ETD Guide/Introduction/Helping students network professionally

Having an ETD helps build your career. Your work is published in a timely manner, visible, and easily accessible. Timely publication makes your up-to-the-minute research instantly available. Upon publication, ETDs immediately become part of the NDLTD and are available for use by anyone having access to the Internet. Visibility allows people inside and outside of the academic arena to see and use your research. Just having an ETD can multiply the number of times your work is read. This exposure increases the possibilities that your work will be cited in others' publications, which adds to your prestige and can help your future advancement. Accessibility makes reading and using your work easy. Instead of having to request and await the arrival of a printed copy, your work immediately displays on a computer screen and can be printed on demand. By using today's communication tools wisely, you can save time and produce a more influential work. You can manage your information so you know where you’ve kept your notes; use powerful search tools to gather information and manage evaluations and revisions; and use interpretation tools for quantitative and qualitative documents.

Additional Resources:

Networking on the Network by Phil Agee

This is a 52000 word essay that Phil Agee wrote with the intention of “get[ting] it into the hands of every PhD student in the world.”

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