Trainz/N3V Life-Cycle Policy

Auran/N3V Games now typically maintain support for major product releases by policy for four years from the initial release date. This is known as the "end-of-support" date for the product. Support includes the following areas:

  • Product-specific information, downloads, and utilities on the Auran web site.
  • Product assistance through the Auran Helpdesk.
  • Maintenance of product-specific forums.
  • Access to the Download Station.
  • Access to the iTrainz network.
  • Access to other product-specific network services.
  • Uploading Window for Trainz-build code which the DLS vetting software will accept. (Controversially, the vetting software actually tests ahead of a trainz-build testing in Content Manager or CCP.)
This page is an expanded and explained version of the official Trainz Life-Cycle Policy. It also incorporates information gleaned from N3V official staff in response to threads on

After the end-of-support date for a given product release, some or all of the above services may be immediately withdrawn at Auran's discretion. Any services which remain active may be withdrawn at any time thereafter. Users are encouraged to upgrade to a more recent version of Trainz to maintain support.

As Usual


As usual, the attitude of N3V Games is insensitive to the burden their software changes require of a content creators time.

End-of-support Dates


The following end-of-support dates are formally acknowledged.

Product End-of-support Date trainz-build tag[1] Code Version* Build Range[note 1]
Dates are solely 'End of support Dates'. See the individual linked articles for each Version's publication dates. Normally a software downloadable version is available some months in advance of CDROM or DVD boxed sets. Product releases listed as much as possible in calendar date order of release, given bundling of some re-published products.
Trainz 1.0 September 2010 v1.0-v1.3[2][1] 0009–0277[3], 0263 or bundled 0404 (UTC)[note 2]
Trainz UTC (UTC) v1.5[3][1] 0327–0404
MSTS Regional Add-on Pack: USA and Canada Volume 1 unk v1.7???
Microsoft Train Simulator Paint Shed September 2010 v1.8???
Content Creation Art Source September 2010 v1.5?-v1.9???
TRS2004+4 SPs September 2010 v2.0[1]-v2.4[1][4] 0668–2390, 2365
Trainz Driver September 2010 v2.5[5] '3096'[6] and no variants.
TRS2006+1 SPs
TRS2007 French Ed.
TRS2008 German, Eastern Europe Ed.
September 2010 v2.5-v2.6[7] 2761–3092, 3092[note 3], 3335[note 4], & 3337[note 5]
Trainz Routes 1,2,3,4 September 2010 v2.0-v2.5[8] unk
Trainz Complete Collection September 2010 v1.5-v2.5[9] 3335[note 6]
Trainz Paintshed September 2010 v1.4[4][10]
Trainz Classics 1 (Harlem Line) September 2007 v2.7[3][11] unknown, short lived single publication
Trainz Classics 2 (Metropolis) November 2007 v2.7[3][11] unknown, short lived single publication
Trainz Classics 1&2 (Harlem Line & Metropolis) February 2008[12] v2.7[3][11] 3337, combined by US Publisher Paradox International to provide sufficient value in response to user complaints.[note 7]
Trainz Classics 3 (Settle & Carlisle) September 2012 v2.8[3][13] 3517–3529, UK-centric–introduced new Graphics modes and altered some data model standards, esp. for Locos.
TS2009 World Builder Edition September 2014 v2.9[14]—V3.3[15]
Build 37625–44653, 44653
Treez Content Pack September 2014 ?
Settle and Carlisle Content Pack September 2014 ?
Cabon City Content Pack September 2014 ? Build 40702
Murchison 2 Content Pack September 2014 ? Build 40762
TS2010: Engineer's Edition
aka Trainz Simulator 2010 (Engineers Edition)
TS2010 + 4 SPs
September 2014 V3.1-V3.4 Build 41491–49938, 49933 or 49938[note 8]
TS2012,Trainz Simulator 12
September 2016 V3.5[1][notes 1]
  V3.7[1][notes 2]
48504, ,
Trainz Simulator Mac September 2016 Build 47652–50281
Trainz Simulator Mac 2
Trainz Simulator 2 (Mac)
September 2017 v3.8[1] Build xxxx– yyyy
mid update, new 'official' data:

Trainz Simulator 12 September 2016 Trainz Simulator Mac September 2016 Trainz Simulator Mac 2 September 2017 Trainz: A New Era May 2019

TANE Community Edition 1.0 May 2019[1] v3.9[1]
TANE Community Edition 1.1 December 2018?[note 9] v4.0[1]
TANE pending December 2018?[note 10]
* Code Version Build Range — Number in bold, often set off by comma is Highest English Language Release Code Build Number, corresponding to the highest Service Pack Installed.
  • The link above lists all known and confirmable Trainz Code Build numbers in tables by Retail Release Version Names.
  • Sometimes Foreign Language releases will have slightly higher Build Codes as is reflected in the range.



FAQ's from the forum's (Q&A)


("WBA" is Wikibooks editor's answer!)

Q: Will the named products continue to operate after the listed end-of-support date?

A: We will do nothing specific to prevent the products from operating. However, if they were to stop working for some reason (for example, they were found to be incompatible with the latest Windows Operating System) we would not take any steps to resolve the issue. Additionally, any product features which rely on server support (for example, in-game Download Station access or iTrainz) may cease functioning correctly.

WBA: Yes, why would software on your install stop because some company decided to TRY TO force people to buy newer software?

Q: Can I still access the Download Station after the end-of-support date?

A: Access granted to you by the unsupported product may be terminated. If you have purchased access through other means (newer products, First Class Ticket, etc.) then your access will continue thanks to these products.

