Super Mario Sunshine/Pinna Park

Pinna Park is the fourth stage. It is designed after an amusement park, having features such as a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and a roller coaster, just with the obvious Mario theme.

Episode 1: Mecha Bowser Appears! edit

  • Objective: Beat Mecha Bowser.

You may notice that this level has two parts. You start on the beach which extends quite a way to the right, and in front of you is a gate to the actual amusement park.

Run forward to the gate and you'll see Shadow Mario waiting. Go inside, then start following him to a large fountain. There is a cutscene where he jumps into the fountain and it opens up to reveal a giant robotic monster that breaths fire. It's Mecha Bowser, a mechanical version of Bowser and a tribute to Mechagodzilla.

The director of Pinna Park seems to think this is some kind of audition and tells Mario to use the roller coaster to defeat the giant monster.

Boss fight
Mecha Bowser

Straight away you'll notice there is a rocket stuck in FLUDD's nozzle. This is a water rocket and there are lots of them on the track waiting to be used by Mario. When you get one, aim at Mecha Bowser and press R to fire it. You need to hit him in the head or chest four times to bring him down. Mecha Bowser will shoot Bullet Bills at you, which go along the roller coaster track and can attack from in front or behind. They can be destroyed by spraying or by water rockets. He also breathes flames on you, so spray them when you're close to put them out.

When the battle is over there is another cutscene. Shadow Mario and Peach pop out of the head of the robot and Shadow Mario takes off his mask revealing he is actually Bowser Jr. He's gotten the idea that Peach is really his mother but Mario kidnapped her. So the graffiti and pollution was his way to frame Mario and send him to jail. He tells Mario to stay away from "Mama Peach" and flees to Corona Mountain, taking Peach with him and leaving a Shine in the fountain.

Episode 2: The Beach Cannon's Secret edit

  • Objective: Complete a hidden obstacle course level

The amusement park is closed for this episode so everything happens on the beach. A Monty Mole has taken up residence at the far end of the beach and is firing Bullet Bills at you. You can usually dodge these with no problem but you can also shoot water to make them explode in mid-air. Keep running to the source of this attack and when you get close he stops firing Bullet Bills at you and throws Bob-ombs instead. Spray them to deactivate them for a few seconds (they turn blue) and throw them back using B. After three hits, you'll defeat him and you can now jump into the cannon to reach a secret mini-level.

This course is all about speed and timing; it's made up of huge blocks that appear and disappear. In the first section, make good use of the green and white "Yoshi Egg" style blocks as they don't fade away; you can stop and work out you timing for the next run. You can rest at the large grey platform; break the middle crate here to get a 1-Up. There is a long bridge with Stus past this but you can ignore it. Instead, follow the arrow and bounce up the four square platforms that act like trampolines.

There are more disappearing blocks at the top, but this time they're all in a row and disappear in order. You'll need a bit of extra speed to keep up, so use the slide-somersault technique; basically while running, press B to slide on your belly then press A to get up with a little somersault. Doing this continually makes you go faster than just running. This should get you to the next grey platform. The next section is similar except you have to round a corner. There is a 1-Up at the corner but it's better now to go for it since you're unlikely to catch up in time.

The Shine will be waiting at the end of this last row of blocks.

Episode 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ships edit

  • Objective: Get all the Red Coins.

Enter the park and you'll be shown the pirate ships. This is another episode where you need to find 8 Red coins to make the Shine appear. The ships themselves swing from side to side, but on every third switch they make a complete loop so it's not really possible to stand on them for long.

  1. The first coin is on the platform where you jump on the first ship.
  2. Jump on the first ship, and go to the aft. Hang on as it swings right; the coin is fairly high up and you may have to hover a bit to catch it.
  3. Do the same for the second ship but this time ride on the fore as the ship swings left.
  4. Ride the second ship to the left again, but this time jump and hover to the green cage. The next coin is sitting on top.
  5. Go through the door in the front of the cage to get inside, then go through the trapdoor to get under it. Follow the mesh to get the next coin on the underside.
  6. Drop down to another wire mesh. There are Koopas underneath so do a ground pound above them to knock them off. Go back and go through the trapdoor to get underneath the mesh yourself and collect the next coin as you follow it.
  7. Go through another trapdoor into a cage, and through another trapdoor to get on top of the cage. There is a mesh ramp going up from there. Jump to the underside of the ramp and start climbing to get the next coin. There are Koopas on top of the ramp and you can press A to kick one off from below when you're underneath it.
  8. Go back to the cage and jump on top of the ramp. Follow it to the top where the last coin is waiting.

The Shine will appear right by the last coin.

Episode 4: The Wilted Sunflowers edit

  • Objective: Revive the wilted sunflowers

The park is closed again so explore the beach a bit. The normally healthy looking sunflowers are all brown and wilted because they are being eaten from below by what look like green and white eggs. Try spraying one and it turns out to be a sea turtle that's burrowed into the ground. So to revive the flowers you need to remove all these pesky turtles. Once you've gotten one to wake up, it will attack if you're close enough, and it will always lands on its back. This is no problem for it if the ground is hard, but if it happens to be soft beach sand then it gets stuck for a moment.

