Writing a Good Book for Children

Many people may find it difficult to write books for children—this book is designed to help the reader write high quality children's books.

What is a good book for children? edit

A good book for children is funny, exciting and makes them laugh. A good children's book is one that children like to read!

How to write a good book? edit

Brainstorming edit

In order to write a good book for little children, you must do the following:

  • Use funny words.
  • Do not use inappropriate language.
  • Use a readable font (large enough for everyone to read).
  • Write with a variety of different genres.
  • Use bright colors while drawing a picture to catch the child's eye.
  • Keep the reader interested in the book.
  • Make sure that the theme of the story is clear and understandable so the children can relate to what is happening in the story and be interested in what happens next.
  • Write about something you learned or experienced when you were in that children's age group you want to write about.
  • Make the characters' characteristics interesting and clear.
  • Ask children's opinions and suggestions on what you are writing.
  • Make sure that the plot of the story make the children feel emotional e.g. Happy, sad, angry
  • Use Different Size Fonts For Certain Age Groups
  • Make sure that the pictures depict this very well
  • Use peoples experiences
  • Depending on your race you may have different ideas than others. Try to add that into your writing.
  • Religion may also change your writing.
  • Include the different aspects of the people (genre, environment, background and such)
  • Include a large font for the little children to easily read the book even if he or she is far away from the book.
  • A easy text for children to understand since their very little.
  • A lot of pictures to keep the reader interested.
  • Chapter books are not usually good for little children.
  • Use a simple thought so that the child will understand and remember what has happened so far.
  • Make sure there is a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Use dictionaries
  • Use easy pictures so children can understand
  • Provide the child with at least one "ah-ha!" moment
  • Use some children's interests
  • Don't write about violence or it will influence the children badly
  • Write a catchy title

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