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Super Mario Sunshine takes on a feel very similar to that of Super Mario 64. This time around, however, Mario has a little help that makes this game more interesting. This is the first game where Mario extensively uses an accessory (FLUDD) to complete his mission. The pair work together as team, not unlike the teamwork in the Nintendo 64 title Banjo-Kazooie, which featured a partnership between the characters Banjo and Kazooie. When Mario first acquires FLUDD, he can spray and hover in the air using its nozzles. Two other nozzles can be unlocked later in the game to extend FLUDD's functionality - the Rocket Nozzle which propels Mario high into the air, and the Turbo Nozzle which lets Mario sprint super-fast on land and water, as well as break down wooden doors.

The game contains a number of independent levels, which can be reached from Delfino Plaza (the hub or overworld). Gameplay is based around collecting Shine Sprites (or Shines for short) by completing various tasks in the levels and overworld.

At first, each level features one task (called an "episode") which may be completed to acquire a Shine Sprite. The player is then returned to Delfino Plaza and a new task is unlocked on the level they just played. There are 8 episodes per level and you may play them again at will once they are completed. In addition to these Shines, there are others hidden in Delfino Plaza and in the levels, others you can get by completing mini-levels, and still others by collecting Blue coins which are hidden all over. Ten of these coins may be traded for one Shine.

Once the player has collected enough Shines in total, a new level is available at Delfino Plaza, either by the acquisition of a new ability or some plot-related event. Each level has a Shadow Mario–related episode and when these are completed the level containing the final boss is unlocked. The player may choose any available level to complete a new episode, or look for hidden Shines or Blue coins in previous episode, so the game is very open as far as choices for what to do next. In this way it's similar to the earlier Mario 64.

Health and Gold coins Edit

Mario's health is shown by the sunshine symbol in the corner of the screen. You have a maximum of 8 health points. When you get hit by an enemy, fall, or are exposed to various other hazards, you start to lose health. You can get health back by collecting Gold coins which are scattered all over; one Gold coin restores one health point. You can also get a hidden Shine by collecting 100 Gold coins in a level.

When Mario is underwater a similar meter appears showing Mario's breath. This decreases steadily until Mario comes up for air, but it is restored by collecting coins like the health meter.

Red coins Edit

Within some episodes are eight Red coins. After collecting all eight, a Shine will appear somewhere within the level, which you can then collect to complete the episode. Red coins restore two health points apiece.

Blue coins Edit

Blue coins are hidden all over, sometimes they're just lying there, sometimes they appear as a reward for washing off graffiti, and sometimes you get them be defeating certain enemies. In many cases, the graffiti appears in a pair of identical shapes and if you wash off one a coin appears at the other location, you then have a small amount of time to reach it before it disappears. Blue coins will bring back two health points apiece. Unlike other coins, Blue coins disappear from the game once you've collected them. As mentioned above, you can trade Blue coins for Shines.

Lives and 1-Ups Edit

Mario starts the game with four lives. Every time your health reaches zero, you fall into an abyss, or suffer some other serious mishap, you lose a life and start the level from the beginning. If you run out of lives the game ends and you have to reload start from you last save. You can gain a life by collecting 1-Ups, green mushrooms hidden throughout the game. You also gain a life by collecting 50 Gold coins in a level.

Graffiti and pollution Edit

In addition to restoring the Shine Sprites, Mario must wash away the graffiti and pollution that someone has spread around the island. The graffiti is usually in the form of a capital M, but other symbols appear which, coincidentally, are the same symbols that are found on a PlayStation controller.

The pollution is in the form of toxic goop. It's thick and paint-like, but slightly sweet tasting. Different types of goop are found in different levels.

Yoshi Edit

In homage to Super Mario World, Mario can also ride Yoshi in this game. Yoshi can be used to eat certain insects and birds to produce yellow or Blue coins or Shine Sprites. Yoshi can also eat fruit and squirt the juice of that fruit. This juice can be used to dissolve orange Generators acting as obstacles as well as to briefly transform enemies into platforms for Mario to step on. The color of the Yoshi and the effect of its juice depend on the type of fruit last eaten. Yoshi will disappear if he touches a deep body of water. While Mario is riding Yoshi, a woodblock will accompany the background music as in Super Mario World.

Once Yoshi appears he can be acquired at any time, however he'll be stuck inside of his egg and won't want to come out unless you have something to coax him with. If you go up to a Yoshi Egg you'll see a thought bubble with the food he desires. Go ahead and grab one from somewhere in the area and bring it to him. He'll pop out and you'll be able to mount him for some extra firepower. A Yoshi egg can be found in Delfino Plaza after a certain event that occurs about mid-way through the game. Yoshi eggs are also in most levels but only during certain episodes.


Basic Controls Edit

Control Action
Control Stick Move Mario / move Yoshi
A Jump / swim
B Body Slam / swim down / pick up / throw / talk
  • The action of B differs depending on the situation - it can also be used to pull items, open doors and more.
C-Stick (left and right) Rotate camera
C-Stick (up and down) Zoom in / zoom out
X Switch nozzle (FLUDD)
Y Fix camera over Mario's shoulder (Mario-Cam)
L Center camera behind Mario
R Use FLUDD - Press lightly to squirt while running, press down fully to stand and aim the spray.
Z Guidebook
Start Pause / menu

Special moves Edit

Control Action
L + Control Stick (left or right) Sidestep
Control Stick + A + A + A Triple Jump
  • While running do a normal jump, then just as you land do another jump, then as you land do a third jump; the last jump will be a somersault.
Control Stick (rotate) + A Spin Jump
  • Rotate stick at least once then jump to perform this move.
A + L Ground Pound
  • In mid-air after jumping, press L to perform this move (also works in mid-air while falling).
A (while against a wall) Wall Kick
  • Jump toward as wall and press A when against it to jump backwards off the wall. Can be done many times in a row.
Control Stick (left or right) + A Side Somersault (sometimes called back-flip)
  • Simply move Mario the opposite direction to where he is facing and immediately press A.
Control Stick + B Slide
Control Stick + B (wet ground) Slip Slide, slide a long way fast.
Control Stick + B + A Front somersault
  • Repeat this to have Mario move a bit faster.

Using FLUDD Edit

Control Action
R while in water fill up FLUDD's tank
X Switch between primary and secondary nozzle
R + Control Stick Aim squirt
Y then R Mario-Cam squirting
R + A Back somersault
R + A while jumping spam spray
spin then R Sprinkler Squirt in a circle
spin then R then press A Sprinkler Spin Jump
L + R + Control Stick (left or right) Sidestep squirt
R while hanging from a rope, then A Super Whirl Jump

Riding Yoshi Edit

Control Action
Control Stick Move
A Jump
B Eat fruit / enemy
X Dismount
R Spit juice (after eating fruit)
A then L Ground pound


Mario Edit

Everyone's favourite moustachioed Italian plumber is in a new crazy adventure that he never intended to be a part of. At first, Mario has planned to spend time with his loved one and friends. But next thing he knows, he has to clean up a mess that he was never part of in the first place. Mario befriends a new gadget made by the crazy E. Gadd to help him save the island of Delfino.



FLUDD could be described as an item rather than a character, but as it/he/she can talk, that surely promotes it to character status. FLUDD is probably the most important character in the game as it cleans up graffiti, reveals coins and Shines, defeats enemies and gets Mario to places that he just wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. It was invented by Professor E. Gadd (of Luigi's Mansion fame), and comes with two nozzles attached - the spray nozzle and the hover nozzle - but there are also two other nozzle attachments that can be found as you progress through the game, the rocket nozzle and the turbo nozzle. Head on over to the Controls section to find out how to use FLUDD.

Yoshi Edit

Mario's dinosaur buddy returns, but not until the later stages of the game. He is essential for completing some the missions, with his excellent jumping skills and his ability to spit fruit juice and eat bad guys. When you see a Yoshi Egg lying around, feed it the fruit that it wants to hatch a shiny new Yoshi for you to ride on. Make sure you keep him topped up with fruit or else Yoshi will disappear! He is also essential for unlocking certain worlds that are unable to be found or gotten by Mario alone, such as Pianta Village or Serena Beach. Corona Mountain is unlocked by beating all Shadow Mario missions.

Princess Peach Edit

Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom with a tendency to get kidnapped, usually by Mario's most hated enemies, such as Shadow Mario or Bowser. She is also Mario's love interest.

Toadsworth Edit

Toadsworth is a Toad elder and is Peach's long-time steward. Although, he's clearly not too good at his job, judging by the amount of times Peach gets kidnapped. He has brown polka dots and an extremely large mustache.

Toad Edit

There are many Toads, each with different coloured polka dots on their mushroom-shaped heads. They are Peach's attendants and often have useful bits of information for Mario.

Pianta Edit

Piantas are residents of Isle Delfino. The guidebook calls them the "Mountain People" and says of them:

"These mountain folk are strong, sociable and curious. The trees on their heads provide relief from the island's heat."

Noki Edit

Nokis are residents of Isle Delfino that live near the ocean. There are not seen as often as the larger Pianta people. The guidebook says:

"Nokis wear vibrant seashells reminiscent of their time living in the coral reefs. They are timid but highly intellectual."

Il Piantissimo Edit

Il Piantissimo is a man dressed up in a pink Pianta costume, much to the dismay of the real Piantas. He appears in some stages to challenge Mario to a race. If Mario wins, he is rewarded a Shine Sprite.

He bears a resemblance to the Running Man from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They both have a similar body structure and they both like to run. Il Piantissimo has the same face as well, although this is never shown in-game (because he always covers his head with a Pianta helmet), and was only discovered from the game's internal model.

At the end of Super Mario Sunshine, Il Piantissimo found Shadow Mario's paint brush stick out of the sand.

Boathouse Edit

A Tanuki statue, similar to the boatman.

There are two boathouses on Isle Delfino, one in Delfino Plaza and one in Noki Bay. The proprietors are animals that look like something between a raccoon and a bear, but more likely are meant to be Tanuki, a favorite of Japanese folklore. They are probably also a reference to some power-ups in other Mario games. You can trade Blue coins for Shines in the boathouse in Delfino Plaza; in Noki Bay you can get a boat.

D.E.B.S Edit

The Delfino Emergency Broadcast System. Not an actually character but a source of information that scrolls across you screen in Delfino Plaza. D.E.B.S. will notify you when there is something new to investigate.


Bee Edit

Bees fly around a beehive, which appear occasionally in the game. They don’t attack unless you get close to the hive. Mario can destroy a hive by spraying it with enough water, but then all the bees inside come out and attack. It’s impossible to defeat bees without Yoshi so it’s ill advised to disturb a hive without him. If you have Yoshi then go ahead with due caution since you generally get a coin for each bee Yoshi eats and a blue coin or 1-up for eating an entire swarm.

Blooper Edit

A white, squid-like creature found in Ricco Harbor. They try to squirt ink on you when you get close but their aim is terrible. You can spray then to make them dizzy for a while, or you can squish it for a coin. In Ricco Harbor ch. 2 and 6 there are colored varieties that have been trained so you can ride them.

Bob-omb Edit

A walking black bomb that appears in Pinna Park and Noki Bay where a Monty Mole throws it at you. They can be stunned by spraying them, this turns them blue and you can then safely pick them up to throw at a nearby enemy. If not stunned they soon start a countdown and explode. The countdown takes longer to begin when stunned.

Boo Edit

A slobbering ghost found in the hotel in Sirena Beach. They can turn invisible and mimic a coin or Shadow Mario. There is a pink variety that turns into a block when sprayed. The white ones can be defeated for a coin by a jump on the head.

Bubba Edit

A fish in Gelato Beach and Noki Bay that will drag Mario under the water when he is swimming. This isn't really dangerous unless Mario is already low on air. Indestructible but there is a glitch when Mario swims while carrying a fruit, the fish will chase him but will not be able to touch him. Look similar to a cheep-cheep.

Bullet Bill Edit

A missile that comes from the cannon operated by a monty mole in Pinna Park or by Bowser Jr. in Corona Mountain. Black ones just explode when they land, but you can spray them in mid-air to get two coins. Purple ones (aka Bull's Eye Bills) will target Mario directly. Their nose blinks red when locked on and they will follow Mario until they collide with something. Spray or jump on them in mid-air for two coins. Gold ones behave like black ones but drop ten coins if sprayed in mid-air.

Butterfly Edit

Tiny and harmless, but you sometimes get a reward if Yoshi eats them. The reward depends on the color: for yellow you get a coin, green a 1-up, and for blue you get a blue coin.

Cataquack Edit

A walking duck that appears in Gelato Beach. They will chase after Mario if he is spotted, and if he gets caught he will get thrown up in the air. The Blue ones do no damage to Mario this way but the red ones do. Spray them or lead them into a dune bud to stun them, you can then bounce on top of them for a coin. They will be destroyed if thrown into the air by a dune bud or if you can lure them into water. Sometimes found sleeping. The plungelo looks similar but is larger.

Chain Chomp Edit

An odd looking creature that looks like a cannon ball with a chain attached and behaves like an unruly dog. It appears in Pianta Village. It cannot be defeated but you can cool it off temporarily and drag it around by the chain. The Chain Chomplet is the puppy version.

Trouter Edit

A leaping fish that appears in Ricco Harbor and Noki Bay. You can spray them away but they immediately reappear. Mostly harmless but they may knock you down if they collide with you. They are very useful in episode 8 of Ricco Harbor.

Egg Koopa Edit

A Koopa that hides in the sand so it look like an egg. Spray them to get them to chase you, the lure them into the open sand and stay in one spot until they try jump on top of you. Dodge this and the monster is stuck on its back in the sand. Jump and pound it while it’s vulnerable. This releases six coins.

Electro-Koopa Edit

A Koopa appearing in Pinna Park and having an abnormally large, electric shell with two electric spikes on their back. They come in different varieties: blue and red. The ones with blue shells wander around on the ground shoot their shells out at Mario when he gets close. If you try to jump on them, you'll be electrocuted. Instead, wait for them to throw their shells, dodge the shell and use FLUDD to shoot water at the vulnerable Electro-Koopa. When the shell returns, the combination of water and electricity will shock the Koopa, releasing three or four coins. Alternatively, wait for its shell to launch so then it can be stomped. The ones with red shells are found climbing on grates and can only be defeated by pounding on the grate from the other side.

They caused a lot of trouble in Pinna Park which caused a lack of visitors. One green one slept on a door at the top of the ferris wheel causing it to spin. If you open from underneath, the green Electrokoopa will fly into the ocean.

Swoopin Stu Edit

A bubble that is spawned by some types of goo and will attack Mario by jumping at him. Spray to destroy or dodge and they leave a spot of goo when they pop. They make an irritating sound before attacking.

Hen Edit

A creature that flies by flapping its ears and drops goo. These appear in Bianco Hills and Pianta Village. Spray to have it drop coins, up to nine. Spray again to get a 1-UP. To defeat, keep spraying until it is driven to the ground, you then get a tenth coin.

Monty Mole Edit

A mole that likes to hijack cannons, appearing as the main enemy in a chapter of Pinna Park and Noki Village. They throw bob-bombs when you get close. They also shoot bullet bills or throw balls of goop depending where you find them. To defeat, throw disabled bob-ombs at them. This produces a shine sprite.

Parrot Edit

A brightly colored bird that flies around and occasionally perches. These are harmless but they drop items if you spray them. Green ones drop gold coins while blue ones drop blue coins and disappear from the game after you collect it. There are also a couple of yellow ones in the game which drop sprites, and a single red one that drops a red coin. Though they fly around quite a bit, an individual bird will only perch in one spot, so learn where these places are and wait nearby for an opportunity to spray them get the items.

Pig Puff Edit

A small creature that has the appearance of a tiny pig and bounces around like a balloon. Pig Puffs will chase Mario when the normal nozzle is equiped, and will latch on to the normal nozzle. Press and hold the R for a couple of seconds and the Pig Puff will swell up and become red. Release R to send it flying! They come in handy in episode 4 of Bianco Hills.

Piranha Plant Edit

A piranha plant that can appear in thick muddy goo in Bianco Hills. Spray to cause them to swell up and explode, releasing three coins.

Plungelo Edit

A larger version of the cataquack that appears on the giant mirrors in Gelato Beach. Spray them until they start to totter at the edge, them pound the opposite edge of the mirror to flip them into the air.

Pokey Edit

A strange, cactus-like creature made of a stack of spiky yellow spheres. They are disguised as regular pink flowers until Mario comes close. They attack by leaning until they hit the ground, this causes them to get stuck for a second and they are then vulnerable to being squished for a coin. For two extra coins, do a back-flip and land on their top segment while they are upright.

Pokey Head Edit

A large, head-only version of a Pokey which hides the same way a Pokey does. These can move by hopping and chase Mario if he gets close. Hop on top for a coin or spray to cause them to collide with a wall for three coins.

Seedy Pod Edit

A blue variety of Mini Pokey which does not come out of the ground. When Mario is near them, they will hide underground, leaving their leaves exposed so they can shoot seeds at Mario. Spray them from a distance to stun them and then jump on them for a coin.

Sleeping Boo Edit

A large Boo that sleeps in the hotel in Sirena Beach. Harmless unless touched, it block doors and paths that Mario needs to get through. Defeat by having Yoshi eat it.

Yellow Scuddle Bug Edit

A bright yellow scuddle bug that crawls on walls and grates in Ricco Harbor. If on a grate you can defeat them by pounding the other side. Otherwise have Yoshi eat them. Usually drop a blue coin.

Stu Edit

A small, spherical creature with a large nose and polka-dot patterned pants. Usually a simple jump on the head will destroy them; sometimes this yields a coin. Spraying will flip them over and they can then be knocked or sprayed into a wall or off to infinity. There are a number of variations. Strollin' Stu is the most common and will chase Mario and hurt him on contact. Searin' Stu is similar except on fire. To defeat them you first have to put them out by spraying them so that they turn brown. Soarin' Stu has insect-like wings and can fly. They can steal Mario's hat and he takes damage every few seconds until he gets it back. To kill these, spray them to the ground and jump on their heads.

Skeeter Edit

These are insects that skim the top of a pond like a water strider, appearing on the lake in Bianco Hills. These occasionally disappear when they hit the shore, but otherwise they are impossible to get rid of unless you have Yoshi eat them. Spraying them will stun them for a few seconds, you can then jump on top to bounce high in the air.

Wind elemental Edit

A living whirlwind that attacks with a blast of air. These mysterious monsters inhabit high places. You can spray them away but it may be easier to dodge their attack. To do this, listen for the sound they make just before they strike and jump. Can be eaten by Yoshi for a coin.


These are the bosses whom Mario fights in Super Mario Sunshine. Their sections are listed in the same order as the levels in which they appears.

Polluted Piranha Edit

Polluted Piranhas are gate keepers or creatures that live inside goop blotches. They are only awakened by certain parts in goop. Find a part on an island with sludge. Erase as much goop as possible before you hit something that sparks. Keep shooting it until the slimy plant has arisen for revenge. There are three types: One made of magic goop that is standard, one made of muddy goop that will occasionally spit out mud balls, and an inky one, which will go down into the inky goop after three hits, but then will release an army of Swooping Stus and will need three more hits.

Petey Piranha Edit

He sometimes is an easy boss. He is the biggest Piranha Plant baby ever born. He likes to vomit up goop and throw tornadoes at enemies, especially Mario.

Gooper Blooper Edit

A larger form of a Blooper with a cork in its mouth. It appears as a boss in both Ricco Harbor and Noki Bay.

Wiggler Edit

A giant green caterpillar who wrecks havoc on Gelato Beach.

Mecha Bowser Edit

A boss fought in Pinna Park. The machine is under Bowser Jr.'s control, and it attacks by breathing fire from its mouth and launching Bullet Bills.

Eely-Mouth Edit

Eely Mouth is a giant boss located deep within the waters of Noki Bay. Its poisonous breath is polluting the waters of Noki Bay, so in one mission, Mario has to battle Eely Mouth and clean its teeth with FLUDD. In the battle, Eely Mouth oozes toxic bubbles from its eyes that can damage Mario. However, using FLUDD on the bubbles can detoxify them and restore Mario's health. Once all of Eely Mouth's teeth have been cleaned, he retreats, and Mario is given a Shine Sprite.

Phanta Manta Edit

A giant paper thin manta ray that spreads electric goop in Sirena Beach.

Shadow Mario Edit

A mysterious doppleganger of Mario who has polluted Isle Delfino. In every level (except Corona Mountain), there is a mission in which Mario has to chase after Shadow Mario and spray him with water. If done enough, Mario earns a Shine Sprite. Shadow Mario is also encountered a few times on Isle Delfino, where he carries a Yoshi Egg or one of FLUDD's attachments instead of a Shine Sprite.

King Boo Edit

A giant boo that haunts the basement of the Sirena Beach casino.

Bowser Edit

The Final Boss in the game he is also partnered up with Bowser Jr. who caused the crime and made Shadow Mario and the graffiti. They are at Corona Mountain. To defeat them run to each of the five corners and keep spraying Water.


Shine Sprite Edit

Shine Sprites (also known as Shines) "embody the power of the Sun and provide the energy that sustains Isle Delfino". They are required to unlock events and stages throughout the game.

