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Autoreviewed users hold the autoreview and autopatrol right; this gives them the ability to have their own edits automatically reviewed and patrolled. It is a subset of the reviewer group, which is automatically given upon meeting a set of conditions.

To ease the burden on reviewers, administrators can give autoreview for such users on their discretion. This right may also be requested at Requests for permissions if required. Examples for which this may be given include users who mainly contribute to a page, or vandalism fighters.

Autoreviewed users cannot review other users' edits or use rollback (such users may use undo instead), and this permission is not asked for or given frequently.

For autoreviewed users who later gain reviewer permissions, the autoreviewed user flag may be taken away later. Note that you won't lose anything, as reviewers is a superset of autoreviewed users; that is, both groups hold the autoreview and autopatrol rights.

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