Wikibooks:Registered users

A registered user is a user who has signed up for an account and has logged in to a Wikimedia project.

In addition to what an anonymous user can do, a newly registered user can:

  • set preferences
  • register pages for "watching"
  • mark edits as minor
  • create their own user page
  • move certain pages

The full list of rights is available at Special:ListGroupRights.

All edits made as a registered user will show the username in the history instead of an IP address.

Newly registered users cannot do the following until autoconfirmed:

  • edit semi-protected pages
  • move most pages
  • create pages in the File:, Template:, Help:, Transwiki:, or Subject: namespaces; this is due to restrictions in the title blacklist.

Registered users cannot edit or move fully-protected pages, except for administrators.

User groups
Local: AnonymousAutoconfirmedAutoreviewedBlockedConfirmedImportersRegisteredReviewersUploaders

AdministratorsBotsBureaucratsCheckusersInterface adminsPseudo-bots

Global: Locked accountsOmbudsmenRollbackersStewardsSysadminsSysopsUnified accounts