ORCID Advocacy Toolkit

This is the index page for the ORCID Advocacy Toolkit, developed by the UK ORCID Consortium during the Advocacy Toolkit Sprint in November 2022

Collage of entries to the ORCID Uk cake competition 2020

Doing advocacy on ORCID – describing it’s use and practice, communicating its value to researchers, institutions, administrators, funders and the wider academy - is one of the key concerns of our UK ORCID Consortium community. Some of us have spent considerable effort preparing materials, others carefully considering audiences and appropriateness of information, some have great practice guidelines for running events and distributing this knowledge. This project supports the sharing of resources and know-how on how to do ORCID advocacy that we have acquired between us. This sharing helps to reduce effort and showcase best practice, so we can learn from each other and pool resources.

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What is Advocacy?



Types of Material


So you would like to....

Platforms that integrate with ORCID


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