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The Corel WordPerfect Suite provides another possibility to produce large documents. It is a system like Microsoft Word, but sold by another vendor: Corel Inc. (see It contains nearly the same features and capabilities as Microsoft Word. For writing a complex document like a thesis or dissertation using WordPerfect, it is advisable to use style sheets that are provided by the system itself or by the university. Those style sheets are called WordPerfect templates (WPT). They allow the users to structure their documents using structure components like headings, tables, lists, etc. Default style sheets can be used by clicking on File / New / and than choose one of the templates. Usually there has been a native WordPerfect template produced in order to help you with additional drop- down menus, etc. To use the provided template for WordPerfect 8, you have to choose File / New / Options / Add Project / Add New Document / Call it "Digital Dissertation" / Search for dissertation.WPT. This allows you to use the WordPerfect style sheet by choosing under the main window: File / New / Choose "Digital Dissertation" and Create. This enables the functions of the drop-down menu as in the following figure.

Figure 1: Using a WordPerfect style sheet for digital dissertations (used with version 9 of WordPerfect suite)

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