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Version: Trainz Simulator 12
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Trainz Simulator 12

Published formally as both Trainz Simulator 12 and also metal boxed commemorative set: Trainz 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition[1] (informally: TS2012: 10th Anniversary Edition or '10th Anniversary Edition'.

TS2012 or TS12 having a base release trainz-build tag v3.5 is the last major 32-bit CPU Windows version of N3V's Trainz Simulator product line.

Given an auto-loading software update known as a hotfix the software shared TB v3.6 with Trainz Simulator Mac (Trainz MAC-I) and added the same multiplayer capability developed as the last hotfix (Beta test) available in TS2010-SP4 with debugging finalized in Trainz_Simulator 12 and Trainz Simulator Mac/TSMac/TSMac1/Trainz Mac-I[2] with a single Service Pack (TS12-SP1) It is a full product with all new features, routes, locos and above v3.6, multiplayer experience.

Trainz Simulator 12's one service pack raised the TBV to V3.7 and had four hotfix software updates which did not alter the TB value.



Many users were angered that a second service pack was not in development fixing flaws in TS12 during the spring and summer of 2014, but it is clear N3V Games was focused instead on the TANE project with grandiose plans of delivering a full 64 bit Trainz for the Christmas 2014 shopping season, and as expected, failed with very buggy & repeatedly delayed Beta test versions, and on February 2nd, 2015—once again rescheduled TANE or T:ANE for late spring 2015. The TANE Release Version finally superseded TS12 as the current Windows release on May 15th, 2015 with a release initially only available by a lengthy download.

New Features


Amongst a variety of other improvements, TS12 features the following major items:

  • Satellite View - The free-roaming camera can now be seamlessly zoomed beyond the traditional ~300m viewing distance, all the way up to the ~10km range previously only afforded by the separate map view.
  • Trainz Multiplayer - TS12 is the first retail version of Trainz to support online multiplayer. (It's also the first train simulator to do so.) Assorted multiplayer sessions will be available in the box, and regular updates with additional multiplayer gameplay experiences are made freely available via the Download Station.
  • Doppler - The version includes an overhaul of the sound system for TS12 and now includes doppler calculations for added realism. It unfortunately does not include adjustable volume slider controls, nor a mute button or Hotkey.

New Routes

  • Mojave Sub Division, in partnership with Jointed-Rail - A prototypical US freight route set in the 1990s, including a selection of ATSF and SP diesels such as the GP60M, B40-8W, SD40T and SD45. Over sixty miles of challenging driving through the Californian desert and across one of the toughest passes in North America.


  • ECML Kings Cross - Newcastle - An improved and extended version of the prototypical British route you know and love from TS2010, set in the 1970s 'blue diesel' era.


  • Balezino - Mosti - An incredibly detailed fictional route set in the Russia's modern era. This route features electric locomotives and provides an excellent in-cab driving experience.


  • Southern China - Set in China's modern era, this fictional but stunningly realistic route features diesel locomotives such as the DF7C, ND5, DF11, and DF11G.


  • Municipal transit railway - A fictional North American city with streetcars and an elevated commuter railroad.
  • Norfolk & Western - Appalachian Coal, by Yesterdayz-Trainzer Peter ... - A late 1950s route with long coal trains and articulated steam locos and featuring a true icon of North American steam - the N&W Y6b 2-8-8-2, and a big dose of Appalachian Mountain terrain with routes following watersheds.


  • Debrecen - Nyiredyhaza - A prototypical Hungarian route set in the modern era. This route features both electric and diesel locomotives and provides an excellent in-cab driving experience.


  • Northeast Corridor - Wilmington To Philadelphia - Thirty miles of route through dense urban landscape on the premier U.S. passenger mainline, Amtrak's North East Corridor. Set in the modern era.

New Content

  • New and Improved SpeedTree content.


