, 8 episodes, the US propaganda is strong in this one and they even get to bash the French a bit)
Primeval (6-, 5 seasons totalling 36 episodes - not concluded)
Primeval: New World (6 if you had seen Primeval, 6- if not, 13 episodes - not concluded)
Colony (7, 3 seasons totalling 35 episodes - not concluded, low budget but creative with it, the scripts are above average and the acting and probably directing, makes it enjoyable and wanting to come for more)
Take Two (6, only saw the first episode, not good or innovative but mildly entertaining)
The Outpost (5Q)
Me, Myself & I (6-, only saw the first 2 episodes, the comedy is too forced and formulaic and I didn't like much of the casting, the concept is interesting but the scripts fall short)
Mr. Mercedes (8, 10 episodes)
People of Earth (6, 2 seasons totalling 20 episodes - not concluded, it could easily have been better, the scripts and the format creates issues more than the low budget, the cast is fantastic for what it is as are the effects)
Inspector George Gently (6-, only saw episode 1 of season 9, a low budget, mixed quality acting and basic script writing makes it fall flat)
The Orville (7-, 12 episodes - not concluded, great production quality, well casted and acted, the main issues are the openly social preaching scripts and highly derivative content)
The Living and the Dead (6+, 6 episodes - not concluded, BBC quality, great acting only the scripts pull the series back)
Stripped (6-, only saw episode 1)
Here and Now (6-, only saw episode 1)
Quacks (6Q, only saw episode 1, almost a 6- it depends on the audience)
Goliath (7-, 8 episodes)
Deep State (7-, 8 episodes)
Damnation (6Q, only saw up to episode 2, good production, characters but not as good script and blatant propagandist at times)
Lost in Space (2018) (7-, 10 episodes - not concluded, it could easily have been better 10% reduction on epic music, better direction of the kid and script accommodation for him, some scenes do not work at all and less repetition of patterns on the script, different but the same becomes boring at that slow pace)
Kim's Convenience ( 6+, 2 seasons totalling 28 episodes, there is a negative bell curve change in quality of the writing on episodes 7 to 12)
Black Lightning (6-Q, only saw episode 1, low quality even if it has some production value, it also feels too racial oriented)
Plebs (5+Q, only saw episode 1 or the 4th season)
Britannia (5+Q, only saw episode 1, acting is problematic, the script is lacking especially due to being a purportedly historically based, the production also misses the point that people, their wardrobe and scenes should be dirtier, less plastic and more chaotic. The only exception is w:Nikolaj Lie Kaas great acting, distinct presence it even clashes with the other characters, more than was decidedly intended)
Instinct (U.S.) (6-Q, only saw episode 1, the script and characters were not catching, there are better alternatives)
Alias (7-, 5 seasons totalling 105 episodes, I skipped a few, but loved the script history arcs, regretted them not having as good production as lesser projects, as the acting and writing is far more consistent in quality)
24 (6, 9 seasons totalling 204 episodes + some web content, the production quality is very good as the pace of the writing, the scripts could be a bit better and the acting also)
The Good Place (6+, 2 seasons totalling 22 episodes - not concluded)
From Dusk till Dawn: The Series (6-Q, only saw, with a lot of FF up to the first episode of season 2, it diverges too much form the film, the cast and production aren't bad but the scripts are not good, too much time in dream/vision space also)
Forever (U.S.) (6+, 22 episodes - not concluded)
Altered Carbon (8, 10 episodes, great cast, production and script)
Dimension 404 (6, 6 episodes, the quality is very inconsistent, from acting to the scripts)
Hard Sun (6, 6 episodes - not concluded, great characters, ok cast and acting, interesting main plot line but all else is too bland and repetitive)
Godless (7+, 7 episodes)
Rewind (6, pilot only - Rewind )
Salvation (6-, 13 episodes - not concluded, the acting and writing could have been better but it really shows no effort of wanting to be more than it is)
Ray Donovan (7+, 6 seasons of 12 episodes each totalling (6x12) 72 episodes, great acting, impeccable image and very good writing for the most part, it somewhat gets over extended on the last season but manages to keep it cool)
Stargate Universe (7-, 2 seasons with a 20 episodes each, it breaks a bit from the rest of the series, the quality is not constant but a crescendo, the acting quality improves with a few exceptions and the scripts overtime become better - cancelled, not concluded)
Sleepy Hollow (6Q, only saw up to season 2 episode 5, it became too repetitive and the acting was not great, the major quality was the script plot, some of the effects and some times great esthetics, sadly inconsistently so)
Time After Time US (6Q, 5 episodes - not concluded)
Travelers (6+, 12 episodes - not concluded)
The Last Kingdom (7+, 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes - not concluded)
Second Chance (6+, 11 episodes - cancelled)
Smallville (6+, 10 seasons with a total of 218 episodes, while the acting is not consistent it is above average of what one would expect and there is a real production behind it all with a script designed to please the demographic it targets it still keeps making it interesting to core fans on the DC/Marvel universe)
Better Call Saul (8, 3 seasons totalling 30 episodes)
Three Inches (6+, pilot only)
Transparent (6+, pilot only, sad as it had promise)
Turn: Washington's Spies (6+, 4 series of 10 episodes each, great characters but restricted budget and a free hand with history prevents it from being more, the scripts of the episodes are also of different quality, but there is a general decline near the end)
Oasis (7, saw the pilot, hope it gets picked and they don't bork it, great starting material)
The Triangle (6-, 3 parts, it could have been much more, but the script takes too many bad turns)
The Leftovers (6+, for season 1, 7+ for season 2 and 3, totalling 28 episodes, the characters and casting are great, the script starts with a cool concept and improves after season 1 where it is it's biggest problem, too slow and confusingly presented without any gain to the story, the improvements are especially on the narrative and deepness that breaches many sensitive subjects in a very cleaver way)
Crossbones (5+Q, only saw the first 5 episodes, low production quality and w:Richard Coyle seems to be one of the few actors that attempts to make it work)
South of Hell (5-Q, only partially saw the first 2 episodes)
Aftermath (2016) (5+Q, only saw first season up to episode 13, the script tries to mash too many things, that is in part the interesting bit about it, production quality and acting are not there at all)
Mech-X4 (6-, only saw episode one, not in the right demographic for it, but it has some production quality)
Riviera (6+, 10 episodes, the script is great, with a restricted budget and the casting a bit off but the actors do their part, except for w:Iwan Rheon, he doesn't seem to make an effort to make his character shine)
Cleverman (6-Q, only saw the first 3 episodes, the cultural divide seems too great for me to appreciate it)
Legion (7, 8 episodes - not concluded)
Loaded (6-Q, only saw episode 1, too forced, a few interesting characters)
The Handmaid's Tale (8, 10 episodes)
Backstrom (6-Q, only saw up to episode 6, great characters, cleaver script bits but it is too populated, the actors don't take it seriously to a point that they degenerate in acting very similar to each-other)
The Magicians (7, 3 seasons totalling 39 episodes each, the script has great quality more than the rest of the production, the cast and characters are great. A bit too heavy on the LGBT issues and overuse of the f word, I think intentionally as to force a somewhat unpleasant cultural chock but without any real benefit to the story telling)
Of Kings and Prophets (6, 9 episodes - cancelled, not concluded, not as bad as many critics pain it, my main peeves are the historic inaccuracies like the use of ballistas among other things, the limited budget, some cheesy dialogs and lack of proper exteriors, the acting improves with time))
Iron Fist (7-, 13 episodes - not concluded, while not too innovative the casting and acting is right, it has a lack of better special effects and camera work as at time the hero seems "non-heroic" in physical feats, and mind, the later a problem with the script that at times is a bit too infantile. The action sequences are also poor, Marvel did a better job in previous shows like in w:Daredevil (TV series))
Dig (6, 10 episodes - cancelled, not concluded, the production quality is above average, the acting is fair)
Emerald City (8-, 10 episodes - not concluded, good concept and production quality the only downside is some huge differences in acting capability in parts of the cast, or maybe lack of proper directing)
Crashing (6-, only saw the first 3 episodes, too forced and not that funny, it has great characters but that is all)
Cardinal (8-, 6 episodes, somewhat low budget but amazing quality and acting, from the photography to the music)
The Last Kingdom (7-, 8 episodes - not concluded)
Tomorrow When the War Began (6, 6 episodes, suffers from a low budget but the pace of the script and the care put into it makes it work)
Van Helsing (6, 13 episodes - not concluded, hampered by a low budget but the script keeps it going with some innovative ideas)
Taken (6Q, only saw episode 1)
Westworld (8, 2 seasons 20 episodes total, great production value, characters, casting and acting and cleaver script full of rich dialogs and clever ideas)
Shameless (UK) (6-, only saw one or two episodes, the concepts as shown by the US version is fine but the acting and productions was very lax)
Shameless (U.S.) (8, 7 seasons total of 84 episodes, great cast, characters, acting and clever scripts at a fantastic pace)
Pure (7-, 6 episodes)
Scorpion (6Q, only saw the fist 6 episodes, the scripts and ideas are a bit stale, it rehashes previous similar series)
Six (6-Q, only saw the first 2 episodes, not very good acting and the script is very basic except in the operational side of it, the settings are great better than similar shows)
The Exorcist (6, 10 episodes, not my cup of tea, but it has great characters and some scenes are memorable)
Lexx (7-, 4 seasons 61 episodes, while the quality is not constant the uniqueness of it all make it all work, fantastic characters) (*PS revisiting it I think I only saw up to season 2 or 3)
Continuum (6, 4 seasons totaling 42 episodes, the writing is good but time travel is very hard, some of the acting is lacking and the budget seems short at times, it has some cool ideas)
Stitchers (5+Q, only saw the first 4 episodes, too plastic and canned, the scripts, setting and image weren't good, w:Emma Ishta is fine but the rest of the cast does not commit)
Powerless (6-, only saw episode 1, too infantile and forced, would be great for kids, I also had a strong dislike to the audio treatment of voices very cartoonish, the registry and pace)
Quarry (7, 8 episodes, great casting, eye for detail of the era, the scripts could be easily improved especially the pace of the action as well as the cinematography)
Training Day (6-Q, only saw part of episode 1, bad script, cast and acting couldn't stomach it)
Containment (6-, 13 episodes - cancelled, not concluded, acting is mixed, a very few do alight and the script is poor)
Caprica (7-, 19 episodes - cancelled, not concluded, interesting but gets a bit too lost in virtual reality and we already know how that goes since Star-trek holodeck, there are some cool ideas on the script mostly dealing with the underlying universe)
Sneaky Pete (8, 10 episodes - not concluded, great show, interesting characters, great acting and well paced script, a bit more funding for sets, better lighting, more camera work and more varied sets would be great but as is it is all good)
Maigret (7-, 2 episodes, sadly the production values is low, image and sound suffers from it, but the sets and acting is ok and it was very well casted)
Falling Water (6, 10 episodes, the unnecessary twisted narrative serves no real purpose beyond distraction from a weak script and then frustration after the realization that it all does not matter as the script writers can magically solve anything, and even then they make a blunder here and there)
Beyond (6, 10 episodes - not concluded, excruciatingly slow without much creative content beyond the tease that makes it go, the directing is also problematic)
Travelers (6+, 12 episodes - not concluded)
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (6, 8 episodes - not concluded, the acting quality is not uniform, it may be a problem with directing as some actors aren't even making an effort to take the job seriously, the script also has issues, it could easily have been much better)
The OA (7, 2 seasons with 16 episodes - not concluded, a well crafted big tease, fantastic casting, good acting and cleaver script that ultimately frustrates the created expectations again and again, season 2 has some minor script errors, regarding sequence and time frames capabilities)
Sense8 (5+Q, only saw part of episode 1, visually appealing, but poor acting and script, including too much LGBT issues)
Public Morals (7-, 10 episodes - canceled, not concluded, fantastic cast and eye for detail, the acting and scripts are smooth but it lacks a bit of support in the production, the sets become as repetitive as the camera angles used)
The Crown (6Q,only saw part of episode 1, high BBC quality but who cares about royals, the characterization can even be described as a work of propaganda)
Luke Cage (6, 13 episodes, the script is not great it is exasperatingly slow also not very creative, and the production quality goes down the closer it gets to the end, the acting is fine and the casting shines, it also focus too much on social propaganda disturbingly so and in unnecessary musical plugging)
Kevin Can Wait (6-Q, Only saw episode 1 the casting is a mess, the audience laughter is horrid and after w:The King of Queens who needs more at lesser quality)
Quantico (6-Q, Only saw the first 4 episodes of season 1, not very creative and what is up with this over-presence of Indian, especially as leads in the new US shows. Is it a intentional move to get into those markets? w:Priyanka Chopra is not bad but the trend stands out badly in such an overbearing way)
StartUp (7, 10 episodes - not concluded, suffers from its low budget and the writing quality declined in the last 3 episodes, lightning/filters and image quality could easily be improved it is unnecessarily raw)
The Night Of (8-, 8 episodes, great writing until, on my view, some out of character options near the end, it is also a rare and for it a political piece in how it shows some American minorities)
Stan Lee's Lucky Man(6-, 10 episodes, low budget and with a problematic scrip due to its childish nature, it has a great premise and characters, the acting is fair but its like painting by numbers in the creative department, the directing seems also bad since some of the actors should be able to do more with what they have)
Slasher (6Q, only saw the first 3 episodes, it just failed to captivate any interest)
Supergirl (6-, 1 season with a total of 20 episodes, low budget, sub par acting and stale scripting too focused to a very specific narrow audience)
Stranger Things (8+, season 1 with 8 episodes, 7, season 2 with 6 episodes, fantastic casting and care for the epoch look, even in the initial way in the first series they worked the cinematography, going so far to the fonts selected, the plot sadly is a bit too derivative but beyond that it would be hard to make any improvements, even so on the second series the acting and the script loses quality probably a problem with directing)
Man Down (5Q, only saw part of the first episode, couldn't manage more)
Angel from Hell (6-Q, only saw the second episode, clearly directed toward a female audience, the sketches aren't very funny and the comedy is too forced)
Person of Interest (7-, 5 seasons with a total of 103 episodes, the production, acting and casting is good, the script has cool ideas and solid history arcs but at times is repetitive and the finalization lacks not only conviction but solidity, its a bit messy. Overall quality is not constant it declines with time)
iZombie (6+, 4 seasons 58 Episodes - not concluded, very creative, probably due to the original source material but the casting works very well, the acting quality is mixed but not that bad, major flaw is that it is a bit repetitive)
The Expanse (7-, season 1, 7+ season 2, 8 season 3, 3 seasons totaling 36 episodes, in the first season the rate is mostly due to the quality of the production cast and acting, the script is not too innovative and a bit slow and I particularly disliked the "South African" atmosphere they decided to go with at tines, the second season has a bump in production value, this in general seem more coordinated and the story is given a proper arch, less time is spent in building up the characters and so things start to get a better pace, the third season is a continuation of the improvement work and the season finale is fantastic)
The Hollow Crown (6Q, only saw part of episode 1, it is hard to stomach even if the quality is there there is no patience for it, the dialogs are as illustrious as the irrelevance of it all beyond the great cast and some historical interest that today is of no relevance at all)
Witless (6-Q, only saw episode 1, too forced to be funny)
The Lottery (6, 10 episodes, while the plot lines are interesting the script does not present an engaging story, one of the highlight is carefully selected wardrobe)
The Last Ship (6, 4 seasons totaling 48 episodes, the most pressing problem is the acting, generally it is not great and the script has issues, especially in regards to emotions and nationalism and political views expressed, very basic, but at times does come out with some good ideas in regards to the settings and main plot lines)
Bosch (7-, 2 series 10 episodes each, fine acting and interesting script even in a field that is hard to innovate the pace and environment, light and camera work makes it distinct)
11.22.63 (7-, 8 episodes, very interesting and well done, specially the first episodes, some minor logical errors on the script but it may be issues found in the original material, time traveling is always hard to write about... The last 2 episodes are very rushed and it is when the internal logic of the script starts to crumble. All past inconsistencies could have been only flaws created by the participating characters but it starts to come out of the hinges in the end. I liked the cast and the acting performances, except the part of w:George MacKay, not the acting, but the direction and the character bipolar behavior.)
