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Books have a preferred writing style that make comprehension easy for readers who have mastered a certain level of fluency in reading a language. Books in this category depend on more background knowledge and understanding of more specialized vocabulary than is common for intermediate readers. Some subject-specific jargon is likely to be used without explanation, but a heavy reliance on subject-specific jargon should be avoided to increase readability and comprehension. Use {{reading level|advanced}} to add a book to this category.

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  1. Till Eulenspiegel's funny Series
  2. Computation of an acoustic Transmissionline
  3. The cave painting in Magura Cave
  4. Pythagoras in the Forge
  5. Human Physiology
  6. Learning anatomy/Table version
  7. The Linux Kernel/About
  8. The Linux Kernel
  9. Learning anatomy
  10. Traditional Abacus and Bead Arithmetic
  1. Microprocessor Design
  2. The Tal-Qadi Sky Tablet
  3. Learning anatomy/Table version
  4. Steganography
  5. Knot Theory
  6. Surreal Numbers and Games
  7. VHDL for FPGA Design
  8. Floating Point
  9. Embedded Systems
  10. Analog and Digital Conversion

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