  • New high-quality locos, stock, and cabs, including:
  • North American - N&W Y6B 2-8-8-2, EMD SD45 (ATSF and SP livery), GE C30-7 (ATSF livery), EMD GP60M and GP60B (ATSF livery), EMD SD40T-2 (SP livery), GE B40-8W (ATSF livery)


  • Hungarian - MAV M41, MAV M44, MAV V43, MAV V63


  • Chinese - DF7C


  • Russian - TBD
Accessories and Scenery items
  • New industrial buildings, including a large hydroelectric dam.


  • Downtown buildings.


  • Timber-framed buildings.

System Requirements



  • Windows XP (with Service Pack 3)
  • 2GB RAM
  • Pentium D 3.4GHz (or equivalent)
  • nVidia GeForce 7200 / 128MB (or equivalent)
  • 15GB free hard drive space

Under this configuration, it is expected that the game will successfully run all included routes. Frame rate will vary substantially and will be considered poor (barely playable) in the most dense areas. It is expected that the user will lower the screen resolution, draw distance, and other quality options.


  • Windows Vista / Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • 2GB RAM
  • Core 2 Duo (or equivalent)
  • nVidia GeForce 8600 (or equivalent)
  • 15GB free hard drive space

Under this configuration, it is expected that the game will perform acceptably in all areas. It is expected that the user will use a moderate-to-high screen resolution and draw distance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I purchase Trainz Simulator 12?

A: TS12 is currently available as part of the Trainz 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition (Details available here.) TS12 is also available as a standalone product on N3V's Simulator Central store.

Q: What is a Collector's Edition?

A: The collector's addition ships as a limited-edition metal box copy with numerous exclusive features such as a large printed manual, and discounts for our First Class Ticket service. (Details available here.)

Q: Will Trainz Simulator 12 support SLI or cross-fire?

A: These technologies are largely driver options available for relevant video cards. Whether these technologies are beneficial to Trainz is determined by your system configuration and drivers rather than by any action on N3V's part. No action to specifically enable or disable these technologies has been engineered, however TS12 does make additional demands on the video card which may result in benefits from an SLI configuration.

Q: Will Trainz Simulator 12 support 'compatibility mode'?

A: No. In practice, this means that content with known faults cannot be used in TS12. This does not prevent older content from working in TS12 as long as that content is not faulty.

Q: Will existing DLS content work with Trainz Simulator 12?

A: N3V states they believe that over 90% of the existing Download Station content is compatible with TS12, and with the DLS clean up project/initiative are actively working with third-party developers to help resolve the known faults in the remaining content.

Q: Will Trainz Simulator 12 include all the content from previous editions?

A: Not in the box. The installer is two DVDs worth with just the TS12 content, and much of the content carried over from previous versions is starting to show its age. We do understand that everybody has their favorite route or other content from the earlier games, and to prevent disappointment we'll be uploading nearly the entire back-catalog of included content onto the Download Station for TS12 users.

  • The most notable exceptions here will be the TS2010-specific routes and dedicated payware packs. Owners of TS10 can cross-install the JA's as noted below.

Q: Can I move my Local or Original folders across from TS2010?

A: Directly modifying the contents of these folders can lead to significant and long-lasting problems with your Trainz installation. You can, however, open Content Manager and drag the folders from TS2010 onto the main window to install the content properly. (ed. note: Using Import is equivalent) It is strongly recommended that you select to not overwrite any existing content during this process. (ed. note: Nor do importing until after cross-loading relevant JA's)

Installing JA files from TS09 and TS10


Q: Can I move JA files across from TS2010?

A: It can be done, but it's a manual process. For casual users, downloading any necessary content from the Download Station is the preferred approach.

Veteran Trainzers with a vested interest in TS2009 or TS2010 JA dependent content should follow the following procedure. TRS2004 and TRS2006 CAB file data dependencies are incorporated into the newer data model of TS09 and TS10, and acquiring the later and then using this procedure is likely to be the easiest and fastest way to import favorite content from those Trainz releases.

