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Trainz on MAC


Trainz requires Macs with graphics card hosted nVidia or ATI graphics chipsets.[2] The game may seem to launch correctly on systems with Intel integrated graphics chipsets, e.g. Intel GMA X3100, but the simulator will likely crash, possibly due to lack of OpenGL features in Mac embedded systems.

This 'problem' is not isolated to Mac laptop and notebook computers lacking a 3rd party video card, Trainz is unsupported and not guaranteed to work on any laptop computer. Only the partial Trainz releases written for notebook and Pad-style computers are aimed at these computers.[note 1]

Minimum Specification


Mininums for Trainz Mac I[2]

  1. OS: MacOS X 10.5
  2. Memory: 2GB
  3. Graphics: nVidia or ATI graphics card
  4. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  5. Hard Drive: 20GB Free Space

Notes and footnotes

  1. Trying to run Trainz on computers lacking a large screen and full keyboard is rather like trying to get a bicycle up to speed lacking handlebars (screen) and pedals (keyboard). One might do without one or the other, for some parts of Trainz, but never both.


  1. Trainz Simulator Mac TB version is v3.6, N3V Wiki Trainz-build page table: Trainz Simulator Mac entry.
  2. a b Trainz-Simulator-Mac Trainz Simulator Mac on Trainz Portal specifies the min spec as "nVidia or ATI graphics card" for Trainz Mac 1. According to version manager James Moody, in an response email April 06, 2015 it certainly rules out the Intel GMA X3100 on two counts - "not made by nVidia or ATI", and the chip set is "not part of a graphics card" ... to which he added: "we don't support integrated graphics of any kind.