Wynonna Earp (6-Q, only saw the 1st episode, main issue is the acting)
Orphan Black (6+, 5 seasons totaling 50 episodes - not concluded, great work from w:Tatiana Maslany she is the series, the plot is interesting but the production is low cost and so it becomes repetitive both in the settings and situations and unnecessary complex as the plot branches)
Power (7, 2 seasons 18 episodes, great acting, the pace, plot and characters are compelling)
Mr. Robot (7-, Season 1 with 10 episodes, great acting, interesting script and characters)
Silicon Valley (6-Q, only saw Season 1 and Season 2 first episode, the acting is not great nor the chemistry between the cast, the scripts are interesting at times with the pertinent information but seems to fail when dealing with the emotional and more mundane stuff)
Proof (6, Season 1 with 10 episodes - not concluded)
Frank Herbert's Dune (7+, 3 episodes)
And Then There Were None (6, 3 episodes)
The Frankenstein Chronicles (6, 2 seasons of 6 episodes each, the low budget and the rushed ending of season one damages what could easily be a better production, the time space between seasons also does not help)
12 Monkeys (7-, 4 Seasons, totaling 47 episodes, good acting, workable scripts even if a little constrained on budget but manages to keep the quality constant, the plot get increasingly confusing as it goes, heh time traveling...)
American Crime (6Q, only saw the firt three episodes of season 1, probably a 6+ but requires an interest for the script topic that to me it failed to make compelling, the acting and production is good)
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia (6Q, only saw the first 2 episodes of the first season but it seemed too contrived)
Childhood's End (6, I still don't understand why Syfy productions need to be so weak/cheap. This is one of the best I've seen but it fails a bit on how it circumvents what the audience would be interested to know/see and lingers too much on futile and uninteresting alternate reality love connection / triangle and rushes over some concepts, making them hard to swallow)
The Man in the High Castle (7, Season 1, 7+, Season 2, 20 episodes total - not concluded, a bit slow but the alternative reality is compelling and pushed forward by a great cast, on season 1 the production quality was a bit low making it a bit restrictive and repetitive in its setting, it could well be easily converted into a 4 hour movie with some re-shooting, broader view of that reality and a faster pace that would need a reworking of the main plot, focusing less on the convolutions would have made it far better, season 2 gets a better pace, it does less character building, but in my view exaggerates on the head trips of the characters to explain motivations and concerns. w:Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is excellent.)
Glitch (6+, 6 episodes - not concluded)
The Grinder (5+Q, only saw part of episode 1)
Jessica Jones (7+, 13 episodes, great casting, acting and writing, well up to episode 10, then it seems to be rushed or crammed to fit the 13 episodes and I blame it on the direction and editing since there is some wasted time on the slow action of the first episodes)
Hung (7, 3 seasons 30 episodes - canceled without proper conclusion, great cast, acting and creative writing)
Helix (6, 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes - not concluded, the quality is not consistent nor the acting, the writing and pace is fine even innovative in its field)
FlashForward (6+, 22 episodes - canceled without proper conclusion)
Doctor Who 2005 (6-Q, seen only up to season 9 episode 8, the quality in general was never that great the lore is the more interesting part, but after the w:sonic screwdriver was turned into sunglasses and the scripts continue in a down-spiral in regards to creativity, I'm done with it...)
American Odyssey (6-, 13 episodes - not concluded, the acting is not great, the action pace is unbalanced probably a writing issue, that also fails to explore the relevant bits to the history and focus on the easier but often unrealistically presented emotional connections)
Outcasts (6+, 8 episodes - not concluded, the script was interesting in parts and messed up in others the acting was not of consistent quality but it was compelling)
Human Target (7-, 2 seasons total of 25 episodes - not concluded, great cast, acting and an above average script)
Agent X (5+Q, only saw episode 1, lots of FF after the major discontinuity on the first fight that indicated a lack of quality in the production, just to be surprised moments later on the casting options working with this tired script)
House of Cards (U.S. TV series) (7+ season 1, 7- season 2, 6+ season 3, 7 seasons 4, 4 seasons with 52 episodes - not concluded)
House of Cards (UK TV series) (8+, 4 episodes)
Dr. Ken (5Q, seen part of 1st episode)
Lie to Me (6+, 3 seasons with 48 episodes, very creative script plots and subplots but also repetitive in the minutia, hence the 6+ and not a 7-, great acting and pace, w:Tim Roth makes it pop)
Legends (6-Q, only saw the first 3 episodes, nothing innovative or enticing, the casting of w:Sean Bean does not work for me, the age and accent, then there is the feeling that they are treating the show as canned food, no love or spark)
Longmire (7-, 4 seasons with 43 episodes total, great casting, acting, setup and inventive script that manages to make the series not about the subplots but the characters and a rare glimpse on US society interaction with native american's issues)
The Knick (7, 2 seasons, 20 episodes, the acting and scripts are great, the production is not at the same level and the camera work and techno sound track at times become extremely annoying, less so on season 2. Counter intuitively the quality also declines as the series goes on on season 1, being the first episodes the better ones even if the characters aren't yet as rich. In season 2 the presentation is more balanced)
Defiance (6, 3 seasons 38 episodes total, the production quality is sadly low but there is a lot of creativity and some few sparks of cool acting, all actors improve along the run of the serial and some characters become truly memorable, the background universe is unnecessarily complex and the script writers at times fail to be logically consistent with the reality created or let it go underused, probably due to budgetary issues)
Entourage (7-, 8 seasons with a total of 98 episodes, the last 2 seasons had a drop in quality, mostly on the script writing all other production values remained consistent)
Zoo (5+Q, saw 8 episodes, the acting is not great, after the first episodes the actors, the less experienced ones, have adopted the same mannerisms of the only 2 innovators, the script starts ok but degenerates too fast becoming increasingly and unnecessarily complex and without a defined path)
Lucky 7 (6-Q, 2 episodes - canceled without proper conclusion)
Resurrection (6, 2 seasons - not concluded, 21 episodes, interesting concept, so as the script goes it shows in its logical failings how absurd some religious concepts are. The acting is not consistent at all, some good actors and some bad and some actors even devolve along the run of the series probably due to lack of proper direction.)
Homeland (8, 7 seasons totaling 84 episodes, the script, casting, acting and image is great, the writing degrades a bit as it goes into the last season but almost unnoticeable or complemented the incorporation of good ideas.)
Taken (6+, 10 episodes, a bit confusing especially for those that aren't aware of the meme and for those that are a bit infantile on the presentation, I guess that it was weirdly directed toward a younger audience.)
666 Park Avenue (6, 12 episodes, haven't seen the final 13 or the promised rewritten final - canceled without proper conclusion)
Peaky Blinders (8, 2 seasons, 12 episodes)
Fargo (TV series) (9-, 3 seasons totaling 30 episodes)
The Event (6+, 22 episodes - canceled without proper conclusion)
Z Nation (5+, 4 seasons totaling 56 episodes, crazy scripts, general bad acting (even if improving as it goes on) and bad effects, even so, it is so bad that is fun to watch)
Escobar: Paradise Lost (6)
Ascension (6, first 6 episodes - not concluded, this is one show that one has to use their ability to suspend critical thinking as there are many issues with the preposition of the script but the pace, acting, effects and the good side of the concept makes it all go forward, since it does not provide a conclusion I would not advise spending time in it until its a finished product)
American Heist (5, bad script and bad directing plus the casting of w:Adrien Brody feels just weird, he tries but he does not convince)
Tut (5+Q, only saw part of the first episode, the acting and casting is not great and any hope of historic correctness was quickly shoot)
Wayward Pines (8 season 1, 7 season 2, 20 episodes total, a conclusion is provided in some way on season 1 but the ability to suspend disbelief on the logic of the plot starts to decay a few episodes near the end, as characters start to behave unrealistically and some even against what the audience would expect based on the provided construction, even so the issue is with the writing and probably on budget stresses to provide a final, this seems to be proven by an increased decline in writing quality on season 2 and even a lower quality of main actors, while the reality created is enticing the production of it seems to decay)
Daredevil (8, 3 seasons totaling 39 episodes, it has a weak 2 first seasons and in the first the series lingers more than it should after episode 8 but overall the best Marvel's hero conversion at the time, especially because it is not too juvenile or infantile as all the others so far, great casting and acting, there is a palpable improvement in the third season even if the writing still lingers in the emotional side of the story)
V (2009] (6-, 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes - canceled and not concluded, not a carbon copy of the original but lacks the production budget to pull off any significance)
V (1984) (6+, 19 episodes, it hasn't aged well and the acting wasn't great nor was the production value but a 80's classic with some creative plot lines and a good pace)
Falling Skies (6+, 5 seasons with a total of 52 episodes - not concluded, production wise is just enough to keep it going and this influences the scripts, the CGI could also be better at times, even the creative department could be more consistent in general, but the main problem is the acting quality among the cast (and their directing) , with very few exceptions and considering that the main characters improve over time. the thing that keeps it all going is the main story arc and even so the writers at times takes us in some unnecessary side rides and rush the important stuff at the end of a season)
Remember Me (6, 3 episodes, Great cast and acting, BBC quality image but the script that starts fabulously loses quality rapidly)
Da Vinci's Demons (6-, 2 seasons 18 episodes)
Banshee (7, 2 seasons / 20 ep. + web series Banshee Origins 8 ep.)
Black Sails (9, 4 seasons totalling 38 episodes, great cast, acting, writing and production value)
Almost Human (6+, 13 - canceled, a bit more consistent acting and higher production and it would be extremely cool, no closure was provided to the series long history arc)
Rubicon (8, 13 episodes - canceled and not concluded, very good acting, plot and production, to be clear the last episode offers some sort of haphazardly created conclusion that addresses some of the plot arches questions but does not resolve or satisfy as a real end)
Ripper Street (7 for the first season, 6 for the second and third, 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, great acting and some good plot lines and well created characters but the script degrades overtime into not only a slower speed but repetition and common places, the 3rd season would have closed the series nicely...)
No Ordinary Family (6, 20 episodes)
The Shield (9, 7 seasons with 88 episodes total)
Under the Dome (5-Q, 5 for the first season and 4 for the 2nd seasons as the quality in general crashes even at script level, 26 episodes, I have stopped watching at the 4th episode of the 3rd season as I really couldn't care less about the characters the plot of the cheesy acting)
The Unit (6, 4 seasons with 68 episodes)
Dirk Gently (6)
The Big Bang Theory (7 season 1, 6 season 2, 5 season 3, 4 the rest ... I just continue to see it due to character based curiosity and to define what went wrong, I think it was the script quality...)
Utopia (6, 2 seasons with 22 episodes total, could have been better the music score and the story itself is great)
Penny Dreadful (7+, 3 seasons of 8, 10 and 9 episodes respectively, superb casting, great acting and improving quality in esthetics's and editing, if it had more funding, the quality of the scripts was constant and some clumsy acting corrected it would be un-improvable)
Wheel of Time (5, pilot)
The Strain (7, 4 seasons totalling 48 episodes, while quality declines a bit on the second season, the issue being that the serial is become even slower and more repetitive it picks up a bit later even if it seems to start to be written more for a specific demographics, teenagers)
The X-Files (7, 9 seasons with 202 episodes, the series hasn't aged well and the quality is not constant across all episodes, nor are they all related to the main history arch, at times the plot gets very and unnecessarily confusing, watching the movies will probably help clearing all the mess, even so there are episodes and concepts that are truly good)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (7, 2 series with 31 episodes - not concluded)
Endgame (6, 13 episodes - not concluded)
Eleventh Hour (6+, 18 episodes)
Elementary (6+, 6 seasons totaling 141 episodes, sadly beyond season 2 the quality of episodes is not constant but the writers keep the creativity fresh with the help of a wonderful cast)
Alphas (6, 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes - canceled and not concluded)
Poldark (2015) (7-, first 2 seasons, 6 in the last 2, 4 seasons with a total of 35 episodes - not concluded, good acting, great casting and filled with interesting characters all under BBC's great care for image, there is a decline in quality even of acting from season 3 on, and the scripts devolve into something similar to a soap opera with the only thing keeping it going is the investment the audience has in the characters)
Weeds (7, 8 seasons with 102 episodes)
Extant (6, 2 seasons 26 episodes, the script and the acting, even w:Halle Berry performance could be better, probably a director's problem. The quality declines a bit on the second season too)
The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (8, 2 seasons of 2 episodes)
Alcatraz (6, only seen 12 of the 13 episodes as it was canceled, the last episode seems to have been created to provide closure as make the series salable. Not great but good acting, way better than Marvel Agents of Shield)
True Blood (7+, 7 seasons, 80 episodes total, great universe, fantastic characters a bit too in your face LGBT for my taste at times but it maintains a good quality across all seasons)
True Detective (9, Season 1, 8 episodes, 8, Season 2, 8 episodes, fantastic characters, aesthetics and good script, even if season 1 is superior in both acting and script consistency and pace, probably due to the simpler base plot)
Dexter (7 for the 1st series, 6 for the 2nd up to the 7th and 5 for the last season the 8th)
Vikings (9 for the 2 first seasons, 19 episodes, 7 for the 3rd, 10 episodes, 6+ for the 4th, 20 episodes, amazing production from the image to the actors, casting and script, the casting starts to lose quality from the third season on, and the acting replicative and not character driven)
Terra Nova (6, 13 episodes - canceled)
The Michael J. Fox Show (4, S1E1-2Q, too forced and cliché to a point it wasn't funny.)
