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Texas cuisine is a cuisine, the fundamentals of which are deeply rooted in the history of beef production in Texas and the difficult life of a particular group early Texas settlers, primarily those settlers who started immigrating into what was then the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas from the U.S. in the early 1800’s. Several fundamental recipes of modern Texas cuisine are based on the cuisine developed by these particular early settlers (who were aided by substantial contributions from other cuisines of the time).

Texas cuisine also includes contributions from the cuisines of later immigrants to Texas which augmented the early Texas cuisine, and can also be considered to include a very wide variety of recipes and food items thought to have originated in Texas, or which are otherwise attributed to Texas, which are not based on, or related to, the early historic roots of Texas cuisine.

Perhaps some of the very most fundamental recipes of Texas Cuisine to learn and attempt to master are cornbread, pinto beans, chili, and, for a group, barbecued or smoked beef brisket.

Texas cuisine is distinguishable from Tex-Mex cuisine in that the foundations of Texas cuisine seem to relate more to the cuisine developed by the particular group of settlers mentioned above, although there are overlaps, similarities, and substantial borrowing between the two.



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