TS12 will not accept your serial/authorization codes until the JA CAB files are present, and when they aren't a strange and misleading error message[3] results[note 1][4] Copy first, then add the code under Loader>Options.

Make sure to read all these instructions down to and including the Tip box and understand them before proceeding!


  1. Make sure TS12 is shut down and use SHFT+ESC to open Task Manager (or Better, run MS's Procexp.exe) and verify that TADdaemon has quit. At the very least, wait at least a minute before proceeding... but only after ensuring these three factors have been satisfactorily completed:
    1. Doing a Command Line QDR procedure ahead of time is unnecessary, but doesn't hurt, AND may help.
    2. Eliminating Faulty content is highly recommended. Suggest in order:
      A) Open for edit all faulty content using PEVtool Images2TGA (highlight a bunch or all) and the drop down Open with' menu, B) Make a temp folder 'Faulty' in the install's root folder; C) copy all the faulty content folders to the Faulty folder; D) recommit all again or revert, E) then when that process is complete and CM has had some time to settle, delete the faulty items.
       • ... then... Let CM and TADdaemon have at least ten minutes of idle time to settle the data base.
       • You can re-import the deleted items later from the Faulty folder, and the process opens up data slots in the data base index for the entries that are and have been tested and vetted in the JAs you are about to add — as well as for those which may not be faulty at all in the JA's giving a free and clear uncomplicated listing process in the Assets.tdx data base index with minimal validation troubles and delays.
       • When you do re-import, any healthy assets in the data record will prevent re-installing bad content, so it's a win-win process!
    3. Rebooting and setting a restore point is unnecessary paranoia. Trainz has little to do with the registry, so this is no help.

Importing the JAs by copying using Windows Explorer:

 • using ⊞ Win+E to launch it, then navigate to the folders of interest.
 • Alternatively, enter the folder path using ⊞ Win+R to launch explorer directly into the folder of interest
 • In any case you need to have two open folders side by side or on different screens, etc.

  1. Using ⊞ Win+E open your TS09 or TS10 ... ..\Builtin folder
  2. Using ⊞ Win+E open your TS12 ... ..\Builtin folder
  3. Highlight the numbered JA files {X: 1, 2, 3, ..., 8} for TS10, but only {X: 1, 2, 3, ..., 4} from TS09
    (Base.JA and Data.JA CAB files are not needed and copying them or TRS JA's including Trainz Driver (v2.5) will do no good.)
  4. CTRL+C to copy the desired files in the source folder and Paste in the destination window using CTRL+V in the destination TS12 folder.
    1. Go get a cup of coffee, or do a chore or two, for it will take a Windows a short while—possibly over half-an-hour.
    2. It will be much faster if the install's folders are on different Drives. (faster if TS09/TS10 are on different hard drives, slower if on the same one.)
  5. When Windows says the Copy process is completed, close the source folder or reuse it for something else.
  6. Navigate from the Builtin folder into the install's root folder. Launch Trainz.exe directly with a double-click to reach the Launcher screen menu.
  7. Navigate to the Launcher Options menu and add your serial/code. Hyphens or not seems to make no difference so long as the files are correctly named. A bad file name will give an odd error message about "Did you use a foreign character in the code." According to James Moody[3], this is a catch all, error message of last resort, and came up far more often than expected.[4] (He implied TANE should not have the same messaging.[4])
    1. If the code is accepted, you're good.
    2. Entering both TS09's and TS10's serial code haven't proven possible, and James Moody says it does no good to have both in any event.[3]
    3. Make any other tweaks needed while there.
       • Selecting the debugging Mode using the click box so you get a TADdaemon screen for the next phase is suggested.
  8. Quit Options into the Launcher menu.
  9. Either ESC and then enter command mode and do an command line EDR or launch CM from the Launcher Menu.
  10. Either way, CM will do at least a QDR, so go watch some TV or read a good book; Shop for a while or otherwise kill time. Generally TADdaemon will start counting down from well above 25,000 assets to re-validate if you have a fair amount of local content.
  11. When TADdaemon is on the last few hundred validations, CM is safe to begin using.


