ETD Guide/Students

Students are the most important participants in ETD activities. They are the main target of the education effort. They are the ones who learn by doing, and so promote access to the ETDs they prepare to help communicate their research results. This section of the Guide highlights issues of interest to students who write or refer to ETDs. It provides guidance on how they can proceed in these activities, as well as assistance to help them in understanding the context in which these activities take place. A wide variety of technologies and approaches are discussed. These should be considered in light of local policies and practices. In some cases students will want a simpler effort. In others they may wish to engage in more elaborate preparation of an ETD than is locally common, in order to learn, and/or in order to be more expressive in their scholarly communication. It is hoped that the content in section 3, as well as the more detailed technical information in section 4, is helpful.

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