Gold coin Edit

Coins are scattered all over every area of the game. Collect 50 of them for an extra life; collect 100 for to get a Shine. Each coin also recovers one health point.

Blue coin Edit

Collect these coins and swap them for shines at the boat house in Delfino Plaza (by the portal to Ricco Harbor). Each blue coin also regains 2 health points.

Red coin Edit

Several episodes require you to collect a set of 7-8 red coins, which may be formed into a pattern to make capturing them a pain in the neck, in order to win a Shine. Also, each one recovers 2 health points.

Fruit Edit

Fruit are mainly used to feed Yoshi. There are also certain ladies in Delphino Plaza who will reward you with a Blue coin for filling up their fruit basket.

There are six types of fruit.

Turn Yoshi pink and cause him to squirt pink juice.
These aren't hairy and brown as you see in a supermarket, but appear as smooth, light green orbs. They also give Yoshi pink color and juice.
Turn Yoshi and his juice orange.
Opinions vary on what these oblong yellow fruits are intended to be since their name is never used; they have also been called mangos, lemons or pears in various guides. They give Yoshi orange color and juice.
Most people in temperate climates will not be familiar with these, but it's an actual fruit known for its tough, spiky husk and its pungent odor. In the game they appear as light brown orbs and, unlike other fruits in the game, Mario can't pick them up and carry them. They can be moved by kicking or spraying. Durians turn Yoshi and his juice purple.
Chili peppers
These are the last and rarest fruits and they turn Yoshi and his juice purple. As you might expect, some find the taste too hot to handle.

Water barrel Edit

Used to clean large amounts of goop and to cool down Chain Chomps.

Water bottles Edit

They refill your water tank. Small bottles refill half the tank and large bottles refill the whole tank.

Tool box Edit

Holds replacement nozzles for FLUDD. There is a different type for each type of nozzle. Sometimes they appear as holograms and you must find the real one to turn the holograms into real nozzles. The boxes are color-coded:

  • Blue: Hover nozzle
  • Grey: Turbo nozzle
  • Red: Rocket nozzle

FLUDD's water tank is refilled when you pick up a nozzle.

Yoshi eggs Edit

Hatch them into Yoshis by feeding them the fruit they want. Yoshi will only hatch with the same fruit that appears in his thought bubble.

1-Up mushrooms Edit

Gives Mario an extra life. Also refills his energy meter and tops up FLUDD's tank.

Blue Coins

Blue Coins are not simply coins that are blue; for every ten that you collect, a Shine Sprite is waiting as your reward. There are many blue coins spread out around the game; you'll find them inside zones and out in the streets of Delfino. There are 240 blue coins to be found throughout the game (20 in Delfino Plaza, 10 in Corona Mountain, and 30 in each of the 7 areas of the game).

Take your hard earned collection to the bear in the boathouse (the portal to Ricco Harbor) to buy Shines with them. You'll need 10 Blue Coins for a single Shine.

Head to one of the following pages for more information on how many blue coins there are in that area and how to acquire them.

Shine Sprites

Aside from the Shines collected in the game's many episodes, there are others dotted around Delfino Plaza and outlying islands, mostly as rewards for completing mini-quests or secret levels. They count towards the Shine total for Delfino Plaza on the map (press Z) , except for the Delfino Airstrip Shine and Delfino Plaza's 100+ coin Shine.

Blue Coin Exchange Edit

  • Requirement: Ricco Harbor portal open, 10+ Blue coins. (Actually the boathouse is open before you get three Shines, but it's unlikely you would have the required Blue coins then.)

Go inside the boathouse that the portal to Ricco Harbor is painted on and find a Tanuki and his son. Talk to him to trade 10 Blue coins for a Shine. Do this for every 10 Blue coins and since there are 240 of them in the game you can get 24 Shines here. Check the Blue Coins section of this guide for information on where to find them.

Pillars in the Sea Edit

  • Requirement: none.

Near the tower on the beach in the north-eastern part of Delfino Plaza, you will see a group of stone pillars sticking out of the ocean,(near the entrance to gelato beach) just a little way offshore. Jump and hover to reach the pillar that has a big green pipe sticking out the top. Climb into the pipe to start a secret level.

You start at the top of a long, steep slide with assorted holes, narrow bridges and gaps. Equip the Hover Nozzle and start sliding. Jump and hover when needed to stay on the slide until you reach the platform at the bottom. Then collect the Shine waiting for you there.

Hidden in the High Tower Edit

File:SMS Delfino Pianta Throw.png
Mario looking at the roof he needs to get to
  • Requirement: Bianco Hills open.

Climb up on to the roofs of the buildings and go to the one with a weather vane just north of the inlet for the central harbor. The picture to the right shows Mario looking at this building. There is a Pianta waiting there who asks for a coin; if you don't have one then spray the weather vane to get it. In exchange he throws you into the tower opposite where you'll find a shiny new Shine.

Clean the West Bell Edit

  • Requirement: none but easier with Rocket nozzle
File:SMS Delfino Bell Tower1.png
The west bell tower and freshly cleaned bell

You may have noticed a couple of bell towers around Delfino Plaza and that their bells are covered in black goop. If you've unlocked the Rocket nozzle then get it, stand on the roof where Yoshi's egg appears, and rocket up to the bell.

If you don't have the rocket yet then you can still get to the bell but it's a bit more tricky. Get to the roof of the smaller tower to the northeast of the bell tower, it has a white and gold flag flying at the top. A few well timed back-flip jumps and use of the hover nozzle will be needed. The bell is now withing hovering distance.

File:SMS Delfino Bell Tower2.png
The inside of the bell tower (background) can be reached via this manhole cover.

When you've reached the bell start spraying the goop off. It's really stuck on there so it will take a few squirts. When it's fully cleaned a Shine will appear in the tower below the bell.

Now you have to get to the Shine and the only way is through the manhole cover beneath it. This connects to two others, one (shown in the image) on the roof of the building just to the north, and the other near the exhaust port that takes you to Pinna Island. Follow the tunnel under the tower and when you come out in the tower you have plenty of momentum to reach the Shine.

Clean the East Bell Edit

  • Requirement: Rocket Nozzle.

This is the second of the two dirty bells you need to clean. You can, in fact, get to the bell without the rocket nozzle but there's not much point since you need the rocket to get the Shine. So go to the fountain and in Bianco Square and get the Rocket nozzle, then head east to the building with the bars on the windows. (This seems to be the jail, but if so then why are the police at the other end of the street?) Use the Rocket Nozzle to boost up to the dirty bell, then spray as before until a shine appears.

Cheekily, the Shine appears high above the bell tower, so you need to climb down a level on to the ledge. From there, rocket up onto the roof of the tower and then boost again, straight up, to grab the Shine.

Crate-Stomping Game 1 Edit

  • Requirement: Bianco Hills open

Locate the shop with cafe umbrellas in front, just to the west of the Shine Gate. The door is open so go in and speak to the Pianta inside to play the crate-stomping game. You get 30 seconds to smash all the crates. It's free to play and you get unlimited attempts. Tip: stomp the join between 2 crates that are next to each other and you can smash them both in one go.

Crate-Stomping Game 2 Edit

  • Requirement: Complete Crate-Stomping Game 1

Go back into shop with the crate-stomping game to play a harder version and win another Shine. This time the boxes are stacked up: 2 stacks of 3 and 2 stacks of 2. It's best to go for the stacks of 3 first. Use a back-flip jump or a shorter stack to get the top of the tall stacks. Then take out the remaining 2 stacks. It takes some practice to do it within the time but it's not too difficult.

On the Beach Edit

File:SMS Delfino Beach Shine.png
The patch of sand after it has been sprayed
  • Requirement: none.

Start spraying the sand on the beach south of the lighthouse and you should see a patch that gives off sparks. (If you've already done some of the Pinna Park or Sirena Beach episodes then you know that spraying random patches of sand can turn up interesting things.) Keep spraying to uncover a picture of a Shine, and when the picture is complete the Shine itself appears on a pillar just offshore.

Under the Bell Tower Edit

  • Requirement: Turbo Nozzle.

You may have noticed some double doors under the west bell tower. Get the Turbo nozzle from the fountain near the Grand Pianta statue and turbo your way west through the doors. The Shine is just sitting there in a little room so grab it.

The Yellow Bird Edit

  • Requirement: none, but the bird only seems to appear later in the game, after collecting 15 or so Shines.

Just off the east beach there is a small island with a Pianta and a green pipe on it. Swim out to the island and you should see a little yellow bird, either sitting on the sand or flying around above the tree. Spray the bird a few times and a Shine will appear on one of the stone pillars near the lighthouse. While you're on the island you can spray the campfire to get a 1-Up mushroom, though you may have to chase it a bit to collect it.

The Island Secret Edit

  • Requirement: Yoshi, Fruit boats.

This is one of the difficult and time consuming Shines in the game. First wake up Yoshi, take him to the central dock, and hop onto one of the fruit boats. Remember that Yoshi is allergic to water so if you fall into the sea you need to start over. The first boat takes you to an island with a Pianta. Jump to the island and squirt some coconuts out of the trees here to keep Yoshi fed for the moment.

Hop on a second boat which takes you to a platform in the middle of the ocean. Hop onto it to wait for the next boat; a banana appears here so Yoshi won't go hungry. From the platform, hop onto a third boat which takes you to the island with the yellow bird and the campfire. The whole point of bringing Yoshi to this spot is to have him spray the yellow goop blocking the pipe. You would think this would be enough to earn a Shine but when you jump in the pipe you start a minilevel.

If you've done the Dirty Lake episode of Bianco Hills then you already know part of what this level is about. There is polluted water and you must propel a lily pad boat across it before the water destroys the boat. In this case though the water isn't just polluted, it's deadly. Hop onto the lily pad and give a bit of a squirt to start; there is a current which carries you along most of the time. Try to grab the seven Red coins floating above the water by steering the boat under them. Don't worry too much about getting all of them though since you can only stay on the boat for so long. The seventh coin is a bit higher than the others so you need to jump and hover to get it.

By the time you reach the end your boat is turning a scary shade of black, so hop onto the ledge here. If you managed to get all seven coins on the water then congratulations. Otherwise drop down to the rim of the stream and carefully walk along it back to the start. There is another lily pad waiting there so you can have another try at the coins. There's no time limit so take as many tries as you need, but keep in mind that FLUDD will run out of water eventually. There is a 1-Up about halfway down the stream so try to pick that up as well.

The eighth coin is on the ledge at the end; you have to do a bit of a jump to get it but compared with the others it's no problem. The Shine appears on the same ledge when you get all eight coins. Note the manhole pipe on the platform at the end of the stage does not take you back to the island, it takes you all the way back to Delfino Plaza!

Clean the Shine Gate Edit

  • Requirement: Rocket Nozzle

As you've probably noticed by now, the giant Shine in the top of the Shine Gate is covered in filth like the bells, so it's time to clean it up. Get the Rocket nozzle from the fountain near the Grand Pianta, then go around to the back of the Shine Gate and rocket to the top as if you're going to the Pianta Village. Slide down to the little ledge inside the gate and spray the Shine until it's clean. A Shine appears above the gate and you need to rocket back to the top of the gate and rocket from there to the top to get it.

Smash the Disk Edit

  • Requirement: Rocket Nozzle.

Get the Rocket nozzle, then go to the lighthouse and rocket to the top. Climb right to the very top and you'll see a black disk, something like a giant hockey puck, with a flame logo on it. It looks like you might be able to smash the disk with a ground pound but it turns out the flame logo means you'll need something extra on it. Fire the rocket and do the ground pound move when you're at the highest point to do a super, orbit reentry type ground pound which will do the trick. A Shine will appear above the lighthouse so just rocket straight up and get it. Remember the flame logo since it will be useful later on.

Blast past the Guards Edit

  • Requirement: Turbo Nozzle.

Get the Turbo nozzle and go to the northeast part of town where you were first released after getting out of jail at the start of the game. There is a double door with a Pianta guard standing either side of it. Use the Turbo Nozzle to blast through the door and start a mini level.

This is basically just a Turbo course and you have to follow it to the end. Use the turbo boost all the way and jump over the gaps when needed. You get a water refill from the fountains at the top of the hill piece, where you can take a break and re-align if necessary. The Shine is waiting for you on the final platform.

Pinball Machine Secret Edit

  • Requirement: Fruitboats running

This is one of the trickier shines in the game and it will take some practice and luck to get it.

Go to the central docks and board a fruitboat as it passes by. The boat passes under a bridge with a Gold coin hanging under, this coin is your only clue that there is an entrance to a secret level here. Jump just as you pass the coin to enter the level.

The level is actually a large pinball machine and you are the pinball. (The machine is more in the style of Japanese Pachinko than the pinball you may be used to.) The idea is to get the Red coins inside the machine.

Enter the machine and go into the launch area on the right. Jump to be bounced up to the top of the machine; you get two free Red coins on the first bounce. Now try to maneuver with the Hover nozzle so you land in one of the cups where the Red coins are located. You can also guide yourself a bit on the way up using the joystick. If you land in a cup then you slide out the back of the machine and down through the machine's workings to land next to the launch area. If you don't land in a cup then you fall out the bottom and you need to start over, so try to land in a cup even it you don't land in one with a Red coin.

Once you've collected all eight coins the Sprite will appear in a large cup in the middle of the machine. This is tricky to get to because there is another cup and a number of pins directly above it.

The Cliff Top Secret Edit

  • Requirement: Rocket Nozzle

First get the Rocket nozzle, the start swimming west from the exhaust port. There are some trees growing on the side of the cliff, so rocket up to them. Now locate the ledge overlooking these trees, rocket over to it and jump into the pipe there.

You're now in a minilevel with tall grass and you have to collect the 8 Red coins hidden here. First spray the Red bird until it turns into a coin. Then chase the Pianta with the burning backpack and put out the fire; he gives you a Red coin as a reward.

There are two Mini Pokeys in the corners and two Seedy Pods here, and each is holding a Red coin. Just hop on top of the Mini Pokeys to defeat them. For the Seedy pods you have to spray them from a distance to stun them first, but the only problem there is that the grass make it hard to see.

The seventh coin is hidden in a hole which is located in the corner opposite the one with the wooden arches. Jump down the hole to get the coin and wall-kick or backflip out again. Make sure you know where you're going here because there is a path leading out the bottom of the level and you don't want to fall.

The eighth and final red coin is on top of a wooden arch. When you get all eight coins the Shine appears on the tallest arch. You can rocket to reach these but backflips will will to the job just as well.

Red coin Shine at the airstrip Edit

  • Requirement: Visit Corona Mountain

After visiting Corona Mountain, whether you complete the boss battle or not, the water returns to its normal level in Delfino Plaza. The ferry back to the airstrip is back in operation but you the cost is 10 Gold coins. Find them around town, then talk to the boatman on the dock next to the west bell tower. Hand over your 10 coins to be taken to the airstrip.

Things are quite a bit different from when you first landed. There are boats in the water, Gold coins all over, Stus on the runway, and fish jumping around. You'll find the next part a bit easier if you stomp on all the Stus. Also, get the Turbo nozzle from the toolbox near the start and break through both sets of double doors to the waiting lounge. Leave the Gold coins alone as much as you can though.

Press the red button near the ferry to start the timer, you have 2:00 to collect all the Red coins around the airstrip. It's probably impossible to do it in time without the Turbo nozzle, but it's a mixed blessing because it's hard to control. Fortunately you have a trail of coins to follow and it will lead you to all the coins.

Start by going through the waiting lounge to collect Coin #1. Go between the two square tanks onto the water, follow the trail left, and jump over the boats collecting coins #2 and #3. Turn left again and get Coin #4 near the end of the runway. Turn again and get Coin #5 to the right of a string of little green floating platforms. Coin #6 is under the bridge ahead. Now turn left 180 degrees and hop up onto the runway to get coins #7 and #8; you will have problems running into Stus if you didn't clear them earlier.

The Shine appears on the runway on the picture of a Shine.

100 coins Shine Edit

File:SMS Delfino Tunnels Map.png
Click on the map to enlarge it

As you probably know by now, you can earn a bonus Shine in each of the game's areas by collecting 100 coins. This also works for Delfino Plaza itself.

First get the coins in the network of underground tunnels, see the map on the right. There are 98 down there to be exact (plus two 1-Up mushrooms and 3 blue coins).

You can also get coins by spraying open windows, signs, wanted posters. There are a couple of boxes you can smash to get more.

There are a few more in plain sight including a ring of six in the ocean near the beach. Another one is floating under a bridge across the harbor inlet.

Finally, spray or have Yoshi eat the green birds flying around town for even more.

You can actually get unlimited coins here using the following trick. Collect a good number to start, then get one of the other Shines listed on this page. You restart in the Plaza but the coin count remains, so you can collect all the coins over again. This also works if you take the boat to the airstrip and back.

When you've collected 100 coins the Shine appears on a platform out at sea, south of Bianco Square. Swim over to it and use the Rocket nozzle to boost yourself out of the water and up to the platform. If you don't have the Rocket nozzle yet then ride the fruit boats to get to the platform.

Isle Delfino

Isle Delfino is an island serving as the main setting of the game. There are 120 Shine Sprites for Mario to collect, and Piantas and Nokis are the island's native inhabitants.

Delfino Plaza Edit

Delfino Plaza is the capital of Delfino Island. It's the biggest city on the island, and serves as a nexus to all the other cities. City monuments include the Shine Gate, the Lighthouse, the Bell Towers, the city market and the Great Pianta Statue. The city is divided be a river, starting at Corona Mountain and ending at the sea. Delfino Plaza is home to Piantas, but Nokis can be found in the city. The city also houses the Boat House, where you can buy Shine Sprites. Delfino Plaza holds 20 blue coins and 17 Shine Sprites, plus 24 buyable Shine Sprites. Delfino Plaza was flooded once. People were evacuated to the rooftops. The flood ended in 1 day.

Delfino Airstrip Edit

Delfino Airstrip is a small airstrip located south-west of Delfino Plaza. It is a surprisingly small airstrip for such a prosperous island. It holds 2 Shine Sprites.

Bianco Hills Edit

Bianco Hills is a small windmill filled town, home to Piantas. Although they claim the lake and forest to be part of the town, both are outside the town walls. The town walls, built for protection, are still used from time to time, like when goop covered the forest. The main windmill, is also located outside the town, on the main hill.

Ricco Harbor Edit

Ricco Harbor is a port city with fish markets, home to mostly Piantas. This is where Mario battles Gooper Blooper, a giant squid.

Gelato Beach Edit

Gelato Beach is a large sprawling beach at the south of the island. It contains several huts, a path in the hills, and three peninsulas that resemble the crown of a Shine Sprite. A large tower in the middle houses the egg of a legendary sand bird. Here, Mario fights many cataquaks's, creates temporary structures of sand with dune buds and fights a giant Wiggler. Other notable events on this level include a watermelon festival and a small coral reef.

Pinna Park Edit

Pinna Park is an amusement park on a small isolated island to the south-west of the island. A small beach is outside, which Mario lands on upon after being fired here by a cannon. The park features a roller coaster, merry-go-round (with Yoshi shaped seats), ferris wheel, pirate ships, and various other attractions. Shadow Mario's true identity is revealed here after a battle with Mecha Bowser.

Sirena Beach Edit

Sirena Beach is a small beach north of Pinna Park on the mainland of Isle Delfino, where the famous hotel "Isle Delfino" resides. This level always takes place at sunset, and due to the large presence of Boos and other ghost characters, could be considered the typical "spooky" level of Mario Sunshine. The hotel features a Casino, a swimming pool, and two bosses: A ghost of a Manta Ray and King Boo.

Noki Bay Edit

Noki Bay is a large watery level overshadowed by icebergs. It is the original settlement of the Noki people of Mario Sunshine. The area features many secret caves and a huge sprawling underwater area filled with ancient ruins. Many of the objectives in this level revolve around getting rid of the pollution the bay suffers from. The final boss of the game (other than Bowser himself) resides in the ruins, a giant Eel (of no relation to the one seen in Super Mario 64).

Pianta Village Edit

The final "regular" level is a cheery, simple village atop a giant tree in the mountains of Isle Delfino, and is the original settlement of the Pianta people. The residents must be saved several times from problems involving paint with similar properties to lava. This level alternates between day and night as the player goes through each Shine sprite's objectives, and climaxes with a large festival held by the Piantas known as the "Fluff Festival", in which giant dandelion float through the sky. This is the only regular level in the game that houses no boss battles at all. There's mushrooms followed by a free-fall underground. Watch out!

Corona Mountain Edit

The final stage that must be cleared to fight the final boss, Bowser. It is set in the heart of the large volcano atop Isle Delfino, and therefore is filled with lava. It also features several mechanical traps as seen in Bowser's Castle, and is linear, much like the Bowser levels of Super Mario 64. Mario fights Bowser in a giant hot tub at the edge of the atmosphere, which is being warmed by the volcano below. Interestingly, Bowser is much larger than in any other game here, with no explanation as to why. Only one shine is available on this level, and is rewarded after defeating Bowser and saving Princess Peach, though Mario is never seen actually collecting it as he does with Shines in the rest of the game. Although the game can be saved after beating Corona Mountain, loading up a completed save file will still allow access to this level, the final boss and the end sequence after, even though Mario already has the Shine Sprite.

