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Wikibooks is an excellent way of getting a class to work together and produce in-depth articles in their field of study.

There are books for every level of student on the Wikibooks' bookshelves and, being a young project, many of these books need much more content. Several universities and schools have already produced excellent books by working together:

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Students can register their own accounts, which hides the IP address, increasing the level of privacy. This also gives each student a user page to let other Wikibookians know what they're working on, and a talk page for communication with other users of the wiki.

Ideas for assignments


Why not organize your homework around Wikibooks? Ask each student to contribute a paragraph, a page, or a chapter. You can easily track the progression of a particular page with the history tab, and Special:Contributions lets you see what each user has written.

This is an age where low-income students frequently have access to the internet but lack the funds to buy textbooks. The aim of Wikibooks is to supply textbooks to the world free of charge so that anyone, from the Congo to Detroit, can have open access to knowledge. Your gift of knowledge in these formative years of Wikibooks may become one of the most valuable things that you do in your life.

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