Note, TS10 is a superset of TS09's JA files, so copying both is not only not necessary, but counter-productive as the TS10 JAs are somewhat more updated as is shown by the fact they are 5–10% larger.[4] The first four (1.JA, 2.JA,..., 4.JA) match the four JAs of TS09 in any event.[3] If you've already copied those over, copy over on top of them. Renaming does no good, as the CM, etc. are looking for those names and only those names.[4]

Fixes Since Release


The following issues have been resolved through minor updates since the original online release of the product.

  • TY#531- Fix to downloading 'Out of Date' assets
  • TY#629- 'Inability to insert a spline point next to another one on a parallel track.'
  • TY#833- HOTT MAV Eaos load not showing after save
  • TY#1080- Replace Assets loses the names
  • TY#1112- Coronas - "directional" doesnt work any longer (coronas are invisible)
  • TY#1109- 'Overlapping Spline Point Manipulation Problem'
  • TY#1147 - 'Speed Limit Flashing - too sensitive'
  • TY#1172- Multiplayer- The MP's hosting error message font is too sharp for the eyes.
  • TY#1232 - 'Addon - Addon packs are not marked favourite by default'
  • TY#1293 - 'Multiplayer - add progress indicator during game login process'
  • TY#1426- Map Display Options: Visible in normal views (added attachment)
  • TY#1431- Content Manager list view does not refresh after downloading DLS asset listings
  • TY#1451 - 'MP- You cannot re-host a disconnected server.'
  • TY#1452 "Sound - Doppler not working in 'tracking camera' view"
  • TY#1465 - 'QuickDrive rule does not default to "Control Type" pane on Multiplayer Client'
  • TY#1490 "Track not connecting to industries"
  • TY#1499 - CM - Saving a search with 1 "Asset KUID" containing more than 10,000 assets causes a lockup or crash of main window;
  • TY#1537- iTrainz Chat - Not telling me if other user is offline;Private Chat: I don't know when player has gone offline
  • TY#1538- Route listing jumps back to Highlighted choice
  • TY#1575- Unneeded asset backups
  • TY#1597- Autosave Creates Faulty Session
  • TY#1634- Save Session breaks achievements
  • TY#1639 - 'Various (all?) sessions are not restoring driver commands after Save Session'
  • TY#1693- 'Read Only files cause save errors in taddaemon that are not reported to the user'
  • TY#1703- No lock icon for fixed track junctions
  • TY#1711- 'Twisting of two track bridge if spline is inserted on bridge'
  • TY#1712- 'Scroll bars don't appear to be showing correctly on minibrowser controls'
  • TY#1716- CM: Improper time\date displayed for 'Modification Time'
  • TY#1724- 'Surveyor- Inserting spline points to double tracks make them automatically change track layout.'
  • TY#1765- Unable to place track side objects on certain type tracks.
  • TY#1784- Surveyor- Deleting spline point near a junction of 2 single line tracks with a double line track swaps the single line tracks over.
  • TY#1786- Surveyor- Undoing from TY#1784 twists the double line track
  • TY#1787- Surveyor- Deleting spline point near a junction of 2 single line tracks and a 2 line track breaks the junctions.
  • TY#1834- Fixed bug related to spline points in 2T tracks.
  • TY#1885- Surveyor quick drive run saved session error on restarting the save from session menu
  • TY#1811- CM Download Totals
  • TY#1878- RazorBack Classic Modified Crashing system
  • TY#1896- Interior - still lacking a button style control for a horn
  • TY#1929- Backups not being purged after expiry period
  • TY#1978- Midshire Mainline v3 cannot be found on DLS
  • TY#2049- Trainz / Content Manager will download content of a later build
  • TY#2058- Trainz/CM should not attempt to download assets with an unsupported version
  • TY#2143- No 'locked layer' prompt when trying to place a world origin object with a locked route layer
  • TY#2194- Sound settings do not load correctly if muted
  • TY#2197- Trainz uses wrong thumbnail for assets downloaded from the DLS
  • TY#2215- Springfield Industrial District - Routes menu session count appears wrong
  • TY#2216- Overwrite All/Skip All do not work when importing content
  • TY#2218- CM 3.6 Search by KUID
  • TY#2220- Mojave Sub Division : Mojave to Bakersfield - "control method" window doesn't close when DCC or CAB mode is selected.;
  • TY#2225- Driver 'save session' dialog should pause game while open
  • TY#2226- Driver 'save session' dialog should present a reasonable default save name
  • TY#2228- Driver- Keyboard shortcut W does not work for some steam locos.
  • TY#2162- Adding '#TY2162' as a channel creates a new buddy instead of a channel
  • TY#2118- Feature Request - Add support to the Download Station listings for removing/disabling an asset
  • TY#2349- Added a roll-back feature for failed patches.
  • Improved handling of bridges, tunnels, and multitracks.
  • Fixed coupler breakage when reloading saved session.
  • Fixed restoring of camera focus when reloading saved sessions.
  • Fixed lighting and sound effects.
  • Fixed various TrainzUtil crashes related to non-ANSI characters.
  • Fixed various Content Manager crashes due to faulty asset config files.

