I decided to try to publish a textbook on screenwriting in this wiki. The issue is whether this project is suitable for this type of work. Patterns Of Screen Writing

The text is about 400 pages long. It is made of highly structured content. Therfore import the text, with rich interlinking, a bibliography and adding a suitable layout on par with similar books within the pattern paradigm might not be viable.


Aspect Score Comment
Template Availability 1
  • The community is policed by a team with minimal appreciation of the content licenses their project operates under,
  • Their efforts to this book were more deleterious than beneficial.
  • Due to their activities the community have not developed sufficient project centric templates to reduce work needed in adding additional text. So most people have to re-invent the wheel.
Wiki documentation 3 * plenty of low-grade documents. However they have been written with the experienced user in mind, or users who are writing a text of little sophistication. The documents rarely contain answers just vague suggestion and locating information is catastrophic.
Wiki culture 1 unreasonable conventions.
Talk / Work 5 too much talking required even for a solo effort.
Citation 1 it should be possible to automatically gather citations into a bibliography but does not work properly.
Index 1 not support for providing an index or a taxonomy which is automatically up datable.
Layout 1
  • layout would have to be CSS based. This is work intensive to develop.
  • other books have not succeeded in doing this.
  • no support for custom CSS tags in this wiki.
Print 1 no support for PDF generation.

legend: 1 weak - 9 strong

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