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  1. ETD Guide/Print version
  2. ETD Guide/Universities/Why ETDs?
  3. ETD Guide/Universities/Sources for funding
  4. ETD Guide/Universities/Reasons and strategies for archiving electronic theses and dissertations
  5. ETD Guide/Universities/How to develop an ETD program
  6. ETD Guide/Universities/Guidelines for Implementing an Assessment Program for ETDs
  7. ETD Guide/Training the Trainers/Help develop a broad local team
  8. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/Fulltext
  9. ETD Guide/Students/In MS Word
  10. ETD Guide/Students/Naming standards: file names; unique Ids
  1. ETD Guide/Print version
  2. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/Rendering-style sheets
  3. ETD Guide/Universities/Role of the Library and Archives
  4. ETD Guide
  5. ETD Guide/Universities/Policy Initiatives: National, Regional, and Local; Discipline specific; Language specific
  6. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/Conversions from LaTeX to SGML\XML
  7. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/Conversions from Word, Word Perfect or other RTF-compatible tools to SGML\XML
  8. ETD Guide/Technical Issues/Harvest usage in Germany, France
  9. ETD Guide/Students/In LaTeX
  10. ETD Guide/Introduction/Brief history of ETD activities: 1987-2007

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