ETD Guide/Students/Local support

The ADT Program is an Australian university libraries initiative. The library at the ADT member institution provides local support. Support to academics and students is varied and depends on the levels of expertise of the individuals involved in the submission process. The levels of support offered include:

  • provision of workstation/s, including software, in the library dedicated to the submission process plus library technical support as appropriate to aid students to submit and convert files into PDF
  • provision of basic instructions and information for students wanting to submit theses independently. See example of this at The University of New South Wales:
  • library technical expertise to entirely do the submission & conversion process on behalf of students
  • provision of information via the library's website, pamphlets, presentations, formal letters & information for faculties, schools, graduate committees, academic staff and students about the local ADT Programs. The sharing of this information by the ADT member institutions as well
  • broader support at the institutional level - sharing expertise, knowledge and information as appropriate

All library support is seen as part of the normal university scholarly process and is provided free of any charge.

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