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When working on this project, remember that it's aimed at children. It's more important to be understood than to be precisely accurate on every detail. Use technical vocabulary when you need to, but don't use big words where simpler language would work. Whenever you have to use a word, list it in the glossary of basic terms, and define it. Either that, or note it needs to be defined in the glossary page. Giving definitions when such words are used is generally a good idea as well.

Please, if you can contribute to this book, do so. Many sections are in need of cleanup and complete rewrites. You can work on almost anything including this page, but if you want to make some significant changes please bring them up on the discussion page. Additional new elements are welcome; see the section below.

Try to restrict discussion to the main discussion page so that people can actually see your message without having to check specific pages.

Create or request an article


You are encouraged to create an article on an interesting or useful Element. Note however that not all articles will make it into the final published version, though they will all be available on this live online version. If you would like someone else to write a page about an element, add your suggestion to the Article Stubs list. When creating stub articles please use the Wikijunior The Elements/Stub Template.

Major questions


The questions that will appear in every article are:

  • What does it look, feel, taste or smell like?
  • How was it discovered?
  • Where did its name come from?
  • Where is it found?
  • What are its uses?
  • Is it dangerous?