Delfino Airstrip

File:SMS Shadow Mario Logo.png
The mysterious "M" logo that you'll see around Isle Delfino

Starting cutscene Edit

Before you start the game there is a cutscene where Mario, Princess Peach, and Toadsworth are on a plane. The in-flight movie shows an introduction to their destination, the vacation paradise of Isle Delphino. Mario dreams of the seafood, Toadsworth is looking forward to relaxing on the beach, but Peach notices a strange shadow that somehow looks like Mario.

Goop on the runway Edit

The cutscene continues when you start a new game. The plane comes in for a landing but comes to an abrupt stop because there is something blocking the runway. When you get out of plane, you see that it was sticky orange and yellow goop on the runway and the Peach catches a glimpse of the shadow she saw in the movie. Toadsworth asks you to see about getting some help and you start playing the game.

If it's your first time playing the game then you might want to just have a little look around the area and practice running, jumping, climbing trees and swimming. If you've played Mario 64 then the controls are nearly the same, otherwise consult the game manual or the Controls section of this guide to get the basics.

Speak to Toadsworth, Peach and the toads and they'll fill you in on what's happening. Most of the toads will warn you not to touch the goop because it's slippery and dangerous. So heeding this advice, head to the other end of the runway. You may meet one of the island's native residents, the Piantas, on the way and she will point to her friend who is trapped inside the goop.

There are more Piantas at the end of the runway and the one in the straw hat gives you hint on what to do next. But you may want to explore a bit first; it's a very small area so don't worry about missing anything or getting lost.

Introducing FLUDD Edit

The pump the Pianta in the straw hat was talking about is right next to him, near the two large square tanks on the left. When you get close you automatically pick up FLUDD who will introduce itself with a short cutscene explaining the basics of how to operate it. After the instructions, spray the large letter "M" painted on each of the two tanks as a little practice task. You might also want to practice a bit with the Hover nozzle here but it's not needed until later. Now you're ready to battle the huge puddle of gunk on the airstrip.

The first Shine Edit

Head over to the gunk puddle and spray the edges of it with FLUDD. If you want to you can spray the paint off the Pianta that's stuck in the puddle before taking on the boss; he doesn't seem very grateful if you do but it's good practice.

Spray lots of water on the large blob in the centre of the puddle; you may see some sparks telling you it's working. This awakens a mini-boss called a Piranha Plant. (It's similar to the Piranha Plants in Mario 64 but it's covered in goop. Spray water into its mouth three times to defeat it, but if you take too long then it will disappear back into the puddle and you must start over. You will be rewarded with your very first Shine Sprite.

As soon as you collect the Shine, another cutscene begins. Peach congratulates you on the victory and is admiring the job you did and Toadsworth is admiring the FLUDD device when the Delfino police arrive and take you away! (You won't be able to visit this area again until near the end of the game. See Secret Shines for details.)

Delfino Plaza

"Tourists get off the ferries here, in Isle Delfino's largest city. Attractions include the Shine Gate and the Grand Pianta statue."

Trial and sentencing Edit

You land in jail and are taken to court on Isle Delfino to face charges of polluting the once fair Isle Delfino with graffiti and goop similar to what was on the runway. The damage has made the Shine Sprites, guardians of the isle and its source of power, flee. The normally sunny isle is now covered by a gloomy shadow and the natives are in danger of losing their way of life. You are found guilty based on an eye witness sketch and are told you must clean all the graffiti and pollution before you are allowed to leave. Afterwards, FLUDD summarizes the dire situation the isle is in and it looks like, guilty or not, you're going to have to help them out. The next morning the police release you in Delfino Plaza to begin your work. Exiting the level or Failing the level and he will return to Delfino Plaza You are now free to roam the area and almost immediately you'll see a D.E.B.S. Alert at the bottom of the screen telling you that some people have gone missing in Bianco Square. If you need to know where you are then press Z and select Delfino Plaza to get a detailed map.

Head down the street in the direction the police point you, between the beach on the left and the fruit sellers on the right. You'll notice Toadsworth and Peach when you reach the corner, but it's a good idea to talk to the toads and Piantas on the way. FLUDD may also tell you about special moves near places you can use them.

When you talk to Peach she's glad you're alright but is already complaining and wants to go home! You'll then be shown another huge pile of goop in Bianco Square to the right, so get over there.

Raising the Grand Pianta Edit

This puddle of goop is larger than the one on the airstrip and more dangerous because it spawns Goo Bubbles that attack you when you get close. Start cleaning the goop you'll free a toad and a Pianta that were trapped in it; now we know what happened to the people the D.E.B.S. message said disappeared. Spray the large pile of goop awaken another Piranha Plant and spray water into its mouth three times to defeat it as before. You can refill FLUDD in the fountain nearby, and if you run low on health due to the Goo Bubbles then find the stash of Gold coins just off the beach.

When the Piranha Plant is gone the Grand Pianta statue rises up out of the ground, so it looks like you've saved one of Delfino Isle's most important landmarks. But on top of the statue is Shadow Mario, the shadow that Peach noticed earlier, and it's not just Peach who sees him this time. Shadow Mario grabs Peach and runs off with her.

Finding Bianco Hills Edit

Chase Shadow Mario around town and keep spraying water at him. (Press and hold R lightly to spray and run at the same time.) You'll see sparks every time you hit him with the water.

Start by running over to where Peach and Toadsworth were standing, then back toward where the police released you, up the ledge on the left, and circle back to the square to complete the loop. Don't worry if you lose him for a while as he'll kindly stop and wait for you to catch up, plus he stops every so often to paint more graffiti on the ground. Getting up the ledge may be tricky for beginners, so if you have trouble check the Controls page for the different kinds of jumps you can use. When you've sprayed Shadow Mario enough he'll fall over and drop Peach, so just run over to them. Peach is now safe but you need to chase Shadow Mario a bit more.

He'll head back to Bianco Square, paint a mysterious "M" on the platform of the Grand Pianta statue, and disappear into it. Spray the "M" with water and it will glow and become a portal for you to jump into. This is now the portal to Bianco Hills, your first adventure area. At this point you have a few options:

  • Take some time to explore Delfino Plaza, talk to some locals and get your bearings. This is recommended if it's your first time playing.
  • You can jump straight into the portal and start completing episodes in Bianco Hills. This is recommended for most players.
  • Hunt down some Blue coins or secret Shines located around Delfino Plaza. If you've played before and already know where some of these are then you might as well get them now.

Start following either the Bianco Hills page or the Secret Shines page, at least until you've collected enough Shines to trigger the next event here.

Finding Ricco Harbor Edit

After finding your third Shine, you will be able to unlock a new area; Ricco Harbor. To do this, head west from the Bianco Hills portal until you reach a pier covered in black goop. Defeat another Piranha Plant, the difference here is that when you get water into its mouth three times it merely plays dead for a moment and you have to defeat again. The boathouse reappears with an M similar to the one on the Grand Pianta statue.

Spray the portal to activate it and you can now enter Ricco Harbor. You can also go inside the boathouse to trade Blue coins for Shines, see Boathouse for details.

Finding Gelato Beach Edit

After getting five Shines, you'll be shown a big puddle of goop where the lighthouse used to be. To find it, head to the market and follow the beach until you get to the goop. As before, spray the center to get the Piranha Plant to appear. As with the boathouse, you need to defeat it twice before it's gone, then lighthouse is restored and a portal to a new area is revealed. Be a good man and clean off poor little toad before spraying the new portal to activate it. This can now be used at any time to enter Gelato Beach.

In case you were wondering, this is the last time you have to defeat one of these monsters. The portals to the remaining levels open in different and more interesting ways.

When the lighthouse is restored, or at the least soon afterward, the fruit boats start running again. You can ride these to get to certain areas that were unreachable before, see the Secret Shines page for more details.

Finding Pinna Park Edit

After unlocking Pinna Park you will notice 3 mysterious boxes in Delfino Square. These are toolboxes containing new nozzles for FLUDD, but only the Blue one is real for the moment. The other two are holograms and only turn into real nozzles when you complete the events described below.

After getting ten Shines, D.E.B.S. warns you that Princess Peach has been kidnapped again. The culprit was last seen heading west. Also, a "turtle" was seen in the western docks, so head there to investigate.

A cutscene starts when you get there. Shadow Mario has carried Peach onto his "turtle", actually a sub. He sticks his tongue out at you and takes off in the sub, heading for Pinna Island and taking Peach with him.

When the cutscene is over, you're on top of an "exhaust port" (actually a cannon) and D.E.B.S. tells you that it's just been repaired. The Pinna Park level is now open; just jump into the cannon to be launched over the sea and land on the Pinna Island beach.

The Return Of The Yoshis Edit

After completing Episode 4 of Pinna Park (The Wilted Sunflowers) you will have to chase down Shadow Mario in Delfino Plaza. He starts near the fountain in Bianco Square (where the replacement nozzles are) so go find him and do the usual runny, jumpy chase thing. He goes up to the rooftops now so you need to master various jumps to keep up with him. This time, when you catch him, instead of giving you a Shine he'll drop the Yoshi Egg that he was carrying. You'll notice a thought bubble coming out of the egg, with a picture of a fruit in it. Feed the egg one of these fruit to hatch the Yoshi from within.

When Yoshi hatches, jump onto its back and go for a ride. To see how to control Yoshi, have a look at the Controls page. Riding Yoshi will allow you to discover certain areas of the game that were unreachable before. Anywhere that you see an entrance that is blocked by wobbly yellow jelly, just get Yoshi to spit some juice on to it, to dissolve it.

Finding Sirena Beach Edit

You may have noticed a pineapple sticking out of a pipe on the roof of one of the hotels. There's nothing you can do with it until you get Yoshi, but Yoshi just happens to like fruit. So just get Yoshi up to the roof and have him eat the pineapple to open the pipe. Now you just have to jump in to get to Sirena Beach.

Finding Noki Bay Edit

When you've collected 20 Shines, you will be shown that a strange ray of light has appeared in Delfino Plaza, near the Shine Gate. If you go there, stand in the ray of light and then look up at the sun (use the Y button, Mario Cam), then you will be transported to Noki Bay. (If you've played Mario 64 then you will already know this trick since it was used to enter the Tower of the Wing Cap.)

Unlocking The Turbo Nozzle Edit

At 25 Shines, and after getting Yoshi, Shadow Mario will turn up in Delfino Plaza again, this time holding a FLUDD nozzle. Find him near the boathouse and chase him around like normal, spraying him when you can, and when he falls over he'll hand over the Turbo Nozzle! Unlocking this item does not open any new levels, but it does allow you get to hidden Shine (shown you in the little intro before the chase) and a Blue coin, and enter one of the mini-levels in Delfino Plaza. The grey box near the Pianta statue becomes solid and you can switch to the Turbo Nozzle by breaking it open. Switch beck to the Hover Nozzle by breaking the blue box.

Unlocking The Rocket Nozzle Edit

At 30 Shines, and after unlocking the Turbo nozzle, Shadow Mario will pop up in Delfino Sqaure yet again, and this time he's holding the final FLUDD upgrade: the Rocket Nozzle. Head to the rooftops near the lighthouse (portal to Gelato Beach) to find Shadow Mario and start the chase. When you beat him, he'll hand over the nozzle. Now the red box in Bianco Square becomes solid and can get the Rocket nozzle from it at any time.

Finding Pianta Village Edit

Once you've obtained the Rocket Nozzle you'll be able to find the entrance to Pianta Village. The entrance is a red pipe on the top of the Shine Gate in harbour area of Delfino Plaza (if you don't know by now, the Shine Gate is the huge white and yellow arch with a large sludge-covered Shine in the top of it. Use the Rocket Nozzle to launch yourself on to the hills behind the Shine Gate. Then stand on the grass directly behind the Shine Gate and launch up on to the top of it. The red pipe here takes you to Pianta Village.

Entering Corona Mountain Edit

Once you have beaten all of the Shadow Mario chases (which is always chapter seven) in every level, the plaza will be flooded. The natives are all on rooftops to stay dry and the only level that's open is Sirena Beach. (Pianta Village is open in theory but without a Rocket Nozzle you can't reach it.) The intro scene showed Shadow Mario heading behind the Shine gate. Follow him there and he leads you into a cave, which is the entrance to Corona Mountain. Note, you don't actually have to complete the level to restore the plaza to normal. Just exit the level to come back later when you're ready.

Getting to 120 Shines Edit

You can get into Corona Mountain with only 50 Shines, seven for each of the seven levels and one for the airstrip. With the Shine you get for the final boss that means you can complete the game with only 51 Shines, which is a long way from the 120 possible. Here are some tips on getting all 120.

  • The game helps you keep track of the Shines you've gotten. But the Delfino Plaza Shines are a different story so keep notes on which ones you've done. There are a total of 40, but 24 of them are for turning in Blue coins and one is for defeating the final boss, so the actual number is 15.
  • The same goes double for the Blue coins. You can tell how many Blue coins you've gotten in each area by hovering over its dot on the map, but you can get stuck trying to figure out which one of the 30 in a level you missed, especially since some only appear in one episode. Hunting for a missing Blue coin can mean repeating most of the episodes of a level. It may be better to hold off on turning in the coins until the end so know how many you've collected and to help track the number of Delfino Plaza Shines you've gotten.
  • The most difficult Shines are the secret level replays, especially the ones where you only get one minute to collect the coins. Try to get these sooner rather than later since if you get stuck then it will be on one of these.
  • One or two of the Secret Shines are in very obscure places, so do try to find them on your own, but there's no shame in looking some of them up in a guide like this one.
  • When you first get into Corona Mountain, there's no point in fighting the final boss because you won't have the 119 other Shines yet. So just collect the Blue coins there, exit, get to 119, then return and fight the boss.

Here are some tallies to help you keep track of your progress. There are 240 Blue coins total, 30 each in the seven normal levels, 20 in Delfino Plaza, and 10 in Corona Mountain. (One of the Delfino Plaza coins is actually in the Airstrip and you can't get it until after Corona Mountain.)

As mentioned above, there are 40 Shines for Delfino Plaza, but the 100 coin Shine is counted separately so the total is 41. The airstrip has 2 Shines. Each of the normal levels has a Shine for each episode, plus two secret Shines and a 100 coin Shine, making 11 each or 77. So the total is 41+2+77=120.

Blue Coins Edit

Bianco Hills

Bianco Hills is the first proper "area" that you'll encounter in Super Mario Sunshine. Like all the others, it is split into 8 episodes and there is a side-quest of collecting 100 coins.

Episode 1: Road to the Big Windmill Edit

  • Objective: Destroy the Piranha Plant Keeper to reveal a path to the big windmill.

When you start the episode you get a quick view of Shadow Mario on top of a pile of goop. He'll be gone by the time you get there but that's your destination for this episode.

Head along the stone path following the red signs and a trail of Gold coins. You might talk so some of the Piantas on the way; some of them saw Shadow Mario pass this way but they still think you're him. The downhill part of the path is covered in water so you can slide down it as in the game previews. If you land in the river at the end you can either jump on the log here or hop up to a ledge to the left a way. You can also use the ropes to cross or simply hover over.

The stone path continues on the right, but you will meet Stus who may get in your way. In other episodes the gate through the wall on the right is open, but it's closed now because of goop on the other side. The path goes under a tall arch with bells on top; if you spray the bells a 1-Up green mushroom falls out.

Keep following the stone path until you get to a big waterwheel. To get past this water wheel, hop up to the ledge to the left of the path, then jump on to one of the paddles as it goes round and let the paddle carry you over the top of the wheel. There is a huge area covered by goop on the other side of the wall and you might as well start cleaning some of it up. You'll find that entire trees have been buried under it as well as a section of the wall. You may also find Mini Piranhas in the goop.

Keep following the stone path until you find the source of the goop, huge balls of it rolling on the ground and into a pond. (If you spray the balls you can see that they're actually rolled up piranha plants.) Avoid the balls and use FLUDD to clear the path to their source, pile of goop similar to what was covering the Grand Pianta statue. You know what to do now, spray it until a monster appears and then spray water into its mouth until you defeat it.

When the monster is dead, a ramp rises up out of the ground connecting the stone path to a bridge. This bridge takes you to an island in the middle of the pond, but that's something to explore in the next episode. For now, collect the Shine that the monster was hiding to complete the chapter.

Episode 2: Down with Petey Piranha! Edit

  • Objective: Climb the big windmill and defeat Petey Piranha.

When you start the episode you get a view of Petey Piranha standing atop the big windmill.

Follow the path to the river and cross it as before. You'll notice that the gate through the wall on your right is now open; go through to find that more goop has appeared. Now the source is Petey Piranha throwing it from the windmill. Follow the path to the ramp that appeared in the previous episode and go up to the bridge. The bridge is still damaged though, so hover over the gap.

Once you've crossed the bridge, continue along the path as it climbs toward the windmill. Watch out for the balls of goop, similar to the ones in the previous episode that roll down the path. A jet of water near the top of the path will refill your FLUDD tank.

Keep on the path, using the FLUDD hover nozzle to jump gaps and go around vines as you spiral around the windmill. When you reach the end of the path, jump on to one of the platforms on the windmill's sails and ride it to the top. Jump on to the roof where Petey Piranha is waiting. The roof isn't strong enough for the both of you and it collapses, so you both fall and a battle begins inside the windmill.

Petey Piranha

To beat Petey, you must shoot water into his mouth as with Piranha Plants you fought before. Wait until he opens his mouth and then fire in as much water as you can. When he is full, his belly button will pop out and he'll fall on his back. Jump on top of him and use the Ground Pound move to push his belly button back in. (You may have heard Piantas in Delfino Plaza call this the "box breaker" technique.) Wait until he gets up then repeat.

Meanwhile, if you don't get water into his mouth then Petey will vomit a big puddle of goop on the floor. You might find water bottles in it if FLUDD is starting to run low, and there might be a Mini Piranha in it which you can defeat for coins if you're low on health. Petey may also take a swipe at you with his arms, or maybe they're branches.

Once you stomp his belly 3 times, he'll dissolve and you'll gain another shine.

Episode 3: The Hillside Cave Secret Edit

  • Objective: Find the secret level and finish it.

When you start the episode you see a cave entrance in the side of a hill.

Start down the path as before and right away you'll notice that there are new enemies in this chapter. You see Seedy Pods but later on you'll see Pokeys and Hens.

Follow the path as before but this time the red arrows point to a rope passing under the bridge. Use the rope and hover from platform to platform to get to a ledge on the far side of the lake. Follow the ledge right as the arrow points to another sign where the arrow point upwards. You need to get to the rope above this spot and it's probably easiest to do a Side Somersault for this, but a Triple Jump will work as well. You should now be able to see the cave so jump and hover to it and go in.

File:SMS Hillside Secret Bonus Level.png
Hillside Cave secret zone.

Enter the cave and you'll see a short cutscene where Shadow Mario steals the FLUDD. Something similar happens in every secret area. Now it's time for a mini-level, accompanied by some of the greatest video game music ever; a sort of a cappella version of the classic Super Mario Bros. theme tune. (About 50 years ago a group called the Swingle Singers did this with Bach and Mozart.) This mini-level can be very tricky as it's easy to misjudge your jumps without the FLUDD to help you, but you better get used to it as this is one of the easy ones! The best piece of advice here is be careful and make full use of the camera controls so you know where you're jumping.

Start by hopping up the sliding blocks to a light green block with two nails in it. Jump on the nail on the right and ground pound it three times to get a 1-Up; now, as long as you can make it this far, it doesn't matter how many tries it takes to get through this because you won't run out of lives.

Next comes a large number of small orange cubes that move around. Their movements repeat so on each block find a pattern that will get you to a block one closer to the far side. It takes some patience to not get caught by surprise.

Now you must cross a narrow bridge where multicolored cubes slide across and push you off if you let them. This is a matter of timing.

Finally you have to use two rotating stars as platforms to get over a long gap. In addition to rotating, the stars slow move forward and backwards, so pick your time to jump when you don't have to jump as far. There is a 1-Up above the second star it you're brave enough to jump for it.

When you make it to the end, grab the Shine... quick before you fall off again!

Episode 4: Red Coins of Windmill Village Edit

  • Objective: Collect the 8 red coins

When you start the episode you see the windmill village and a few red coins are visible.

If you've played Super Mario 64, you'll know how this works. There are 8 red coins dotted around the level which you need to find, and they are sometime pretty well hidden. Here are the locations of the 8 coins:

  1. From the start point follow the path and cross the stream. There is a red coin between the two ropes connecting the buildings on your left. Use a double jump or a wall kick to get to the lower rope from the ground.
  2. Now use the ropes here to get to the roof of the building on the right and find a coin there.
  3. From here, look further right to see a red coin on top of the big white archway. Get over to it by hovering and using the tightrope.
  4. Continue along the top of the wall toward the bells and find the next coin in a little archway next to them.
  5. Keep going and follow the path as it winds around over the arch you just went through. Watch out for the Wind elemental trying to knock you off! The next coin is at the end.
  6. Another rope starts here; use it to cross to the roof of a nearby building. Jump over the red bead following the rope when it reaches you because it can give you a shock. Grab the next coin from the roof.
  7. The next coin is between the two large windmills beyond this. Hover to one of the platforms attached to the nearest one, then use FLUDD to spin the windmill until the platform is next to the coin. Hover to one of the platforms on the other windmill grabbing the coin on the way.
  8. From here, hover over to the building with two little towers on the roof. (You can also triple jump to a ledge here if you need to.) Wall jump between these towers to get on to the roof where you'll find the final coin.

