Hello! My username is Thereen and I am a casual, sporadic editor. I believe in being bold, assuming good intentions, Featured Books, content, structure, Language Projects, and attempting neutrality. I am looking forward to contributing to wikibooks by organizing, splitting, moving, general spiffing up. In short, I like making small changes to produce better free books.

It should be noted that my bias leans "left" on most everything, and while I recognize and try to suppress this bias, it will inform my opinions, actions, edits and interests in ways both subtle and not so subtle.

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Writing: History of Historical Writing | How to Write a Research Paper in History | How to Write an Essay | Writing a Good Book for Children | Writing a Research Paper | Professional and Technical Writing | Rhetoric and Composition | Writing Better University Essays | Composition | Creative Writing | Urban Calligraphy | Writing Adolescent Fiction | Literary Criticism

Humanities: Debate | Art History | World History | European History | Political Theory | Introduction to Canadian Law | Introduction to English Literature | Political Economy (Expand sections)

Technology: History of Computers | Programming:PHP | Computer Animation | Using Firefox | Linux For Newbies | Algorithms | Internet Technologies | Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python | CSS Programming | MySQL | HTML Programming | Computer programming | Game Design and Programming | PHP and MySQL Programming | Software Engineering | Robotics | Non-nerds Guide to Computers | Teaching Computer Literacy - From the Beginning | PHP and MySQL Programming
Misc.: Armour | How To Run A Newspaper | Amateur Radio Manual | Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair | Movie Making Manual | Writing Effective Songs | Origami | Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch | Football (Soccer) | Bookbinding | Study Skills | How to Make a Comic

Nineteen Eighty-Four | American Literature (Add Content) | Ancient History (Expand information) | Modern History (Expand information) | History of Technology (Expand content) | AP Computer Science





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