Release Versions


The following builds exist for TS12. Where patches are available, these are noted beside the build number. From TS2009 mid-releases, auto-patching of upgrades became more and more reliable as bug fixes to the patching suite of software were unearthed and fixed, so auto-patching since has been the norm.[note 2]  

TS12 series builds


The patch will work for the following TS12 builds: 46957, 47059, 47452, and 47772[6] giving promotions: 47059 > 48249, 46957 > 48249, 47452 > 48249 and 47772 > 48249. 

Known build numbers for TS12
July 31st, 2012, 04:05 PM
  1. Build 46957 - Planet Auran release version, new trainz-build V3.4
  2. Build 47059 - Planet Auran release version (minor revision), trainz-build V3.5
  3. Build 47103 - Steam release, trainz-build V3.5 cap.
  4. Build 47452 - Just Trainz release version
  5. Build 47772 - Just Trainz release version (minor revision)
  6. Build 48054 - Defunct due to corrupt patch file
  7. Build 48249 - First SP1 hotfix, established trainz-build V3.6
  8. Build 49922 - Second SP1 hotfix, Added support for Aerotrain DLC - build July 31st, 2012
  9. Build 58414 - Third SP1 hotfix, Hotfix 3 - build Spring/Summer, 2013, established trainz-build V3.7 (TODO - Search for date, make citations )
  10. Build 6xxxx - Hotfix 4 & current build, Classed as a 'Quick bugfix' of hf3, out approximately August of 2014 trainz-build V3.7, while Trainz Mac 2 is trainz-build V3.8, the end for 32 bit CPU compatible pre-TANE Trainz versions. (Status update note on August 28th, 2014 )


  • If you have any of the boldfaced build numbers, you can patch up to 48249. Assets with trainz-build 3.6 will then become available.
  • If you have 48249, you can patch up to 49922. The Aerotrain DLC will then become available.
  • If you have 47103, the initial Steam release, you can neither patch nor use Multiplayer. Also, assets with trainz-build 3.6 must be obtained via FTP, then back-dated to 3.5.
  • If you have any other build, you may have a pirated copy of the game.[7]


Notes and Footnotes

  1. Verbal agreement in email to Frank Bartus from James Moody in October 2014 that the message should be modified and hopefully won't impact TANE.
  2. The patching messages still leave much to be desired for one doesn't know whether a change will take moments or hours. An occasional upgrade sometimes goes alarmingly slow as the software transitioned to harness multi-core CPUs, better Graphical cards and Coprocessors, better graphics models and with the last release of TS10 and the entirety of TS12 fully utilize and embrace 64 bit operating system memory addressing mode capabilities and move into the 32-bit product one-step further into the future.


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