The Shine will appear on a high platform above where you found coin 6. To get it, hover over to the other little tower then follow the rope up.

You may notice that toolboxes appear in this chapter. There is a blue one right in front of the first coin. There is a hologram of a red one on the roof of the building to the left, but you need to find the real one first to use it. You can find it on some platforms that have appeared in the lake near the hillside cave. The Rocket attachment will make it easier to reach some areas in the level.

Episode 5: Petey Piranha Strikes Back Edit

  • Objective: Beat Petey Piranha again.

When you start the episode you see the windmill village covered in goop and Petey Piranha asleep nearby.

You might want to start by cleaning up the village a bit, but eventually you need to get to the top of the cliff behind the village. One way to do this is using a rope connected to the house with two towers, though there's an easier way. Near the cliff face there is a Pianta buried under the goop (you'll just see his hat). Spray all the goop around him then spray him clean. Before you talk to him make sure you are facing the cliff face and he is between you and the cliff. This is because as a present for saving him, he'll throw you up on the ledge above. Turns out there are quite a few Piantas who will throw you. They call themselves Chucksters and they always throw you directly behind them. Once freed, the Chuckster will start wandering around, so if you need to do it second time you may have to wait until he's in position again.

Climb on the big steps the reach the top of the hill, cleaning the goop as you go so you don't slip in it. There is another Pianta stuck in the goop here and he'll give you a hint if you free him.

Go over to the ledge to see some Pig Puffs bouncing around and one of them will attach itself to FLUDD; you should see Petey Piranha sleeping on a pillar in the distance. You can fire the Pig Puff like a rocket by spraying FLUDD, so aim for Petey using Mario-Cam and let it fly. A direct hit will wake Petey up and he'll fly around. He goes right for the village so you need to follow him there to fight.

Petey Piranha:

Petey flies around spitting sludge everywhere, and the first thing to do is bring him down to your level. Nothing you can do will have any effect if he's moving, so wait until he's hovering in place and shoot him with water or another Pig Puff to bring him down. Look for his shadow if you loose track of him.

Now the battle is similar to the previous battle with him. He has a tornado attack this time but it's easy to dodge. Wait until Petey opens his mouth and squirt water into until he falls over, then jump on his belly as before. It may take longer now because Petey seems more interested in tornadoes than opening his mouth. When you land on his belly he will take off again and you must repeat the cycle.

When you've stomped his belly 3 times, he'll be defeated and give up the Shine he was hiding.

Episode 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake Edit

  • Objective: Find the secret level and finish it.

When you start the episode you see the lake covered in greenish scum and a cave opening next to it.

File:SMS BiancoHills Ep6 Cave.png
A view of the cave and the logs

Head over to the lake and you'll see that its surface is covered with toxic sludge, but note that the water underneath is clean and you can swim underwater as long as your air holds out.

Your destination is a cave behind the big windmill since that's where the pollution is pouring out into the lake. You may have noticed this in earlier chapters when it was locked, but now it's open and there is a group of logs just below it.

To reach it, hop onto one of the lily pad boats floating near the shore. These boats were here in previous episodes so you might want to go back and practice on them with clear water. In this chapter the polluted water has made them rot, so you only have a limited amount of time to pilot your way to the next leaf before it disintegrates and dumps you in the water. With some skill and luck you should be able to make it to the logs floating in front of cave. Another, perhaps faster way of getting there is to climb up to the back of the windmill, then take a running jump off the spiral path and about halfway through your freefall, use the hover nozzle to hover to the group of logs. If you don't quite make it, swim quickly to logs and climb onto one before the toxic sludge does too much damage.

Once you are on the logs, make your way into the cave and jump on the mysterious grey and white box. It's the turbo nozzle!! (Activating it here will make the hologram on the wall real for when you come back to the level. Carry on inside the cave until you reach another one of those evil secret levels with the cool music.

From the start of course, you need to get across the blue and red sliding platforms. These flip over but they always alternate. So if you're on a blue platform and see a red one nearby flip, hop over to it since it will be safe until after the blue one flips, and similarly if you're on a red platform. One way that seems to work for getting across is to wait until the closest red platform heads to the right, then hop to the blue platform in front of you, left to the red one, left again to the blue one in the corner, then forward a couple of times to reach safety. There is a multicolored star here with a 1-Up as a reward for making it.

Now you see a cube in front of you. To reach it, wall-jump off the wall on the right. This takes some practice but there is a ledge below to catch you if you don't get it. As soon as you land on the cube it starts moving, ride it while trying to stay on top as it rolls. It goes almost all the way to the next platform and you need to do another wall jump to reach safety again, this time with no safety net. Dash past the sliding prisms so you don't get pushed off, and hop to the next cube. This goes straight up and passes by a second 1-Up. Now there is a more complicated version of the sliding platforms obstacle. Getting over this is tricky and you may have to do a bit of back-tracking to avoid falling off, but one route that seems to work is to start when the nearest red platform is moving past you to the left, then keep more or less to the left as you try to progress. Beyond this is the last platform, so claim your Shiny reward.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario on the Loose Edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario.

Ah, a nice easy Shine. You deserve one after the previous episode. Shadow Mario returns and you just need to keep chasing him around and spraying him, just as when he kidnapped Peach in Delfino Plaza. If you lose him, just keep searching and follow the evil music. When you've sprayed him enough he'll fall over and give up a Shine. (Episode 7 in every level involves catching Shadow Mario.)

Episode 8: The Red Coins of the Lake Edit

  • Objective: Collect the 8 red coins.

When you start the episode you get a view of the lake. You may have noticed additional windmill being added around the lake as the episodes progressed, and now the construction is complete with tall windmills connected by ropes scattered around the lake.

You need to collect Red coins as in Episode 4, but this time all the coins are located above or near the lake. If you've freed Yoshi's on the island then there will be a Yoshi egg right where you start the level, but you don't need Yoshi to get the Shine for this episode. The Rocket Nozzle will make getting to the Red coins easier though. Get this from the platforms on the lake just below the hillside cave entrance.

  1. Go to the grove of trees and find the two small windmills next to the lake. The coin is floating above the rope that connects the windmills. It's easy to get with the Rocket nozzle; just stand in the shadow of the coin and take off.
  2. Hop onto a lily pad boat and propel it to the right of the bridge and find a group of 4 gold coins with a red coin above them. Rocket from the lily pad to reach the Red one.
  3. The next coin is above the trail of platforms that crosses under the bridge. Rocket up to one of the platforms and hop to the rope where the coin is.
  4. Go back to the platforms where you picked up the Rocket nozzle. The next coin is above a rope that passes over these platforms.
  5. Continue going up this rope until you reach a windmill with flags. Jump to avoid being hit by a Wind Elemental; these will be quite common when you're high up like this. Follow the next rope, jumping to avoid the electric beads, until you're above the bridge and the next coin should be right there.
  6. Keep following the rope to the next platform. Then follow the next rope left. If you fall at some point then you can easily get back to this point by rocketing from the path near the bridge. Beat the Pokey on the next platform by jumping on his head but be very careful not to fall. Cross the next rope which has a coin above it.
  7. Keep following the rope to the next one which also has a coin above it. This time it's a bit higher up so you may need to switch to Mario-cam to find it.
  8. The last coin is above a rope that's not connected to the others. You can reach it with the Rocket nozzle but perhaps it's easier with the Hover nozzle. Drop down and get the Blue toolbox near the base of the big windmill, then use the windmill blades as in Episode 2 to get some height and hover over to one of the platforms holding up the rope.

The Shine will appear in a little alcove in the big windmill, hover over from the windmill blades but if you still have the Rocket nozzle it will be easy to just rocket up there.

100 coins Shine Edit

  • Objective: Collect at least 100 Gold coins.

You can get 100 coins in several episodes, but we recommend Episode 8 and unlocking Yoshi first since you can get a large number of coins by eating bees. Some of the coin counts listed below are approximate. There are many more coins than you actually need here.

  • Coins in plain sight; in trees, on lake, under bridge, above ropes, etc. (46 coins)
  • Spray the Mini Pokeys until they crash into a wall for three coins each. (45 coins)
  • Water the rings of flowers. Using Sprinkler Squirt inside a ring is one way, but you can also just spray from side to side as you approach from a distance. (29 coins)
  • Have Yoshi eat the bees near the beehives, then spray down the beehives hanging from the trees so the rest of the bees come out and eat them. (28 coins)
  • Spray the mini windmills to make a coins pop out of the platforms on top. (16 coins)
  • Jump on the Pokeys while they are standing up for three coins. It can be difficult to get all three coins when the Pokey is on a small ledge or platform. Also, some Pokeys have a Blue coin replacing one of the Gold ones. (10 coins)
  • Spray the windows in the village, usually the ones over doors drop a coin. (5 coins)
  • Spray tops of trees (4 coins)
  • Spray the Seedy Pods, the small blue enemies, from a distance, and then run up and jump on them for a single coin. Or just have Yoshi eat them. This includes the ones in trees (4 coins)
  • There are a few more coins to get by having Yoshi eat the yellow butterflies and water bugs. (4 coins)

The Shine appears on top of a windmill next to the wall.

Secret Shine #1 Edit

Objective: Collect 8 Red coins in the Hillside Cave secret area in less than 1:00.

Start Episode 3 and enter the Hillside Cave as before. As with every secret area, you can replay it for another shine. However, this time you have to get red coins within a time limit. Luckily, you have FLUDD back.

At the start is a red button; ground pound it to make the red coins appear and the timer start. You have one minute. The first red coin is on the left side of the sliding blocks in front of you. Get Coin #2 from the left side of the set of small orange cubes. You just need to land on the corner cube since it will lift you up to the coin. Hover along the left side of the cubes to the far corner and get Coin #3 the same way. (You can now get two more coins on the cubes but it seems to be easier to save these for last.) Now look into the distance to see a star shaped platform floating to the left. Jump and hover over to it and grab coin #4. Now hover toward the green bridge and touch down either on the bridge itself or on one of the cubes that are circling it. Jump immediately and keep hovering to another floating star; there are two and you want the one further from the start. This has coin #5. From there is easy to hover to the other star on this side of the bridge, taking you back toward the start again. This has coin #6. You're now in hovering distance of the small orange cubes again, so get to the nearest corner to find Coin #7. Finally, hover along the side of cubes to land on the next corner for the last coin. Be careful on this one because the corner cube doesn't stay in the corner; look to see where it is before trying to land on it. The timer stops after getting the last coin so there's no hurry to get through the rest of the course to where the Shine is waiting.

Secret Shine #2 Edit

Start Episode 6 and enter the secret area for the replay. This time, you get 1:30 to get the red coins. (Before you enter this puzzle while you are in the cave DO NOT get the turbo nozel!!!) Hover over to the first red coin in the middle of the red and blue sliding platforms. Touch down on one of the platforms and hover to the next safe spot. Coin #2 is on top of the star here, just above the 1-Up which you might as well grab. Don't bother wall jumping for the next gap, just hover to the cube, touch lightly and hover onto the platform with the sliding prisms. Coin #3 is between them, just touch ground long enough to collect it. Then hop onto the cube which acts as a lift. For this section you have to stay on top; collect coins #4 and #5 and the second 1-Up on the way. Watch the shadows to see where you should be standing. Coins #6 through #8 are on the second set of sliding platforms. These are much easier to navigate with the Hover nozzle so you probably have more time than you think. Get Coin #6 in the far left corner, but wait until the platform is under it. That way you can get the coin, touch down and hover back. Get Coin #7 as you hover to the opposite corner, and get Coin #8 using the same maneuver as for Coin #6. When you have the last coin the timer stops and it's just a leisurely hover to the Shine.

Ricco Harbor

Episode 1: Gooper Blooper Breaks Out Edit

  • Objective: Defeat the boss, Gooper Blooper

When you start the episode you see some cargo boxes on the other side of the level and they seem to be leaking some black goop. This goop now covers a large part of the otherwise crystal clear water.

The first thing to do is to get to the cargo boxes and investigate, but getting there will mean going through a construction-site obstacle course. Actually there is more than route and some of the alternative routes may be faster if you've mastered the moves needed, but if you're new to the game we recommend just following the arrows.

Start by running up the ramp in front of you to a big ship with a cage on its deck. This is partly a tutorial on how to get around on this type of wire mesh so pay attention to what FLUDD tells you here. You'll especially need to know how to operate the doors through the mesh. Inside the case are Bloopers, the main enemy for this level.

When you reach the smokestack turn right and hop onto the moving platform. Then ride it to an green platform with an arrow on it. There are more wire mesh panels here where you can practice what you learned on the ship. You need to get to the orange platform on the other side.

Ride another moving platform to reach two Piantas. One is a Chuckster (see Bianco Hills Episode 5) and will try to throw you, but he needs practice. The one in the captain's hat will tell you to spin a wheel to raise the submarine. Spraying it with FLUDD will do the trick, though it may take a few squirts, and you get a Blue coin when the job is done.

Hop onto the sub. (It's yellow but there are no Beatles living on it.) At the far end you encounter a type of blooper that just jumps up and down in the water. Squirt them to turn them into stepping stones and use them to reach the nearby ledge. The arrow here points up, so hop onto the platform on the right as it's moving up. Be sure not to jump on it as it's moving down unless you want to be dunked in the toxic sludge.

When the platform reaches the top, jump up to another wire mesh and follow the underside of the ramp to the street above. This is a small oceanside village. There is a fountain here which is useful if FLUDD is running low on water. Defeat the Bloopers and get their coins if you're low on health. There is a crate in the middle of the street and you can break it to uncover a manhole cover; this creates a shortcut back to the start if you need it.

In case it's not obvious, there are more arrows pointing the way to where you need to go, the pile of cargo boxes at the end of the street. One of them has something dangling out of it and FLUDD gives you a clue what to do if you need one; grab hold of it with B and pull to see what happens. A giant Blooper burst out of the crates and you must fight it.

Gooper Blooper:

Start by washing away some of the ink around the creature since you don't want to be sliding around at a time like this. Gooper Blooper tries to pound you with his four long tentacles; these aren't too hard to dodge if you jump at the right time. Meanwhile you can jump on any tentacles on the ground to flatten them. Once flattened, or even if they just happen to be withing reach, use B to grab one and pull it off. If the monster keeps its tentacles out of reach then just squirt it in the face to get it to attack.

When all four tentacles are off the monster is harmless but not beaten yet. Run up and grab his nose with B and pull it, but first make sure to wash the goop off, otherwise it will be too slippery to hold. Actually you only really need to get its front two tentacles before pulling its nose, but it's safer if you get all four.

Keep pulling it until the monster starts to whimper and its eyes turn purple, then let go. Or just keep pulling and eventually it snaps back. Either way it hits the monster in the face and the cycle starts over. For some reason Gooper Blooper only takes two hits instead of the usual three, so just repeat what you did the first time and the monster in thrown into the water leaving its Shine behind. If you start running low on health during the battle, pick up the Gold coins along the walls nearby.

Episode 2: Blooper Surfing Safari Edit

  • Objective: Win the Blooper-surfing challenge

Follow the arrows right, over some floating logs, to reach a platform with a Pianta (called Big Daddy) and 3 colored Bloopers on it. Talk to Big Daddy to find out what this episode is about if you don't know already. Hop onto one of the Bloopers to start surfing. Just so you know ahead of time, the bloopers move very fast, have no brakes, and if you run into anything it's an instant K.O.

The 3 different colors of Blooper seem to handle slightly differently. You may want to experiment a bit to see which one you like best.

Follow the trail of gold coins to a polluted cave entrance in the far corner of the level and surf into it. Inside you meet Big Daddy again at an underground Blooper race course. Choose your steed to start.

This is a simple and fun surfing race against the clock. The only catch is you have to complete the course in under 45 seconds or Big Daddy will throw you out of Ricco Harbor! If you crash you'll just go back to the start of the race (and lose a life). If you finish the course within 45 seconds a Shine will appear next to Big Daddy.

Try to stay off the edges as much as possible since they just slow you down. Bloopers don't corner very well so you need make the turns as wide as you can. There is a chicane near the end which may take some practice to handle well, but if you have trouble you can shave off some time by just jumping over the walls using A.

Episode 3: The Caged Shine Sprite Edit

  • Objective: Find the caged Shine

This is an obstacle course like the first part of Episode 1. Again, there are alternate routes but if you're new to the game then we recommend that you follow the arrows.

Go up the ramp on the right to a cargo ship. Hop onto the moving pole to be carried to the other end of the ship. (If you've played Mario 64 then you've seen this type of pole in Dire, Dire Docks.) Rotate around to the other side of the pole as you're being carried so that you jump in the right direction when you want to get off.

Hop over to a moving platform and then to a wire mesh grate. There is a Spider here but you can attack it from the other side. At the top of the grate hop onto another pole, rotate to the other side as before, and hop to a second grate. This is followed by another pole which takes you to a platform. There is a Pianta here who points to another one on a roof.

Follow the arrow to a platform being lifted up and down by a crane. Hop on and ride it to a higher platform. Follow the arrows again, being careful not to fall off the catwalks and defeating any Bloopers that get in your way. There is a beam that goes over the fountain in the village. It's a bit out of your way, but cross it and hop up to the Pianta on the roof. According to the hint he gives you, break the boxes there to open a manhole cover, now you have a shortcut to this spot if you fall down in the upcoming section.

Go back over the beam and follow the arrow right to a crate. Climb onto it and hop onto a pole from there. Jump from the pole to a grate, then from the grate to a second grate, and from this grate to a platform.

Now follow the catwalks, hovering over the gaps where needed. There is a Red toolbox on the next platform; pick this up to get the Rocket nozzle and activate the other Red toolboxes scattered around the level. It's not necessary but it will make it easier to return to the upper scaffolding if you fall off somewhere.

You should see two arrow signs pointing upwards, and a small square platform beyond them. This turns out to be a trampoline and you can use it to bounce up to the next higher level. Now just keep following the catwalks and bouncing on the trampolines until you bounce the top of the huge yellow cage where the Shine is hidden. Dust yourself off and claim your Shiny prize.

Episode 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower Edit

  • Objective: Complete the obstacle course

This in another episode with a secret minilevel. You enter at the top of the tower to the left of the ship with the wire cage. If you got the Rocket nozzle in the previous episode then getting in is easy once you get another nozzle, and you can get one in several places. The easiest to find is under the helipad.

If you don't want to bother with the Rocket nozzle, then get up to the scaffolding as in the previous episode. In fact it's easier this time because the boxes blocking the manhole covers are gone, so just take the shortcut through the tunnels. Follow the scaffolding toward the moving pole, but instead of jumping on hover over to a beam next to the tower. The entrance to the tower is right next to the beam.

There is really only one type of obstacle inside, a slanted rotating beam. Your shoes have good traction on them so as long as you're more or less on the upper part you shouldn't slip. But you still need to walk against the turning of the beam as you're getting from one end to the other, so you're constantly going at an angle. You need good timing to make the jump from beam to beam. The beams have little colored pegs on them which can be boon or bane depending on your luck.

The first few beams are easy enough, and they take you to a solid green platform where you can rest a bit. Make sure you get the 1-Up mushroom here; a back-flip or wall jump will reach it.

After this are three gear shaped blocks; the big danger here is going too fast when you compensate for the turning and slipping on the steep side of a gear. So keep your cool and get to the next gear when it gets close enough.

After this is a final set of beams. These are at odd angles and are different sizes, so it's tough to get the right perspective on them. Again, jumping from beam to beam is trickiest part. There is a second 1-Up above one of the beams if you're brave enough to jump for it.

This is the last obstacle and the Shine is waiting on the next platform.

Episode 5: Gooper Blooper Returns Edit

  • Objective: Defeat Gooper Blooper again.

Go to the village; there are plenty of shortcuts now. Look out to sea and you'll see a helipad where Gooper Blooper is back for a rematch. One way to get to the helipad is to first get on top of the stone walkway above the village. There are several ways to reach it, but a sure fire one is to use the tunnels to get to the roofs of the buildings and then drop down. From the walkway you can just hover over to the helipad.

You can also use the rocket and you can find a Rocket nozzle on a platform under the helipad. There is a wire grate under the helipad so if you rocket up to it you'll stick, then you can flip through the trapdoor onto the helipad.

The battle here is nearly the same since Gooper really only has one new move; he puts all his tentacles together are spins them around, so you have to jump over them like a jump rope. Try spraying the monster in the face to make it too angry to try this often. Otherwise do as you did before to get Gooper's Shine. There are coins on the underside of the helipad if you need to restore your health.

Episode 6: Red Coins on the Water Edit

  • Objective: Collect the 8 red coins within the time limit.

This episode is another Blooper surfing challenge, so immediately find Big Daddy again and he will explain what's going on. Ground pound the red button to start the timer and make the coins appear, then hop onto the blooper of your choice (there are six to pick from this time).