So lure the turtle into attacking on the sand and when it gets stuck do a ground pound on its underside. When it's gone, sunflowers sprout all around and one of the wilted sunflowers will come back to life. Do this five times to revive the mama sunflower, who'll always be last, and she gives you a Shine.

It turns out that these sea turtles have been keeping the Yoshis away from the island, so when this episode is done they will return. There will always be a Yoshi egg on this beach, even if you go back to a previous episode. Every other level but one will have a Yoshi egg in one episode, including one inside Pinna Park. Also, Shadow Mario will try to steal an egg from Delpino Plaza, and once you get him to drop it a Yoshi egg will always appear next to one of the bell towers.

Episode 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel edit

  • Objective: Knock the large Electro Koopa in the Ferris wheel off of it.

Enter the park. You may notice the Ferris Wheel is spinning unusually quickly. The problem is it's being overloaded by a large Electro-Koopa is sitting near the top. There are a few ways to get to him, but we'll cover the way that was intended first since that's what we recommend for new players.

First go to the pond where you met Mecha Bowser, then follow the orange brick pathway behind it to a pool surrounded on three side by walls with water flowing down them. (There is an interesting view from here; you can see every level of the game except for Noki Bay and the Airstrip.) This is an obstacle course of wire mesh and you need to reach the top. Hop onto the mesh on the ground to the right, then spray the green panels in front of you to flip them sideways, then stand on top of them and flip the others the same way. You have limited time so don't wait too long. You can now reach another mesh on the left. Use the same trick to get to a cage on the left side and climb on top.

There is more wire mesh that extends from the top of the cage and there are Electro-Koopas on both sides of it. You knock these off from the other side of the wire mesh, using the same controls you use to flip doors: press B on vertical mesh and press A when underneath a Koopa. Climb on the back of the mesh and hit the cage to get rid of the Koopa on the front. Go back to the cage, flip through the doors to the front of the mesh and knock off the Koopa on the back.

Continue to the right end where you need to flip more panels. The panels allow you to reach another mesh above but don't do that yet, just climb onto the panels and wait from them to flip back into place. Now you can get to the back of the upper mesh and eliminate the Koopas that are infesting the front. Go back, climb back onto the top panel, spray it again to flip it back, and climb to the front of the upper mesh.

Follow the upper mesh to the left until you reach a platform. Flip through to a rope then bounce on it to the underside of the platform where the big Koopa is sleeping. Just hit the platform from below and the Koopa will go flying, the Ferris wheel returns to normal speed and the Shine appears on a platform at the very top.

You are nearly at the top already, so just hop onto one of the Ferris wheel cars and ride it to the top, then hover to the platform where the Shine is waiting.

Shortcut #1: Go to the right side of the park, past the tree shaped like a Pianta head, up the winding path until you reach a ledge above the tree. Go to the right of the building the Ferris wheel is attached to find a ledge on the left side of the obstacle course. Get a bit of a running start, then jump and hover across to get to the top set of green panels.

Shortcut #2: Get to the platform where you picked up the Shine in Episode 3. This time you can skip the pirate ships; just do a back-flip on the landing where the roller coaster starts and hover over to the ramp. The top of the Ferris wheel is in hovering distance from this platform, and when you get there just drop down to the rope and bounce up.

Episode 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret edit

  • Objective: Get an orange Yoshi to the Yoshi-Go-Round for an obstacle course.

Go into the park. When you go to the Yoshi-Go-Round, you might realize that there is a Yoshi missing! The girl next to it says that it was orange. In this episode there is a Yoshi egg in the park as well as on the beach. Go to the right side of the park and find the tree shaped like a Pianta head; the Yoshi egg is on a small ledge just behind it. Now you need to wake up the Yoshi with the fruit he wants, but different fruits are in different locations.

  • A coconut is under a tree on the left side of the pirate ride.
  • A banana is on a ledge behind the pirate ride.
  • A pineapple is under the gazebo near the roller coaster landing.
  • A papaya is hanging from the nose of the tree like a booger.
  • A durian in near the pond on the left side of the park, but this has never been known to come up.

The missing Yoshi is orange so you need to feed it a pineapple or a papaya if it isn't already. The papaya is closer. Now go to the Yoshi-Go-Round and step into the spot with the missing Yoshi to start a secret level.

Jump across the spinning blocks. When you reach the safe area, pound the far nail for a 1-Up. Then, jump the spotted blocks that are circling in rings. You need to jump from the red ring, to the green ring, to the grey ring, and then the blue ring without letting yourself be carried to the wall, otherwise you'll be pushed off. When you get to the blue block, let it loop around for another 1-up. Then, when you're on the other side of the wall again, jump across the rings in reverse order and onto the orange platform. Remember that you don't have the Hover nozzle with you so it's best to get a running start for each jump.

Hop over to the orange block and it'll slide over to a large set of orange blocks. Once it gets to the end, jump off quickly before it disappears. Follow the path to the left, jumping onto to moving blocks when you need to.