Merlin (5, 5 seasons, 65 episodes)
Halt and Catch Fire (8 for Season 1, 10 episodes)
Inside No. 9 (6+, only saw the 1st season ep. 1 and the 2nd season ep. 2, a special taste is required, the series revolves around human social, moral constructs and behaviors)
The Last Man on Earth (6-, 4 seasons with a total 67episodes, it falls in the section of "it is so bad that I couldn't stop watching", and that it is sad because it could have been so much better, the concept and even the actors are not bad but it derails into very infantile and over extended attempts to be funny, though there are some cool ideas and the scripts improve over time)
The Messengers (5Q, seen only the first 2 episodes, the writing is the worst part but the religious setup, as presented, caters only for a selected audience, the camera works and the acting needed also an improvement)
Hand of God (6+, 10 episodes, the first episodes are great but the script seems to lose quality especially after episode 7, the plot come to a crawl at that point and the ending is unsatisfactory)
World Without End (7)
United States of Tara (8, 3 seasons of 12 episodes)
Persons Unknown (6, 13 episodes, good production and good acting but things start to fall apart as the great setup crumbles, sad.)
Paradox (5+, 5 episodes - canceled, interesting idea but not so good production.)
The Fades (6-, 6 episodes, good acting, interesting concept but low production prevents it to be better.)
Texas Rising (6-, 5 episodes, good production, image and fair acting, the history channel has managed to keep that standard but with it also comes the low quality of the content and presentation, that in this case has no regard to historic accuracy, that should be principal, embarking in an infantile state propaganda, akin to those that we are accustomed to come from China or South Korea)
Sense8 (5-, only saw the first episode)
Awake (7, 13 episodes - not concluded)
Bosch (6, pilot - not concluded )
Hysteria (6, pilot - not concluded )
Allegiance (5, seen only 1 episode, the premise was ok but, bad acting and worse script sank it, see w:The Americans (2013 TV series) for contrast)
The Voices (5, good premise, ok acting but the story is very blah and the characters are very thin)
Game of Thrones (9, 4 seasons, 40 episodes + A Day in the Life, season 5 making of documentary)
Zero Hour (6-, 13 episodes, the acting is not great but the script is an interesting mix of ideas)
Shingeki no Kyojin (7, 25 episodes)
X Company (5+Q, 3 episodes, low production more than anything harms this series, the script premise is interesting but it locks the story development into repetition, making it not very creative at all beyond the introduction to it)
The Bridge (8, 2 seasons with 13 episodes each)
2 Broke Girls (6, season 1, 24 episodes, 5, season 2, 24 episodes, 5-, season 3 and 4, 24 and 22 episodes respectively)
The Assets (6, 8 episodes)


Merc Storia: Yujutsushi to Suzu no Shirabe (6Q, only saw episode 1, I'm not the intended demographic and the art work and animation was not very good)
Gary and His Demons (6-, only saw episode 1, didn't like the animation artwork or audio work, even if the writing was creative)
Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion (6, 12 episodes, the animation isn't great but the characters and plot lines keeps it going)
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (6-Q, only saw part of the first episode, I remember watching the some episodes of the first series and it were better it seems to have degenerated into something like w:Sailormoon)
Orange (7+, 13 episodes)
Drifters (6, 12 episodes - not concluded, I don't like the format nor part of the artwork, especially the eyes, but the script is fun even if a lot of it is derivative)
Black Clover (6-, only saw the first episode)
Angels of Death aka Satsuriku no Tenshi (6-, only saw the first episode)
Atom: The Beginning (6Q, only saw the first two episodes, the art and animation is good but the scripts fail to keep an interest)
Rick and Morty (6-Q, only saw episode 1, great creativity, the main plot lines are great but I don't like the low quality art work and resonate badly with some of the course humor in the quantity provided)
B: The Beginning (6+, 12 episodes, art and animation ok, but the content is too derivative and no real depth is given to most of the characters or even the setting, especially since it has not been expressed on other medium)
Blend S (6Q, only saw episode 6, nothing to declare same stuff rehashed again and again)
Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin (7-, 2 series with a total of 37 episodes - not concluded, while the artwork is not that impressive nor is the animation, the script ideas that holds it together and its characters are good, even if something is lost in the second series the plot lines become more promising)
The Laughing Salesman aka Warau Salesman (6-Q, only saw episode 1, did not like the artwork or the plot)
Seven Mortal Sins aka Sin – Nanatsu no Taizai (6Q, only saw the first 4 episodes, it is more like w:Hentai with a lot of Nipon censure. The art work isn't great nor the animation, the plot is innovative but the script is dedicated to the core purpose)
Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World (7-, 25 episodes)
Alderamin on the Sky (7-, 13 episodes)
Dimension W (6+, 12 episodes)
Log Horizon (6+, 2 series with a total of 50 episodes, the creative idea (2011) seems to be the source of other derivatives, like Overlord or DanMachi but here is presented in a very dull/repetitive way, the characters are great but the plot is slow and unnecessary complicated, the second series gains a better quality in regards to artwork but the same is lost in the script)
Comet Lucifer (6, 12 episodes, the artwork and animation if fine but the script is not very good beyond most, but not all, of the characters in it)
Mysterious Girlfriend X (6+, 13 episodes, the attention to detail on the animation movements is very cool)
Berserk (2016) (7-, 12 episodes, I dislike the artwork and some of the transparent computer aided animation but can't refute the quality of some of the craft and creativity behind it, there are some memorable sequences and dialogs that push it further than it would otherwise go that and the great characters and story line)
Big Order (6+, 10 episodes)
Endride (6-Q, only saw the first episode, too derivative and the artwork is not that great)
Lego Nexo Knights (5Q, only saw episode 9)
Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet (7, 5 episodes)
Gate (6+, 20 episodes, sadly the animation is not of better quality, but its a very creative concept full of interesting characters)
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (7, 12 episodes)
Basilisk (6+, 24 episodes)
Servamp (6-, only saw the first episode, while the artwork and animation is fine the plot is too absurd, even for an anime)
Erased (7-, 12 episodes)
Bungo Stray Dogs (6, only saw the first episode, didn't care for the plot and did not like the color "overuse" nor the excessive info-graphics, the art work and animation was fine)
Spice and Wolf (6+, 17 episodes - not concluded, while the artwork and animation is not the best the plot and characters makes it memorable, this is also one of the few times I liked an English dub of a Japanese animation, great work by the voice actors)
Kagewani (5, only saw the first episode, did not like the style of the animation, animated stills, and artwork itself)
Sousei no Onmyouji (5+, only saw the first episode, script is a rehash of better works the artwork is also not very good)
Fate/Zero (6, 25 episodes, did not like some of the artwork, specially some of the faces, the script is not that good or innovative and the ending is very anticlimactic, it does get interesting characters and is superb on their emotional interconnections, it also tries to be a bit mental in terms of strategy and rules of its universe without being too complex or frustrate too much the viewer with "magical" exceptions)
Animals (5Q, only saw episode 1, for something similar but way better see the original w:Creature Comforts)
One-Punch Man (7-, 12 episodes, the artwork and design is very inconsistent in quality, very good parts mixed with some low quality, the most problematic is the short format that hinders the story telling and inner consistency of it)
Overlord (7-, 3 seasons totaling 39 episodes - not concluded, haven't seen the OVAs, I don't particularly like the artwork but the ideas on the scripts are extremely fun, resulting in a very clever mashup)
Noragami Aragoto (6+, 13 episodes, very creative lore and concepts)
Tron: Uprising (6+, 19 episodes - "Canceled", the end seems a bit rushed but it provides some closure)
Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist (6+, 12 episodes, for adults, even if at times nippon culture seem extremely alien to a point of moral objection)
Planetes (7-, 26 episodes, a real space soap opera, great story, art style and animation, even if at times shortcuts seem to have been taken, especially toward the end)
Generator Rex (6-, 3 seasons with 60 episodes in total, great artwork and better scripting but low budget animation and very "aggressive" musical score degrades the quality, there are some very cool ideas mixed together, except the talking monkey sidekick. There is a small improvement on quality as it progresses)
Gods Eater (5+, only saw the first episode not the prelude one labeled 0, I generally dislike high stylized BD or animation, in this particular work I appreciate the concept, at times almost like water color and do like the creative art but the plot and characters are rehashes)
Btooom! (6, 12 episodes)
DanMachi (6+, 13 episodes, extremely creative, funny and full of RPG references with a Nippon twist anime)
Aldnoah.Zero (6+, 24 episodes, while I do not appreciate the style, especially the one used for faces and the simplistic backgrounds, it improves as the series goes on, the action sections seem to be computer aided animation and are distinct and the plot and emotional dynamics are well structured)
Tokyo Ghoul (6, 12 episodes - not concluded, good artwork but Nippon scripting is a bit over the wall for me, regarding the subject matter, beyond the commonalities that are expected)
Parasyte - the maxim (7, 24 episodes)
Arslan (5Q, only saw the first 2 episodes, the animation is not very good nor is the script. I hope that the books are better but there is clearly a desynchrony on how in general terms, Asians envision European medieval times and build upon that)


Destroyer (6+)
Bullitt County (6-Q, subpar acting and a droll script)
Stray (2019) (6-, all ok except the script that except from the core concept, is very weak)
Captain Marvel (6+)
The Last Man (6-Q, too theatrical and the script is all over the place with attempts to pass "clever" subtext)
Bird Box (7-)
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (6-)
Green Book (film) (7-)
The Last Boy (6-)
The Girl in the Spider's Web (6)
Io (6)
Glass (6+)
Polar (6-, great acting potential ruined by everything else. From a crappy camera, bad direction and foul editing to a sub par script)
Bumblebee (6, the script is very bad)
Mortal Engines (6+, same formula rinse and repeat, sad, any innovative idea is just nonsense)
Aquaman (7-)
Dead in the Water (6)
Piercing (6+, a bit too empty of content for the length it uses)
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot (6, the acting is fine but the script and production falters at critical moments dragging it down to mediocre levels)
Alita: Battle Angel (7-)
Prospect (6+)
The Golem (6-)
Shoplifters (6+)
Mystery 101 (6-Q)
Rust Creek (6-, almost a 6 but the script and acting was not there)
The Vanishing (2018) (6)
The Old Man & the Gun (6+)
King Lear (2018) (6-Q, too dry for me, I dislike play actualization that preserve de-synchronicities as fake erudition, in this case, the dialogs)
Sorry to Bother You (6-, it start ok, and the social commentary is well crafted but the scrip goes off the tracks in the middle not only by deepening a palpable racial dissonance but the general nonsense that is introduced)
The Belstone Fox (6-, it hasn't aged well especially the cinematography, but even then the editing would have been problematic, too low budged and simplified, waiting a more artistic remake as the plot lines of the original work and the underline text would merit it)
Apostle (6, the scrip goes off the rails near the end, only the core plot lines, production value and the acting saves it, the casting/directing also works well, w:Dan Stevens type of over acting in this case is a perfect match or the intense and damaged character)
The Kindergarten Teacher (7)
What Still Remains (5+)
Leave No Trace (6+)
Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji (7-)
Sekigahara (6+, the dialogs pace is too fast at times, the film would benefit more time as not to be as compressed)
Hotel Artemis (6)
Black '47 (6+)
Hold the Dark (6+)
Cold Skin (7-)
The Satan Bug (6-)
I Think We're Alone Now (6)
Bleach (6)
The Wailing (6+)
Support the Girls (6-, sadly the script is not worth more)
American Animals (6, very weak 6 at that as this small story is slowly presented in almost a documentary format that is at the same time a creative approach but makes even more evident that there is very few content for it all. The acting is fine and even if limited in budget the production works for what it aim for)
Remains (5Q)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (6- if you love the original trilogy, 6 if you don't really care about the context of it all)
Mission: Impossible – Fallout (6)
Sicario: Day of the Soldado (7-)
Mandy (6, the visuals are great, the cinematography is above average but the script does little to justify the time, the acting and editing could easily be better with some luck it may get into the cult movie niche with some subjective interpretation of it all)
The Meg (5+, there is some production quality but the script is atrocious, maybe partly due to a cultural dissonance but even so its bad)
Winter Ridge (5Q)
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (6+)
Radius (6, low budget but the script, the cast and acting works ok)
Skyscraper (2018) (6)
Tag (2018) (6-)
Patient Zero (6-)
Bleeding Steel (5+)
Fahrenheit 451 (2018) (6-Q)
Cargo (2017) (6)
A Quiet Place (6)
Death Wish (2018) (6+, all is fine, even the scrip manages to have a great pace, it doesn't aspire to more than it is, if we discount the political barbs)
A Wrinkle in Time (2018) (6-)
First Reformed (6, a bit preachy, no pun intended, and the end seems rushed and out of character)
Phantoms (6-, low budget, the acting is problematic only the script pushes it up a bit and even that has fails)
Future World (5+)
Josie (6-)
Extinction (2018) (6)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (6)
Hot Summer Nights (7-)
How It Ends (6, almost did not make it, limited budget shows and the script does not satisfy)
Tomb Raider (2018) (6+)
In Darkness (2018) (5+)
2036 Origin Unknown (6-)
Siberia (2018) (6, almost dint make it, limited budget and the script start and pace is problematic but it goes in a crescendo and by the end it is saved)
5th Passenger (5+, better camera work and more funding required but production is not bad and the acting is passable a better script and it would made the cut)
Chappaquiddick (6, I do dislike these Hollywood history re-wrights)
Ghost Stories (6)
Tully (6, probably a 6+ for its intended audience but I found the script a bit empty, the trailer and cast is great)
Prodigy (6-, suffers from a low budget and the acting is too stiff and theatrical but the script pushes it forward almost to a 6)
Flower (6)
Escape Plan (6-)
Escape Plan 2: Hades (5+Q)
Before We Vanish (5+Q)
The Endless (6, could easily have been better, it goes a bit offtrack near the end, low budget and some problematic acting an lighting also do not help but a cleaver script saves it)
Truth or Dare (2018) (6-, maybe a 6 for the young of the intended demographics but the script has some very big logic holes)
Muse (6)
Rampage (6+, the script is a huge mess but the production, acting and cgi are the main show)
Alien Code (6- but a 6 for those that can grasp the inside "messages", sadly the limited budget is noticed)
Tau (6+, a low budget and being a revisit to a well know subject becomes problematic at times but good acting and adding new ideas makes it a pleasure to see it play out)
Black Butterfly (2017) (6)
Ghost in the Shell (6+)
Alien: Covenant (7-)
Going in Style (6)
Tharlo (6+)
Shot Caller (6)
The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One (6-)
Alien Reign of Man (5Q, more than the effects or even the production limitation it is the acting and poor and slow script that are intolerable)
Sacrifice (2016) (6)
Extraterrestrial aka SP:Extraterrestre (6+)
The Beyond (6-)
Day of the Dead: Bloodline (6-)
Red Sparrow (6)
Pacific Rim Uprising (6, mostly the effects and CGI the script and acting is sub par)
Black Panther (6, the acting is bad, the CGI is problematic and it is unnecessarily racial at times)
Anon (6, beyond the initial plot lines the script is a mess)
November Criminals (6-, the script needed more work the action's pace is off and the casting feels weird, the acting is fine but it doesn't seem to work well)
Game Over, Man! (5+Q)
The Commuter (6+)
The Titan (6)
Psychokinesis (6)
The Hurricane Heist (6)
You Were Never Really Here (6-, the problem is all in the script and production that probably affected the choices made and the camera work)
12 Strong (6)
Hostiles (7-)
10x10 (6)
Genesis (6-)
Vanishing Waves aka Aurora (7-)
Amelia 2.0 (6)
The Man from Earth: Holocene (6- if you haven't seen the previous, 6 if you have)
Brawl in Cell Block 99 (6+)
Goodbye Christopher Robin (6+, a bit too formulaic)
Spartan (6)
The Ballad of Lefty Brown (6)
Thor: Ragnarok (6+)
The Open House (6-)
Maze (2017 film) (6)
Downsizing (6+, could easily been better but the plot lines was more about social comments than the stuff the attracted audience would probably want)
Suburbicon (6, could have been better but the criticism I saw was not merited)
The Florida Project (6+)
The Killing of a Sacred Deer (6-, a quasi-nonsensical script but the directing of the actors, for what it was going for, and cinematography is quite good)
The Cloverfield Paradox (6, the script has issues, the acting could be better and production value is limited but well distributed)