You now have 2 minutes to collect the 8 coins so jump on a Blooper and start surfing. There is a trail of gold coins going in a kind of figure eight shaped loop, and the red coins are in this trail, so the easiest way to tackle this level is to follow the trail of coins. The first thing to remember is to ignore the timer and the music and take your time; you're much more likely to run into something than to run out the clock.

Don't worry too much about missing a coin or two since you can just turn around when you get back to the start and follow the train over again; in fact you may want to leave some of the Gold coins so you'll have something to follow on the next try. You should have time to cover the trail two or three times if needed.

Most of the coins are easy to find and collect but there are three trouble makers. First, there is one high above the water just as you're coming back toward the yellow sub. You'll need to do a well-timed jump to get this one. Some bloopers seem to be better at jumping than others so try a different one if this coin is giving you trouble.

Just after this is a coin under a platform, so you need to come at it from a good angle to avoid hitting one of the supports. Finally, there is a coin between two small boats that doesn't seem to be on the trail. When you get back to the start, look for these boats after you turn around and thread the needle between them.

The shine will appear on the platform where the Bloopers are, but you're still riding one and you can't just get off. Surf over to the platform and jump just before you hit it to land on top. Meanwhile line yourself up with the Shine so you'll run into it on the platform.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Revisited Edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario.

Shadow Mario's back so it's time for another chase. He starts off right in front of you so go and spray him to start the chase. These Shadow Mario episode are pretty similar so there's not too much to say about them except where he's likely to go. The first thing to keep in mind is that Shadow Mario will stop and wait if he gets too far ahead. So there's no need to rush when there's danger of falling.

Another thing to keep in mind though is that Shadow Mario can't make any jumps or go anywhere that you can't. In this case, Shadow Mario jumps to the smokestack on the ship with the cages, so that means you can do the same thing; a backflip will do the trick. Then Shadow Mario makes a jump from the smokestack to the scaffolding above so you can do a backflip or spin jump and hover to get there too. It may take some practice to use the shortcuts that Shadow Mario does, but they can be useful for saving time when you're replaying an episode.

Episode 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure Edit

  • Objective: Unlock the Shine on the sea platform.

This is a very complicated and time consuming Shine, but not really that hard once you figure out what to do. You will need Yoshi for this Shine so if you haven't unlocked him yet you'll need to wait.

Go over to the market in the village to see a Yoshi egg; he wants a durian to wake up. The only source of fruit nearby are the two silos conveniently marked "Fruit" on the side. First you need to get on top of the silos, but this shouldn't be hard if you've made it this far. Each silo as a button on top; one will be up and the other down. Hover over to the one that's up and ground pound it to dispense a fruit. Usually, the first time you do the episode the first fruit to come out will be a durian, but otherwise the fruit will be random and you may have to dispense a few before you get the one you want. Durians are so spiky that you can't pick them up, so spray or kick it toward the egg.

Now that you have Yoshi, go to the edge of the village area where some fish are jumping in and out of the water. Shoot one of the fish with purple juice and in turns into a block. (Other colors will turn the fish into a block too, but the block won't do what's needed.) You will need to jump on the block, so timing is needed for the block to be at the right height. The block starts to drift out to sea and you need to ride it as far as it will go.

Wait until the block starts to flash, then jump to the platform that should be in front of you. Now double jump to the left, hold down the button so Yoshi gets a bit of extra air time, and with luck you'll land on a ledge with a palm tree. Squirt down the coconuts in the tree and have Yoshi eat one, then hop back to the platform. The whole point of that little exercise was to turn Yoshi's juice pink.

There are more fish on the far side of the platform, so have Yoshi squirt some pink juice on one and this time the block will rise. Hop on and use the block as a lift to get to the next platform which is higher in the air. Do this two more times to reach the top platform.

The shine is here inside a little cage, but orange goop is covering the door. Have Yoshi squirt the goop to dissolve it, then dismount, climb on top of the cage, flip through the trap door, and drop onto the Shine.

100 coins Shine Edit

There are other episodes where you can get 100 coins, but we're going with Episode 8 and assuming you have Yoshi by now.

  • Coins in plain sight, on the scaffolding, above the water, in the village fountain, etc. (63 coins)
  • Tunnels (38 coins)
  • Bloopers (6 coins, can easily fall into the water)
  • Spray the wall next to the cement mixer (6 coins)
  • There are a few more coins to get by having Yoshi eat the yellow butterflies. (6 coins)
  • Break boxes near the start (3 coins)

Secret Shine #1 Edit

Complete Episode 2 as before, but complete the course in less than 40 seconds to get a second Shine.

Secret Shine #2 Edit

Start Episode 4 and enter the secret area for the replay. Be sure to use the Hover nozzle to get in since the Rocket nozzle will be impractical here. Ground pound the red button to start the timer and make the Red coins appear, you have 1:30 to collect them.

Getting the coins is fairly easy and you should have plenty of time. The Hover nozzle makes getting around on the beams much less of a chore, and really the only problem you may run into is that the coins are too high above them. Do a double jump and hover if you need to get come extra height. There are two coins above the platform with the first 1-Up. They are farther up so you'll need to do some consecutive wall kicks to reach them, just make sure you don't wall kick yourself over the walls.

There is one coin above the gear shaped blocks, and you need to wait until there's a block nearby so you can land on it after getting the coin.

There are more coins above the second set of rotating beams, but these are only slightly more difficult to get than the ones on the first set. The Shine appears where you expect it to when you get the last coin.

Gelato Beach

Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret Edit

  • Objective: Complete the sandy obstacle course

This level starts out with a secret sublevel, but you might want to explore a bit anyway. This beach has Dune Buds, small plants that swell up when you water them. Strange thing to happen to the sand around them when you do this, so don't be surprised if you're thrown into the air by the sudden appearance of a large pyramid. The buds are usually guarded by Noki, who share the island with the Piantas.

The main enemy for this level are Cataquacks, the duck-shaped things. In this episode most of them are blue and these won't hurt you, though they will throw you into the air. The red ones, more of which will appear in later episodes, are more dangerous.

When you're done looking around, find the Dune Bud near the teardrop shaped peninsula about halfway down the beach. Spray it with water and this time a sand castle pops out on the peninsula. Go through the archway to start a secret minilevel.

The course starts with a long path made of blocks of sand; these start to dissolve when you step on them so don't hang around. Run to the green platform, hopping over the gaps when needed, and take a breather. Ground pound the nail in the left corner on the near side to get a 1-Up.

The sand blocks are a bit smaller on the next stretch but the idea is the same. Run until you reach the next green platform. The orange blocks here are solid so you can stop and get you bearings on them if you need to.

Ahead is a large castle-like structure mostly made of sand, but there are solid orange blocks here and there as well. At the top are four towers, but they shaped more like horns. The Shine is on the horn on the near side, but getting it involves jumping on the sand blocks as they dissolve. A double jump should get you to the next higher level, but if you miss a jump then find a new block to stand on so you don't fall through. Locate an orange block to rest on if you get overwhelmed. There is a second 1-Up on the far horn if you're brave enough to go for it, but it's just as hard to reach as the Shine and that's more important.

Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam! Edit

  • Objective: Remove the Plungelos from the giant mirrors

Talk to the Pianta where you start the level to see a lot of red critters crawling all over some large mirrors. Your job is to go and remove them so the mirrors can go back to doing what they normally do. The critters are called Plungelos and are very much like cataquacks except they are much bigger and wear leafy hats.

There are three mirrors; the first has one monster on it, the next has two, and the third mirror has three monsters. The first mirror has a palm tree next to it which make it easy to reach.

Once you're on the mirror the question is how to get rid of the monster. The name of the episode give you a clue for that. Spray the creature to push it toward the edge until it starts to lose its balance; it helps a bit to push down-hill if you can. Then run to the high side of the mirror and do a Ground Pound, flipping the monster into the air and out of sight.

Do the other mirrors the same way. They get harder since it gets crowded on the mirrors and you have to flip the monsters one at a time. Hop from treetop to treetop to get to the other mirrors. You can also use the rim around the tower in the middle and grab some coins to restore your health while you're at it.

Once you clear all 3 mirrors of baddies they while re-align and destroy the Wiggler on the tower. A Shine will land on the beach for you to collect.

Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead! Edit

  • Objective: Defeat the Wiggler.

Remember that huge caterpillar you injured in the last episode? Well, he's really angry, and stomping all around Gelato Beach. So it's time to take him down. Watch Wiggler's path and make sure you don't get in the way of it. Then find a Dune Bud that's in his path and spray it to create a sand mountain. When Wiggler runs into the sand pile, he'll roll over on to his back. Now look for the a big red arrow over one section of his body, jump on to that section and Ground Pound it. He'll get really mad and start running around even faster and in a different path, but just find a Dune Bud and do the same as before. The third time is slightly trickier because Wiggler may land in the water when he rolls over. If this happens then try a different Sand Bud.

When you've stomped on him 3 times, you've beaten him and a Shine will appear on the beach for you to collect.

Episode 4: The Sand Bird is Born Edit

  • Objective: Collect 8 red coins in the Sand Bird mini-level.

Talk to the Pianta at the start to learn that the Sand Bird has now hatched and flown away. Look at the tower to see the hole it broke through to get out. The idea now is to get into that hole and you can see a trail of coins leading down behind the tower to a smaller tower. So you need to get to start of the trail at the top of the hill.

One way is to look along the cliff face behind the tower for an indent where a Dune Bud is hiding. Spray the Dune Bud to create some sand steps up to the level above. Then follow the footpath to the left and up the hill until you reach a little arena where there are two Nokis and two Piantas enjoying the view.

An easier way is to talk to a Pianta sitting near the base of the tower. He's a Chuckster and will just throw you where you need to go.

Look down the hill and you'll see the trail of coins from the top. Slide down to the smaller tower which conveniently has a trampoline on top, then bounce to fall, with a bit of luck, into the hole in the tower. You will be transported on to the back of the Sand Bird, high above the island.

Don't bother to collect the blue coins and red coins at the same time on this level. Deal with the red coins first to get the Shine; you can come back at any time for the blue coins.

This section can tricky since you're balancing on a flying bird, but remain calm and avoid unnecessary risks and you should be alright with a bit of practice. There are seven red coins on the Sand Bird, which you need to collect while it's flying about.

The three most dangerous coins are on the end of the tail and the tips of the wings. Try to get these when the bird is flying steadily early on. Soon the bird starts to flap its wings a bit more which means it's about to do a banked turn. Get up to its neck and move around to the side as the bird banks at a right angle. You should have enough traction to stay on as long as you keep on the side that most horizontal.

Once you've collected the seven coins on the bird, wait until it approaches the central tower where the final red coin is waiting. When you are within range, jump and hover onto the tower. Grab the final coin followed by the priceless Shine.

Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint Edit

  • Objective: Beat Il Piantissimo in a race to the top of the hill.

From the start point, run straight ahead and slightly to the right and you'll see a man in a pink Pianta costume. This is Il Piantissimo and you race him three time in this game so this may or may not be the the first time you're meeting him. Go over to him and he'll challenge you to a race to the flag in the small arena on the cliff behind the tower. He will tell you that the record is 35 seconds, but even if you do better than that, you still have to beat him. One difference this time is that there is no Dune Bud around to create those handy steps up to the footpath, so just use wall kicks to get up there; it's as good a time as any to master this move if you haven't yet. Use triple jumps to get up the little ledges leading up to that point in the shortest time. Also, just hover up the hill instead of following the footpath at the end. It's not too tricky to beat him as long as you don't make any slip-ups. When you win the race, he'll hand over the Shine. There's no do-over if you lose though; you're so upset that it's a K.O. and you have to start over.

Episode 6: Red Coins on the Coral Reef Edit

  • Objective: Collect the 8 red coins

This is a pretty easy one, and it's actually strangely relaxing. Start by going to the Beach Cabana at the end of the beach, go to the back where the cafe umbrellas are, and look a bit to the left to see some large grey rocks under the water. Swim out to them and take a look at the colorful wildlife growing in the crevices; this is the coral reef.

You'd think it would be hard to camouflage bright red coins, but they do blend in among the coral. The reef is divided to into three main sections and each section has a two red coins somewhere in the cracks within. It may help to like the camera up with the cracks as you're swimming.

There are two more coins but they are swimming around with schools of fish. Again the coins are camouflaged since the fish are bright orange. If you spot a swimming coin then wait until it's a bit away from the reef before you chase it. The coins tend to swim away from you and you don't want to chase them into the reef where you can't get them.

Once you've grabbed all the coins, your Shine will appear on a dry spot above the reef.

Episode 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him! Edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario

It's just another Shadow Mario chase level. Simple.

Run after him, spray him, collect the Shine. Next!

Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival Edit

  • Objective: Find a huge melon and win the watermelon festival

Finally, you can get your hands on the Shine Sprite that's been locked up in the smoothie store since before you'd even started your adventurous vacation. Its the Watermelon Festival in Gelato Beach and there's a contest to bring in the biggest watermelon. Check near the boardwalk to the Surf Cabana to see what the competition is like. There are actually three melons you can enter. The first is in the corner of the beach near the Surf Cabana and the second in under the trees near the Sand Cabana. Enter these if you want to practice before the real thing but they're too small to even qualify. To enter, spray or push the melon to the Surf Cabana, then along the boardwalk until you get to the judge.

Before getting the winning melon you may want to eliminate some of the cataquacks so they don't chase you while you're rolling it. Grab the attention of one of them and have it chase you while you run past a dune bud. The creature will run into the bud and knock itself out, then spray the bud to throw the cataquack into the air and it will be gone for good. You can get rid of the ones on the beach this way, but there are more in the tower area and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do with them except stun them temporarily.

The winning melon is in the arena on the hillside behind the tower. Push it down the hill the way you came, then you must get it past the cataquacks near the tower; they will break it if you let them. If you see one get close then squirt it with water and jump on top of it so it will stay stunned longer. The safest route seems to be along the side of the cliff. Once you get it to the beach it should be safe because you've already cleared the cataquacks from there. If your melon does break you can get a replacement where you found the original. Get the melon to the judge to enter it and he will give it first prize. The melon is turned into a smoothie and the Shine pops out of the cabana.

100 coins Shine Edit

This can be a difficult Shine to get because many of the coins are in places where acrobatics is needed to reach them. Yoshi appears in Episode 6 in this level and you can get some coins by eating bees, but this doesn't really account for a lot so we're going to recommend getting this Shine in Episode 8. Most of the acrobatics needed to get coins in other episodes aren't needed here.

There are 10 coins here that you need a special move to reach. It's called the Super Whirl Jump and you can learn about it in Episode 8 of Bianco Hills. The idea is to hang from a rope, use the Hover nozzle to start swinging until you start to circle, then use the extra momentum to jump a long distance. You can use this to get the coins that are floating high above the Surf Cabana, but it takes a while just to get to the rope you need to jump from and the maneuver itself is difficult to pull off. So unless you're going for a coin record then you're better off just to ignore these coins. This seems to be the only place that the Super Whirl Jump is useful.

  • Plain sight: Under the surf cabana, ceiling in Sand Cabana, ledge near Sand Cabana, above beehive, above ropes, small island, etc. (46 coins, 56 if you use the Super Whirl Jump)
  • Cataquacks (25 coins)
  • Birds near the arena (10 coins)
  • Smash watermelons 10 times each (30 coins, more if you enter the smaller melons in the contrest)

Secret Shine #1 Edit

  • Objective: Collect 8 Red coins in the Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret area in less than 1:00.

Start Episode 1 and enter the Bud Sand Castle for the replay. You don't see the red button right away since it's on the platform after the first trail of sand block. The first 1-Up is here (under the nail) so you might as well grab it before starting the timer. Now press the button and you have one minute to collect the 8 Red coins.

Coins #1 and #2 are right on the next trail of sand blocks so you don't have to do anything differently than on your first pass to get them. Coin #3 is a bit to the right and off the ground so you should jump and hover to get it, landing on the platform just beyond. Coins #4 and $5 are on the front corners of the sand block structure. Hover over to one, drop to turn around on the orange block beneath it, then hover across the front of the structure to get the other one. Coin #6 is on the lower level in the middle. It's a bit higher but you should be able to hover to it. Coins #7 and #8 are on the left and right horns so you're going to have to do a bit of climbing. Hovering doesn't help too much with this but it will keep you from falling if the sand gives way beneath you. When you have the next to last coin, the last one is on the opposite horn, but it's just out of hovering range. So hover to the middle platform, drop and bounce (jump just as you land), then hover the rest of the way, and it should only take five or six seconds to get from one horn to the other. The Shine appears on the green platform in front of the sand structure.

Secret Shine #2 Edit

This turns out to be the best hidden Shine in the game, meaning you could play this level until your thumbs are raw and still never find it without a guide (like this one). But once you know where to look it's one of the easiest Shines in the game to get.

Start any episode, go behind the tower, and find the dune bud there. If you spray it a stairway forms in the sand leading to four Gold coins. But if you keep spraying you see sparks on the wall behind the stairs. Keep it up and eventually a picture of a Shine starts to form and when the picture is complete the Shine itself appears.

Pinna Park

Pinna Park is the fourth stage. It is designed after an amusement park, having features such as a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and a roller coaster, just with the obvious Mario theme.

Episode 1: Mecha Bowser Appears! Edit

  • Objective: Beat Mecha Bowser.

You may notice that this level has two parts. You start on the beach which extends quite a way to the right, and in front of you is a gate to the actual amusement park.

Run forward to the gate and you'll see Shadow Mario waiting. Go inside, then start following him to a large fountain. There is a cutscene where he jumps into the fountain and it opens up to reveal a giant robotic monster that breaths fire. It's Mecha Bowser, a mechanical version of Bowser and a tribute to Mechagodzilla.

The director of Pinna Park seems to think this is some kind of audition and tells Mario to use the roller coaster to defeat the giant monster.

Boss fight
Mecha Bowser

Straight away you'll notice there is a rocket stuck in FLUDD's nozzle. This is a water rocket and there are lots of them on the track waiting to be used by Mario. When you get one, aim at Mecha Bowser and press R to fire it. You need to hit him in the head or chest four times to bring him down. Mecha Bowser will shoot Bullet Bills at you, which go along the roller coaster track and can attack from in front or behind. They can be destroyed by spraying or by water rockets. He also breathes flames on you, so spray them when you're close to put them out.

When the battle is over there is another cutscene. Shadow Mario and Peach pop out of the head of the robot and Shadow Mario takes off his mask revealing he is actually Bowser Jr. He's gotten the idea that Peach is really his mother but Mario kidnapped her. So the graffiti and pollution was his way to frame Mario and send him to jail. He tells Mario to stay away from "Mama Peach" and flees to Corona Mountain, taking Peach with him and leaving a Shine in the fountain.

Episode 2: The Beach Cannon's Secret Edit

  • Objective: Complete a hidden obstacle course level

The amusement park is closed for this episode so everything happens on the beach. A Monty Mole has taken up residence at the far end of the beach and is firing Bullet Bills at you. You can usually dodge these with no problem but you can also shoot water to make them explode in mid-air. Keep running to the source of this attack and when you get close he stops firing Bullet Bills at you and throws Bob-ombs instead. Spray them to deactivate them for a few seconds (they turn blue) and throw them back using B. After three hits, you'll defeat him and you can now jump into the cannon to reach a secret mini-level.

This course is all about speed and timing; it's made up of huge blocks that appear and disappear. In the first section, make good use of the green and white "Yoshi Egg" style blocks as they don't fade away; you can stop and work out you timing for the next run. You can rest at the large grey platform; break the middle crate here to get a 1-Up. There is a long bridge with Stus past this but you can ignore it. Instead, follow the arrow and bounce up the four square platforms that act like trampolines.

There are more disappearing blocks at the top, but this time they're all in a row and disappear in order. You'll need a bit of extra speed to keep up, so use the slide-somersault technique; basically while running, press B to slide on your belly then press A to get up with a little somersault. Doing this continually makes you go faster than just running. This should get you to the next grey platform. The next section is similar except you have to round a corner. There is a 1-Up at the corner but it's better now to go for it since you're unlikely to catch up in time.

The Shine will be waiting at the end of this last row of blocks.

Episode 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ships Edit

  • Objective: Get all the Red Coins.

Enter the park and you'll be shown the pirate ships. This is another episode where you need to find 8 Red coins to make the Shine appear. The ships themselves swing from side to side, but on every third switch they make a complete loop so it's not really possible to stand on them for long.

  1. The first coin is on the platform where you jump on the first ship.
  2. Jump on the first ship, and go to the aft. Hang on as it swings right; the coin is fairly high up and you may have to hover a bit to catch it.
  3. Do the same for the second ship but this time ride on the fore as the ship swings left.
  4. Ride the second ship to the left again, but this time jump and hover to the green cage. The next coin is sitting on top.
  5. Go through the door in the front of the cage to get inside, then go through the trapdoor to get under it. Follow the mesh to get the next coin on the underside.
  6. Drop down to another wire mesh. There are Koopas underneath so do a ground pound above them to knock them off. Go back and go through the trapdoor to get underneath the mesh yourself and collect the next coin as you follow it.
  7. Go through another trapdoor into a cage, and through another trapdoor to get on top of the cage. There is a mesh ramp going up from there. Jump to the underside of the ramp and start climbing to get the next coin. There are Koopas on top of the ramp and you can press A to kick one off from below when you're underneath it.
  8. Go back to the cage and jump on top of the ramp. Follow it to the top where the last coin is waiting.

