Wikibooks:User rights

The Wikibooks community allows administrators to grant and revoke permissions.[1] For administrator, bureaucrat and CheckUser access, see Wikibooks:Administrators. For bot access, see Wikibooks:Bots.

Administrators have the trust of the community, and use their discretion when granting or revoking these rights. Requests are made at WB:RFP, where any administrators can grant the right if they choose to. Requests are archived; declined requests should be explained. Administrators are responsible for making good decisions regarding which users get the tools. Administrators are absolutely not to wheel war with user rights - those admins which do will not be permitted to change user rights.

The full list of rights available to user groups is at Special:ListGroupRights. Users in the various user groups are listed at Special:ListUsers. Changes in user rights are logged at Special:Log/rights.


User groups
Local: AnonymousAutoconfirmedAutoreviewedBlockedConfirmedImportersRegisteredReviewersUploaders

AdministratorsBotsBureaucratsCheckusersInterface adminsPseudo-bots

Global: Locked accountsOmbudsmenRollbackersStewardsSysadminsSysopsUnified accounts