When you get around to the back, do a back-flip to go up a step, then back-flip and wall kick to the top. Head for the corner where the block is moving up and down. You need to jump and land on it just when it reaches the bottom so precision timing is a must, but it also helps to get a good running start on the jump. Fortunately there are blocks underneath so it you don't make it then start again from where you back-flip up the step. Use the moving block as a lift and when it gets to the top, jump off to the next corner. From there, just jump to the Shine.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario in the Park edit

  • Objective: Catch Shadow Mario.

Enter the park and you'll see Shadow Mario again; you know the drill by now. It will help to eliminate the Electro-Koopas as you come across them so they don't keep bothering you. Shadow Mario tends to circle the pirate ship ride and the Yoshi-go-round, so there's nothing too tricky in the way of jumps and acrobatics.

Episode 8: Roller Coaster Balloons edit

  • Objective: Shoot all the balloons in 3 laps of the roller coaster.

The roller coaster is running again; apparently you broke it your little battle with Mecha Bowser in Episode 1. Enter the park and head right, go under the arch and past the tree shaped like a Pianta head. Continue up the path and cross the bridge to the left to reach the landing where you get on the roller coaster. Talk to the Noki in green to get on and start a minigame.

You need to shoot all the balloons in three laps. This can be tricky though so a few tips may be in order. First, when you get a rocket be sure to shoot it before you reach the next one on the track, otherwise it's just wasted. That doesn't mean you should rush and shoot as soon as possible, but don't waste time trying to line up a perfect shot either. Given that, try to get multiple balloons at a time. They have a large hit area, so you can hit two at a time if they're close together and there are even a few spots where you can get three at time because they're lined up for you. Don't worry about this toward the end when shots like this are rare.

When you get all the balloons then the ride ends and the Noki in green gives you a Shine as a prize. You don't get a second chance if you don't get all the balloons; it's a K.O. and you have to start the episode over again.

100 coins Shine edit

You can get unlimited coins in Episode 2 by spraying the bullet bills. The Gold ones drop eight coins at a time. You can easily get to 100 coins in most episodes though. Water the sunflowers, defeat the Stus, wash the sand to collect coins that pop out, and you coin count should add up rapidly.

Secret Shine #1 edit

Start Episode 2 and enter the Beach Canon's secret area for a replay.

Press the red button to start the timer; you get 1:00 to collect the coins. The first six coins are on the section of blocks that appear and disappear. You need to pay close attention to when the blocks start to blacken, especially the ones under the coins you want to pick up. For example if the block under the coin is light colored but the coin is far away, then you might want to hold off on picking up that coin because the block may disappear before you can get to the coin. On the other hand if the block is black or gone then it will probably reappear by the time you reach it. The opposite holds it the coin is close by. All six coins are at about hovering height and one danger is accidentally doing a back-flip which will cause you to hover too high.

Start with the first coin on the left, then cross over to the right. After this there are two coins in the middle; one of these does not have a block under it so you need to hover through it and land in the next safe spot. The last two coins are in the far corners; these can be tricky too because you don't want to hover past the edge as you're picking them up.

When you have all six of these coins you need to make it up the four square platform/trampolines that lead to the top level. (If you're down to the last 10 seconds on the clock then you may want to just give at this point and get the 1-Up in the box.) Use the bounce from the last trampoline to get the height needed to hover into Coin #7 above the next platform.

The last coin is at the end of the first long sequence of disappearing block. Before you had to use the slide-somersault to get across but you have FLUDD this time and there's a bit more urgency so use the slip-slide here. Spray the path ahead to wet it, then press B so slide on the water and quickly get to the other end of the blocks. Try to get the last coin as you slide but if you miss then it's not hopeless; just hover back to get it and if you fall there are blocks below you catch you.

The Secret Shines can be very difficult to get and this one is right up there. So you might want to build up some extra lives before making the attempt.

Secret Shine #2 edit

Start Episode 6 and enter the Yoshi-go-round secret area for a replay.

Cross the spinning blocks to the next platform; this should be fairly easy with FLUDD. Don't forget about the 1-Up under the second nail here. Press the button to start the timer, you get 2:00 which is actually pretty generous this time.

Start crossing the rings of spotted blocks, you should be able to it a bit quicker with hovering. When you get to the blue ring just let yourself be carried into Coin #1. Now jump to the next available grey block and let yourself be carried into Coin #2. Those are the only two coins here so continue on to the large set of orange blocks.

When you get to it don't even bother with the path on the left; just hover through to the far side. Back-flip up the step, then back-flip and wall kick to the top as before, but this time you need to collect Coins #3 and #4 on the way. So make sure you're lined up with the middle of blocks before you jump. Get to the block that moves up and down, but now you have to do a back-flip and hover when it reaches the top of its track so you can reach Coin #5. That's the last tricky maneuver you have to do with the timer running. Go back to the corner where you landed after the wall-kick, then on to the next corner to find Coin #6 on top of a brick block. The remaining coins are one level down on the opposite sides; hover to the one on the left and then one on the right. To get the Shine to need to do the wall kicks again but you should have had plenty of practice with that by now.