The Shine will appear right by the last coin.

Episode 4: The Wilted Sunflowers Edit

  • Objective: Revive the wilted sunflowers

The park is closed again so explore the beach a bit. The normally healthy looking sunflowers are all brown and wilted because they are being eaten from below by what look like green and white eggs. Try spraying one and it turns out to be a sea turtle that's burrowed into the ground. So to revive the flowers you need to remove all these pesky turtles. Once you've gotten one to wake up, it will attack if you're close enough, and it will always lands on its back. This is no problem for it if the ground is hard, but if it happens to be soft beach sand then it gets stuck for a moment.

So lure the turtle into attacking on the sand and when it gets stuck do a ground pound on its underside. When it's gone, sunflowers sprout all around and one of the wilted sunflowers will come back to life. Do this five times to revive the mama sunflower, who'll always be last, and she gives you a Shine.

It turns out that these sea turtles have been keeping the Yoshis away from the island, so when this episode is done they will return. There will always be a Yoshi egg on this beach, even if you go back to a previous episode. Every other level but one will have a Yoshi egg in one episode, including one inside Pinna Park. Also, Shadow Mario will try to steal an egg from Delpino Plaza, and once you get him to drop it a Yoshi egg will always appear next to one of the bell towers.

Episode 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel Edit

  • Objective: Knock the large Electro Koopa in the Ferris wheel off of it.

Enter the park. You may notice the Ferris Wheel is spinning unusually quickly. The problem is it's being overloaded by a large Electro-Koopa is sitting near the top. There are a few ways to get to him, but we'll cover the way that was intended first since that's what we recommend for new players.

First go to the pond where you met Mecha Bowser, then follow the orange brick pathway behind it to a pool surrounded on three side by walls with water flowing down them. (There is an interesting view from here; you can see every level of the game except for Noki Bay and the Airstrip.) This is an obstacle course of wire mesh and you need to reach the top. Hop onto the mesh on the ground to the right, then spray the green panels in front of you to flip them sideways, then stand on top of them and flip the others the same way. You have limited time so don't wait too long. You can now reach another mesh on the left. Use the same trick to get to a cage on the left side and climb on top.

There is more wire mesh that extends from the top of the cage and there are Electro-Koopas on both sides of it. You knock these off from the other side of the wire mesh, using the same controls you use to flip doors: press B on vertical mesh and press A when underneath a Koopa. Climb on the back of the mesh and hit the cage to get rid of the Koopa on the front. Go back to the cage, flip through the doors to the front of the mesh and knock off the Koopa on the back.

Continue to the right end where you need to flip more panels. The panels allow you to reach another mesh above but don't do that yet, just climb onto the panels and wait from them to flip back into place. Now you can get to the back of the upper mesh and eliminate the Koopas that are infesting the front. Go back, climb back onto the top panel, spray it again to flip it back, and climb to the front of the upper mesh.

Follow the upper mesh to the left until you reach a platform. Flip through to a rope then bounce on it to the underside of the platform where the big Koopa is sleeping. Just hit the platform from below and the Koopa will go flying, the Ferris wheel returns to normal speed and the Shine appears on a platform at the very top.

You are nearly at the top already, so just hop onto one of the Ferris wheel cars and ride it to the top, then hover to the platform where the Shine is waiting.

Shortcut #1: Go to the right side of the park, past the tree shaped like a Pianta head, up the winding path until you reach a ledge above the tree. Go to the right of the building the Ferris wheel is attached to find a ledge on the left side of the obstacle course. Get a bit of a running start, then jump and hover across to get to the top set of green panels.

Shortcut #2: Get to the platform where you picked up the Shine in Episode 3. This time you can skip the pirate ships; just do a back-flip on the landing where the roller coaster starts and hover over to the ramp. The top of the Ferris wheel is in hovering distance from this platform, and when you get there just drop down to the rope and bounce up.

Episode 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret Edit

  • Objective: Get an orange Yoshi to the Yoshi-Go-Round for an obstacle course.

Go into the park. When you go to the Yoshi-Go-Round, you might realize that there is a Yoshi missing! The girl next to it says that it was orange. In this episode there is a Yoshi egg in the park as well as on the beach. Go to the right side of the park and find the tree shaped like a Pianta head; the Yoshi egg is on a small ledge just behind it. Now you need to wake up the Yoshi with the fruit he wants, but different fruits are in different locations.

  • A coconut is under a tree on the left side of the pirate ride.
  • A banana is on a ledge behind the pirate ride.
  • A pineapple is under the gazebo near the roller coaster landing.
  • A papaya is hanging from the nose of the tree like a booger.
  • A durian in near the pond on the left side of the park, but this has never been known to come up.

The missing Yoshi is orange so you need to feed it a pineapple or a papaya if it isn't already. The papaya is closer. Now go to the Yoshi-Go-Round and step into the spot with the missing Yoshi to start a secret level.

Jump across the spinning blocks. When you reach the safe area, pound the far nail for a 1-Up. Then, jump the spotted blocks that are circling in rings. You need to jump from the red ring, to the green ring, to the grey ring, and then the blue ring without letting yourself be carried to the wall, otherwise you'll be pushed off. When you get to the blue block, let it loop around for another 1-up. Then, when you're on the other side of the wall again, jump across the rings in reverse order and onto the orange platform. Remember that you don't have the Hover nozzle with you so it's best to get a running start for each jump.

Hop over to the orange block and it'll slide over to a large set of orange blocks. Once it gets to the end, jump off quickly before it disappears. Follow the path to the left, jumping onto to moving blocks when you need to.

When you get around to the back, do a back-flip to go up a step, then back-flip and wall kick to the top. Head for the corner where the block is moving up and down. You need to jump and land on it just when it reaches the bottom so precision timing is a must, but it also helps to get a good running start on the jump. Fortunately there are blocks underneath so it you don't make it then start again from where you back-flip up the step. Use the moving block as a lift and when it gets to the top, jump off to the next corner. From there, just jump to the Shine.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario in the Park Edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario.

Enter the park and you'll see Shadow Mario again; you know the drill by now. It will help to eliminate the Electro-Koopas as you come across them so they don't keep bothering you. Shadow Mario tends to circle the pirate ship ride and the Yoshi-go-round, so there's nothing too tricky in the way of jumps and acrobatics.

Episode 8: Roller Coaster Balloons Edit

  • Objective: Shoot all the balloons in 3 laps of the roller coaster.

The roller coaster is running again; apparently you broke it your little battle with Mecha Bowser in Episode 1. Enter the park and head right, go under the arch and past the tree shaped like a Pianta head. Continue up the path and cross the bridge to the left to reach the landing where you get on the roller coaster. Talk to the Noki in green to get on and start a minigame.

You need to shoot all the balloons in three laps. This can be tricky though so a few tips may be in order. First, when you get a rocket be sure to shoot it before you reach the next one on the track, otherwise it's just wasted. That doesn't mean you should rush and shoot as soon as possible, but don't waste time trying to line up a perfect shot either. Given that, try to get multiple balloons at a time. They have a large hit area, so you can hit two at a time if they're close together and there are even a few spots where you can get three at time because they're lined up for you. Don't worry about this toward the end when shots like this are rare.

When you get all the balloons then the ride ends and the Noki in green gives you a Shine as a prize. You don't get a second chance if you don't get all the balloons; it's a K.O. and you have to start the episode over again.

100 coins Shine Edit

You can get unlimited coins in Episode 2 by spraying the bullet bills. The Gold ones drop eight coins at a time. You can easily get to 100 coins in most episodes though. Water the sunflowers, defeat the Stus, wash the sand to collect coins that pop out, and you coin count should add up rapidly.

Secret Shine #1 Edit

Start Episode 2 and enter the Beach Canon's secret area for a replay.

Press the red button to start the timer; you get 1:00 to collect the coins. The first six coins are on the section of blocks that appear and disappear. You need to pay close attention to when the blocks start to blacken, especially the ones under the coins you want to pick up. For example if the block under the coin is light colored but the coin is far away, then you might want to hold off on picking up that coin because the block may disappear before you can get to the coin. On the other hand if the block is black or gone then it will probably reappear by the time you reach it. The opposite holds it the coin is close by. All six coins are at about hovering height and one danger is accidentally doing a back-flip which will cause you to hover too high.

Start with the first coin on the left, then cross over to the right. After this there are two coins in the middle; one of these does not have a block under it so you need to hover through it and land in the next safe spot. The last two coins are in the far corners; these can be tricky too because you don't want to hover past the edge as you're picking them up.

When you have all six of these coins you need to make it up the four square platform/trampolines that lead to the top level. (If you're down to the last 10 seconds on the clock then you may want to just give at this point and get the 1-Up in the box.) Use the bounce from the last trampoline to get the height needed to hover into Coin #7 above the next platform.

The last coin is at the end of the first long sequence of disappearing block. Before you had to use the slide-somersault to get across but you have FLUDD this time and there's a bit more urgency so use the slip-slide here. Spray the path ahead to wet it, then press B so slide on the water and quickly get to the other end of the blocks. Try to get the last coin as you slide but if you miss then it's not hopeless; just hover back to get it and if you fall there are blocks below you catch you.

The Secret Shines can be very difficult to get and this one is right up there. So you might want to build up some extra lives before making the attempt.

Secret Shine #2 Edit

Start Episode 6 and enter the Yoshi-go-round secret area for a replay.

Cross the spinning blocks to the next platform; this should be fairly easy with FLUDD. Don't forget about the 1-Up under the second nail here. Press the button to start the timer, you get 2:00 which is actually pretty generous this time.

Start crossing the rings of spotted blocks, you should be able to it a bit quicker with hovering. When you get to the blue ring just let yourself be carried into Coin #1. Now jump to the next available grey block and let yourself be carried into Coin #2. Those are the only two coins here so continue on to the large set of orange blocks.

When you get to it don't even bother with the path on the left; just hover through to the far side. Back-flip up the step, then back-flip and wall kick to the top as before, but this time you need to collect Coins #3 and #4 on the way. So make sure you're lined up with the middle of blocks before you jump. Get to the block that moves up and down, but now you have to do a back-flip and hover when it reaches the top of its track so you can reach Coin #5. That's the last tricky maneuver you have to do with the timer running. Go back to the corner where you landed after the wall-kick, then on to the next corner to find Coin #6 on top of a brick block. The remaining coins are one level down on the opposite sides; hover to the one on the left and then one on the right. To get the Shine to need to do the wall kicks again but you should have had plenty of practice with that by now.

Noki Bay

"Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home. The huge waterfall and the three soaring towers resonate with mystic history."

Episode 1: Uncork the Waterfall Edit

  • Objective: Defeat the Monty Mole at the top of the waterfall.

Talk to the old Noki at the start and he tells you the water in the bay is polluted; he suspects the cause is a Monty Mole that's put a cork in the waterfall and is shooting blobs of goop down into the water. Now the problem is to scale an obstacle course of a cliff to get to the mole. If you talk to the Noki again he says it would nice if you cleaned up the graffiti while you're at it.

Hop over the floating platforms to the left to reach a giant spiral staircase made of sea shells. Don't fall in the water since it's toxic like the water in Episode 6 of Bianco Hills. At the top of the steps and you'll come to a basket hanging on a rope. Jump onto the basket and then spray water in the cracked vase that's attached to the other end of a pulley. The heavier vase pulls you up to a grassy ledge so jump onto it and follow the arrow until you get to the end.

Spray the pink and yellow graffiti away to create two new ledges. This actually creates a bit of a shortcut since you can now wall kick from the bottom of the cliff to the ledge you're on now. Hop along two more ledges to some spiral shaped graffiti and spray it to create another ledge. Now use it to climb up to the next level. Make your way along these ledges going the other direction to reach a huge puddle of paint. This is coming from the blobs of goop falling from above so watch out that you don't get hit by them. Spray the dolphin graffiti to make a ledge above you. You can use the basket and vase trick to reach this ledge, but you can also get there with a back-flip or wall kick plus hover combination.

Hop over to the next ledge to another pool of goop and a a ramp leading up to the left, also covered with goop. There is whale graffiti here which you can spray to make a ledge, but it isn't particularly useful at the moment. Spray your way up the ramp, dodging the balls of goop rolling down it, and at the top spray the octopus graffiti on the cliff to create a new ledge. Do some wall kicks between this ledge and the wall on the left to get up to the next level; there's no pulley to help you this time.

If you're getting low on water by now then you may want to follow the ledge on the left to a puddle where you can get a refill. In fact you can get up to the next level from here with a bit of acrobatics but there is an easier way. Follow the ledges to right and spray the bird graffiti to make yet another ledge, then hop up to the next and top level.

Go left to meet a Noki, the grandson of the old Noki you met below. He introduces you to a springboard; spray it once to make it small enough to carry, then put it down and it will go back to normal size and you can bounce on it. If you want, move the springboard back from the cliff a little way and bounce on it to a high ledge with a 1-Up, then hover down to the ledge with paint on it below. Or you can just drop down to the ledge below with the puddle of water, place the springboard there are use it to bounce up to the ledge with paint on it.

Clear a bit more of the paint from the ledges here and by this time the mole will have started throwing bombs instead of paint. Fight this guy almost exactly the way you did in Episode 2 of Pinna Park, You have the throw the bombs a bit farther this time. Check around the far side of the ledge for coins if you get low on health.

The cork comes out of the waterfall and a Shine appears right next to you on the ledge when the mole is gone.

Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins Edit

  • Objective: Defeat Gooper Blooper. Yeah, him again!

Talk to the young Noki at the start and he points to his grandfather waiting on the shore at the end of a trail of floating platforms. Hop over the platforms but watch out for the fish that jump between them since they will knock you into the toxic water it they hit you. Talk to the grandfather; he doesn't know why the water is still polluted but he's going to reward you anyway. You see a hole in the side of the cliff and through it a secret chamber where an ancient Noki king is buried. You can open a path to the chamber by spraying paintings on the cliff.

Back up a bit, switch to Mario-cam, and look up to spot a brown square about halfway up the cliff face behind the Noki. Spray it and a maze of groves is created in the cliff, navigating it going sideways or down is easy, but you need wall-kick to go up. There is a time limit since the maze will revert back to a plain cliff face after a while. Get up to the highest part of the maze and head to the right. There is a small ledge where you can go round the corner and then there is another shaft that you can wall kick up.

Hop up to the ledge on the right and defeat the bloopers there. There is another brown square here, so spray it like the one below to create another maze. It's a bit more complicated than the first one, but it's linear so it's more a question of jumping skill than getting lost. When you get to the top of a ramp do some final wall-kicks to get to a high ledge; some bloopers are there including Gooper Blooper from Ricco Harbor.

You should be an expert at beating this guy by now, in fact he doesn't even do the tentacle spinning move from the helipad battle. There are coins in the trees if you run low on health. You don't get the Shine just for winning this time though. When the monster is gone a hole opens up, so drop into it. You'll land in the chamber that the Noki elder mentioned earlier and you can claim your Shine.

Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle Edit

  • Objective: Hunt the red coins

When you start the episode, the old Noki tells you you need some underwater training to deal with the water pollution in the bay. So he gives you adiving helmet, shrinks you down and puts you into a bottle of water.

As promised, this is basically a training level and you just have to collect eight Red coins to complete it. The underwater controls are similar to normal controls but a bit awkward. Use the hover nozzle to gain height and use the control stick to change direction or move forward or backwards. Don't forget to grab Gold coins every so often so you don't run out of air. Watch out for the Bubbas in the bottle too; if they see you they will drag you toward the bottom of the bottle.

Once you're in the bottle, it's a pretty standard coin hunt. Coin #1 is near the top where you start the level. Coins #2, #3 and #4 are floating around about halfway down. Coin #5 is on the floor near the edge of the bottle, and by a big upward arrow. Here you can see a tall column of Gold coins and Coin #6 is at the top of this column. One way to get it is to start from the bottom and let the jet of water push you up through the column Gold coins until you reach the Red one. This may take a few tries because it's easy to drift out of the stream. Another way is to fly at the column just below the Red coin. Coin #7 is in a little alcove in the middle of a sand castle and Coin #8 is on a little block nearby.

The Shine appears at bottom of the jar. There are exactly 50 Gold coins here so if you want a bit of an extra challenge try to get the 50 coin 1-Up here.

Episode 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist Edit

  • Objective: Clean the eel's teeth.

At the start of the episode the young Noki gives you a diving helmet and points to his grandfather at the top of the cliff. You need to get to the top as in Episode 1 but it's easier this times since there's no goop now and they even give you a rope to reach the first ledge.

Talk to the old Noki again and he tells you that the source of the pollution is an eel with bad teeth at the bottom of the ocean. The waterfall creates a hole in the pollution so you can dive through into an underwater level to find the eel. Just jump off the ledge that looks like a diving board into the falls. If you miss, just swim into the hole where the waterfall meets the ocean. In fact you don't really have to dive at all since if you swim close to the underwater opening it will suck you in.

Now that you're underwater, let yourself sink down; try to get a few coins here and there to keep your air meter topped up. Bubbles of poisonous goop float upwards and you can also get air by popping them, though you lose air if you just touch them. At the bottom you meet the eel and a battle of sorts begins.

Boss fight

This isn't so much a boss battle as boss dentistry, but the boss music plays and it's about as dangerous as a battle. Eely-Mouth opens his mouth to reveal eight teeth covered in black gunk. The easiest way to clean them is to get above one and start using your Hover nozzle, maneuvering to keep the tooth in the flow. You can also use the spray nozzle but since you're giving up movement control it's not really practical. Each time you get one clean you hear a success chime and Eely breaths a sigh of relief. But a partly cleaned tooth will gradually get more and more dirty if left alone, so it's better to concentrate on one tooth at a time when you can.

Eely-mouth also sucks in water through his mouth creating a vortex. This can actually be a helpful balance against the upward movement from the Hover nozzle, but it's not a good idea to get caught in the middle of it. But don't worry too much about being swallowed since Eely-Mouth will just spit you out again.

Every so often Eely-Mouth retreats back into his hole and you can't do any more dental work until he comes back out. So use the down time to grab some coins from the plentiful supply that's scattered around on the sea floor and on small ledges on the surrounding walls. The biggest danger here is running out of air, keep an eye on your air supply and take a break to top it off when you get low. Remember you can also pop the purple bubbles to get air.

It takes quite a few attempts to clean all the teeth but when you finally do, Eely-Mouth rewards you with a heart-shaped string of Gold coins and a Shine which lands at the bottom of the level.

Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim Edit

  • Objective: Beat Il Piantissimo to the flag.

Climb the tightrope shortcut left over from the previous episode, and you'll find Il Piantissimo on the upper ledge. You'll have probably met him already in Episode 5 of Gelato Beach, but if not then there's not much risk of you not knowing who he is.

He'll challenge you to another race, this one very easy though. The goal is a flag at the left end of the shore. If you do the obvious thing and run across the ledges to the left, a big boxing glove pops out of the ground and knocks you off. Even assuming that happens it's still an easy race. Your advantage is that Il Piantissimo takes the "Swim" part of the name literally and tries to actually swim the whole way. But since you can make much better time by hovering from platform to platform you should reach the flag in plenty of time even if you fall off the ledge at the start.

Note that if you go back and race Il Piantissimo again, after winning the Shine, he'll be about 10 seconds quicker. But don't beat yourself up over it, as he doesn't give you another Shine for beating him twice.

Episode 6: The Shell's Secret Edit

  • Objective: Get to the shell at the top of the bay and complete the obstacle course inside.

This is probably the hardest episode in this area. The first part involves just getting to the secret obstacle course level. It's in a shell in one of the highest place in the bay. There are quite a few ways to reach it though. We'll start with the route that involves the least amount of hovering and then cover various shortcuts. There are still more alternatives which you can explore for yourself if you want. We'll label the stopping points in order to have something to refer to when describing the shortcuts.

Go up the staircase (A) as in the start of Episode 1 and talk to the young Noki there. He says something about using ropes to get around. Follow the rope starting from his step to another staircase (B). There is a second rope above it, so either bounce on the first rope or do a back-flip from the top step to reach it.

Follow this rope to a third staircase (C), go up one step and follow another rope to the left to a staircase (D) above the one with the young Noki. There is a spiral ramp above it but you can ignore it for now; you would only use it to reach the 100 coins Shine.

Go up two steps and follow the rope to the end, then bounce to reach a ledge (E) just under the shell we're trying to get to. There is another rope here; bounce on it to get to the rope above and this leads right to the shell.

Shortcut #1: Follow the floating platforms toward the shore and you'll notice on that's got a wicker top. It acts like a very bouncy trampoline and if you jump on it you will bounce up high enough to hover to platform (B).

Shortcut #2: On the rope leading to staircase (C), bounce near the end to the next rope up, and bounce again to reach a higher ledge. The rope here connects to ledge (E) and you can bounce from it to the rope connected to the shell.

Shortcut #3: Go up the cliff face as in Episode 1, but stop on the ledge where you'd take the second pulley lift. Look away from the cliff to see a spiral staircase made of sea shells and hover out to the lowest step. This is the bottom of staircase (D).

