ORCID Advocacy Toolkit

This is the index page for the ORCID Advocacy Toolkit, developed by the UK ORCID Consortium during the Advocacy Toolkit Sprint in November 2022. Further work continued during 2023.

Collage of entries to the ORCID Uk cake competition 2020

Do you have a need to talk about ORCID to your colleagues, researchers, administrators, funders or anyone else at your institution or wider? Do you have responsibility for describing how to use ORCID or communicate about its benefits?

This project is developed and shared by the UK ORCID Consortium community. It contains links to resources and captures the know-how that we have acquired between us on how to do ORCID advocacy. It is the result of effort that has been spent preparing materials, considering audiences, evaluating information or developing practice guidelines for running events. This is our platform for sharing our knowledge and resource examples.

This sharing helps to reduce effort and showcase best practice, so we can learn from each other and pool resources.

Would you like to contribute? You can help shape the project, add resources or other guidance. See the section How to Contribute.

If you are looking for resources or inspiration, use the index for different ways to navigate our content.

Chapters edit

About this book

What is Advocacy?

Audiences (who needs to hear about ORCID)

Platforms that integrate with ORCID


So you would like to....


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