WBA: If you have any registered version, and maintain a FCT subscription, there will be a way to download. Summer of 2014 forum threads suggest they instead swerved to a second new DLS, as suggested by Fabartus (here), and that will be the sole FTP CM access for TANE. They may extend FTP access, perhaps by a service pack (TS12-SP2 has long been called for by users, but for bug fixes!) might be forced upon the user community for the TS12 and the MAC releases, but as of September, they are spawning a second 'Whitepages' DLS for the 64-bit machines and only vetted content that is thoroughly debugged ONLY will be allowed thereon. (See the DLS Cleanup Project) This newer DLS went operable in July–August 2014.

Q: Can I still access the Download Station from within Trainz, Trainz Helper, or Content Manager after the end-of-support date?

A: Access to our servers from an unsupported product is not guaranteed, regardless of your level of Download Station access. You may need to download the content separately and then manually move it into the unsupported Trainz installation.

WBA: Translation. This company won't commit to policy's in advance for anything much. This weasel wording is a typical.

Forums intellegence says the Black Pages DLS will stay available and so content can be imported after the FTP transactions. TRS2006 evinced irregularities in expected downloads from early July, so DLS server changes seem to be in place and automatically updating data requests to inappropriate higher trainz-builds in some cases.

Other times, other versions this has not happened, so this editor blocked in T'06 was able to download the KUIDs in TS09 or TS10. Bottom line, Auran's IT staff have shortcomings, and you learn to live with odd behaviors for a time. Put in a ticket when something should work and complain loudly on the forums, so others can join your voice with theirs.

Q: Will the Download Station continue to host content for Trainz editions beyond their end-of-support date?

A: We will not immediately remove older content from the Download Station, as newer editions of Trainz can still use this content.

WBA: Worrisome answer? Or just more weasel wording, because of some proposal one day around the water cooler or a staff meeting. No policies in advance seems to be a watchword of Tony Hilliam and his staff toes the line. Per Tony's announcement of the TANE, most expect the Black Pages DLS to go on.

Q: Will I be able to upload old-format content to the Download Station?

A: New uploads to the Download Station must be in a format no older than our oldest supported product. Attempts to upload content with a trainz-build number lower than our oldest supported product will be rejected. This ensures that legacy formats are cleanly phased out over time.

WBA: NO! Version jumped from V2.9 acceptable to V3.5 minimum on 1 September 2014. Despite a lot of forum noise and protests.

Q: Will my Lifetime First Class Ticket continue to operate if all my registered products are beyond their end-of-support date?

A: Yes, we will ensure that all users who have a right to Download Station access can continue to download content. The specific techniques required to download content may change. At the current time, we offer support for using an FCT with the DLS web site to manually download content. We do not offer support for using an FCT with Content Manager (or similar) in an unsupported product. We do not offer support for installing manually-downloaded content into an unsupported product.

WBA: Smells like the CM support for older versions is very threatened, should they find a rationale. Note the FTP access to the folders, a much more primative facility will stay in place. This says they want CM features with different data handling, so figure DRM and DLS protections are driving the changes--and the whole Trainz Life-Cycle policy is likely dreamt up so they could garner more cash from such content.

Q: I recently bought a copy of an unsupported product. Will you give support?

A: No. We will not sell products which are nearing the end-of-support date. It may be possible to purchase such a product from a third party through a bargain-bin outlet or similar, however we can not offer support for these products. We expect that the product will continue to operate as normal, and hope that you enjoy your experience with the product will be sufficiently enjoyable that you'll decide to upgrade to one of our supported products.

WBA: They never have, so you are in good company. Buy any older versions you don't have and can get at a good price while they last. Each has their place and use.

Q: My only Trainz product will shortly become unsupported. Will my forum access be removed?

A: No. We're not in the business of kicking our loyal users out of the community. We really think it would be beneficial if you upgraded to a supported version of Trainz, but that's a decision that you'll have to make. The product-specific forum may be removed, but your overall forum access will remain valid.

WBA: Removing a popular product specific forum is also unlikely.

Q: Will the Download Station website be removed?

A: The Download Station website is not tied to a specific product. Our plans for this website are not affected by the end-of-support for any specific Trainz product. Your access to the Download Station is conditional upon having a supported product or other form of access such as a First Class Ticket. We expect to continue support and development of our web services indefinitely, although the exact form of these services may change over time.

WBA: As above, the Black Pages website appear safe, but may be restricted by CM handshaking desires. (September 3rd 2014)

Notes and References



  1. Trainz build versions (aka Code build numbers) are charted on the linked N3V Wiki reference page.
  2. Trainz 1.3 build: 0263, re-released as part of Ultimate Trainz Collection with SP3 pre-installed.
  3. Build 3092: 'TRS2006-SP1' builds & later published release builds.
  4. Build 3335: 'The Complete Collection' TCC release build.
  5. Build 3337: UK release 'Trainz Railwayz, and original 'Trainz Classics' USA releases.
  6. Build 3335: 'The Complete Collection' TCC release build as noted above in TRS2006.
  7. All Three Trainz Classics are a good illustration of bad management decisions. Cheapening a successful product and tarnishing it's reputation for a few short term months of cash flow and pissed off customers.
  8. Final TS10 Build depends on user choice of final patch applied. Build 44088 auto patches to 49933, but users could apply manual patch 3 to enable Aerotrain DLC and experience Multiplayer Beta Tests.
  9. Estimated by Simple Math, 4 years plus Official release date.
  10. Estimated by Simple Math, 4 years plus Official release date.




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