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A registered user is a user who has signed up for an account and has logged in to a Wikimedia project. In addition to what an anonymous user can do, a registered user can:

  • set preferences
  • register pages for "watching"
  • upload files such as pictures, sounds, etc.
  • mark edits as minor
  • create their own user page
  • move pages

The full list of rights is available at Special:ListGroupRights.

All edits made as a registered user will show the user name in the history instead of an IP address.

Registered users (excepting administrators) cannot edit or move protected pages. Newly registered users cannot edit semi-protected pages, move any page, or upload files.

User groups
Local: blocked users – anonymous users – registered users – autoconfirmed users – autoreviewed users – reviewers – uploaders – importers – bots – pseudo-bots – administrators – interface administrators – bureaucrats – checkusers
Global: locked accounts – unified accounts – rollbackers – sysops – ombudsmen – system administrators – stewards