Welcome to the Vocabulary module of Punjabi wikibook! Vocabulary is important stage of language acquisition and precedes script learning during mother tongue acquisition. We have however started with Gurmukhi script as this wikibook teaches Punjabi as a formalised process rather than informal.

The only prerequisite for this module is knowledge of Gurm ukhi script. If you have not mastered it you are strongly advised to go back to the Gurmukhi script module and practise thoroughly before returning. In this module you will be expected to have basic skill of using the letters, matras and the diacritics and to read the printed/written Punjabi words.

The module has been divided into twenty chapters, each chapter consisting of a classified group of words. Every chapter starts with general information on the group and at places the leading member of the group. You are expected to devote about an hour to each lesson/session in which you will learn about 15 to 30 words each. After you are through with this module you will have a wealth of around 500 commonly spoken Punjabi words enough for you to start learning Punjabi conversation.

During the course of the module you will also learn some linguistic patterns and rules of grammar. The linguistic pattern or rules of grammar are not required to be memorized and can be dropped during first reading.