ETD Guide/Students/Using Style Sheets

Preparing a word document to be converted into an archivable form using the SGML or XML standard first of all means using word stylesheets. Usually the university provides these style sheets, as they contain university specific structuring and formatting.

In Word it is possible to distinguish between the information a document holds and the structure in which it is written. Style sheets provide the structure. They help you, for example, if you want to format all your headings for chapters with the same style.

If you use the style sheet heading1 (see picture below), than it may be possible to associate a certain formatting like text height: 14pt, text-font Arial, paragraph settings: left bound, leave 12 pt space after a heading, number the headings automatically with roman numbers, etc. with the structure element heading1.


You can see the left row within the word window. This is the so-called structured view, which you can get by choosing the Normal option under View. The names of the paragraph structures are displayed if you choose the point Options under Extras. Within the popup menu there is a possibility to set the width of the style sheet view. (see below). This is how it is displayed in German Word97, but is similar in other language word systems.


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