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With the advent of ETDs, traditional catalogers can learn about cataloging online resources, or they can apply what they already know about cataloging online resources to cataloging theses. Catalogers may need to adapt existing policies and procedures, but their workstations may already have the necessary software (e.g., word processor, PDF reader, etc.). This may also be an opportunity to implement cataloging policy changes, for example, allowing authors to assign keywords in addition to or instead of continuing to assign a controlled vocabulary such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Of course, catalogers will add the necessary MARC fields required for computer files. More information can easily be added to the bibliographic record because of the ease of copy-and-paste features of word processors, so include the abstract in online catalog records and index this field to enhance findings through keyword searching.

The following table includes MARC fields included in bibliographic records for ETDs, with additional information about Dublin Core metadata, etc. For the latest information about ETD metadata, see

METADATA CROSSWALK (link to fuller document)

Usage Dublin Core Metadata elements USMARC tag MARC notes Metadata notes
M 1.0 DC.Title 245 $a title name the author assigned to the work
1.1 DC.Title.X-Notes 500 source of title note
M 2.0 DC.Creator.PersonalName 100 $a author, personal person primarily responsible for creating the intellectual content of the work
O 2.2 DC.Creator.Address
M 2.3 DC.Creator.X-Institution 710 $a institution's full name name
R 2.4 DC.Creator.X-Major
O 2.5 DC.Creator.X-College 710 $b college's official name
R 2.6 DC.Creator.X-Dept 710 $b department's official name
O 3.0 DC.Subject 653 $a uncontrolled keywords keywords or phrases describing the subject or content of the work
650 $a LCSH
690 $a LCSH
R 4.0 DC.Description.Abstract 520 $a author's summary textual description of the content of the work
R 5.0 DC.Publisher.CorporateName 260 $b entity responsible for making the work available in its present form
R 6.0 DC.Contributor.X-Chair.PersonalName 700 $a added personal name person(s) or organization(s) who made significant contributions to the work but that contribution is secondary to the author
R 6.1 DC.Contributor.XCommittee.PersonalName 700 $a added personal name
O 7.0 DC.Date.Valid date committee approved the work in final form(s)
M 7.1 DC.Date.X-Approved 260 $c date Graduate School approved the work
M 8.0 DC.Type 655$2 local index term--genre/form category of the work:Text.Thesis.Doctoral or Text.Thesis.Masters + (see DC enumer'd list)
M 9.0 DC.Format 856$q locat.+access/file trans. mode work's data format; ID software (+hardware?) to display/operate the work (see DC list)
M 10.0 DC.Identifier 856$u URL (or PURL, hndl, URN) unique ID of the work(s)
856$b If IP address: (Access number)
10.1 DC.Identifier.XCallNumber.LC 090$a
O 11.0 DC.Source 786$n 0 Data Source Entry/Title metadata describing original source from which the work was derived
O 12.0 DC.Language 546$a language note language of intellectual content of the work
041$a language code
M 13.0 DC.Relation 787$n nonspecific relationship note describes how ETD's parts relate to entire work
787$o nonspecific relationship ID URL
O 14.0 DC.Coverage 500$a general note spatial or temporal characteristics of intellectual content of the work
255 $c If spatial: cartographic statement of coordinates
513 $b If temporal:period covered note
15.0 DC.Rights 540$a terms governing use/repro copyright statement
856$u If URL: (with $3=rights)
M 15.1 DC.Rights.X-Availability Should be "accessibility?" none/some/full access
O 15.2 DC.Rights.X-Availability.Notify date to assess accessibility
O 15.3 DC.Rights.X-Proxy.PersonalName contact re accessibility if author unreachable
O 15.4 DC.Rights.X-Proxy.Address
O 15.5 DC.Rights.X-Checksum.MD5 Reveals if file is corrupted. Appropriate here?
O 15.6 DC.Rights.X-Signature.PGP Should be accessibility? none/some/full access

M = mandatory
O = optional
R = highly recommended
MARC 502 derived from type, creator's institution, date valid MARC 538 = format

Paul Mather and Gail McMillan, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Nov. 18, 1998

MARC does not equal Metadata: missing from Metadata=file size;

several notes (vita, abstract), 949/040 (more?)

Leader and 008--some redundant info from variable fields

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