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LINGUISTICS - LinguisticsCOMPOSITION AND WRITING - Composition - Creative Writing - Writing Adolescent FictionRHETORIC - Rhetoric and Composition - Rhetoric and Writing in the Public Sphere - Visual RhetoricREGIONAL LITERATURE - Shakespeare - American Literature - Science Fiction Literature - Japanese LiteratureGENERAL TOPICS - Literary criticismMULTIPLE WORKS AND AUTHOR GUIDES - Shakespeare - Plato FICTION ANNOTATIONS - Atlas Shrugged - Lord of the Flies - Of Mice and Men - Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter NONFICTION ANNOTATIONS - The Annotated Constitution of the United States

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Composition and writing

Please add short guides to specific genres to Creative Writing.


Regional literature

General topics in literature

Multiple works and author guides

Mythology and folklore

Fiction annotations

Nonfiction annotations

Annotations with source text

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

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