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Welcome to Wikijunior The Elements.

The target age of this title is 8–12 years old. Section titles will include elements children may have heard of or are particularly interesting. The print version will focus only on answering a specific series of questions about the elements plus an explanation of what an element is. There will be an introduction and a glossary. Other articles of general interest about the Elements as a group may also be included.

When working on this project, remember that it is aimed at children. Being understood is just as important as being accurate. Authors should concentrate on the most important concepts rather than getting wrapped up in every detail. Use technical vocabulary when you need to, but don't use big words where simpler language would work. Or in other words, write as you would when you were a child.

If you have made contributions to this Wikibook and would like to have formal credit for being an author, please add your name to the list of authors.

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You are encouraged to create a page on an interesting or useful element. If you would like to do so, please read the Contributing page.

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