The Ritual (6)
Thank You for Your Service (6)
Murder on the Orient Express (2017) (6)
Wonder (6+)
Marrowbone (6+)
Beast of Burden (6-)
The Lodgers (5+, good production value but all else fails in some way)
All the Money in the World (6+)
The Shape of Water (7-)
Mute (6+, too convoluted at times it tried to mashup too many things, and the editing, how it is presented does not help)
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (6, almost a 6- acting is not good, the script is atrocious, except in very few bits, and the CGI is also problematic, it has a good production but the allocation of resources are off)
The Vanishing of Sidney Hall (6+)
The Disaster Artist (6+)
Annihilation (6, almost a 6- the script needed more work, CGI is not good enough, the cast and esthetics is what manages to save it)
The Death of Stalin (5, the script is atrocious, even if some form of caricature is presented only a few that understand what they are seeing will get it, the casting is also off, most of them are great actors, but the effort put in it is very basic)
I Kill Giants (6)
Proud Mary (6)
The Hitman's Bodyguard (6-, almost didn't make it, some films shouldn't be made)
Death Note (6 or 6- if not aware of the other work)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (6, the script sinks it a bit)
Transformers: The Last Knight (6, the scrip is the worst so far, only the eye candy saves it)
Crooked House (6)
Skyline (6-, limited by a shoe string budget, even so some parts of the script could easily been improved)
Beyond Skyline (6, less actors better acting and improved CGI, but the script again could easily been tweaked a bit to make something more)
The Mountain Between Us (6, w:Kate Winslet acting shines in this one but the simplicity of the story doesn't permit more)
Justice League (6+, the CGI and the script ought to be better)
Bullet Head (6, the script needed more work)
The Pirates of Somalia (6)
Land of Mine (6+)
Better Watch Out (6)
The Trip to Spain (5+)
The Foreigner (6+, still a bit too propagandist but at the same level as some similar inclined US productions)
American Made (6+)
Hangman (6, almost a 6- the the camera, editing and the direction especially of w:Karl Urban are exceptionally off)
Dunkirk (7+, it could have been better but managed to avoid some dangerous pitfalls, not too nationalistic or bitter but also not really going deep on the event, not even at the depth that was needed to satisfy and enrich the spectator)
The Devil's Candy (6+, w:Ethan Embry acting is fantastic)
Mayhem (6-, low budget, easy script prevents it from being more)
Bitch (5+, great premise but the script fails to deliver, the acting is not consistent)
My Cousin Rachel (6, the pace is a bit too slow)
Inherent Vice (6+)
The Man from Planet X (6)
Alone in Berlin (6, the casting overshadows and at time leads to overacting on a mostly uninteresting script)
The Mummy (1999) (6+)
The Mummy (2007) (6)
Free Fire (6)
Memories_of_Murder (6)
Bushwick (6-, almost a 6, the acting degenerates past the middle even for those that had so far been doing a good job at it)
Rememory (6)
First Kill (6)
It Comes at Night (6, could easily be much better)
Baby Driver (6+, the worst part is the movie title)
Walking Out (6-)
No One Lives (6-, good script concept even if with some flaws but it is the acting that is not uniform that manages to ruin the movie)
Jeepers Creepers 3 (6)
The Hero (6+)
What Happened to Monday (6, so much potential almost a 6+, but budget and acting holds it back)
Hacksaw Ridge (6)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (6+)
The Limehouse Golem (6)
Subterranea (5+Q)
Infinity Chamber (6, some cool ideas and mashups but limited budget and a ready to be improved script limits it)
War for the Planet of the Apes (6)
HHhH aka The Man with the Iron Heart (6+)
The Dark Tower (6)
Anti Matter (6-)
Atomic Blonde (6, the fights choreographies are pretty good)
Jungle (6, the cast is better than the script, not all stories merit a movie)
Orbiter 9 (6)
Spoor (6+, a weak 6+ since the script could have been better but the characters and actors are great, the context also permits the inclusion of stuff that would not work with other setups, at times it feels a bit overcrowded with ideas but ultimately that is what pushes it above in quality, it has a heavy subtext and even a bit of EU propaganda of sorts mixed in)
Young Ones (6-Q, great concept and some good ideas but fails in a lot of areas from the acting, to the script and production value)
The Wall (6+, a weak one mostly due to a bare script that is extremely limited from the onset, the high point is for the balance it provides amongst other similar movies in regards to the two forces in conflict)
The Case for Christ (6-Q, I should have known better, but the production has great quality in comparison to other "jobs" like this, the settings and even acting is not bad, even if the casting could have been better, but the script is unredeemable the premise starts ok but the argumentation, character build and dialogs clearly shows a bias on the presentation and telegraphs where it intendeds to go. I really was expecting a more intelligent argumentation from both sides and some fairness on the presentation.)
Rules of Engagement (6)
The Sunset Limited (8-, great acting, good script and fantastic audio work and editing, camera work could be better and the script as a few argumentation that don't flow, even considering the characters)
Thor (6+, just made it to 6+ and mostly for the effects and casting)
Thor: The Dark World (6+, even if a bit better that the previous one)
The Comedian (6)
Patrick (5+Q, all is well but the script, it even lacks originality, the acting could be better at times and the casting is a bit off)
Revolt (6, low budget but makes a huge effort, thanks to the actors and the cinematography, that it is even clever as to hide the shortfalls, the CGI is not great but passable)
The Recall (5+)
John Wick: Chapter 2 (6)
The Circle (6+, while the script is very weak, especially the characters, the core ideas in it are interesting to explore)
Wonder Woman (7)
2:22 (6)
Another World aka The Walking Death (6-, note that the trailer available is not related to the content of the film, low budget and a too theatrical representation of a rehashed plot, even so with more effects, better image and direction, funds and little rewriting could have been easily better)
The Lost City of Z (6, the script is too empty, making the movie very slow and unsatisfying at the end, even if historically accurate)
Once Upon a Time in Venice (5+, main culprit is the script)
Hot Tub Time Machine (6-, matches its own expectations)
Camera Store (6-Q, the scrip is not good even if some of the dialog are interesting but not the setup, acting is too theatrical and with uneven quality)
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (6+, cinematography, sound and soundtrack are amazing but the rest falls in quality, even the acting and casting, for example w:Jude Law was a poor choice, the script is too overcrowded for a single movie format, even if it is brilliant at time, great characters, ideas and dialogs)
A Dark Song (6+, simple and small budget, but a creative script and dynamic acting makes it work)
Wilson (6)
Boy 7 (6-Q)
Future Folk (6-)
Colossal (6)
Vengeance: A Love Story (6-Q)
Personal Shopper (6)
Isolation (6+)
Flags of Our Fathers (6+)
A Cure for Wellness (6-, the script tanks it, even if we attempt to give it a subtext it just does not work, the rest is fine not great but would serve best a better scrip, the casting of w:Jason Isaacs also seem a bit out of sync)
Kill Switch (6-, the casting is off, the script is not great, the core idea is a rehash, but the effects and visuals are great, in fact it is the best 3rd person scenes I have seen so far)
War Machine (7, the script is the best part, but it would fall short on its vivid characters without a fantastic cast)
X the Unknown (6)
Akahige/Red Beard (7-, the script is not the best but has its moments and interesting characters, the cinematography is great)
Sandy Wexler (5+Q)
Stalker (6-, the cinematography, imagines and visual setups are great but all else fails to captivate, the script is confusing at times uninteresting at others, except for the self contained sketches and the pace is generally too slow)
Mine (6, could easily be better, it is not innovative at all)
The Founder (6+, good acting, great production. I do hate when Hollywood "simplifies"/rewrites history in general and so disregard any relation to reality when watching any of these works)
The Void (5+Q, the script is a mess and the acting is not consistent, effects are ok)
Bokeh (6)
The Great Wall (6, there is a cultural divide that still prevents movies to be portable from East to West when mixing cultural concepts)
About Time (2013) (6)
Middle Man (2016) (6-Q)
Atomica (5Q)
The Bay (5+Q)
Win It All (6)
Here Alone (6+)
The Discovery (6+, sadly it does waste too much time and fails to go more in depth, even around the central subject mater, w:Jesse Plemons is fantastic)
Life (7-, the plot ideas are better than the movie but the movie isn't bad)
Gantz (6+, if you at least have seen the anime, 6 if not)
Gantz: Perfect Answer (6 if you saw the first, 6- if not, the script is not as good as the first film and the production seems to be more restricted in budget)
Black Moon Rising (5+, it hasn't aged very well the main problem is the cinematography and script even for its time it wouldn't be very good, interesting to see the younger w:Tommy Lee Jones and w:Linda Hamilton)
The Chamber (2016) (6-, this sort of script requires great acting and writing to work this is not the case, it has been done better many times before)
The Shack (6, while the film had a feel good intention and for the believer will be somewhat uplifting, the concept of a personal God, one that cares about each individual continues to seem nonsensical and unworkable, even as fantasy plot-line)
The White King (6-, great premise good acting but the script doesn't satisfy in the end)
The Eagle Has Landed (7-)
Midway (7-, these old war movies almost always get better with time, if quality is there to begin with)
Marathon Man (7)
Logan's Run (6+, it also hasn't aged very well, a redo is in order)
The Omen (6+)
Carrie (1976) (6-, it hasn't aged well)
Rocky (6, it never was a great movie but time has also eroded it)
Taxi Driver (8+)
Jonah Hex (film) (6+)
King Kong (1933) (7)
King Kong (1976) (6)
King Kong (2005 film) (7-)
Kong: Skull Island (7-, some improvements in regards to the backgrounds, but the script lacks some of the cool dialogs of the previous, as it is designed to put forward the visual show)
Iron Man (7-)
Iron Man 2 (6+)
Iron Man 3 (7, but requires to have seen the previous, if not 7-, the script still suffers from blockbuster memes that shouldn't have been included)
Moontrap (6-, I did like the script and some parts fo the movie, it hasn't aged well and even at its time it was a low budget production, it would merit a remake)
Moontrap: Target Earth (5, it has mostly nothing to do with the first Moontrap and it is all bad except the core ideas of the script)
Silence (6+)
Logan (7-)
Operation Avalanche (6-Q, a low budget but fantastically casted and reflecting the time in sets, costumes and image it just doesn't have the content to be a movie, the script rehashes cleverly some of the moon landing memes but it still doesn't escape the feel of being a movie student project)
Why Him? (6)
Live by Night (6+, a bit too formulaic)
The Assignment (6-, the cast is better than the script that sucks, even a bit frustratingly since some of the ideas in it could work indeed work. w:Sigourney Weaver does an interesting psychopath)
Without Warning (1980) (5Q, even at its time is would have been a B movie, some star cast, or star to be, w:Jack Palance, w:Martin Landau, w:David Caruso, the script and audio editing are very bad)
The Day the Earth Caught Fire (7+, it aged well)
I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (6, a somewhat interesting script with some high points, interesting characters that aren't really fleshed out, the acting was fine)
Tumbledown (6, sweet story but w:Jason Sudeikis casting does not work and the script is a bit too bare)
AfterDeath (6-)
Case 39 (6, the casting of w:Renée Zellweger was an error and the script needed more work)
Assassin's Creed (6, the biggest problem was casting and the uneven acting helped by a script that had little in subtleties and proper dialogs)
Allied (6+, loved the color pallet and the cinematography, the CGI was a bit too transparent)
Gold (6)
Underworld (6+)
Underworld: Evolution (6)
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (6)
Underworld: Awakening (6, script wise the worst than the previous ones)
Underworld: Blood Wars (6+, but you must have watched the others or it will be hard to get into)
Resident Evil (film) (7-)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (6+)
Resident Evil: Extinction (7-)
Resident Evil: Afterlife (6+)
Resident Evil: Retribution (6)
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (6+)
Safety Not Guaranteed (6-Q, well I didn't quit but there was a lot of fast forward, some interesting ideas but the acting script and production values aren't there)
Teenage Cocktail (6-Q, too much focused to a specific type of audience to have any interest for me and the quality is not that great to make me linger, it has a very 90s feel about it that does not help)
Within (6-, some of the acting has problems and the script in not very good, extremely derivative)
The 9th Life of Louis Drax (6-, the script has problems and it wouldn't at its core be worth a movie, the convolutions added still does not justify the time. All the rest is fine and it has an above average music score)
War on Everyone (6-Q, the script is a mess, there are some interesting sketches and it rewrites or reuses some old ones but the narrative and the quality below the setup is very bad, the acting is not bad and as for image production and casting they are above average even the selection of film color)
Patriots Day (6+, a bit of a propaganda work, movies should avoid contemporaneous events if possible as they often serve to rewrite history or skew the discourse, in this case the "reality" goes by a very heavy filter and what goes out only slightly has any points of connection to factual events and ultimately is one sided)
Baked in Brooklyn (6-)
Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism (5+Q)
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (5+Q, the script is horrid as are some of the CGI, image quality and pallet is great and the acting in not bad but the script is just unbearable)
The Girl with All the Gifts (7+)
Road Games (6-Q, too slow and the image is too raw, the script and its characters did not impress)
Passengers (7-)
Equity (5+Q, casting, acting and script are bad)
Genius (7-)
Dollman (5Q)
The Autopsy of Jane Doe (6)
Rogue One (7-)
Time Out of Mind (7-, a bit slow but the script is very well planed all dialogs contribute to shape not only the story but to establish the background of the reality portrayed. The acting/directing is superb, all around. The only downside is the medium, the editing and story pace seems more like a TV movie than cinema)
Manson's Lost Girls (6-Q, all good but the format, a TV movie with very cropped image and fast editing, cast, acting and production is good, the best I've seen covering this tired subject)
The Benefactor (6-Q)
Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha (5+Q)
The Thinning (5+, bad script and some sub par acting)
Spectral (7-, a little better CGI, a little less corner cutting in the script and a little more creative cinematics and it would be great)
The Liberator (6, great image quality, decent cinematography and well acted the main problem is the script that feels too slow, missing pertinent historical information or simply oversimplifies)
Dad's Army (6-, great casting and image, but acting and script fail to work)
The Siege of Jadotville (6-, good acting but low budget and poor script)
Train to Busan (6-, interesting movie but some of the casting, acting and CGI/effects does not match a better script, has great ideas but some are derivative, it is also a bit too long but manages not to get repetitive)
The Da Vinci Code (7)
Angels & Demons (6+)
Inferno (6)
The Serpent and the Rainbow (5Q, it was never a good movie but it also hasn't aged well at all)
Creative Control (5+Q)
Maggie's Plan (6-Q)
Masterminds (6-)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (7-)
The Accountant (6+, a bit too formulaic but a cool and well told story)
True Memoirs of an International Assassin (6-Q)
Arrival (6+, a too heavy on the emotional content and light on the technological side, even if one must recognize some effort on that area)
Snowden (6, a weak one, only reached because of the heroic performance by w:Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this a low budgeted underwhelming script shown in monotonous cinematography)
Dog Eat Dog (6-, the script is a mess in its sequencing, character build and its too dry, beyond the Bogart joke, that is a bit out of date, and personal crisis of w:Willem Dafoe's character that occurs out of the blue)
Sully (6, often reality do not a good movie make, but I'm glad that the hyperbole was kept to a bearable degree making it watchable in this format)
The Monster (6, the acting, image, cinematography and a well balanced script, even if very derivative, elevates it beyond the stigma of being a low budget production)
Plan Z (6-, low budget and crappy camera makes it all worst than it is, the script could have had a bit more of work but cinematics, acting and effects are ok)
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (film) (6)
Doctor Strange (7-, visually great but the script is a bit empty of creativity beyond the effects and cramped with lore and origin to a point that the viewer only sees highlights but few nuances, if they make a second one maybe the actors can really act in a more well paced and crafted script)
Army of One (6, sadly a low value production that could have been much more. One of the best roles I have seen w:Nicolas Cage in, especially recently. He carries all the movie but that barely saves it, the script is repetitive at times and generally not good beyond Cage's character.)
