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Trainz versions

and understanding Trainz version numbers

Trainz versions is a somewhat overused, and possibly confusing term with three slightly different meanings:

  1. Trainz Retail Release or version —these are the major releases with uniquely titled names such as TRS2006, TC3, Trainz Simulator 12 TS2012, and so forth.
  2. Trainz version, colloquially means to convey both the retail release, but also any subsequent software upgrades such as patches, hotfixes and Service Packs, but does so if and only if the software upgrade also triggers a change in the trainz-build value, for that is the number mentioned in such references, such as v2.3, v2.8, v1.5, or v3.8 which numeric portions are identical to the trainz-build code for newly created assets under that version's Content Creator Plus utility.
  3. Trainz code version, Trainz build versions or 'Code build number — this is a formal numeric code which precisely reflects the combination of all listed in (2) above. For their exact meanings and where to find them, see the main article Version And Build Numbers or the terser (but possibly more up to date Trainz Wiki 'Code build number'. If you are more interested in the timeline, our coverage here is by far more comprehensive historically.

This section aims to give a brief overview of the first two usages, and act as brief succinct reference to the newcomer entering Trainz 14 year old culture.