Welcome to Muharni, the next big step in learning Punjabi. Muharni is an integral part of practice of Punjabi phonology. Here you will learn how to speak Punjabi words through practice. But if you have not mastered the Gurmukhi script you are strongly advised to go back to the Gurmukhi script module and practise thoroughly before returning. In this module you will be expected to have the basic skills of using the Gurmukhi letters, matras and other diacritics.

While learning Gurmukhi you came across many English examples to illustrate the sounds represented by the Gurmukhi letters. We now gradually introduce you to Punjabi words and through them the Punjabi phonology. Muharni is the traditional way of learning sounds by actually speaking them. It consists of the letters of Gurmukhi script in its natural order each letter followed by a word starting with that letter. It is recited as a rhyme. The result is that while you learn some Punjabi words you also acquire some proficiency in Punjabi phonology. After you have picked up the sounds from each letter of Gurmukhi letters you will be presented each letter of Gurmukhi as it combines with the matras. This will equip you with every sound of Punjabi language whether consonant or vowel.

The Muharni module will consist of 9 chapters and shall be finished in two weeks. You are expected to practice thoroughly each chapter before moving to the next. The eighth chapter contains all the words learnt in other chapters. Each of the first eight chapters has sound files to help you speak the words of Muharni. You can assume that you are ready to move to the next module if you can speak all the words of the muharni at a stretch. The ninth chapter gives you a complete list of consonants as they combine with vowels.