Kirby franchise strategy guide/Enemies/Poppy Bros.

The Poppy Bros. are a pair of enemies who appear in the Kirby games, usually as a mini-boss or a boss. An older version of the Poppy Bros. is Poppy Sr. Poppies all wear blue caps and hop around, throwing bombs at Kirby. Kirby can suck up the bombs and spit them back out at the Poppies to cause damage to them. They generally also hop around the area, trying to damage Kirby by touching him. A Poppy can be swallowed by Kirby to obtain the Bomb copy ability, or in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land the Crash ability, with which he can destroy all the enemies on the screen excluding Gordos and Shotzos. It can turn Kirby flashing yellow, or on Kirby Air Ride it gives him a blue hat, and the ability to throw bombs at enemies. The Bomb ability can also be turned into a Poppy Bro in Kirby Super Star, who will then throw bombs at enemies to help Kirby.

The Poppy Bros. also own one of three pinball tables in Kirby's Pinball Land, where they are featured as bosses. When the battle starts, there is one. By hitting him several times, another Poppy Bro will appear. They throw bombs at Kirby and at the flippers to disable them temporarily. By repeatedly hitting them, Kirby can defeat them.

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