Nine Lives (6-)
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (6)
In a Valley of Violence (6, could easily have be better, but parts of what could have been a great script are weakly constructed or are too derivative and the camera work is horrid at times even if the cinematography is above par, this all would indicate budget problems but the cast seems to indicate a bad production choice, heck the most memorable roles are by the dog and Tommy Nohilly (Tubby) anyway...)
Anthropoid (6-, low budget and bad script, actors and props are fine but even the camera work and cinematography at times feels cheap)
February (6-, everything even the cinematography and music score is great but the script and the presentation chosen makes it am almost painful experience, there really is no content)
Captain Fantastic (7-)
The Infiltrator (2016) (6, suffers a bit from a low budget, the lighting is not good and the script is formulaic and seems directed into elevating its pedestrian characters)
Zoom (2015) (6-, some cleaver ideas, good enough casting and acting but the script is not right, the characters needs more building time so that the audience can appreciate them, it would be fine as a short film, even more compressed or extended into a series)
Mechanic: Resurrection (6-, only problem is the brain dead script, it could be a 6 but the nonsense directing the action makes it pointless)
Special Correspondents (6-, it has the start of an interesting subtext but as the main plot it doesn't do much with it, I also have a particular dislike as w:Ricky Gervais always portray him as the ultimate underdog ad nausea, it is tiresome)
Blood Trap (5Q)
Morgan (6, a bit frustrating that the script wasn't more forward thinking, many lost opportunities making it fell too claustrophobic, shallow and repetitive, a ripe opportunity to someone to pick the core premises and make it go well beyond)
ChickLit (6)
Swiss Army Man (6-, while the encoded subtext is open to interpretation the script in itself is not that great, some cool sketches some cool philosophical issues and a good enough acting does not make a good movie alone, a bit fun but a lot wieldier, but ultimately that is the point being made)
Café Society (7-)
Alice Through the Looking Glass (6+)
The Good Neighbor (6-)
ARQ (6)
ISRA 88 (5, low budget and nonsensical script, the production value is there, even decent acting sadly it does not go anywhere)
The Neighbor (6-, horrid camera at times, the script needed more work, the characters and setup is fine and the acting is not bad)
Other People (6-Q, too forced and the script is not good)
Transpecos (6-, the acting could have been more consistent and the script have more content and close more of the storyline, the main issue was probably the low budget)
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (6, the editing is a bit bad, especially if we compare it with more contemporaneous works)
Don't Breathe (6+)
The Confirmation (6)
I Am Not a Serial Killer (5+Q)
Swung (5+Q)
Into the Forest (6, the script loses a bit of coherence near the end)
The Neon Demon (7-)
Our Kind of Traitor (6)
Blood Father (7-, the script loses momentum as it approaches the end and sadly w:Mel Gibson fails to innovate, not that it is bad, never is, just repetitious, we already seem to have seen all he can offer on screen too many times)
War Dogs (7-)
Tank 432 (5)
Secret in Their Eyes (6+)
Imperium (6)
Arbitrage (6+)
Regression (6, it could easily be much better but the script keeps it too simplistic and formulaic)
One Eyed Girl (6-Q, good acting and cinematography, and enjoyable premise but the script has bad pace and lacks content)
600 Miles (6, low budget but well done and with w:Tim Roth to boot, camera work leaves something to desire at times and the argument is not that complex but its the simplicity that makes it work)
Couple in a Hole (6, it could easily be better)
Flight of the Navigator (1986) (6-, it hasn't aged well but would be still fun for kids)
Breakdown (6)
We Need to Talk About Kevin (6, the script presentation is a mess, it requires a lot of patience to get into the crazy way things are shown, the story is ok and the acting is above par)
All the Way (6, the script is too revisionist and emotional focused, it skirts some of the most important issues, the casting is great and as expected w:Bryan Cranston does a great act, w:Anthony Mackie also does a great w:Martin Luther King Jr.)
The Man Who Knew Infinity (6)
Lazer Team (5+Q)
Darkest Day (6-, the camera work is horrid)
Jason Bourne (6)
Dough (6-, a low budget movie with a forced and simplistic script that is badly directed as the actors seem capable of more)
Suicide Squad (6)
Daylight's End (5+, better than one would expect, props, effects and image and even the some of the acting, the main issue was the script and probably budgetary restrains, it could have been better)
Jackrabbit (6-, some cool concepts but the script is not that good in this low budget production, acting if fair but all could easily be better)
The Jungle Book (6)
The Legend of Tarzan (6+)
Lights Out (6)
The Congress (6, too many ideas crumpled into it, its all a bit unnecessary confusing and indirect)
The Nice Guys (6+, good scrip and a fair production of it, the casting of w:Russell Crowe is a bit off and he really does not make an effort, the movie is carried along by w:Ryan Gosling and w:Angourie Rice)
A Hologram for the King (6+)
The Whisperer in Darkness (6-, problems with the acting, pace of action and CGI effects, and only those)
High-Rise (6-Q, good production quality, esthetics and cinematography, great casting but the script is not relatable, I don't know the original novel but I couldn't care less about it all.)
Blood Moon (5+, too theatrical and the audio is not right even if casting is also an issue as w:Maya Kazan voice hard to cope with in that reguister.)
Viral (6)
Star Trek Beyond (6, the script isn't good, and I hate the reboot changes to the ST Universe in general, not the actors even if I would prefer a less plastic look)
Star Trek Into Darkness (6+, for the acting and visuals a lot has improved from the first, the new Klingons... I hate)
Star Trek (reboot) (6, what a mess)
Free State of Jones (6)
Transcendence (6+, there are issues with the script, there is also one or two blatant unexplainable jumps of the plot on screen)
The Call Up (5+, some issues with the script and the acting is not good, but the production quality is there, image, lights and cgi, only the sound suffers a bit)
The BFG (6-, great for children but has several issues that puts it below average)
The Way, Way Back (6+)
Scoop (6+, w:Scarlett Johansson is always fantastic even if the film is a bit too theatrical, even more than usual for a w:Woody Allen movie. In that regard it is also becoming obvious that most of his movies are just a bit too repetitious in the characters psychology and small sketch formulas they use)
Accidental Exorcist (5Q, the real issues are the script and the low budget but kudos for the effects, image quality and acting)
Marauders (6-, script, casting and production issues, there is also something lacking in the cinematography and editing)
Cash Only (6)
About Scout (6Q, it just didn't capture my interest)
Equals (6, sadly it fails to have more content to justify the screen time and it is too derivative to be called creative)
Blackway (6, the acting is fine but the script is just not that fleshed out, in the characters' backgrounds or in the content it presents)
The Duel (6-, the main problems is the script, the erudition of the dialogs is out of context, then the slow pace, low scenery and unsteady cam puts the final nails on it)
Criminal (6+, the only real problem is the unreality of it all the rest is simply a well oiled rehash of old formulas that we have already see elsewhere, good acting and overall production that pushes it ahead but nothing new inside)
Synecdoche, New York (6-Q, while I can recognize the production quality especially of the actors and cast in general, I can only get frustrated by the psychotic script populated by interesting characters in a chaotic manner. I loved some of the small sketches but couldn't care less about the main plot beyond a shared frustration with the main character regarding what is going on)
Von Ryan's Express (6-, it hasn't aged well at all, the plot is fine, as is the acting and casting, with the exception of the extras that at times are completely out of it. The camera and audio is hard to stomach today requires a note that the Motion Picture Sound Editors nominated it for "Best Sound Editing" in a Feature Film in 1966)
Gridlocked (6-Q, low budget production, bad image and script, with some recognizable faces but the acting is also not good in general)
Money Monster (6, not a very creative script and has several problems in it, it all feels like a small production and yet the story does not merit much more)
Eye in the Sky (2015) (6, a bit of an unrealistic view of how thing go, politically and military, we all have seen factual and audible dialog from real leaked footage of similar attacks, so to err so broadly is clearly a white wash work of propaganda and fantasy, aside from that the acting and production is ok and manages to engage people into the story)
Cell (5+, it has many issues first the script has problems, the camera, sound and feel is of a extremely low budget production, except for the main actors, sets and effects, some of the secondary aren't good at all. The script has some interesting ideas and the limited cinematography at times manages to get some cool shoots here and there)
Warcraft (7-, great visually but did not dare to have a better script, the direction of w:Travis Fimmel a good actor, is also lacking, why didn't they push him to diverge more from his previous Viking role, we see the same mannerisms even speech patterns and he is clearly capable of evolving beyond a single role, so it must have been intentional and it detracts from the movie)
Identicals (6-, script needed more balance, lighting, cinematography and the general esthetics were good but it feels empty, the characters disposable this and a haze of confused story telling)
Urge (5Q)
Camino (5Q)
Approaching the Unknown (6-, mostly due to a very weak the script, and I think I got the under-text, but it is also a low budget production)
Before I Wake (7)
Colonia (6, the camera work at times is very messy)
Manhattan Night (6)
Crush the Skull (5+, very creative script, the dialogs at time do really shine, the production suffers form a very limited budget the camera work and image in general is crap, especially the lighting in the outdoor scenes, the editing is not bad and the cinematography could be better since the setting were great for better and creative angles, especially with the cameras available. As for the actors they could improve the best performance is without a doubt by Katie Savoy, sadly Chris Dinh tries too hard and it shows)
Mr. Right (6-, while it just manages to deliver what it intended, the casting doesn't work even if both of the main actors are great they face an hard sell)
The Forest (2016) (6)
Hardcore Henry (7-, there are some memorable scenes and some very creative ideas and setups, the production suffers from a reduced budget but the stunts are great and the CGI only has small issues, the main problem is the trippy script, at times it seems to try to mash too many things into the story some it succeeds some it doesn't)
Red Dawn (1984) (6)
Red Dawn (2012) (6-)
Captain America: Civil War (7-, it could easily been better, the main plot line needed to be better constructed but it probably couldn't due to time constrains even if the movie does seems a 2 part work as it does not provide a proper conclusion. The CGI is also lacking but the fights chorography has clearly improved)
X-Men: Apocalypse (6+, it has good quality in all areas but also a script that fails to take excellent characters and do something with them, most of the film is a continuous unravel of a new character and his/hers powers peppered with historical lore dust but cant escape the old and tired formulas, until people stop rewarding this tripe this will continue to be made)
The Witch (6, and a weak 6 since the only virtues of the work is the purported historical accounting it makes, the good acting, fair image and editing but the rest is not that great the pace is very slow, boringly so, the blame is all on the script more background scenes even of daily life would have made it more tolerable and the characters more rich and interesting)
The Sighting (5Q, the actors and the script are the main problem, there are passable production values in the image, camera and editing but that alone does not make it something that is watchable)
The Finest Hours (6+, the scrip is meh but some of the characters, casting and direction are great and even if it is very limited in visual diversity and richness of exteriors and sets it manages to do a convincing job, it also does not go overboard with nationalistic or special interests propaganda that is common on this "historic" pieces from the US)
Brooklyn (6, a weak 6 due to what was done to in the script to make it populist propaganda at times. The real plot line and I believe the original material from the book is interesting and the characters and cast are fine, the directing could have been better so that the interactions would be more organic and not so staged)
Kill Command (6, very sad but the script needed more work and the characters to be better fleshed out, a strong 6 for the image, creativity and CGI)
London Has Fallen (6, a film for brain dead Americans to fell good about their nation, disregarding any link to reality there is I believe an intentional tongue in cheek around the plot, one needs to pay attention to the dialogs, but it aim to be a blockbuster action movie and it does that with a weak script a not that great acting and the rehashing of all the formulas once again, one thing that is great is the choregraphy of the gun fights the parts with the tracers are very well designed)
The Adderall Diaries (6+, the script is not for everyone and requires effort to appreciate, the best parts are the characters it brings then the casting and acting of those)
The American Side (5+Q, the cinematography is there but the camera work is a bit clumsy and the editing could be better, the acting isn't great but with a better script or direction it could be easily better, liked the care for image and lighting and the backgrounds that gives it a 70's nuance)
Guns for Hire (5+Q, the script has potential but it is not there yet the acting suffers from bad direction as the talent is there)
Triple 9 (6-, the script is too unnecessarily confusing and the acting is not even, some talent is wasted, like w:Woody Harrelson. The action sequences are interesting but seems low budget more due to the prevalent bad editing and sloppy lighting)
Hail, Caesar! (6+, not an easy work, full of subtext and references to old classics, the script is very creative but I found myself perplexed by minor but obvious continuity errors, was it intentional?!)