You start the obstacle course inside a glass box. Wall kick out of it but make sure you don't overdo the last jump and end up flying over the edge. Hop onto a revolving green plank, then to the spinning platform next to it, timing your jump so the platform is more or less flat when you land on it. Hop from there to a red ledge. Ground pound the far nail on the right three times for a 1-Up.

Now comes the first in a series of fancy wall kick maneuvers. This one is like one you did in Dirty Lake secret in Bianco Hills, but this time you have to land on a platform above you. So screw up your nerve, aim at about a 45 degree angle toward the wall on the right, then jump and wall kick up to the ledge. The ledge is sliding in and out so time your jump to land when the ledge is out to get the biggest margin for error. You can also do a triple jump to jump to that first platform, but the timing is harder.

Make your way across the 3 of these platforms and on to the other side. Next, climb to the top of the wooden pole and jump off onto the ledge, then bounce on the rope to reach the ledge above it. Another way to reach this ledge is to wall kick between the narrow wooden beam and the red wall, but this is very tricky. Now back-flip or a second angled wall kick to onto to the step above.

Now the wall kicks get a bit more complicated since you do two bounces at an angle. Aim at an angle a bit to the left of the corner, jump and wall kick twice to land on the ledge above. For this one you can also to a back-flip into the wall and wall kick just once to the ledge. From this ledge do another double wall kick to get the top of the structure. Or, jump onto the nail and from it do a backflip to the plank above.

Next up is a pair of spinning wooden beams, which you will have encountered before. The second one spins very fast so you have to run at an angle to compensate. When you reach safety, pound in the nail on the right for a 1-Up.

You now come to a revolving platform with 3 planks above it. From the platform, do back-flip jumps up to each plank, but take the spinning into account and back-flip at an angle. From the top plank, jump over to the stationary platform and you then come to one final spinning beam. It's a quick one, so run carefully across it and make your final jump to Shine waiting for you on the platform.

Episode 7: Hold It, Shadow Mario! Edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario.

It's another Shadow Mario chase. Shadow Mario keeps scaling the same cliff you did in Episode 1 to get away, so you'll need to do the same thing. You can usually get a few good shots at him near the top, but then dives all the way back down to the bottom again. You can then get a few more good shots at him until he starts to climb again. By now you should be pretty expert at the kind of jumps and wall kicks to need to do to catch up to him, so this shouldn't take too long.

Episode 8: The Red Coin Fish Edit

  • Objective: Red coin hunt

Talk to the young Noki at the start and he introduces you to his wife and kid who have returned from hiding thanks to you. Enter the Noki's underwater kingdom the same way as in Episode 4.

The red coins are not scattered about like usual; they are bunched together, along with several regular coins in the shape of a fish which swims around the level. But the coins occasionally scatter themselves around and then reassemble themselves into a fish again after a while.

Let yourself sink down to near the top of the sunken city and you'll see the coin. Just use FLUDD to follow it and keep passing through it when you can. Grabbing the first few coins will be easy, but when there are only 1 or 2 left it can be very tricky to get them. If you grab too many of the Gold coins with the Red then there won't be enough fish left to find it easily, so try when possible to get the Red coins without too many of the Gold ones. When the fish breaks apart you might try chasing a Red coin, but they move very fast on their own so there isn't much chance that you'll catch it. So instead, grab some coins from the walls or the sea bottom to keep your air topped up. The biggest danger is getting so engrossed in chasing the fish that you forget about your air supply.

When you get all eight red coins the Shine appears at the sea floor.

100 coins Shine Edit

One way to get this is to simply enter the Noki kingdom in Episode 8 and collect the coins there. There are coins on top of columns and on the walls as well as the fish, and the total just within the area is over 100. But of course it doesn't hurt to find a few coins outside first.

But it's probably easier, just because coins are more plentiful, to get the Shine during episode 6. The problem with getting the coin outside is that the Shine appears on top of a high tower almost as hard to reach as the shell.

  • Trail of coins on the surface of the water, save these for last so you can replenish your health if you need to. (50 coins)
  • Boxes at the boathouse (7 coins)
  • Trail of coins under water starting at the base of the waterfall. (10 coins)
  • Press the button near the top of the falls, then collect coins from the surface of the water. (20 coins)
  • Scale the ledges on the far right side of the area to get the Rocket nozzle, the rocket to get a stack of coins. (9 coins)
  • Repeat the path you took in episode 2 collecting coins from cubbyholes, trees and pots. (16 coins)
  • Network of tunnels on left side of cliff. See Secret Shine #1 for where to start and the blue coins page for details on these tunnels. (65 coins)

To get the Shine, follow Shortcut #3 given in Episode 6 above and follow the spiral ramp to the top. Cross the rope there and bounce to the top of the tower.

Secret Shine #1 Edit

This Shine appears in every episode except for 3 where you're trapped in a bottle the whole time. It's best to do it after episode 4 though since there's no toxic water. Go to the area on the left side of the beach where the finish line for Il Piantissimo's race was; it's a sandy area with puddles on the right. Just behind it is a crevice in the wall which looks prefect for wall jumping, but it's not used for any of the regular Shines. In fact there's a whole complex network of interconnected tunnels here, but all you get inside it are Blue and Gold coins.

Stand at the back of the crevice and start wall kicking up to a doorway on the left. Go through and follow the tunnel down to a ledge carved into the face of the cliff at the edge of the shore. Hop up to the large hole in the center and step in to be bounced up to the top of the cliff, a ledge you can't reach any other way. There is a Yellow parrot flying around here, so start spraying it and it turns into a Shine.

Secret Shine #2 Edit

Objective: Collect 8 Red coins in the Shell's secret area in less than 1:30.

Start Episode 6 and enter the secret area for a replay. The red button is on the red ledge, remember the 1-Up under the nail here. Press the button to start the timer, you get 1:30 to collect the coins.

Coin #1 is above the button; just do a back-flip and hover through it. Now do an angled wall kick to get up to the sliding ledge on the left, but you can give yourself a hover boost this time. Hop over to the next ledge, the one that's not moving, and do an back-flip from it up to Coin #2. Climbing the pole will eat up precious seconds, and there's a quicker way up to the next ledge. Do a back-flip into the wall and wall kick off to get high off the ground, then hover backwards to land on the ledge. Coin #3 is high above this ledge, so do another back-flip into the wall plus wall kick maneuver to reach it. Hop onto the rope, then bounce and hover to the next ledge. Coin #4 is at the top of the steep ramp with the arrows on it, and you need need to take a bit of a detour to reach it. Hover directly from it to the ledge with the glass behind it. Do a wall kick from there to grab coin #5 and land on the ledge above. Now do a back-flip to get Coin #6 and hover to the top. Coin #7 is here but a simple back-flip will get it. Cross the spinning beam and do another back-flip on the platform at the other end to collect coin #8

The Shine appears at the far end of the second spinning beam.

Sirena Beach

Episode 1: The Manta Storm Edit

  • Objective: Defeat the Manta. It splits into parts every time you kill it.

This is the Island's most luxurious hotel, but the guests are a bit irate at the moment because they have reservations but no hotel. There is a new kind of goop covering the ground though, and it's more dangerous than what you've seen up to now because it gives you a painful electric shock if you touch it.

Clean up some of the goop; there are two Nokis buried in it that will be grateful for a rescue. See "Using FLUDD" in Controls for fast spray cleaning techniques. You can also get a 1-Up by breaking the middle box of three on the left side of the beach. Speak to the hotel manager who is right next to where the hotel should be on a large square surrounded by moat. He'll tell you that a manta-shaped silhouette appeared, covered the beach in electric goop, and destroyed his hotel. Then, he'll be interrupted by its return.

Manta Ray

The manta ray starts spreading more electric goop around, but it doesn't like water to keep spraying it while keeping your distance. This is giant manta but when you get enough water on it it splits into two large mantas. Both of these split into three medium mantas, which in turn split into four small mantas each. Finally each of the small mantas split into four tiny mantas when you spray them.

Fortunately the tiny mantas are afraid of you and won't get close, so you're free to fight the larger ones and try to clear some goop free patches of ground since all the mantas leave trails behind them. They can't leave any on water or on treetops, though. Two useful techniques here are hovering and spin-squirting. The mantas cannot reach Mario under the cabana roofs, so this is the perfect place to shoot water at them with impunity.

Once there are only the tiny mantas left they get over their fear and start to attack, all 96 of them unless you've managed to chase some of them down while fighting the larger ones. Fortunately it just takes one squirt of water to make one disappear into a puff of smoke. To keep them from surrounding you, you may want to find a wall. The spin-squirt is very effective here, but the easiest thing to do is run towards the beach and run up and down the beach, constantly spraying everything nearby.

Once they're all gone, a cutscene will show the hotel reappearing and you can collect a Shine above a small fountain in the middle of the area.

Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret Edit

  • Objective: spray the pink ghosts to make stairs to the top floor appear.

The hotel is back but it's still not open to guests because there are ghosts all over. Talk to the manager again to be shown inside and you'll see what the problem is. There are Boos wandering around and, according to one of the hotel staff, they came out of the mouth of a statue on the top floor.

Getting there is tricky because the stairs all have emergency shutters in place. There are pink Boos floating around the middle of the lobby and if you spray them they turn into pink blocks you can stand on. So you need spray to get a block, jump up to it and spray to get a block a bit higher. Keep doing this to make your way up to the top floor. Now just hover into the statue's mouth to enter a secret level.

From the starting platform hop to the row of brick blocks on the left. Stus start coming toward you but these should be no problem. There are more bricks above you as you get near the end of the row, and you can break these from below by jumping. (Mario's head has always been very hard.) The first of these blocks has a 1-Up inside.

Do a wall-kick or triple jump to get up to the next row of blocks. There are gaps which you must get across, but there are flying Stus you can use as stepping stones. These fly left and right so you have to time your jumps. One of the blocks is made of sand which dissolves when you stand on it, so it takes a bit of extra planning to jump from it to the Stu.

You land on a ledge with brick blocks above it. Jump to break on of them at the lowest layer, then use wall kicks to get the ones above it until you can wall kick up to the top. Next follow the trail of sand blocks; if you've already done the Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret in Gelato Beach then you should be used to this, but the path here is a bit more complicated. There is a side path going down to the right but avoid it.

Now you're on a rectangle of blocks of various kinds. There are watermelon blocks at the far end and if you smash your way down to the bottom of these a 1-Up appears.

At the bottom of the far end is a gear shaped block and the next step is to jump onto it. It starts to move and turn when you do; you just need to stay on top until it takes you to your destination. The gear teeth make this rather tricky though, so make sure you don't try to go over them faster than you need to.

There is a pile of sand blocks to jump to at the then of the gear block ride. Get over to the other side being careful not to slip as you're coming down the far side. There you are met by one last Stu who is guarding the Shine.

Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino Edit

  • Objective: Discover the mystery of the hotel.

Well the hotel is finally open for business, the Doot-Doot Sisters are dancing to Ukulele music on the beach, and there are only a few Boos around to disturb the guests. Talk to the hotel manager to be invited inside and start exploring.

You'll be able to see the Shine in the pool on the third floor, but the pool monitor won't let you in with street clothes, so you need to get past him somehow. This is pretty complicated though and you will need to explore most of the hotel before you'll be able to do it.

First, you're going to need Yoshi. There's an egg right next to the hotel desk but Yoshi wants a pineapple to hatch. There is a fruit stand in the lobby but, of course, they have everything except pineapple. It seems someone is hoarding them, so you need to explore the rooms to find where the pineapples are hidden.

All the room doors are locked except for one on the third floor. Just make a note of that fact for now. There's guest in the lobby who gives you a clue what to next; he points out that there's some water damage in the Men's room. (The woman in the Women's room will chew you out if you talk to her.)

Find the stall where the water damage is and jump to find yourself in the tub in the room upstairs. There's actually a second way into this room which you can discover by jumping on the bed. It's through a trapdoor in the pool lobby. Talk to the woman whose room you've invaded and she mentions that a painting is giving off a weird vibe. Spray the painting and the picture changes to a Boo, then jump through into the next room.

There are two Nokis in here and they've got a couple of Boos in with them. Get rid of the Boos so maybe the couple will calm down a bit, then spray the panels in the doorway which connects to the next room. When all four panels are turned you see the outline of a Boo and the doorway opens.

There's a Pianta woman in here and she's got pink Boos with her. Spray to turn them into blocks as in the previous episode and go through the hole in the ceiling.

Now you're in a small room with a lone Noki; Spray the shelf to open a way to the next room. There is a Pianta in here but he doesn't seem to be a guest because the furniture is all piled up against the walls. From talking to him it seems that he's our pineapple hoarder, but he's misplaced them. There are posters here you can spray your way through but we don't need to right now. Instead, look for the patch of floor that a different color than the rest. It's a trap door that takes you down to the floor below.

There are crates in here with the missing pineapples, so pick one up and go back to the lobby so you can wake up Yoshi.

The first thing you need remember about Yoshi here is that you can't open doors while riding him. So if you go into a room with a closed door with him he'll get trapped inside and you'll have to go through the entire previous route to get him back.

Take Yoshi to the third floor and go into room with the open door. There is a Noki couple in there but they won't mind if you bounce on the bed to get into the attic.

The attic is a maze and there are several places where you can break through into the third floor again. Some of these have already been explored, and some haven't, but only one leads to the Shine. Start by exploring the maze and have Yoshi eat every ghost in sight so they don't block the way.

If you remember the layout of the third floor, the room with the Noki couple is just to the left of the pool. So in the attic you need to follow the left wall from the hole you came through. You end up going a corner too far and then doubling back to the one you want, but you end in a room where you can crash through the floor into the pool. Now the Shine is yours to collect.

Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino Edit

  • Objective: Play some slots and finish the level in an obstacle course.

Talk to the hotel manager and go inside. Then Talk to the Pianta on the left after passing the front desk to get into the casino.

There are several games in here, but for now you want to play the two large slot machines until you get three 7's. On the machine on the right, the spinners nearly always land on the same thing. So if you get one 7 then the other two will be 7's as well. You still have to keep spinning until you get a 7 though, so collect the coins and defeat the Boos that come out until you do. Once you get the jackpot the machine stops working and it's time to try the other one.

On the machine on the left only the spinners you spray actually turn. So spray the middle one until you get a 7 on it, then spray the left and right spinners while avoiding the middle one until you get a 7 on them. This also stops working when you get the jackpot.

When both of the machines read jackpot, the curtain between them open reveal a square of 16 question marks. Spray the tiles and they flip more or less at random, but only the tiles you hit with water will flip. You want to flip all the tiles to get a picture of a Shine. It's best to start at the top row and work your way down and to the sides so you end with the bottom corners. That's because it's difficult to just spray one tile but you can control FLUDD enough to just hit tiles below ones that have been flipped or just ones in a lower corner. This still takes some patience though since the occasional splash can still flip a tile you don't want it to.

When you get the shine picture it disappears and you see a pipe behind it, so jump in to start a secret level.

You start on a platform with two sliding cubes, and of course if you're standing in the wrong spot the cubes will push you off the platform and you need to start over. There is another cube behind platform moving back and forth. Wait until that cube is approaching the platform, then slip between the sliding cubes and hop to the other cube before you get pushed off the platform.

Now ride the cube you're on to another platform. This is a bit more complicated because there are six sliding cubes, holes in the platform, and there is an added danger of being squished between two cubes if you're between them. If the two blocks in front are coming toward then immediately jump to the left so you don't get pushed off. If not then stay put until they start coming toward, then move to the left. While the front blocks are moving toward the front edge, sneak behind them and grab the 1-Up on the right side of the platform, but don't hang around because this is a good place to be squished. Now head left and then to the back of the platform where the blocks are relatively easy to avoid. Hop onto a cube behind this platform to carry to on to the next obstacle; this one rotates so you have to keep moving to stay on top.

Now you have four blocks that move from side to side, but all you have to do is jump from block to block until you get to the last one. Then comes one of the rotating beams you first met in Episode 4 of Ricco Harbor. There is a 1-Up above it but it's difficult to reach so you're probably better off just moving on. There is one last cube to ride and it rotates in complicated ways so you have to watch carefully to stay on top, but it takes you to the Shine in the end.

Episode 5: King Boo Down Below Edit

  • Objective: Defeat King Boo

Get into the casino as in the previous episode. The manager mentions something about strange noises being heard in the casino so it's actually closed to the public.

This time the game you're interested in is roulette, but one of the colored areas on the wheel is purple instead of green or red. Ground pound it and the wheel lowers you into the basement where there is a larger roulette wheel and King Boo appears ready for a fight.

Boss fight
King Boo

King Boo will normally just spit up Boos to attack you. Meanwhile there are three rotating wheels moving underneath you. You can stop the wheels temporarily by ground pounding the purple areas.

Spray King Boo in the face to get him to spin the slots below him. There are several outcomes:

  • ?: Different enemies appear.
  • Coins: Coins appear. Handy to help restore life.
  • Stus: Strollin' Stus appear in great numbers. Watch out, because Smolderin' Stus also appear. Douse them quickly.
  • No Luck: Bubbles appear when the slots don't match. Pop them to get bottles to refill FLUDD's tank. However, the bubbles can hurt you.
  • Fruit: Fruit appears.

You can only damage King Boo by throwing fruit at him. Regular fruit alone does nothing, but chili peppers are too hot for him and he opens his mouth to cool off. Now if you throw a regular fruit at him the combination will hurt him.

Each time King spins the slots the wheels underneath you start to turn again, so don't waste too much effort stopping them, but it's better to not have the floor moving under you so stop them when it's convenient.

Hit King Boo three times with the fruit combo and he'll be defeated. This means you need to get fruit on the slots three times among all the other random outcomes, so the battle can take a while depending on luck. Claim your Shine Sprite when the battle is over.

Episode 6: Scrubbin' Sirena Beach Edit

  • Objective: Clean up Sirena Beach

The electric goop is back! You talk to the manager automatically at the start and you get three minutes to clean it up. Use the spray nozzle for most of it (the Hover Nozzle is much slower), but you can throw the barrels to get large areas. It may also help to hold down R and tap a to produce a wide spray of water. Don't worry about getting every little drip; it's enough to get the larger patches. When you've cleared enough goop, the timer stops. Talk to the manager again to collect your Shine. You can also spray goop off two Nokis in front of the hut for 1-Ups, and two more Nokis by the beach chairs for blue coins.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In Edit

  • Objective: Chase down Shadow Mario

Chase Shadow Mario as in the other levels. Watch out for Boos that disguise themselves as Shadow Mario. They are a slightly lighter color than he is and stand still while Shadow Mario runs around. Squirt them to turn them into regulars boos then stomp on them so they don't make trouble any more.

Episode 8: Red Coins in the Hotel Edit

  • Objective: Find all eight Red coins in 5 minutes.

Enter the hotel as usual and find a red button in the lobby. Press it to start the timer and make Red coins appear around the hotel. You have five minutes to find all the Red Coins. For much of this you repeat the same routes as in Episode 3, but there are no ghosts to deal with this time.

  1. The first coin is right next to the button.
  2. Go to the back of the lobby and turn right to enter to women's room and find a coin there.
  3. Now go into the men's room and through the ceiling as in Episode 3. Wash the painting as you did then and go through, then find a coin in the next room.
  4. Exit to the 2nd floor hall and head toward the stairs; the next coin is on the way.
  5. Go up the stairs and find the next coin in the 3rd floor hall.
  6. Go into the pool and find a coin in the back.
  7. Go into the room with the open door to the left of the pool. The Noki couple are still in there. Bounce on the bed to get into the attic as in Episode 3. Now go counterclockwise to the next corner and find the room with six Gold coins. Break through the weak spot in the floor to get into the room below. Now spray the poster to make a hole in the wall and go through to get another coin.
  8. Go back to the previous room and break through the floor where it's a different color. Now you're in the room where the pineapples were in Episode 3. Find the last coin in the doorway leading to the next room.

The Shine appears in the lobby, so go down and pick it up.

100 coins Shine Edit

It's possible that you could get unlimited coins in the battle with King Boo because you occasionally get coins when he spins the slots. This only seems to happen when you're low on health though and it's a risky balance to stay low on health during a boss battle. Aside from that, if your going for a high coin count, you might try episode 4 because you can get coins from playing the one of the big slot machines. The problem is that if you get 100 coins before going into the casino, you can't get back out to get the shine once you've gotten the extra coins.

But if you're just interested in getting the Shine, then we recommend Episode 7 simply because you can enter all the rooms in the hotel without doing any puzzles. Plus there are Boos around and you can get coins from them. There aren't many more than 100 coins in this episode, so you don't get to skip many if you want the Shine.

  • Outside
    • Break the boxes near the beach (1 coin)
    • Look in the ceilings of the cabanas (3 coins)
    • Spray the flames in front of the hotel. There are two flames on the upper floor and another one in the middle of the area. (10 coins)
  • Inside
    • Lobby pool and behind the front desk (14 coins)
    • Spray the flames in the lobby (10 coins)
    • Spray the plant in the women's room (1 coin)
    • Second and third floor halls (6 coins)
    • Second and third floor Boos (11 coins)
    • Guest rooms and pool in plain sight (32 coins)
    • Spray Second and third floor lamps and doors (8 coins)
    • Attic (18 coins)

The Shine appears in the lobby assuming you get the 100th coin in the hotel.