The Boy (6-, the story is too surreal to work)
They Found Hell (5Q)
Precious Cargo (6)
The Veil (6, fantastic work, as usual by w:Thomas Jane, the story itself is not great but it manages to get the mood and the cinematography is ok)
Risen (2016) (6-)
Paradox (5-Q)
Midnight Special (7, fantastic acting and interesting story even if it fails to satisfy in the ending, it is like a long pilot for a serial)
Dirty Grandpa (5Q, to confess I did not quit, I just fast forwarded it a lot I couldn't believe someone would waste money and time working in something like this)
The Girl King (6-Q, to much theatrical to my taste, I do like theater but generally not the theatrical acting play productions values packaged as a movie, the wardrobe also seem funky for the historic date it intends to represent)
Backtrack (6, a bit slow but manages the ending twist, the script lingers too much in non-important stuff, for instance the dead people, failing to make clear a few details within that logic. It would have been more interesting to focus on the factual emotional drama, and the links that emerge to the memories that it uncovers. The casting of George Shevtsov as w:Adrien Brody dad is genial.)
Walt Before Mickey (5+, small budget production with a great effort in the settings but the acting is not great and the script while interesting in the particulars it covers fails in the options it makes, making it more like a theatrical play)
The Trust (6, too over acted by the main characters and with a plot that does not evolve in a satisfying script, it ends when one would like it to really begin, in all it is fun but also frustrating)
Freaks of Nature (5+, it just tries too hard not to be more)
Pandemic(6-, the script has some cool ideas and the movie is an expansion of previous POV cinematography attempts but is still too raw and low budget, the acting is also not constant in quality, more a casting and directing issue)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (6, main issue is the implementation of the plot concept, that is good but falls apart when they blackmail superman and present us a clueless batman. There are a few great visual moments but the dialog and actors presentation are not that great)
10 Cloverfield Lane (6+)
Zathura (7-)
Jumanji (7-)
The Fisher King (7+)
Dead Poets Society (8)
Good Morning, Vietnam (7)
Awakenings (8+)
Forever (5+Q)
Pawn Sacrifice (6, good acting but the story as told is not very compelling material, there are parts of w:Bobby Fischer history that would merit more attention and would be more interesting to dissect and explore)
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (6-, mostly for the novelty, even if it is an adaptation of a literary work, the editing, acting and script are not good)
Undercover Blues (6)
Millennium (6)
WarGames (6+, it hasn't aged well but it is still an iconic work of its time)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (7)
Spotlight (7-)
Forsaken (6-, slow and bare script a lost opportunity with that cast, there is also the problem that w:Kiefer Sutherland is not very good at emotional roles)
Standoff (6, almost a 6+, it improves as the story is being told but from the start something is off, the camera, lighting and direction hasn't been given the necessary effort and the dialogs and emotional nuances are lacking, with such good actors it could have been way better)
Gods of Egypt (6-, a mess of a movie, from the idealization, casting and script, the effects are ok and the acting and production is not bad)
Kill or Be Killed (5+Q, the cinematics, acting and script are not good)
The Lady in the Van (6, fantastic work by w:Maggie Smith the script is a bit slow and dull but there are some clever dialogs and little sketches that makes it move forward nicely, a nice story telling, it could easily been better without feeling too cluttered)
The People vs. Larry Flynt (7, they try to much too shock the audience, the acting is great)
Code 46 (6, it isn't better due to the low budget and logical failures of some of the propositions on the script, the aesthetics and acting are fine and some of the ideas in it are worth the reflection)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (6-Q, more for the production value and acting, the casting is off and the script doesn't work, it also seems to be an emotional exploitation job due to the artificiality of it all)
Alienate (5+, the acting is not bad but its a low cost production of a very demanding concept and so the script fails to satisfy there are also several issues in continuity/editing and the camera work could be better)
She's Funny That Way (6+, like a slowed down Woody Hallen, good scrip, pace and interesting characters (w:Imogen Poots was fantastic), even if some are too off with the plastic jobs it was interesting to see them again. I think also that w:Owen Wilson and w:Jennifer Aniston are becoming too typecast, even if I love to see them on that type, its becoming a blur)
Victor Frankenstein (6)
American Hero (6-)
Southbound (5Q)
Frankenstein (2015) (5+, low production value beyond the acceptable acting, that yet seems uncoordinated and the pace plus the inconsistencies in the scrip also diminish what would be a great angle for the revisit to the subject, making it lose track and become as disfigured as the protagonist)
Deadpool (6+, I don't know the original material but some of the funny moments are too forced and the need or presence of the X-Men subtract more than add, I especially disliked Colossus, there is also a problem with the character Weasel being too similar to Deadpool himself, the action bits are fun but could easily been better)
The Survivalist (7-)
Tom Clancy's the Division: Agent Origins (5, better camera work and characterization, use of filters and quality would be easily increased)
Deathgasm (5+, they didnt aim to do much better than)
The Night Before (6-, very poor and mixed up script that seems at times to be a simple vehicle for product placement)
Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey (5+, the script is not very creative, low production value and the acting is lacking)
The Legend of Barney Thomson (5+, the script is not good and rarely fun at all it is a waste of acting capability)
The Sand (5+, a bit below what it aims to be, it should be a short story not a feature film)
The War of the Roses (7-)
Love the Coopers (6-)
Romancing the Stone (6+)
The Jewel of the Nile (6+)
Arrowhead (5+, the confused and hard to implement script and lack of funds seems be the main issue more than the acting)
Lamb (7-, great acting and script)
Synchronicity (5+, the acting is ok but also a low cost production with a script too convoluted without any rewarding content)
The Mask (6, this movie hasn't aged well, while it remains iconic of the 90s, with the repeated and over-similar work of the actor w:Jim Carrey that had peaked in fame at the time allied with an unimpressive script and some advanced (for that time) special effects)
Scent of a Woman (7-)
The 5th Wave (6, don't know the original source for the adaptation but the script is not great and I hope they don't waste those actors in more of this tripe)
Pleasantville (7, the cinematography, lighting and aesthetics push it up, the script internal logic at times gets very strained, the acting at times is intentionally woody as to fit the epoch and so the casting has also to be praised)
Exposed (6-, the script is too slow to unravel and the viewer is not granted a proper return for the convoluted deception)
Terminus (6+, great work done on a shoe string, cinematography and acting is good, even the effects, the script could have a bit more polish and faster pace at times but I loved the Iran angle and depth it got)
Rock the Kasbah (6-, I like Bill Murray but the last few scripts he agreed to perform aren't good at all, this one included)
Our Brand Is Crisis (6-, while the subject mater has merit the acting and script are weak)
Flutter (6-, a very depressing movie that has some cool ideas but also holes in the script that ruin the en-sable)
Dune (7-, the film hasn't aged well especially the special effects, it has also other problems, badly done fight scenes and editing, but the source material, esthetics, soundtrack, cast and acting is great. It would be interesting if someone took it and digitally remastered it and corrected and improved some of the background scenes.)
Amnesiac (6-)
28 Days Later (7-)
28 Weeks Later (6, the script is a mess at times making the characters behavior unrealistic and generally over simpleminded placing them in a setup that seems only so as to make the plot work toward the intended goal, the acting and casting is fine)
Steve Jobs (2015) (7+, great script writing, casting and acting)
The Pawnbroker (6+, it hasn't aged too well, but it can be an historic reference to a particular time, the acting is great and has a rich background, the casting of the protagonist especially for the scenes of a prison camp does not go well due to his body frame)
Crazy, Stupid, Love (6)
Solace (6, fun but you have to leave logic way behind to go along with the premise of the plot)
Diablo (5+, the main problem is the script)
The Walk (6+, it could have been better without the high tone theatrics and a more close, realistic and human view of events, it almost derails the movie in its first half)
Burnt (6, small issues with the editing)
Guns for Hire (5Q)
The Flock (6+, it could have been better simply by refraining from taking an "educational" path)
Concussion (6)
The Diary of a Teenage Girl (6+)
Harry Price: Ghost Hunter (6)
Irrational Man (7, fantastic characters and casting)
Carol (6-Q, the constant close plane of the camera is claustrophobic and monotonous, the acting and detail to match the era is great but the script is not that great nor the dialogs and pace)
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (5+)
Spectre (7-)
Idiocracy (7-)
The Ridiculous 6 (5Q, the script is just horrible)
Bare (6, probably a 6+ but this type of film is not my cup of tea, so I haven't a deep appreciation for the script)
He Never Died (6-, a low budget production with potential, the script has some cool ideas)
The Revenant (7-, the costume design is great the cgi is not)
In the Heart of the Sea (7-)
The Hateful Eight (6+, the last creations of w:Quentin Tarantino haven't been great (or as great as we come to expect), in this one the cinematography is inconstant and highlights the Tarantino formula, a sequence of copycats of epic moments of other productions applied to "mostly" creative and fun scripts)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens + deleted-scenes (6, the script is not creative, in fact we can find much of it is a rehash of other movies of the same franchise, starting for the quest for the droid with the secret message. I also am starting to have a cognitive resistance to the contrived propagandistic wave of this pseudo-blockbuster productions, from the girl heroin to the afro-American second fiddler, well at least we haven't the hero question her sexuality)
A Walk in the Woods (6-, the script isn't very good and it all seem very canned, the best bit is w:Nick Nolte and the idea of casting w:Emma Thompson as w:Robert Redford wife is just wrong, probably good as bait for the viewers but it doesn't work in practice)
A Perfect Day (6-, the script is weak and the acting is not that great even from w:Benicio del Toro that over-performs making it stick out, in a bad way, and contrasting with the other actors, the best moment is the ending sequence from just before it starts to rain)
Crimson Peak (6, it fails the purpose, that of terror, but it fails beautifully, and I don't give it more because at least in the wardrobe esthetics remove credibility to what is already an over the top visual ensemble, I was derailed several thinking about how fake the presented climate/weather was)
Room (8, there is little thing that could be optimized, probably a better musical score and certainly a bit more of cinematic creativity with angles, lenses and even light but it is certainly one of the best movies of 2015)
The Intern (6-, I see no point or merit on the script beyond a vehicle for social propaganda, propaganda because it promotes and attempts to normalizes fringe social-economical behaviors, not defending or opposing any of what is covered but I feel a bit sick when it is packaged and given a shine like this without a real balance or promotion for reflection)
A Very Murray Christmas (6-, I almost quitted and it would be a 5+ without w:Bill Murray, the problem as I see it is that they create a very depressing atmosphere, even claustrophobic that highlights the artificiality of it all, including the "Christmas spirit")
Heist (6+)
Knight and Day (6+)
Sleepers (7)
Ronin (7)
Wag the Dog (7-)
The Fan (6+)
Cape Fear (8-, great acting all around)
The Mission (8, some historic errors/freedoms but not very relevant)
Parasyte: Part 1 (6, cool adaptation, the acting is not great and the easier parts to replicate like the emotional drama, love relation, internal conflict is mostly missing focusing more on the special effects part that works great except for the way the "heroes" move together)
Uncanny (6+, a bit of a reluctant 6+ since the sexual weird part of the script seems an unnecessary addition to the plot, nice esthetics and a good pace)
Parasyte: Part 2 (6-, it deviates even more from the original, for someone that has no previous knowledge it makes it all become too bizarre)
The Assassin (5+Q, the photography is great but it is too artsy and with a extremely slow pace for me to digest, if a director needs to show off non-story telling concepts he should use short movies or create a good pace of visual fanfare)
Visions (7-, good script)
No Escape (7-, the writing has a bit of a badly done injection of anti-neo-colonialism that as presented it would be better have been left out and also while the action takes place in an unnamed nation the inclusion of Vietnam as a safe harbor demonstrates how Hollywood serves to shape public perception)
Absolutely Anything (5+)
Another World (5Q)
400 Days (5-, very weird work, the script is absurd the acting not that great but there is some production value in it, esthetics, image and light are above B movie level)
Before We Go (6+)
Insidious: Chapter 3 (6)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (6, I was going to give it a 6- but if you disregard the flaws, bad script and lack of chemistry between the main actors, the rest is pretty good, from the cinematics, color choice, esthetics and music all is above par)
SuperBob (6-, I think it depends on taste, it is nonsense comedy, reminiscent of w:Monty Python at times)
Everest (6)
A Brilliant Young Mind (6)
9. April (6)
The End of the Tour (6-Q, good acting and movie in general but based on a core dialog that seems to go into an endless loop of witticism, commonalities and some minor erudition, I think people that aren't capable of very profound thoughts or have a good cultural background would certainly appreciate it more but I lost patience with it)
Bone Tomahawk (6+, a bit slow and the camera work at times is painful but a cool script, characters and acting puts it above the norm had it more funding and content it could easily have been better)
Momentum (6-, I have noticed an issue that it transversal to most SA productions, the choice of image format, it hampers the immersion into the movie, this and the attempt to emulate Hollywood in the aesthetics. In this case all fall short, and is utterly unnecessary, the freaky futuristic costumes may have worked wonders for the trailer but not for the film itself, that and a poor script and uneven acting especially when they put in w:James Purefoy as the second fiddler creates a critical unbalance that robs it of any chance of working out)
Bridge of Spies (6, I have issues with this type of Hollywood rewrite or simplification of history, I also took note of the blatant product placing, it truly disgusted me)
Howl (6, the minor issue is the close-up effects on the fully transformed creatures it may be because of the conservative budget or a directors decision, the movie does not bring anything new but it is well constructed and presents what it proposes)
Circle (6+, yet again a variation of a groups of people in a closed room but well conceived, good casting, script and acting makes it above average)
Experimenter (6+, great acting from w:Peter Sarsgaard, clever script that manages to do a great presentation at low cost)
Re-Kill (5+Q, bad concept, the effects aren't great and dislike the docustyle camera-work in general)
Six Degrees of Separation (6+)
Mr. Holmes (7)
The Subjects (6-, great premise and an innovation over the genre but needs a rewrite, waiting for a remake)
The Green Inferno (5+)
Garm Wars: The Last Druid (6-, some above average CGI, good cinematography, fair acting but a extremely weak script and creative content beyond the futuristic esthetics)
The Vatican Tapes (5+)
The Gift (6)
Chariot (5Q, interesting central idea but the rest is just awful)
The Martian (6+, also saw the extended version, the only annoyance was the politically (in)correct way that China is included into the script even if it is also on the source novel)
The Hive (6-, some cool rehashed ideas in there)
Little Boy (7-, good tale and well told even if is doesn't innovate in old and tired formulas)
Beyond the Mask (5+Q)
Closer to the Moon (5+, seems a propagandistic movie in itself, very full of misdirected primitive anti-communism and cultural Zionism and empty of much anything else, the major plot line is great but its hand is shown right at the start, a very broad mix of acting quality and low budget production values also do not help)
Unknown (6+)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (5+, it may be directed at an young audience but it isn't very good, the acting even production values are fine but the script and effects are not)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (6-)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (6, more a part of a set, alone the movie wouldn't make any sense)
The Hard Way (6-)
Teen Wolf (6-, it hasn't aged well, these epoch centered movies are ripe for a remake)
Vampires (6+, many flaws but memorable, as many other work's from w:John Carpenter the expenses are dwarfed by the returns in detriment of production quality)
Pixels (5)
Love & Mercy (5+)
Pay the Ghost (5+)
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (6+)
Mississippi Grind (6+)
Listening (6-)
Cop Car (7-)
The Sign of Four (5+, it hasn't aged well, the series was great, this movie exacerbates the theatrical acting something that was more subdued in the series)
American Ultra (6+)
Tale of Tales (6, a bland blending of old folk tales)
Awaiting (5+Q, it is more like awaiting for it to end, the script is very bare of content and drags the few rehashed ideas too long, in a low production with above fair, but not brilliant acting)
Zipper (6-, not a good script, a beaten track and lacks content)
Self/less (6-, the issue is the directing, the acting is ok and the script has its issues but the options taken do not work)
Tiger House (6)
Z for Zachariah (7-, very cleaver premise for the script but falls short on what it could deliver on the very human subjects it tries to approach, it becomes an endurance process due to the very slow pace, creating a frustration that in part does help empathize with the frustration felt by the characters )
Entourage (film) (5+, or a 6- for those that have seen the serial)
Twixt (5+Q, from w:Francis Ford Coppola ?! why not simply make a experimental short movie instead of this mess)
Star Trek: Renegades (5+, all things are off except the CG effects and editing)
Bad Night (5+)
Fifty Dead Men Walking (6-, the main issue with it is the production value and the tired subject it covers, it does an amazing job but the quality is not there, the image format selected is also extremely bad for the project, claustrophobic at times and hinders the movie more than anything else.)
Attack on Titan (5, the adaptation is very poor, even if we recognize that it would be extremely difficult but the best ideas, even those that wouldn't require great cost or effects are left out and the acting is extremely theatrical, the best part is the effects and other solutions found for this low budget but with high expectations production.)
Strangerland (6-, extremely slow and shallow script, some interesting dialogs and a good main plot line, the casting of w:Joseph Fiennes seems out of place, but a good quality ensemble.)
The Humbling (6-, the script is not great, a bit confusing at times but with some interesting vignettes and there isn't much that we haven't seen from w:Al Pacino, he does not surprise us here.)
Air (6, a bit slow and empty of content, w:Norman Reedus is a great actor.)
The Beat Beneath My Feet (5+Q)
Fantastic Four (6, the reboot script is crap, the effects, ambiance and backgrounds are ok)
Harbinger Down (6-, the main problem is the acting and a not very creative script)
The Runner (6-)
Shaun of the Dead (6)
Taken (7, more than anything for the cleaver script concept and a memorable film)
Taken 2 (6)
Taken 3 (6, I wanted to tag it as a 5 due to the very crappy editing that degrades most of the film, especially the action sequences, the script also does not help, not creative or with fully fleshed characters)
Some Kind of Beautiful (5+, not very good acting, script or even casting)
The Age of Adaline (6+, a rehash of ideas but not at all bad)
Perfect Sense (6)
Kingdom of Heaven (6)
Cracks (6)
Big Driver (6)
American Sniper (6)
Wild Card (6)
October Gale (6)
Grizzly (2014 film) (5, bad digital effects and camera + mixed cast quality)
Trash (6)
Wyrmwood (6, for the creativity, acting and effects, considering the low budget and independent production, the close plane camera subterfuge still annoys the hell out of me)
SOS: Save Our Skins (4, funny to watch due to how bad, in a good way. Very low budget and crazy script)
Tracers (6)
Jupiter Ascending (6, I almost gave this a 5 the script is horrid, including the lack of any innovative idea beyond mixing all into a blender including lycanthropes and vampires. The esthetics and effects are excellent but the casting and acting are not.)
The Loft (5, script story as told is very unsalable to get one interested, the acting is also very inconsistent probably due to errors in casting and directing that only makes it worst)
The Interview (5, I rarely like this type of movies anyway, but due to the hype I did look at it, as the others its a waste of time)
Northmen: A Viking Saga (5Q, Good production and acceptable acting but the script is bad and the pace is off, very slow. I liked the cinematography but couldn't stomach the empty dialog and lack of character building)
Black Sea (6, a good story concept, great works from w:Jude Law, but issues with the script cripples it from being even better more than the budget)
The Hybrid (6)
Battle Creek (5, only seen 1st episode, the acting is lacking the script quality is not constant, some great ideas mixed with very old clichés and the camera work is also poor)
Exodus: Gods and Kings (5, not that great acting, disliked the twists in the script to the original material)
The Pyramid (5)
Night at the Museum (5)
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (6)
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (5)
Allies (4Q)
Extraction Day (4Q)
Cut Bank (6)
Vice (5)
Chappie (6, it could have been so much better, it could even incorporate some of the stuff from w:Isaac Asimov)
District 9 (8)
Elysium (7)
Kidnapping Freddy Heineken (6, a bit empty, it could have been better scripted)
My Mistress (6)
Meet Joe Black (7, some "logical" issues but great story and acting)
Instinct (6, almost a 7, but much is lost by hand holding the audience)
Hannibal (7)
The Silence of the Lambs (8)
Seven (8)
The Cobbler (6)
Halo: Nightfall (5)
Fifty Shades of Grey (6, a weak 6 since there is not much content on it, nor any profound psychological depth as one might expect)
Innocence (4Q)
Cymbeline (4Q)
Faults (7, clever scripting and good acting beats low production costs every time)
Alexander (5, bad acting, casting and awful script)
Spring (5, too slow, inconsequential, the camera work/image could have been easily better)
Boyhood (6)
A Most Violent Year (5, good acting but the script is lacking)
Robot Overlords (4)
Big Eyes (6)
Into the Woods (6, musicals aren't my cup of tea)
Annie (6)
The Sound of Music (7)
The Frighteners (7)
The Barber (6, the best point is w:Scott Glenn act. The script is not great or better yet the history told is not, it is all about the characters and sadly only one gets any tangibility)
The Beaver (7)
The Day of the Dolphin (6, a weak one, while the plot is good the movie itself hasn't aged well, still a classic but not re-watchable)
An Act of War (5Q, esthetically pleasing cinematography but no real innovative content in a slow develop plot on a slim budget)
Blackhat (5, due to the cinematographic quality, or it would be a 6, the acting is also problematic at times with exception of w:Chris Hemsworth, the plot is interesting and the movie well paced but the camera quality and even the audio is inconsistent)
Last Knights (5Q, horrid script premise, Historic Nippon setup in a Western context (Knights as Samurai), and a waste of good acting talent)
Dead Rising: Watchtower (5, some innovative ideas in regard to the Zombie gender, with some concepts from the game, but weak acting and bad camera work takes it below the 6. The budget also does not help, even in the s. effects department)
Dead Rising: Endgame (6-, better actors and previous actors had more experience, increased production value, except the sound and a messed up casting, even shifting same actors around in roles would have been better, in any case direction is also lacking, as some actors perform below what they have done in the past)
Batman vs. Robin (5, subpar animation, one thing done right was the fight choreography between different sized combatants where one would expect problems or gimmicks to surpass them)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (6)
The Untouchables (7)
Outland (8)
Good Kill (6, sadly it fails to go deeper into the morality of subject matter and focus to much into personal crisis and technicalities and soapboxing, that prevents it for being better)
The Dead Lands (6, weak 6 since the scrip is not great. The strongest point is the Māori culture that is rarely seen on the global screens and when shown it is too politically correct or clean. In that note one of the actors strikes out as being too westerner looking for the casting)
The Lazarus Effect (2015 film) (6-, the script is not innovative, like a remake of w:Flatliners in a small scale production)
Flatliners (7)
30 Days of Night (6)
Five Star (5+)
The Big Lebowski (7)
Four Brothers (6+)
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (6-, what is up with all the neon/led lightening it is even more out of place than in ST reboot high brightness weird futuristic ambiance)
The Physician (7)
Kiss of Death (5, bad casting and lousy script)
Birdman (5, almost didn't make it till the end, great acting great script I just didn't appreciate the subject-matter else it would be probably a 7)
Laggies (6, I FF some-parts of the start as the movie seems to be intended to a niche audience, not bad for what it is)
Ask Me Anything (7)
Unbroken (6, the script itself is weak and walks in a beaten path but transpires reality and stays away from the unnecessary nationalistic imaginary that we would expect, I loved the color pallet concept)
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (5, there is no real chemistry on the cast, all good actors but that and the issues with the script that breaks at times makes it not shine)
Whiplash (6, not much of a story beyond attempting to validate the insanity that mediocrity should be sacrificed in the altar of subjective excellence, a 1% sponsored message, but great acting and music)
Kill the Messenger (6, simple production but concise presentation)
The Imitation Game (6, low budget production but my main dislike was the departure from the real history)
The Gambler (7)
Seventh Son (5)
Horrible Bosses (5)
Horrible Bosses 2 (4)
Stonehearst Asylum (6)
Blood: The Last Vampire (6, low budget and forced internationalization but it delivers a good show for what it is, the camera works should be more cinematic and the shoots should be less regular in amplitude it feels a bit too narrow at times)
The Atticus Institute (6)
Against the Sun (6)
Jarhead 2: Field of Fire (5Q, bad script and claustrophobic camera more than the acting makes it intolerable)
Extinction (7-, great acting, good effects even in such a small production, the script should have been better leveraged and paced)
Dark Was the Night (6-, very few proper actors and a limited budget, that is evident in the effects, camera works, lighting and sound quality, allied with a very bare script puts it on the hedge of meriting the time expenditure)
That Burning Feeling (5Q, interesting premise but weak presentation)
Two-Bit Waltz (4Q)
Enough (6)
The Drop (6)
We Still Kill the Old Way (4Q)
Good Night, and Good Luck (6, it could be better it suffers from bad editing, the camera work, selected planes are also problematic and at times it is too slow for the content presented)
Alien vs. Predator (6)
The Adjustment Bureau (6)
Foxcatcher (5)
'71 (7)
Rising Sun (6)
Electric Slide (5)
Conspiracy Theory (6)
The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power (5, a w:LARP while the scrip itself is not that bad the acting or directing is very lacking, some setting/locations also are out of place and the epic music becomes extremely annoying after a bit)
I Saw the Devil (7)
Get Low (6)
Highwaymen (6, the very ending is very out of character and unnecessary)
Time Lapse (5, good premise but the script needed more work and greater creativity)
Hunter Killer (6)
Gone Girl (7)
The Contract (6)
The Sum of All Fears (6)
Driving Miss Daisy (7)
Along Came a Spider (7)
Nurse Betty (6)
The Shawshank Redemption (8)
Hot Pursuit (5+, almost gave up, the script is horrid leading to very forced and infantile gags, the acting is fair)
Ant-Man (6, safe and boring use of basic formulas, it is like packing sausages. The effects are fine but the ant "speech" is cartoonish and out of place)
The Last Survivors (5+, lacks many things, the premise is fine even if it needed some work to work beyond setting the stage for the action. The acting is also lacking beyond the very main characters. The "villain" could easily been better structured at least to bring it to par with the "heroes" even fleshing this duality would have provided some usable content. With a little more work it could have been way better...)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) (7-, a remake that adds some good content but fails to be better due to concentrating too much on the w:Keanu Reeves part)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (8, a memorable classic)
Soldier (6)
The Time Machine (1960) (8, a classic with memorable scenes, except for some of the effects it has aged remarkably well)
In Bruges (6, funny story with unexpected twists)
REC (5, some good scenes but weak plot, the acting is also very inconsistent probably an issue with direction more than issues with the script)
REC 4: Apocalypse (5, a bit better production but suffers from the same acting issues added to it is the camera work that in this installment should have been more cinematographic)
The Day of the Beast (7)
Pan's Labyrinth (6)
Awaken (4+Q, main issues for what little I saw, the camera work the acting and the general production value)
The Manchurian Candidate (2004) (6)
The Manchurian Candidate (1962) (7+)
The Parallax View (6-, it didn't age well, some parts of the script would probably merit a remake as they continue to be interesting to explore. There is some potential there and a remake would be easier than what happened to latter adaptations to screen of w:The Manchurian Candidate)
The Suicide Theory (5-Q, the plot premise reads great but production, casting and acting is bad, I did not see much of the movie to comment on the script but it should be on par with the rest)
Tusk (5)
I Origins (5, very slow for lack of content)
The Skeleton Twins (5Q)
Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants (5Q)
Nightcrawler (7)
Dying of the Light (5)
Roadside (5)
Thin Ice (6+)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) (5)
Late Phases (5, interesting script ideas but low budget and weak directing it could have been way better, this is one waiting for a proper remake)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (6)
Three Days of the Condor (8)
The Canal (4Q)
Fury (7)
Into the Storm (4, some of the effects are fine and its the main point of a calamity movie so I FF to those in place of quiting)
Living with the Enemy (5, I only have seen episode 5 about Marijuana, I dislike the format because it can be easily manipulated on production and it doesn't reach any conclusion beyond maybe having an impact on the protagonists, one thing it reinforced in my view is how connected the legal system and even general politic discourse is with the US)
These Final Hours (7)
Nightbreed (8)
Bad Turn Worse (5, boiler plate)
A Walk Among the Tombstones (7, the musical score is very interesting, good script and acting too)
Locke (7, mesmerizing story about character and responsibility, one of a kind)
The Lunchbox (7, a good, and funny, look into India's lifestyle and social relations)
This Is Where I Leave You (5)
John Wick (6, I was going to make it a 7 due to the combat choreography/scenography but the last sequences of the script, especially the "boss" fight ruin it)
Debug (5, the plot premise was great but the aesthetics and implementation failed probably due to budget issues, not bad acting in general)
Total Recall (1990) (7, it didn't age well)
Total Recall (2012) (6)
A Merry Friggin' Christmas (4Q)
And So It Goes (5, nothing new, the same formulas, rinse and repeat)
Dracula Untold (6)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (8)
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (6)
Frontera (5, mostly a one sided educational film directed as to moralize an infantile audience on the base of emotional appeal and not addressing the real issues behind actions and events)
Interstellar (7)
Gravity (7)
Once Upon a Time in Queens (6, a bit slow a bit myopic but a good rehash and spin on many similar movies that deal with aging and dealing with changes)
The Salvation (7, not an unique script but the cinematography the camera angles were great, not the editing, it was horrid at times and the over use of light filters, but excellent acting and good sound track)
America Unearthed (4, very bad TV format and premise, I have only seen a few of the programs, the ones that cover subjects that I may have an interests like the copper mystery, vikings in the Americas etc but the show is very bad at explaining and exploring the subjects and in differentiating fact from fiction and present a grounded scientific conclusion)
Guardians of the Galaxy (7, I always liked the more or less consistent Marvel universe, and the efforts they make to keep it so, this adaptation into the big screen didn't seem to mess that up too much, one of the best Marvels adaptations so far)
Nine Queens (7)
Before I Go to Sleep (7)
St. Vincent (5)
Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (4)
Lucy (7)
Beyond the Edge (7)
Wolf Creek (6)
Wolf Creek 2 (5)
Big Hero 6 (6, seeing the same formulas applied over and over again without significant innovations or creativity becomes boring)
Predestination (7)
The Warrior's Way (6, more for the image and aesthetics and strangeness of the plot)
Snowpiercer (6, good acting and interesting attempt of a political statement, but the plot itself is not consistent in logic and since those premises are central to the story it hinders the overall quality)
True Story (6, I'm sad that it isn't better, the acting is great but ultimately it is all that there is to it, the story is not that good or especially well told and so it centers the movie in the conflict of the two main characters)
Jinn (4Q)
Hercules (6, a weak 6 at that there are problem with the cinematography, the decisions made especially in the first part of the movie. The editing is also a problem...)