Secret Shine #1 Edit

Start Episode 2 and enter the Hotel Lobby's secret area for a replay.

You don't reach the button until the trail of sand blocks, so get there pretty much as you did before; hovering just makes it a bit easier. Press the button and you have 1:30 to get the Red coins.

Jump and hover from the button and fly through Coin #1, then land on the next section of blocks. Run down them and jump to the next section to land on Coin #2; you need to jump just as you land to get a double jump in. You should have enough height now to hover to Coin #3 which is high up above the end of the trail. If you don't get the double jump then you'll have to do a back-flip to get the needed height and it will be awkward. When you get to the big rectangle of blocks grab Coin #4 from the top at the far end. The next coin is rather deviously placed at the bottom of the near end. Slide down the end of the rectangle to land on the gear shaped block and quickly hop back to the the rectangle. Hop and hover around the side of the rectangle, then back into it on a row of blocks with Gold coins and Red Coin #5. Do the same maneuver in reverse to get to the end of the rectangle. Hopefully the gear shaped block will be somewhere in the middle of its track about now since you started it when you landed on it earlier. Jump and hover to it, then jump and hover from there to the pile of sand blocks; this depends on the gear being at the right spot so you'll have to wait if it's too far away. If it happens to be near you then just hop on as you did in Episode 2 and ride it part way to the pile of sand blocks. Coins #6 and #7 are on the left and right sides of the sand blocks and you should be able to just hover to them. Coin #8 is above the front block, so hop up to the top of the pile, hover to the coins and drop straight down so you land on the block below. The timer will have stopped by now so take your time getting across the sand blocks to the platform with the Shine.

Secret Shine #2 Edit

Start Episode 4 and enter the Casino Delfino secret area for a replay.

The button is right at the start, press it and you have 1:00 to get the Red coins.

Coin #1 is right in front of the button, but inside one of the sliding cubes much of the time. You might want to time when you press the button so that you can get the coin right away. You should be able to reach it with a hop and a hover. Coin #2 is above the track of the cube behind the first platform. If the cube is in front of the coin then glide to it, bounce on it and hover through the coins, landing on the next platform. If the cube is behind the coins then hover through the coin then bounce on the cube. Coin #3 is in the middle of the second platform between the holes. Approach it from the left or from between the front cubes as they separate. Then make your way to the far side of the platform. Coin #4 is above the track of the cube moving behind the platform and you might try a tactic similar to the one for coin #2. It seems to work better when the cube is moving away from you though. Coins #5, #6 and #7 are above the blocks that move from side to side after this. They are high up so try to get a bounce on the cube leading to them so you get good height for Cube #5. For the other two, and in case you miss the bounce on the first one, try wall kicks off the sides of the of the frame that the blocks are moving through. Cube #8 is above the rotating beam and very high up. You might try a triple jump on the beam, but whats seem to work better is to go on to the large cube beyond, do a back-flip and hover back to the coin. That way all you have to do is not fall off the beam when you land on it. The Shine appears at the end where you'd expect it, so pick it up.

Pianta Village

Episode 1: Chain Chomplets Unchained Edit

  • Objective: Tame the baby chain chomps.

Talk to the three Piantas near the entrance of the village. You learn that a woman's pet Chain Chomplets, also known as baby Chain Chomps, are overheated and have gone berserk. One of the Piantas says her grandfather went to relax at the pond in the center of the village, and when you talk to him he mentions how cool and relaxing the water is. So it appears you must get the Chomplets into the water somehow.

The three Chomplets are red hot and leave a trail of lava-like goop in their wake. If you spray them they will attack at first, but if you cool them down to blue then they try to run away. It really doesn't do much good to attack them just anywhere though, since the idea is to get them into the pond. So wait by the lake, but clean up any goop nearby since it hurts a lot if you touch it. When one of the Chomplets comes near, ambush it with a spray from FLUDD. After it's cool, grab its tail and pull it to aim the Chomplet at the pond, then give it a bit of extra stretch and snap it like a rubber band into the water. If you do it right the Chomplet turns white and will not be a problem for the rest of the episode.

If you spray the Chomplets or get too close then they will chase you, which makes a way to lure them toward the pond, though it's a bit dangerous. If you run low on health then break the boxes since most of them have coins in them, in this episode at least. When all three Chompletes are safely in the pond they give up a Shine which lands on a nearby mushroom.

Episode 2: Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb Edit

  • Objective: Outrun Il Piantissimo.

You may not have met Il Piantissimo yet, but he appears in several levels. You need to accept his challenge and beat him to the finish line in a giant tree on the far side of the village. This isn't hard if you know a trick; bear left and hop over the fence, then do the slip-slide maneuver: Spray the path ahead to wet it, then press B so slide on the water and move very fast. Slide along the path on the left side of the village. When you get near the end do a hop and get over the fence, then run up the tree trunk to the finish. Il Piantissimo will give you a Shine as a prize for winning.

Episode 3: The Goopy Inferno Edit

  • Objective: Recover FLUDD and rescue the mayor.

Pianta Village is covered in burning goop! When you start the episode, Shadow Mario takes away FLUDD just like in the secret levels, so you can't even wash the goop away at the moment. No only that, the mayor was left behind when the rest of the village was evacuated, and the village is so full of goop that you can't reach him directly.

After you cross the bridge, turn right and follow the ledge around to the far side of village. There is a Pianta in a big hat standing next to a hole; talk to him for some hints. Drop into the hole and ground pound through the trap door to reach the underside of the village. There are tracks of wire grids you need to get across. There are spiders and electro-koopas here too, but just avoid them and they won't bother you. At the end of the trail is a vertical panel; climb down and hit it to make it slide forward. But jump when it stops because, as the Pianta mentioned, it falls down soon after.

Follow the trail to a pair of ropes hanging down. It's hard to see, but they support a swing, so line yourself up between them and drop down. Jump from the swing to the mushroom next to it, but keep in mind that the swing is very springy so a little hop will take you a long way. The mushroom is connected to others by ropes, so jump or bounce on the ropes from mushroom to mushroom. You can get a 1-Up on one of the mushrooms. Head to the mushroom with a smaller green mushroom on top, jump onto the green mushroom and bounce (it's much springier than you'd think) to a panel next to it.

If you want, flip through the door and get on top of the mesh to get a 1-Up, then go back. Climb up to the ceiling of the mesh and locate the panel handing from it; the camera is a bit squirrelly here but if you maneuver it to one side you can get a good view. Climb onto the panel then thump it to slide as before, and don't forget to jump at the end. Go to the lone Gold coin which marks a trap door, then flip through it and wall kick out of the hole and into village.

Hop from clear patch to clear patch until you reach some platforms, start climbing until you find FLUDD again.

There is an alternative route which may be faster, but only recommended if you're looking for speedrunning techniques. Get to the pond and spin jump or backflip from the water. When you come out some of the water will drip on the goop will clear some of it. Repeat this and eventually you should have a small goop-free area from which it's possible to spin jump over to the platforms with FLUDD.

Yet another alternative, recommended only for truly expert and/or insane spin jumpers, is to go to the left edge of the village where you will see an incredibly small spot where you can walk along the edge without getting burned. If you can cross there, you can climb the nearby tree and jump onto the leaf pointing to the village. If you do a good spin jump, you can reach the area where you get FLUDD back.

Once you've gotten FLUDD, you should be able to spot the mayor on top of the golden mushroom. With a bit of practice you can backflip and hover to it, or jump and hover to the ledges on the central tree, climb up a few levels, then jump and hover to the mushroom. If all else fails, clean up the area a bit and hover to the golden mushroom from one of the two tall red mushrooms nearby. Now just spray the mayor clean and collect your shine.

Episode 4: Chain Chomp Takes a Bath Edit

  • Objective: Get the Chain Chomp into the spring.

There's another Chain Chomp on the loose, but this one is full grown. At the start of the episode his chain is pegged to the path on the near side on the village, but to cool him down you need to get him to the spring which is on the other side.

The first thing to do is release his chain; just pull it a bit and let go. Now he'll wander around and hopefully will get close to the spring so you don't have to pull him very far.

This time the Chomp will avoid you and if he's at an intersection he will always take the path that you're not on. So with a bit of planning you can herd him toward the spring and even right through the gate leading to the spring.

To get him into the spring, first spray him down until he turns blue. If there is a barrel nearby then throw it at him to cool him down instantly. Once he's cool, grab the end of his tail and start pulling it toward the spring, then around to the back so the Chomp will be pulled into it. The Chomp will start to heat up again soon and you'll have to let go if you don't make it on the first try, but spray him down again and repeat. You can stop him from getting too far away from you if you ground pound the end of his tail.

When the Chomp is in the water he gives up his Shine so go ahead and collect it.

Episode 5: Secret of the Village Underside Edit

  • Objective: Find the secret level and finish it.

For this episode, you need Yoshi. The Yoshi egg is near the entrance to the village and you can find a fruit tree on a platform across the path from the hot spring.

Head back to the bridge and jump onto one of the mushrooms underneath; there is a column of coins marking the way but don't land on the small green mushroom because you may bounce uncontrolably. Hover from mushroom to mushroom until you reach one with a flat top and orange goop on top. Spray the goop with juice to clear it, then hop into the hole to start to obstacle course.

Speak to the first Pianta you see and he tells you about Chucksters, Piantas who throw people around for fun, then he gives you a demonstration. This whole level is going to be about using the Chucksters to get around without falling off the platforms.

You need to be facing in the direction you want to go when you talk to them, and watch out for overshoots. There is a 1-up mushroom above the first platform, and the Pianta will throw you to it if you aim well. There is a coin here too for more practice. The Pianta at the edge of the platform will toss you to the next one.

Now there is a big Pianta and a little one. The big one will throw you farther but if you talk to him too close to the edge you'll go too far. The little one doesn't throw as hard but there's no backstop for him. If you pick the big one then do it when he's as far away from the ledge as possible, and if you pick the small one then do it when he's as close to the ledge as possible.

The Pianta on the next platform tosses you nearly straight up, so it should be easy to get to the ledge above. There are Stus here so stomp on them to get them to leave you alone and talk to the next Pianta, who will toss you to the next ledge with a round backstop.

The next and final toss is the most difficult; the Pianta is walking around so you have to wait for him to be in the right position before you talk to him. Stand on the left side of the platform, at the crack between the two halves, and talk to the Pianta as he passes. If you aim well you'll land on the platform with the Shine.

Episode 6: Piantas in Need Edit

  • Objective: Free 10 Piantas from lava goop.

When you start the episode the mayor tells you there are 10 Piantas trapped in the goop and you have 3:00 to get them out.

Bear right after you cross the bridge and find three patches of goop, shown in the opening cut scene. The first two each have one villager and the third has two. Keep going diagonally to the right and free the fifth villager between two red mushrooms. Now go left a bit between two platforms connected by a bridge and rescue villager number six (played by Patrick McGoohan) behind the platform on the left. Go over the bridge across the dry stream bed, and continue to the far side of the village. Turn left to find the seventh villager as you approach the hot spring. Continue past the hot spring and round the corner to find the eighth villager. Then take the next left to find villager number nine. The last villager is to the left of the path as you head back to the village entrance.

Talk to the villagers you rescued; all the adults have rewards for you. Then talk to the mayor for your Shine.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Returns Edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario.

Shadow Mario is back and this time he leaves a trail of orange goop and the occasional graffiti M behind him. Don't follow too closely if you don't want to get burned, but otherwise there's nothing new to worry about.

Episode 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt Edit

  • Objective: Find the Red coins.

This coin hunt takes a while because most of the coins are well hidden. Some of the villagers will give you hints on the tougher ones though. You can do these in any order, but you'll be happier if you do the last one last.

  1. Starting from the entrance, climb the tree on the right and follow the leaf that hangs over the bridge to the end.
  2. Check the tall grass on the left side of the village.
  3. Dive to the bottom of the hot spring.
  4. Check behind the tree to the left of this, watch out for bees though.
  5. Look under the fruit tree to find a very red apple there.
  6. Break the boxes on the right side of the island.
  7. Go back to where the villagers have congregated and drop into the hole next to a nearby mushroom. Flip the gate to the underside of the village, then ride the sliding panel to the next grate. Go left to and follow the grate to the end, then drop onto a swing. Hop to the grate next to this and climb to the top of the grates. Turn around, hover back to the grate you were hanging from a moment ago, and follow it to the coin. Now turn right, hover to another grate, turn left, and hover to a third grate which has a sliding panel hanging under it. Climb down to the side grate on the right and flip through the gate. Now you'll be repeating what you did in Episode 3; get to the sliding wall and ride it to the next grate. Get to the gate here and flip it to come out in the hole you started from.
  8. Hover to the ledges around the central tree. Back-flip and hover up to the one with the Rocket Nozzle on it, grab the nozzle and hop back to the ledge with the swing. Jump up to the swing and use the Spray Nozzle to start swinging. You'll get stuck in a cloud. Now use the Rocket to get to the next cloud and then the leaves of the tree. Get to the crown, and rocket to the top of the platform there.

To get the Shine, or if you did the last coin out of order and need to get the Hover Nozzle back, this is what you need to do: Follow the trail of coins to the left. At the end of the leaf you'll notice pieces of fluff like dandelion seeds drifting by. Wait until one gets low enough, then jump on. Ride the fluff to a cloud over the chasm between the village and the rest of the island. Drop down to the cloud beneath when the fluff is directly over it. If you're there for the Shine then you're done, but if you need the nozzle drop to the cloud under the one you're on then to the one under that and get it. Back-flip up to the top cloud, then locate the large tree next to the hot spring and the leaf that's pointing more or less in your direction. Spray the cloud to make it grow, get to the edge closest to the leaf, then jump and hover until you land on it. Now you can get down the tree to solid ground.

100 coins Shine Edit

The only episode where this is reasonably easy to get is Episode 5; you get two beehives for Yoshi to munch on and there are plenty of coins under the village.

  • Pound the nose of the Pianta statue in the hot spring. (9 coins)
  • Pokeys in the grass (15 coins)
  • Row of coins under village on path used Episode 3 (10 coins)
  • Mushrooms under the village (40 coins)
  • Pound the center of the red mushroom with green-yellow spots across from the middle of the bridge (20 coins)
  • Bees (48 coins)

Secret Shine #1 Edit

Objective: Collect 8 Red coins in the Village Underside secret area in less than 1:30.

Start Episode 5 and enter the secret area for a replay. The red button is on the first platfrom and when you press it you get 1:30 to collect all the Red coins. This is actually not too bad considering this is the last level of the game and it's a secret Shine.

Start by doing a back flip right on the button and hovering to Coin #1, which is above the middle of the platform. Now that you can hover you can bypass most of the Chucksters, so hover across to the next platform getting Coin #2 just before you land. Hover to the next platform and talk to the Pianta to be thrown to the platform with the Stus; this is the only time you have to use a Chuckster for this Shine. Do back-flips to get Coins #3 and #4, but if you want to show off then jump on three Stus in a row to get the needed height. Hover to the next platform, then hop up to get Coin #5 and hover back to get Coin #6. Now hover back to the platform with the Stus, then diagonally to the right to a platform with a Pianta running around with his backpack on fire. Do a back flip to get Coin #7, the hop onto the rope and bounce to Coin #8.

When you're done you might want to put out the fire and get a 1-Up as a reward. The other Pianta here will throw you to the platform with the Stus on it, but you may be safer just hovering there from the rope. Get the Shine from the same platform you found Coins #5 and #6.

Secret Shine #2 Edit

This is a well hidden Shine, but you get a big hint if you talk to the Piantas around the village. Start Episode 8 and get to the location of Coin #8 according to the walkthrough above. The fact that there's a Shine painted here is another clue. Now aim FLUDD at the sun and shoot the water. You'll see a picture of a shine sprite appear and then an actual Shine.

Corona Mountain

Spikes and Fire Edit

You'll find Corona Mountain is completely different from the rest of the places you've visited on Isle Delfino. It is a huge, lava-filled cavern with danger in all directions. You must get through several obstacles to reach Bowser.

The first obstacle is a series of platforms. Some are ablaze, while others are rigged with spikes. You must use the Hover Nozzle to douse the fiery platforms, and carefully and quickly time crossing over to the spiked platforms. There is absolutely no room for error here; one false step into the fire, spikes, or lava will cost you a life. Some platforms are safe, and one has a 1-Up Mushroom you can grab. At the end of the series of platforms, you can refill your water and ground pound a crate for a 1-Up. However, you'll now be taking a tricky magma river down the cavern, using a row boat.

Crossing the Magma River Edit

Hop into the boat. If you're totally unsure what to do then go to Noki Bay and practice with the boat there since it works the same way but you are forgiven for mistakes. To steer, shoot in the opposite direction to that in which you want to go. You travel down a river with several rocks in the way. If the boat touches anything, you'll sink the boat and lose a life. Steer around rocks by slowly spraying your Spray Nozzle, and if you drift close to one, spray hard at it to push the boat away. There are fountains in the river you can use to refill your water, but don't crash into them, either.

At the end of the river, you'll find blue coins surrounding a big rock platform with a Rocket Nozzle box. If you want to get the coins, be careful and steer the boat and move around on the boat to where you touch them. If not, grab the Rocket Nozzle and get ready, because there's nowhere to go but up.

Into the Clouds Edit

The only way to reach Bowser is to blast up right under the cloud-shaped shadow on the rock platform. You'll end up landing on a cloud of all things. Now, you must blast higher and higher up through a bunch of clouds. Another one up is here, but tricky to get. You'll find the higher up clouds are moving in a circle, and you must time your blastoffs carefully to reach them. Falling can damage your health. The highest clouds are moving in and out, and require good timing to reach.

When you blast up to the top of the clouds, you'll reach a dark red one. This one leads to Bowser.

The Final Battle Edit

A cutscene starts where Bowser and Bowser Jr. are enjoying a dip in a floating, sprite-shaped, slime-filled hot tub. Peach refuses to get in with the two, and sees the Grand Shine Sprite deep in the slime. Then, Mario arrives and angers Bowser and Bowser Jr. One last battle begins.

Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Bowser and Bowser Jr. will throw everything they've got at you so you can't rescue Peach. Bowser will shoot fire and splash the hot tub's slime at you, and Bowser Jr. will fire off Bullet Bills, along with homing blue ones. You can stun Bowser Jr. with the Spray Nozzle, but Bowser is untouchable. You can also spray the Bullet Bills out of the air.

However, there are five points on the hot tub that have rocket symbols on them. Stand on them and launch yourself into the air. When you go as high as you can, go into a ground pound and you'll come hurtling down with rocket speed and smash a point on the hot tub. (You may remember this move from the lighthouse disk smashing Shine. If not and FLUDD senses you're confused then it gives you some helpful hints.) Unluckily, you'll trigger a deluge of slime and make part of the hot tub collapse. You must hurry back onto the tub before you go down with the rest.

Repeat this until all five of the points have been destroyed. When you succeed, you'll tip over the hot tub and knock Bowser, Bowser Jr., Peach, and yourself out, along with the Grand Shine Sprite. }}

The Aftermath Edit

There is a final cutscene. Mario and Peach end up landing on the lone island outside Delfino Plaza. They're okay, but FLUDD has sustained heavy damage. He asks if he was of assistance, and deactivates.

However, Peach tells Mario to look up, and they see the Grand Shine Sprite return power to the Shine Gate, and it brings the Shine Sprites back! Everyone on Isle Delfino is celebrating!

Meanwhile, Bowser and Bowser Jr. are floating out away from Isle Delfino. Bowser tries to tell his son that Peach isn't his mother, but he's already figured that out, and has one thing on his mind: fighting Mario again someday. Bowser likes his enthusiasm and is proud of him, but wishes to take a rest.

That evening, Mario and Peach are looking at the sunset when Toadsworth and the Toad Brigade appear with a repaired FLUDD, once again his old helpful and reliable self. Then FLUDD says the last line of the game:

"The vacation starts now!"

Credits Edit

You'll get to enjoy the credits, which show pictures of Mario, Peach, Toadsworth, and the Toad Brigade enjoying their vacation on Isle Delfino. Now that the isle is clean and the Shine Gate is back to normal again, Mario can have fun with his pals. He gets a little stir-crazy and jumps from the plane at the airport, and ends up falling and becomes very dizzy. Peach catches a fish, giving her a souvenir of the vacation. The Toad Brigade and FLUDD check out Noki Bay and take a group picture. Toadsworth chooses to ride Pinna Park's roller coaster, and gets the ride of his life!

Ending Edit

After the group goes on their adventurous vacation, they relax and head back to Mushroom Kingdom. However, Il Piantissimo seems to have found E. Gadd's Magic Paintbrush...

Better Ending Edit

If you've collected all 120 Shine Sprites there is a slightly different ending. You'll get a picture of Mario, Peach, and the gang inside Hotel Delfino's Casino, with most of the residents of Isle Delfino in the background. In addition your saved game in the start game area will have a sunshine logo next to it as a mark of your achievement.

Congratulations! You've finished the game!