Camp X-Ray (6, a bit disappointing that it never goes beyond the emotional aspect of the issue of captive vs captor and the background seems only circumstantial emptying the movie of any interest)
The Judge (6)
A Most Wanted Man (6)
The Prince (5)
Let's Be Cops (4Q)
The Limits of Control (5+, too pointless, empty and slow, again the premise is fine and the actor's are ok but their work is not that hard in this setup. It could have easily been much more profound and/or entertaining, even taking advantage of better locations/backgrounds would add value to it)
Housebound (4, yes I've seen it till the end, a bit of FF but didn't quit, just because of Morgana O'Reilly acting and role)
The Rover (7, with a few tweaks it would have been fantastic but as it is, it is memorable)
Grumpy Old Men (6-, I do like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau but is not that great and some situational comedy too forced)
The Usual Suspects (8, the script is great as it is the acting)
Strange Magic (6-, I don't particularly like musicals but the animation is good, even if I strongly dislike the style used for faces)
Run All Night (6+, well paced action flick)
Beyond the Reach (6-, there a a multitude of similar and better movies around similar lines)
Divergent (6-)
Insurgent (5+, only due to the effects, the casting and acting is not good, suffers basically from the same problems of the first movie but the story issues becomes more pressing as it progresses)
The Divergent Series: Allegiant (6, the best one of the series, the acting has improved, even if the script is relatively empty of content and not very creative. I also disliked the implementation of the gas threat, not the visual but the "logic" on how they've gone about it, in all its angles)
The Forger (4Q)
The Reconstruction of William Zero (6-, unnecessarily confused presentation, the key concepts of the script are interesting but fizzle without satisfying)
The Frame (4Q)
Avengers: Age of Ultron (6+, better than all the previous ones but MARVEL IP is at times outdated, even if they managed to explore almost every angle on paper, on screen the selection or options hurt the "logic" of the plot)
The Duke of Burgundy (7-, there is not much on history content)
Embrace of the Vampire (4Q, the best angle is to regard it as a very weak soft porn)
Cake (6, a weak 6 since it can get a boring for lack of content beyond the good acting and interesting characters)
Spare Parts (6, but a weak 6 only due to the excessive propagandistic way the story is presented)
Kingsman: The Secret Service (6-, the script is weak and full of clichés that are taken too seriously, to be seen as a parody to the gender)
Kingsman: The Golden Circle (5+, why waste good production value in this type of trash is incomprehensible to me, the script is a mess the CGI is over used and not very good and the camera was too squizo)
Hit by Lightning (5)
Road Wars (5, a bit more work on the script and better actors, not that all are bad, and it could have been easily better, its not that hard with this gender)
It Follows (5)
Hungerford (5)
Home (5)
Battle for Skyark (5+, a bit more work on the script and little more in the budget and it could have be easily improved)
Maggie (6)
Infini (5, good premise that fails to deliver, main issue is the script that falls apart as soon as it goes beyond the introduction)
Project Almanac (6-)
Focus (2015 film) (7)
Exeter (5)
Area 51 (5)
The Admiral: Roaring Currents (5+, most of the acting is bad and it continues to baffles me why most of these Asian movies are so filled with propagandistic or ultra nationalistic nuances, in this case it also includes erroneous religious remarks since at the time Koreans did not believe in a single God. Even if the historic accuracy was already doubtful it further detracts from the presentation)
Lost Time (5-, what a mess, some cool ideas and effects but a crazy script and bad acting makes it unwatchable)
Mimic (7-)
Mimic 2 (6-)
Mimic 3: Sentinel (6)
Stung (5+, required a lot of FF)
Two Girls and a Guy (6-, the buildup is great but there are script issues and the production quality is low, in any case it keeps your watching)
The Terminator (8-)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (7)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (6+)
Terminator Salvation (7+)
Terminator Genisys (7-)
Pressure (6+)
Madame Bovary (2014) (5+)
Manglehorn (5+, no problem about the acting but the script is too bare and slow to make it worth investing the time)
Law Abiding Citizen (6)
The Anomaly (5, very interesting concept, nothing new but an interesting subject, good production but not well directed, acted and the fight scenes are very, very bad and in bullet time)
Extraterrestrial (6, if you take it for what it is "a groups of friends decide to take a romantic weekend in the woods at her parents' cabin", the plot could have be better as it has a hard time to stay funny and dark at the same time, it could have been great had they decided one way or the other)
36 Saints (4Q)
The Gunman (6, it could have been better if not for the weak script and the almost unbearable moralism that permeates it, I gave it a 6 because of the action sequences and the settings)
Flight World War II (5+, the script needed more work, the film would benefit from a better camera work and a larger production, but the plot is different, a creative merge of many other previous works)
Jurassic Park (7)
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (6)
Jurassic Park III (6-)
Jurassic World (6-, the scrip falls apart 30m into it, the acting is good but rehashing cliches does not make it a good movie, huge lack of imagination to stay in the already traveled path)
Anarchy Parlor (5)
Stretch (5)
Earth to Echo (4, a weaker version of Explorers, and I hate the "found footage" meme, except for Cloverfield)
The Goonies (7-)
Explorers (7)
Cloverfield (7-)
Revenge of the Green Dragons (4, bad camera work, weak montage and sadly clearly a script for Asian consumption. I cringe every time I see this propagandistic use of racism, to a sickening degree, it is not that some coverage of it may not be justified, but they exacerbate it to the nth degree)
Begin Again (5)
Deliver Us from Evil (6)
Automata (7, it seems to suffer from a low production budget, with a little tweak here and there it would have been fantastic)
I, Robot (8)
The Hornet's Nest (5, embedded reporting is almost always tendentious, in this case it is also a bit of self promotion and in general it takes a single sided propagandistic and sanitized aspect without any real content beyond a few, sadly "normal", tales of the misery of war. The music score is extremely detrimental and over dramatical, completely unnecessary)
The Purge (4)
The Purge: Anarchy (5)
The Purge: Election Year (5+, the acting/cast is improving as the effects but the script is not)
Fargo (7)
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (6-, slow and without much content, I do get the emotional and cultural allusions but that alone does not validate this film)
A Dark Reflection (6-, a bit slow and too propagandistic, while having a good image quality the pace and script fails to satisfy any requirements of a thriller, making a difficult watch. Reading the resume of the issues or the wikipedia entry on the movie would be as satisfying and less of a burden to the audience)
San Andreas (7-, a 7 only due to the effects and graphical work and acting, the script in itself is not very good its simply a visual disaster movie)
Kajaki (5Q, has a very unnecessary slow start and it is not great in the acting or the writing, if one believes that this ineptitude is how professional armies operate)
Just Before I Go (5+, very confusing and pointless script even if one tries to make something out of any subtext)
Warm Bodies (7, cool twist on a creatively lifeless subject matter)
Edge of Tomorrow (6, some plot holes but a good watch.)
Million Dollar Arm (5)
Sin City (7)
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (7)
The Homesman (6, the movie should have ended much sooner, the last sequences are ruinous.)
Road to Paloma (5, not bad for a first film, but too much of the director itself on film and too many lingering reflective moments.)
Cold in July (4, empty movie with not even good acting)
The Maze Runner (6, we will have now to become accustomed to movies in installments...)
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (6-, I'm beginning to think that the main issue is with the original work, in any case this installment has almost no content it just adds and builds up characters to the story as they incessantly run around)
Coherence (4, has a lot of scientific incoherences with some funny though experiments but it is boring)
Good People (6)
Don't Blink (5, the sound designer needs to be more subtle, he alone manages to ruin some good scenes)
Horns (5)
The Equalizer (6, nothing new, same formula over and over again)
The Equalizer 2 (6)
Survivor (6-, weak script, pervasive with a strange subtext, is a waste of time for those actors)
The Living (5Q)
Children of Men (7)
Page Eight (7)
Turks & Caicos (6-, not as good as the first movie of the series, w:Page Eight and the plot is very thinly presented but good enough acting and set-up, a must if one sees the first)
Salting the Battlefield (6)
Tomorrowland (6+)
Big Game (5+)
5 Flights Up (film) (6+)
Mad Max: Fury Road (6+)
Mad Max (6-)
Mad Max 2 (6)
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (6)
Parallels (6-, simple but to the point, the acting could be a bit better and the script improved, it seems a long pilot and ends without any real conclusion, I recollected the great w:Sliders series)
Walter (5)
The Giver (6, good movie but a bad adaptation to script from the novel The Giver, that I haven't read but seems to avoid many of the bad issues that the script creates in the background that is presented.)


Yes, God, Yes (6-, it could easily been better)
Zygote (6)
w:Marvel One-Shots:All Hail the King (6+)
w:Marvel One-Shots:Item 47 (6+)
w:Marvel One-Shots:Agent Carter (6-, the low budget feel ruins it)
w:Marvel One-Shots:The Consultant (6+)
w:Marvel One-Shots:A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer (7)


Batman Ninja (6-, while I can appreciate the craft didn't like the art work on this context, and I have rarely seen computer aided animation that I like or better yet not notice)
Reign of the Supermen (6+) Ralph Breaks the Internet (6+)
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (6-)
Isle of Dogs (6+)
Dead Space: Aftermath (5Q)
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (6-)
Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (6-)
Hāmonī aka Harmony (6-)
Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars (6)
Memories (8-, while a collection of shorter films the overall quality is good even if the esthetics suffer significant changes)
Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron (6)
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (6)
Resident Evil: Vendetta (6)
The Boss Baby (6, for the proper audience, kids, as the script has logic issues. Also the message seems a bit too dangerous and is much stressed on the initial part of the movie, love is finite and needs to be divided in portions and a brother/sister will result in less love for the kid, is not how I would introduce things)
Justice League: Gods and Monsters (6)
Summer Wars (7)
Gantz: O (6)
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (6-)
Moana (6)
Redline (6+, the script isn't great and I dislike the style of the artwork but it has some very good scenes and clever ideas in the mix)
Justice League Dark (6-, while the quality of the artwork is not consistent the script and some of the later animation sequences saves it)
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression (6, some cool ideas but the script is not very good nor is the artwork)
Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion (6, this time the open end is even more obnoxious, this is a serialized movie)
Snowtime! (6)
Finding Dory (6)
Hulk Where Monsters Dwell (5+)
Psycho-Pass: The Movie (6+)
April and the Extraordinary World (7-, the artwork is not great but the animation and creativity especially in the script, even if derivative, ties it all well enough, it could easily be better, the idea of a rocket with a rock-crusher is one that shouldn't have passed)
The Jungle Book (1967) (6+)
The Secret Life of Pets (6)
Justice League vs. Teen Titans (6-, the script and action is a bit repetitive, the selected color scheme also is very tiring and basic)
The Iron Giant (7+)
Open Season (6)
Open Season: Scared Silly (5+Q)
Anomalisa (6-, the animation is ok but the script is dull, the male voice-overs on female parts is just weird)
Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (5, subpar animation, bad script and I cringe to what they are doing to Captain Marvel aka Shazam after the DC/Marvel merge.)
Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem (5+Q, bad artwork not so bad animation but an horrendous script no pun intended.)
Batman: Bad Blood (6)
The Peanuts Movie (6-, the animation is not great and the changes to the original material remove more than add)
Pirate's Passage (6, while the animation is not great and the script is too slow in unfolding it is a fine tale)
Halo: The Fall of Reach (6-, the artwork is fine but the animation is subpar and takes several shortcuts like use of static backgrounds, the faces and bodies are also weird in proportions and movement)
Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn (6-, the art work and animation quality is not consistent it has lows and highs, the script has its issues and at times it feels like a rerun of many other movies without a real creative insight just a lose mishmash set into appealing to higher emotions but failing miserably to have any moral regard to the violence it dishes out at times)
Toy Story That Time Forgot (6+)
Ghost in the Shell (8)
Ghost in the Shell: Pyrophoric Cult (6, the animation has lost some quality even the art work and the scripts seem repetitive)


Hand of God ?; The Leviathan ; Ripper Street 4th series (unnecessary but could be nice if they pursue the Scotland Yard path and restore the shine of the 1st season); When Animals Dream 2014 (trailer ); Maigret season 2, 2017; The Last Kingdom 3rd season ? ; Travelers 2nd season, October 16, 2017

Highlights, pre-final review:Edit

  • The Last Kingdom is also proving great, the writing is far superior than that of The Vikings but the acting in general and characters sadly are not as good.
  • Mr Inbetween is unexpectedly a great show, great acting and writing.

Media commentsEdit

I will start this section to keep a log of my views regarding some of the content producers.

History channel part of the Hearst Corporation (to what I have an historic disdain) this American cable and satellite television channel is a good example of what is wrong with most US TV content producers. Its productions are very good, almost as good as w:HBO but the content is empty of almost any value. In general transmits US stereotypes and idiocy and is an extension of the continued attempt of rewriting history, reality perception and shape culture by a sensationalist appeal to the lowest common denominator and at its best its like fast food for your mind.

Recently learned about a new definition, Christian historical films. WTF?!?
I was aware of other movies that "promote" Christian values but I think this is too much idiocy, just think about the term. In the religious sense it should be clarified to those not aware that anglo-american Christianism is about a subsection of Roman-Chatolic values with deviations that may even include Mormonism. In any case I see this mostly US centric "fragmentation" a sign that at least some "minorities" are revolting against "main-stream" media content in regard to the moral values they "promote" and I applaud the self labeling as "promotion" material. Sadly it will soon be equated to lack of quality mostly of production, writing/creativity and to the rest of the knowledgeable non-believers and potential consumers as an unwanted distortion of reality. I also don't think you can proselytize with movies the best they can is make people think or acclimate to issues (unless they are true deception jobs, but that would go against most religious beliefs), in any case most of these Christian productions I've seen are too far inside their own act to create any valid concise point of reflection beyond turning it off.